Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Got Questions for the Universe? With Real Magic It's Just as Easy to Ask Yourself

"Look inside yourself for the answers - you're the only one who knows what's best for you. Everybody else is only guessing."    -Charles de Lint

According to the esoteric perspective, we have created all the problems we experience so that we can discover the answers. Through the process of daily life we discover ourselves. Our interactions and experiences on a mundane level give us opportunities to self observe and to find those things that we are resistant to or themes of problems that hold life lessons for us. We each have the answers we need inside ourselves. The trick is to access that information. If you find yourself hitting the same roadblocks or having the same problems arise with different people and different situations then it is time to ask yourself what the lesson is you need to learn and what information are you missing. In learning magic, we study many ways of accessing information from higher powers and from the knowledge we have stored within ourselves. Here is one real magic technique you can try out.

Ask yourself one or more questions with your dominant hand and answer them with your other hand. For example, if you are seeking knowledge about what the lesson to learn is from a particular situation, write the question "What lesson am I to learn from [state situation]?" on a piece of paper using your dominant hand. Then switch to your other hand to write the answer. The important thing in this ritual is not to think about the answer. Just write. Whatever your hand feels moved to write, write it. You may be surprised at the answer.

At first your answer may not make sense to you and that is OK. Don't force trying to make sense of it. Just hold what you wrote in your consciousness for a few days and see what happens. Sometimes answers will come in pieces so that they are easier to comprehend. The answer you wrote may be only part of the picture and other events in your life may fill in the missing pieces.

Be patient and enjoy the process of watching the knowledge and understanding unfold. With this ritual we can demonstrate to ourselves the true pleasure in waiting for the knowledge we seek. In esoteric work, the key is to enjoy the journey, not necessarily arriving at the destination. We will always receive in accordance with our ability to process and use the information.

You can learn more rituals to help you achieve your magical goals in our Daily Rituals for Attracting What You Want in Life ebook.

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Tuesday, December 24, 2019

You Won't Believe the Simplicity of Making Your Own Real Magic Flower Essences

Flower essences truly are a wonderful addition to your real magic healing toolbox. Many people resist making their own flower essences thinking it will be difficult and time consuming. You may be surprised how simple it is to make your own flower essences.

What Are Flower Essences?
Flower essences use the natural healing properties of flowering plants to create healing effects primarily in the subtle or non-physical bodies. This can include the auric, mental and emotional bodies. Flower essences work well for emotional upheavals, spiritual disconnection, depression, recurring life issues, mental distress, chronic conditions and as first aid in an emergency situation.

Principles of Flower Essences
  • We were born as a part of nature and all parts of nature come together to form a whole.
  • The plants that are natural to our environment were given to us as companions and healers.
  • We are One together in nature, and our relationship is intended to be one of co-operation in the experiences we create and call "life"
  • Flower essences make available to us the vibrational frequencies and individual qualities of plants. The vibration associated with a plant is the personality of the plant or energy signature. Each plant has its own unique signature. 
  • Flower essences are subtle, making them especially suited for healing our subtle bodies (non-physical bodies that occupy the same space as our physical bodies). The subtle bodies are where many diseases begin.
  • Flower essences provide excellent emotional support for anything you want to achieve in life, especially personal goals and aims. They can help support and facilitate the shift in vibrational frequency needed to accomplish the changes you need to have happen to achieve your goal.
Making Flower Essences
The process of making flower essences itself can be both peaceful and refreshing and a way to reconnect yourself with the Nature around you. The items you use in making your flower essences should be reserved only for this purpose so as to avoid other energetic vibrations cluttering up your flower essences. You will need:
  • Tweezers
  • Distilled water
  • Clear glass bowl
  • Alcohol (80 proof vodka) or organic, unfiltered, apple cider vinegar
  • Quart size cobalt or brown jar
  • Several 1 or 2 ounce brown dropper bottles
Steps in Making Flower Essences
1. Communicate with the plant first by sitting quietly by the plant, breathing deeply and opening yourself and your heart. Be in silence and ask the plant Deva for permission to use the plant's blossoms for healing. Speak to the plant the same way you would to anyone, but even more gently. You can either speak out loud or project your thoughts toward the plant. Wait until you hear a response.

2. Say to the plant Deva, "Please infuse this water with your divine essence." You can also leave an offering at the base of the plant so that there is an even exchange of giving and receiving energy. Appropriate offerings can include beautiful rocks, consecrated tobacco or cornmeal or a strand of your own hair.

3. Pour the distilled water into the glass bowl.

4. Use the tweezers to gently remove each blossom at its base and respectfully place it in the water. Another method suggests bending the stem of the plant so that the blossom rests in the water, but not to remove the blossom itself. This method is thought to preserve the integrity of the plant. If you use the blossoms, follow your intuition as to how many and choose only those that are in their prime or just coming into their prime.

5. Place the bowl with water and blossoms or petals in the sun or leave it sitting at the base of the plant for 1-4 hours. Again use your intuition for the amount of time. Also pick the time of day to make the essence depending on the type of energy you want for your essence. For example, dawn energy is good for initiating or beginning energy.

6. Remember throughout the process to remain quietly peaceful, not in a hurry and don't allow your actions to become mechanical. This is a process of communing with nature.

7. Next add alcohol to the mixture to prevent external bacteria from contaminating your essence. The mixture should be 50% alcohol and 50% water. Add the water into the cobalt or brown glass jar, then add the alcohol. This mixture is the "mother tincture". The brown or cobalt glass protects the tincture against light which has its own vibration and can cause the tincture to decompose.

8. Store the mother tincture in a cool, dark place such as a dark closest, freezer, or root cellar.

9. When ready to make your actual flower essence, fill a small brown dropper bottle with distilled water and add one dropper full of the mother tincture to it. Succuss the water by striking the bottom of the bottle on the palm of your hand about 50 times. This mixes the mother tincture with the water and excites the molecules.

To learn more about flower essences, and how to make and use them, look for our Energy Healing for Self and Others ebook in the school store.

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Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Do You Have a Traveling Magickal Toolkit?

Have you ever wished that you could carry your magickal tools with you wherever you go? While that would be nice, most people feel that carrying around a large Athame (magickal knife) or even a long Wand to be a tad awkward. And if you are traveling by plane, airport security is certainly not going to allow you to bring a knife of any size on the plane. So what's a practitioner to do?

Easy... Make your own traveling magickal toolkit with ordinary objects. So long as the ordinary objects fit the requirements for the magickal tool, and are properly cleansed and keyed for your personal use, you won't ever have to go anywhere without your magickal toolkit.

For instance, the Athame, or magickal knife, simply needs to have a point, a blade-like shape, and a handle. The Athame also needs to be made of a single piece of metal. Any object that fits this criteria can be used as easily as a regular Athame. So what could you use? How about a flat pie spatula made of metal? The spatula has a tip (even if it is a rounded tip), a triangular blade-like shape (with no offensive cutting edge), and a handle. A flat spatula like this can be cleansed with the four-elements of the smoke from burning sage and pine resin in a Firebowl (Air and Fire cleansing), plus sea-salt and spring water from a Chalice (Water and Earth). Once cleansed with all four elements, and then keyed so that the energies are aligned in the correct direction (from handle to tip) and personalized to your own energy signature, your pie spatula Athame is ready to go!

The same type of adaptations can be made for any of the most common magickal tools. These include the Firebowl, Wand, Athame, Chalice, and Plate. When you think about how to adapt ordinary objects for use as magickal tools, consider the following characteristics:

  • common items found in any household
  • smaller in size than the same magickal tool used at home
  • only needs to be large enough to be an extension of your own body
  • no offensive points or blades that would prevent air travel
  • materials that are sturdy and difficult to break when traveling

When you think of the above characteristics, more than likely you will find items that are usable to create a magickal toolkit that looks like nothing more than a collection of ordinary items. Properly stored in cotton, separated with some protective packing, and stored in a common pouch such as a messenger bag, and voila! You have traveling magickal toolkit that no one will look at twice.

Thinking in this way, can you see how a small silver goblet, found in almost any thrift store, can become a traveling Chalice? Cleanse and key it, and then wrap it up a bandana or scarf made of cotton, and you are ready to go. A Wand does not need to be a giant branch. How about a small piece of ironwood or even polished coral? Neither of these is likely to break when traveling, while an ordinary twig made of ordinary wood will. Hopefully this will give you some ideas of how to make a wonderful magickal tool kit for traveling and everyday use. Some practitioners make up several of these traveling toolkits and keep one in the car, their purse, and even on the bedside table.

To find out more about magickal tools and how to properly create, cleanse, and key them, check out our Magickal Tool ebooks. And find out more about using magickal tools in our Learn How to Do Witchcraft Rituals and Spells with Magical Tools Kindle book.

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Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Give the Gift of Magic this Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is a time to count your blessings, of giving and of gratitude. If you have been developing a magical practice that has blessed your life, this is a good time of the year to spread the joy. Nothing makes a better Thanksgiving gift than a magical toolbox filled with useful magical tips and techniques that will make anyone's life easier and more fun. These techniques help anyone access universal helpers, understand how the universe works in magical terms, and how to use magical techniques to smooth the way over life's bumps. This series of books starts simple and moves on to more advanced techniques to handle more complex situations. Examples include...
  • contact rituals
  • working with angels, totems and other higher spirit beings
  • scrying and sending psychic messages
  • walking meditations
  • rooting
  • weather working with clouds
  • candle blessing and spells
  • relocating unwanted spirits in your home
  • getting answers from Spirit helpers and own Spirit
  • grounding out negative energies
  • preventing nightmares
  • clearing negative energies with the pendulum
  • sending psychic messages with a chalice
  • using the firebowl to get rid of the unwanted
  • healing with the wand through Touch Assist

Here is a sample of one of the techniques you'll find in this series of books.

Preventing Nightmares
This ritual uses standing water to magically clear negative energy and prevent nightmares. Since Water is the element connected with Spirit it is good for soaking up the Spirit's terrors. Using a magically programmed glass of water next to the bed before going to sleep will help many people avoid having nightmares by the water absorbing any negative spiritual energy throughout the night. For this ritual you will need a Sun Yellow candle, paper or wooden matches, a compass, a glass that is preferably a bright blue color, spring water and sea salt. After collecting these materials, you will need to program the glass of water each night. For this ritual follow these directions.

1. Locate the cardinal direction of West with the compass. (West is the direction of the Spirit).

2. After locating West, sit in that direction and face that direction.

3. Charge Sun candle (if you have not done this before see how HERE)

4. Wait until you have a tall working flame on your candle.

5. Fill your glass halfway with spring water.

6. Add a sprinkle of sea salt.

7. Cup both your hands around the glass and flow Water Blue (bright blue, not a light or sky blue which is Air energy) energy through the glass in a clockwise direction from left hand to right hand and through the glass.

8. Continue flowing Water Blue energy into the glass this way for about 30 seconds. Don't think about the process just do it.

9. Move the glass so that it swirls the water in it gently in a clockwise direction while you breathe Water Blue energy in to the water in the glass.

10. In a voice of command say the following verse aloud. You will blow Water Blue energy into the glass before you begin to say the verse, after each line of the verse and at the end of the verse. As you say the verse continue to swirl the water in the glass in a clockwise direction.

11. The verse to use that programs or "charges" the water to prevent nightmares is:
"Water and Earth where you stand,
Let no spell nor adverse purpose land,
Not in accord with me.
Keep nightmares far from this space,
Far from here send baneful trace.
Thus my will, so it be!"
12. Now place the glass of water on a table or nightstand next to the bed close to where the person's head will be.

13. Blow out the candle.

This water that is now "charged" will absorb thoughts and emotions that are released during the night and will block any nightmares coming from an outside source. When we sleep we are more spiritually open and this standing water is able to more easily absorb the negative energies that are responsible for nightmares. The next morning just pour the water out of the glass and down your sink drain. Do not drink it since it is now full of negative energy that you certainly don't want to absorb. People particularly troubled by nightmares may need to repeat this ritual for 40 nights in a row to make it a permanent solution.

If you suffer from nightmares, give this ritual a try and we hope it gives you one more thing to add to your gratitude list this Thanksgiving. If you know someone else that could benefit from this ritual, pass it along. If you want to really give a gift of magic this Thanksgiving, consider sending one of our magical Kindle books to friends or family and let them discover what magic can do to enhance their lives.

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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Protection Magic: Use Your Voice for Self-Protection

Sonics is a very interesting form of protection magic that requires nothing more than your voice. It is one of the many magical self-defense techniques covered in our Magical Self Defense homestudy course. There's no magical tools, candles to light or anything other than your own voice so you can use this form of protection magic anytime, anywhere. You can literally stop an attacker in his tracks according to the voice you use.

To use sonics as a tool for protection magic, you first need to have an understanding of the 8 voices of command, the elements associated with them and the effect each voice can produce. It then takes practice to be able to use each voice in bringing about the desired effect. First let's look at the 4 elements and the types of sounds associated with them.

Elemental Sounds
1. Air – These sounds are soft, light and breathy. They are high pitched, do not carry over long distances and have don't contain much vibration. These type of sounds are useful in confusing someone or reducing excess fire. For example, you may have noticed a time when confronted with someone yelling, you could make them stop yelling by whispering something to them.

2. Fire – These sounds are shrill, clear, bright or cutting. They are high pitched and carry over longer distance. They are attention grabbing.

3. Water – These sounds are soft, rolling, caressing type sounds. They have a mid-range pitch and can carry fairly well over distance. They have a noticeable vibratory effect and an effect on emotions.

4. Earth – These sounds are heavy, drumming, low pitched sounds that have a definite vibration and do not carry well over distance. They are sometimes hard to hear with the ears and hard to locate.

Before you are in a situation where you need to use protection magic, it is a good idea to practice these types of sounds, identify sounds you make and hear other make and classify them according to their element. Then consider these 8 voices of command and practice them so that when the need arises, you will know the type of voice to use in the specific situation.

Voices of Command
1. Business and Teaching – This is mostly a water element voice with a little fire for vitality and a little earth for solidity. It has a mid-range pitch with varying flow pattern and a slight edge to it. It is not a harsh voice, but is intense and focused. This voice is useful for business transactions or teaching situations or to begin a communication with someone who is tired, bored or a bit depressed.

2. Friendliness – This is another voice that is mostly a water element, but has a bit of air, fire and earth mixed in. It is a lower tone than the Business and Teaching voice, but still mid-range in pitch. The flow is smooth, soft or slightly husky with a relaxed intensity. This voice is more caressing and has a relaxing effect, but not to the point of causing sleepiness or unconsciousness. This is a useful voice in personal and social situations or in calming down someone who is anxious or tense.

3. Irritation – This voice is mostly fire with some air and a bit of water. The pitch is higher than the Business and Teaching voice and has a jerky or choppy flow pattern. It is a bit shrill and abrupt and can be irritating or grating to the listener causing them nervous discomfort but not anger. It is a good voice to use with someone who is extremely tired or very depressed and with getting a nosy neighbor or gossipy person to leave you alone.

4. Anger – This voice is high in equal parts fire and earth with just a little water to create "steam". The pitch is similar to the Friendliness voice only with a choppy or jerky flow to it. The tone has an edge or grating quality about it and can be very abrupt. This is a useful voice in dealing with someone who is exhausted, or has taken too many tranquilizers or any situation you need to get the person active quickly.

5. Fear – This voice is high in air with just enough fire to deliver it clearly to the listener and shake them up a bit. It has a high pitch with a choppy, irregular flow. It has a whiny or nasal tone with a slight whisper. It is meant to make the listener uncomfortable without becoming hostile and cause them uncertainty or anxiety. This is a good voice to use in getting rid of pesky people like pushy salespeople, nosy neighbors and uninvited intruders without using open conflict.

6. Motion – This voice is half fire and half water with just a bit of air. The pitch is similar to the Business and Teaching voice, but with shrill or edgy tones. It is high in intensity throughout the whole time you use it which will generally only be a few words of command and it is very abrupt. It causes motion when there is none which makes it useful in emergency situations to get immediate actions. It is most often used with commands like "Run", "Wake Up", "Move".

7. Stillness – This voice is half water and half earth. It is low in pitch and has sudden bursts in the flow. It is slightly husky and has a heavy vibration with no edge or sharpness. It is used to stop motion such as in an emergency where you need someone to stop moving. It is usually used with short commands such as "Wait", "Don't move", "Stop that". Do not use this voice with the command "Stop" as it can stop everything including the heart. Always use "Stop" with another word attached such as "Stop walking", "Stop that", unless of course you are confronting an attacker that means you physical harm, then you are within your rights under the magical rules of self defense to use just the word "Stop". Just be aware that it can stun or even be fatal for the attacker. Focusing your attention towards the head can stun and focusing towards the heart can cause serious heart or nueral system damage and can be fatal.

8. Calmness – This voice is mostly water and earth with a little air. It has a low to medium pitch and is basically a combination of Stillness and Friendliness voices. It is a bit husky and has a smooth flow with a mild vibration. It is used to relieve nervous and muscular tension, calm tempers or turbulent situations, induce sleep or a trance in a calm person. This is a good voice to use when confronted with an angry, hysterical or fearful person.

Using Sonics for Protection Magic
Now that you have an idea of the different voices and what they can do, there are a few other things to take into consideration when using sonics for protection magic. First, stay focused on the person you are dealing with so that you don't affect others nearby. The sounds will go to wherever you focus your attention as you are speaking. This is especially important to consider with voices that can travel over longer distances. Second, practice, practice and practice. When practicing you can use a buddy or record yourself to listen to yourself. Notice when using the various voices how they affect you in your mood, emotions, your body, your nervous system and any other effects. The more you practice the better you will get at using sonics.

According to the voice of command you use, you can get others to act accordingly in an emergency situation, rid yourself of irritating people, deal with angry confrontations and even stop an attacker that means you physical harm. Sonics is a great magical technique to use when you need protection magic. So get practicing and be ready before you face a situation that calls for magical self-defense.

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Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Want to Change Your Life Magically? Get Ready for the Big Burn

If you have anything unwanted in your life you can get rid of it magically with this ritual you'll find in our Kindle Book, Learn How to Do Witchcraft Rituals and Spells with Magical Tools along with lots of other great rituals. This ritual gives you the power of the Firebowl to do the Big Burn.

The Firebowl
When choosing a firebowl, look for one that is made of brass, cast-iron, ceramic or a hard hardwood. It should be 4-6 inches in diameter and 4-5 inches deep. It should also be a shape that is easily held with one or both hands and light enough to carry in one hand if necessary. Make sure your firebowl has a shape that will be stable when placed on a flat surface. The shape of the bowl should also be curved-in and flared back out at the top rim to promote "columning" of incense or smoke. For this ritual, along with a Firebowl, you will also need:
  • Self-starting charcoal discs
  • Wood chips to insulate the charcoal from resin or incense and facilitate burning
  • Pine resin
  • Finely ground or rubbed sage
  • Sun Candle
  • Pen and plenty of blank paper
Start by lighting the Sun Candle with wooden or paper matches and charging it with this verse:
"Child of Wonder,
Child of Flame,
Nourish My Spirit,
And Protect My Aim!"
Then follow these directions:
1. Stand or sit in the South facing North with your Firebowl and other materials in front of you.

2. Light the charcoal with a match lit from the flame of the charged Sun Candle. It should begin sparking within seconds.

3. Once charcoal in the center of the Firebowl is lit, blow Sun Yellow energy pulled from the Sun Candle into the Firebowl until the disc is burning well. 

4. Add wood shavings to the charcoal, then the pine resin, and then sage as needed until the Firebowl is producing a good column of smoke.

5. Blowing Sun Yellow into the charcoal before and after the verse, and between each line of the verse, use a voice of command to charge the Firebowl with this verse:
"Fire and Air where you are cast,
Let no spell nor adverse purpose last,
Not in accord with me!
Clear from my life these unwanted matters,
Send far from my life these negative factors!
Thus my will, so it be!"

Doing the Big Burn
This magic ritual is especially good for getting rid of unwanted anger, negativity, or negative factors you are experiencing in your life. The technique matches the energy of anger in particular because it burns literally. Be sure to observe fire safety precautions when doing this ritual and follow these directions:

1. Sit in the South facing North with all of your materials in front of you.

2. Light and charge the Sun Candle

3. Charge the Firebowl.

4. Start writing everything that is bothering you or making you feel negative on your blank pieces of paper. Keep writing as fast as you can and get everything out on the paper. Write as much as you need to and don't worry if you repeat yourself. Write until you literally run out of steam (combination of Fire and Water energy).

5. Now you are ready for the Big Burn part of the ritual. Place your Firebowl in front of you (be sure your Firebowl is large enough to accommodate the burning of the papers – if not, move the entire operation to the sink or some other place that is safe for burning)

6. Take a moment to do whatever you need to do to move the anger or negative feelings out of yourself. You might ask for help from angels, ask for guidance, just have a moment of silence, or take several deep breaths.

7. Now, light the papers with your wooden or paper match and let it burn in the firebowl. You can light each sheet individually (many people find this method more satisfying), or wad up the whole mess of papers and light the entire thing (again observing fire safety precautions).

8. Then sit back and watch your anger go up in smoke.

If you are dealing with a chronic or stubborn problem, you may need to do the Big Burn on a daily basis for 40 days or more. This will give you 40 days of making a daily conscious contact with the Universe. Doing this technique as a daily ritual will also build the strength of your spell matrix for 40 days in a row. While some experts feel that bad habits or chronic conditions can be handled in less than 40 days, spiritually the number 40 is very effective.

So the next time you find yourself overwhelmed with anger or other negative feelings or situations, just get out your firebowl and do the Big Burn. Magically melt those problems away so you can enjoy life.

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Tuesday, October 22, 2019

The Practice of Magic: Why Bother? Here's Why!

Maybe you have a busy, rewarding life with a great relationship and all the money you could want, so why bother with the practice of magic? Magic isn't just about manifesting the things you want in life, it is also about spiritual development, evolving as a human being, and making the most of your time on the planet during this lifetime. The practice of magic can bring you closer to spiritual influences, help you understand yourself better, give you ways to change those things you want to change and be in control of the various archetypes that rule you. The practice of magic is an introduction to a way of living in consciousness rather than rushing through our lives unaware. Here are a few more specific reasons from the first book in our Witchcraft Spell Books Kindle book series, entitled LEARN HOW TO DO WITCHCRAFT RITUALS AND SPELLS WITH YOUR BARE HANDS, to take up the practice of magic.

1. Most people are wrapped up in their To Do lists and everyday mundane tasks. In a sense they are like robots plodding through their days running from one "have to do" to another. The practice of magic can help break us out of robot-mode giving us a way to pause in the day and come from a place of consciousness. This allows us to become aware of who we are, where we are and what our aims are. Consciously performing spells and rituals prevent us from going through life in a purely mechanical state.

2. The practice of magic allows us to stay connected to Spirit which is essential to attracting what we really want in life. Taking the time to quiet the mind, perform daily rituals or get in touch with physical sensation brings us into contact with Spirit. The practice of magic gives us the opportunity to be conscious of all this and take the time to make it a priority in our lives.

3. Becoming a co-creator with the Universe in manifesting what we want in life is another benefit of the practice of magic. We also learn how to connect with and work with higher powers and beings to get help with anything we want help with.

4. When we go through life in the robot state, we tend to be in reactionary mode. That means we are not choosing our thoughts and actions, rather just reacting to stimuli around us. The practice of magic can help keep us on a path of conscious choice and remind us what we really want in life.

5. One benefit I find in the practice of magic is that it helps me be better in understanding and dealing with people. Being versed in the characteristics of the 4 elements, I am able to ascertain which elements a person is exhibiting and which elements I can employ to interact with them for mutual benefit. For example, if I am dealing with an angry person, I know they are high in the fire element. By using a tone of voice full of earth tones, I can damp out the person's fire so that we can now have a rational discussion and find solutions instead of standing around yelling at each other.

These are just a few reasons I can see to engage in the practice of magic. We'd love to hear some of yours. Leave a comment below or on our Facebook page or Tweet us on Twitter and let the magic begin!

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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Magic for When It Is All Too Bloody Much!

It is all too bloody much!

That came in an email the other day from someone who had been hit with calamity after calamity ... everything from fender-benders to sick kids to pay cuts at work.

It was just too much and this person wanted to know what he could do, magically, about his situation. It's a good question, and he's not the only one asking it.

Magical Solutions When Life is Too Bloody Much
This is an important topic to address because a lot of people often find life a little too hard to bear. Many people are waking each day to minor calamities, from tooth abscesses to broken computers to relationships that are falling apart. It's like life as we know it is falling part.

So what do we do magically to alleviate this problem? After all, when life as we know it falls apart, it's not a good thing. Luckily, we can take magical steps towards a happier future.

Three Magical Steps when Life is Falling Apart
I like to keep things simple in magic because life is complicated enough. There's no point in making your magical practice complicated as well, right? So here are three magical steps you can take if your life is, well, falling apart at the seams.

1. Don't panic. (duh!)
2. Choose one very, very simple magic ritual you like.
3. Become a slave to the magic ritual.

So let me explain. These three steps really work, and I've deliberately made them sort of inflammatory to make a point. So bear with me. Let's take it one step at a time.

1. Don't Panic
The "Well, duh!" factor is pretty high on this step, but is has to be said. After all, what's the first thing we are programmed to do when a calamity occurs in our lives? PANIC! Yup, sheer unadulterated panic. So learning how NOT to panic is pretty important. By Law of Attraction, panic attracts more things to panic about. So learn to back off the panic a hair or two. Go with, say, annoyance or light cursing to start with. You probably can't go from panic to happy, but you can take a step back from panic and satisfy yourself with a few curse words. So practice, practice, practice not panicking. This is important. Consider it a crucial part of your magical training. You have to master this step, at least somewhat, before moving on to the next step.

2. Choose One Very, Very Simple Magical Ritual You Like
This step is pretty logical. Magical rituals are useful because they create magical effects in your life. The more your life if falling apart, the more magic you need in your life. So you'll need a magic ritual you can use when something calamitous happens in your life. So pick a magic ritual, any ritual, that you like and that is simple. Remember, when you are focused on not panicking, you won't have a lot of brainpower left to do a complicated magic ritual.

Some magic rituals I like include the Navajo Beauty Way Exit Ritual, the Sun Candle, and hiring angels. You can read about all of those here:

Navajo Beauty Way
Sun Candle
Hiring Angels

Or make up your own ritual. You can also get a bunch of simple magic rituals in our Daily Rituals ebook, which contains tons of rituals and teaches you how to create your own. In any case, pick a ritual, learn it well, and keep it handy.

Daily Rituals Ebook

3. Become a Slave to the Magic Ritual
This sounds kind of extreme, but it's actually a very common principle in many esoteric and tribal practices. The gist of it is this: there can only be one "most important" thing in your life, and that thing will either be intentional magic or it will an accidental life event. In many magical traditions, students are instructed to choose an aim (or ritual) and to make that aim their god in life. Why? Because the aim or ritual is intentional, which means it creates a very precise and pre-determined effect. A wanted effect.

This effect acts as an antidote against all the "accidents" that otherwise occur in life: the fender-benders, the sick kids, the reduced paycheck, and other calamities. So being a slave to your chosen magical ritual simply means putting more attention on that ritual than on the current calamity.

Here's how it would work. Suppose you choose the magic ritual of hiring an angel. Now suppose you get into a fender bender. Step 1: don't panic--just mutter a couple curse words under your breath. Step 2: Whip out your magic ritual. Step 3: If possible, hire an angel to fix this mess (before you even get out of the car to deal with the other driver).

Pretty simple, right? By putting your magic ritual ahead acts on the physical plane, you attract more magic and intention, and fewer accidents. I'm assuming, of course, that the fender bender is minor and you have 15 seconds to hire an angel before hopping out of the car. If not, use common sense and take care of business first and hire an angel later. Just remember to put your emphasis on the idea that magic is more important than panicking about the life situation.

This simple three-step magical process works really well during turbulent times. Even if you are not going through “turbulent times” right now, practicing these steps now can help you prepare for when they do come. Really. Magic works, it really does.

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Thursday, September 26, 2019

Can Magic Spells Really Help with Your Angry Boss?

Yes. Absolutely. Without a doubt!

What's more, ensuring that your sacred space is NOT invaded by the negative energy of your angry boss is both your right and, if you are a magical practitioner, almost an obligation. This falls under the rules of protection magic.

Here's the basic rule of protection magic:

"In cases of direct and violent personal harm you are entitled to defend yourself by any means available provided you did nothing to encourage or provoke the attack."

If you are not sure what this all means, read the definitive breakdown of this rule in the full blog post HERE.

Magic Spells and Your Angry Boss
So now you know that you have the right to ensure your sacred space against the negative energy of your boss, given the rule above. If your boss is perpetually angry, you would be well advised to use protection magic to prevent your boss' angry energy from affecting you.

Can you really do this with protection magic? Absolutely. Just read this story from Julie S., who took our Magical Self Defense Home Study Course.

"For the last five years I have worked under a chronically angry boss. He was angry when he was tired, cranky when we were behind schedule, ambitiously nervous when we had won a contract... basically a bundle of nerves, mostly negative! I have always been a "Yes" person, and found myself eventually becoming a nervous wreck working under his style of management. When my nerves got wound so tight that I began having digestive issues and constant headaches, I decided that it was time to do something different."

"I was afraid to confront my boss because I had seen my co-workers do that. My boss always got angrier, with a tendency to rant. I knew that the direct approach was not for me. Luckily, I discussed this problem with my friend over drinks one evening. She suggested some protection magic. Magic?!? I was incredulous. Surely not! But my friend assured me that she had used such an approach with an angry relative and had excellent results. Doubtful, I nevertheless ordered the Self Defense Course she recommended."

"After reading up on the method of pulling Red-Orange energy (for anger) and Yellow-Orange energy (for nervousness or anxiety) from another person, I decided to give it a try. The next time my boss stormed into my office with a list of demands, I eased myself over to a light switch, which acted (according to the course) as a ground for any energy I pulled from my boss. The course said that an angry person is literally brimming over with Red-Orange energy, and that if that energy is grounded out, the person cannot remain angry. Having practiced this technique at home, I casually partly extended my left hand and began pulling Red-Orange energy (following the instructions from the course). I flowed that energy across my shoulders, down my right arm, and into the light switch (on which I casually rested my right hand). I kept flowing for about five minutes. I was so concentrated on my task that I barely took in what my boss was yelling about. After three minutes, I wondered if I was accomplishing anything. After five minutes, my boss abruptly stopped in mid-rant, looked confused, and turned on his heel to leave the room. Wow."

"I repeated the same technique with my boss about six more times. The course noted that this protection magic ritual needed to be repeated multiple times until the person stopped being angry in my presence. After I did this magic ritual seven times over the course of about 10 days, I noticed that my boss stopped charging into my office. He stopped yelling at me so much in meetings. He stopped, in fact, acting anything but subdued in my presence. I was amazed, yet didn't fully trust that the effects would last. Well, it's been nine months now, and my boss still hasn't gone crazy angry on me. He doesn't even seem to get anxious or nervous about deadlines anymore, at least not around me. I am flabbergasted that this actually works. I am also very pleased. Thank you for teaching me this wonderful technique to preserve my sacred space. Thank you also for reassuring me that this kind of magic is not only all right by the Universe, but also a kind of obligation. I will never again let someone violate the peace of my sacred space with their angry energy!"

The Proof of Protection Magic is in the Pudding
Well, there you have it... the pudding, so to speak, of protection magic. Does it work? For Julie it does. Does it work for everyone? As long as you follow the rules of Self Defense and use the techniques as given, yes. Does it take practice? For most people, probably. And, as Julie can attest to, this particular protection ritual can require repetition with a repeat offender like a persistently angry boss. It does work, though, and at the end of the day, that's what matters when it comes to protection magic!

Get the scoop on the Magical Self Defense Home Study Course HERE.

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Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Good Magic Tips for Getting Answers from the Universe

Getting answers from the Universe is a good way to make sure we are on the right path or that what we are doing magically is not going to interfere with something we don't have knowledge of. It is also a good way to get guidance for issues we are facing in our lives. Many people are not sure how to go about getting answers from the universe. Here are some good magic tips on getting answers from the Universe to your questions.

Magic Tip #1: Conscious Choice
This is a good magic tip to gather and maintain force. The gathering and maintaining of force, the energy that enables us to transform thoughts and ideas into physical things we can touch and feel, is one of the easiest ways to manifest. When we exert this type of magical act of power in our lives, we are more in tune with the Universe and open to its help in creating our manifestations. The Conscious Choice exercise can help us achieve this state. Doing this exercise for 40 consecutive days is key. If you miss a day, then you will need to start over at day 1, which is OK. It's the doing not the finishing of it that makes the change. Doing the exercise makes every action we take exponentially more powerful and effective than without the exercise. More importantly, the exercise helps us avoid the need for willpower, which can carry us only so far. You will find the force you gather with it to be powerful, flexible, and effortless. In fact, this force is the essence of miracles, in which events happen seemingly outside the bounds of reason.

Here's how to do the Conscious Choice exercise:
1. Make a conscious choice everyday – at any time of the day.
2. Start with trivial decisions, such as what to eat for breakfast, whether to watch TV or read a book, or what color socks to wear.
3. Say to yourself, either aloud or silently, "I will now make a conscious choice."
4. Next, ask yourself the choice question, such as, "Do I choose to watch TV or read a book?" You can also make the question broader, such as, "What do I choose to do right now?"
5. The first answer you "hear" internally (or sometimes externally from a passing person) is what you must follow. You may not, in this exercise, avoid doing the option you have consciously chosen. This is the reason for making trivial choices at first.
6. Make and follow your conscious choice each day for 40 days.

Magic Tip #2: Asking for a Sign
This is a good magic tip to use when you are starting to doubt whether or not your manifestation is taking shape. Feelings of anxiousness and doubt can interrupt magical procedures. When in doubt, getting answers from the Universe in the form of asking for a sign can relieve the doubts and negative emotions that are pushing on your magical creation.
Say to the Universe, "Please show me a positive sign today that I can easily understand that shows me my manifestation is coming to me." It's that simple.
Then watch for your sign. It may be in a conversation you overhear, a symbol that has special meaning to you showing up, something you read, a song you hear or a multitude of other ways. You will need to be aware and watching for the sign. If at the end of the day, you have not recognized the sign, ask again. Ask this time to be shown a sign that is clearer to you. The Universe will always deliver the sign, we just sometimes miss it. It's OK to ask for something more obvious.

Magic Tip #3: Asking Owl
The owl totem is a good one to work with in getting answers from the Universe. Owl medicine is associated with clairvoyance, astral projection and magic. Owl sits in the east which is the place of illumination and can see things that others cannot.

To work with Owl:
1. Say aloud or in your mind, "Spirit of Owl, I request your help."
2. Wait a few moments until you feel the presence of Owl (no more than a few seconds).
3. State your request. For instance, if you need help seeing why you keep having negative love relationships, you might say, "Owl, please come with me today and show me what is causing these negative relationships in my life. Please show me in a way that I can clearly understand. Thank you in advance for your help." Appreciation is very important to this process.
4. Keep an open mind to what Owl will show you. Owl will ride with you on your shoulder, whispering in your ear, giving you knowing and understanding where before you had only blindness and confusion. Owl may bring up old memories, send you a phrase from the mouth of a stranger or bring a chance meeting with another person. Owl will use any and every device to help you see.
If at the end of the stated period of time, a day in the above example, you still don't understand what Owl is showing you, ask again the next day. Each day Owl will make it more obvious to you. Each time you gain a new insight or understanding, thank Owl for the help. Remember that Owl penetrates secrets and veils, and can show you anything you wish to know. All you have to do is ask!

These three good magic tips for getting answers from the Universe are simple to do and can amaze you. Give them a try and see for yourself what results you get. We'd love to hear what experiences you have. Either leave a comment on our blog or Facebook page. We've shared our magic with you, now you can share your magic with us.

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Thursday, September 19, 2019

Take a Magical Power Walk

I'm sure you've heard of, seen or do power walking to keep fit or lose weight. But have you heard of a magical power walk to keep spiritually fit? This is just one of the many exercises and tips you'll find in our first Kindle book in the Witchcraft Spell Book series called LEARN HOW TO DO WITCHCRAFT RITUALS AND SPELLS WITH YOUR BARE HANDS.

Litany Versus. Chant
This magical power walk is really a litany and is part of the Navajo Beauty Way. Many people confuse litanies and chants, but they are not the same. Basically a chant creates a magical effect in the environment. A litany is a type of chant that affects the person saying the litany. This Walking Litany creates a stable datum or anchor point for whoever is saying it.

How the Walking Litany Works
When you do the Walking Litany, you are using a continuous spell that affects yourself. It puts up a temporary shield or omnil around you. Magical effects from it can vary according to the words used. In our example for this article, we will be looking at the magical effect of gaining personal power and/or ridding yourself of negative energies that are draining. According to the Law of Attraction, when you are affected or changed, so is your life. In other words, "The level of your being attracts the level of your life". The Walking Litany can help you change the level of your being which in turn changes your life.

Doing the Walking Litany as Power Walk
1. Start by taking a look at your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual condition. This is necessary for you to compare results after performing the litany and note changes created by it.

2. Walk for at least 2 city blocks. You can walk a further distance, but not less than 2 city blocks. It doesn't matter where you walk as long as you walk enough distance. You could be in a city, your neighborhood, a park, wooded trail, or even just around your house. Many people find it enjoyable to walk in a nature type of environment, but it isn't necessary.

3. As you walk, say this litany out loud and in rhythm with your footsteps. Use a strong voice of command.

4. The litany is:
With power around me, I walk in the world.
With power within me, I walk in the world.
This one carries power.
This one walks in power.
5. Keep saying the litany over and over throughout your entire walk.

6. At the end of the walk, take time to again notice your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual state. Ask yourself:
  • What is different?
  • What has changed?
  • What is no longer present?
  • What is new?
The Walking Litany can be used as a daily ritual or just anytime you feel the need to recharge your personal power or climb out of a negative hole into a more positive state. Now that you know the way to walk yourself down the path towards a more magical life, give it a try and go take a walk.

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Thursday, September 12, 2019

How Does Magic Speak to You?

One of the things I love most about magic is the many and varied ways it shows up in our lives. Many times when I ask for magical help from powers and beings, I am surprised at the ways it shows up in my life.

I also realize that many people miss the signs of magic in their lives because they don't know what to look for. In other words, magic is constantly sending messages to us, but we often overlook these signs and symbols.

To remind myself of these signs and symbols, as well as to help others who are looking for help from magic, I've compiled a list of the various ways magic has come into my life over the years.

This is just a short excerpt, and I hope this helps to open your senses to the many ways magic is speaking to you.

Some of the Ways Magic Speaks to Me
  1. A sentence in a book that I opened to a random page
  2. A check in the mail
  3. A conversation I overheard between two strangers
  4. A raven flying overhead, squawking a message to me
  5. The moral of a movie coinciding with a request for magical help
  6. A business phone call from a stranger, who turns out to be reading the same spiritual book as me
  7. Life-threatening surgery that forever changed my perspective on life
  8. Watching the amazing transformation in a child's behavior in 10 days
  9. A long-time friend leaving my life, opening a new space for ...?
  10. A dream just before awakening
  11. Runes cast at just the right time, showing me the way
  12. Meeting a group of magical practitioners at a mountain-side rest stop, who are meditating in the "cone of silence"
  13. Seeking and finding the Gurdjieff Work
  14. Taking one dose of a flower remedy made from the magical datura plant 
  15. Feeling the brush of angel wings while at a rest stop after an extremely long drive
  16. The reincarnation of my dog, Tether, who lived two lifetimes with me
  17. A nasty note from an anonymous person saying, "Learn how to park, idiot!"
  18. The planting and cultivation of my garden each year
  19. A call out of the blue from a long-lost friend
  20. Finding exactly what I want in a thrift store
  21. Getting what I want 
  22. Not getting what I want
  23. Realizing that a negative influence in my life was gone ... and that I hadn't even noticed its absence for months
  24. Rain arriving on a parched summer day
  25. A fender-bender that led to a successful business relationship
  26. Sitting with a wish for the longing to cease ... and having it cease
  27. Feeling the joy of not expressing dislike
  28. A misdirected email in my inbox, telling me just what I need to know
  29. Feeling lonely and realizing I asked for sacred space
  30. Having a conversation in which no one understood a word I said
  31. A magical ride on a huge white mule named H.B. (short for HoneyBun) through enchanting Zion National Park

Many of these magical messages have meaning only for me and probably don't make sense to you. That's the whole point of this list. Magic always speaks to us in very personal ways -- ways that only make sense to us and have no meaning for anyone else.

As this list also demonstrates, magic sometimes speaks to us through contrast -- through events that we would normally perceive as negative. Our job, as magicians, is to question events that appear negative on the surface, and see whether the event answers some request we have made for magical help. One question to ask is, "What did I get from this event? What did I give up or give away?"

A Magical Challenge
I challenge you to make your own list of events through which magic speaks to you. You may have to dig a little to find these events, but trust me, the process will definitely be educational. Look through past events and see whether you can uncover magical messages or answers to prayer requests.

In the coming days, become more aware of your environment. If a raven passes overhead and squawks, look up the magical message that the raven carries in the Medicine Cards. If you are standing behind an exceptionally rude person at the grocery store checkout, see how the event might relate to the magic you are doing in your life. If nothing is happening in your life, ask yourself the magical meaning of such silence. Most of all, enjoy. That's what magic is for!

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Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Good Magic Tips for Safe Travel

Whether taking a trip to another country or state or just a trip to the local grocery store, there are good magic tips for safe travel to help you get there.

Good Magic Tips for Safe Travel #1 - Hire an Angel
I use this technique every time I get into a car. I simply say out loud, "I'd like to hire a travel angel to get me to _____ (wherever I am going) safely, serenely and securely." You can also add on to your request that you would like to have the road cleared of anything that would cause long delays or that you'd like a parking space waiting for you close to where you need to go. Be sure and thank your angel in advance in a heartfelt way for the work done on your behalf and thank them again when you arrive at your destination.

Good Magic Tips for Safe Travel #2 - Ask a Sylph
I used this technique while traveling around the Yellowstone area back in the 80's to stay clear of major fires happening at the time.

A sylph is a being made of pure air. They specialize in communication and knowledge. Sylphs can be very useful when you need information quickly on things like weather and road reports. It is best to communicate with them using mind as spoken words are too slow for their short attention span. Here's how to communicate with a sylph:

1. Sit quietly and close your eyes, if possible.

2. Think the words, "I request the help of a sylph for [state your reason]."

3. Wait a second and the sylph will be there, though you may not be able to see it.

4. Quickly communicate your request with a thought, such as, "I need a weather report on the next 50 miles of this road. Thank you in advance for your help." Appreciation in advance of the sylph's help is very important.

5. Wait a few more seconds. The sylph will return quickly with your answer. The answer will be a thought in your mind, possibly in your own voice. Don't dismiss it, trust it.

6. Thank the sylph again for its help.

Good Magic Tips for Safe Travel #3 – Work with Weather
If you are concerned about weather conditions on your trip you can work with the weather in advance. If you don't want to fly in stormy weather or drive through flood conditions, these can be taken care of magically in a variety of ways.

For whichever technique you use to work with the weather, first you need to think through what you want, just like in any magical procedure. You need to have specifics of what you are asking for. For example you wouldn't want to say "I don't want it to rain". That is way too general and could mean it will never rain again or just totally backfire on you. You want to specify a range of time and location and anything else specific that you can. Instead of stating what you don't want, state it in terms of what you do want. The Universe doesn't respond to negatives as well as it does to positives. Instead of saying "I don't want it to rain", try saying what kind of weather you do want.

Next, it is a good idea to ask for help from weather beings and to check in with higher powers. There may be a reason for a particular type of weather that you are not aware of, but that higher powers are. Different disciplines and traditions call theses beings by various names. We find the Winds of each direction, Sky Father, weather angels, storm spirits, sylphs and of course Grandmother (spirit of the Earth) appropriate beings to consult. Asking these beings for help creates a safer way to get your desired results since these beings exist on a higher level than we do and have access to higher levels of information. They see things on a larger scale and will know how to help us get what we want without interfering in a bigger plan or inconveniencing another.

If you now have defined specifically what you want, have the help and the go ahead from higher beings, it is time to focus your intention and see a picture in your mind of the weather scene you want. Lay this picture over what you see actually happening outside. Put enough energy into the picture that you can feel it coming alive. Be sure you are not flowing negative energies such as anxiousness, fear or nervousness into your picture. You need some emotional energy flowing into your picture, but strong negative emotion can negate the results.

If the outside picture is completely different than the picture you are creating, you may need to start with smaller steps. Start by looking for one thing you could change that would lead to other changes. For example if it is snowing and the roads are snow packed and it is dreary and cold, you could start by moving the dark clouds away. This would lead to first the snow stopping, then the sun being able to shine through which then leads to the snow melting off the roads and it being warmer. See how that works?

It's a good idea to do some practice on this weather working technique before you actually are taking a trip that you need to change the weather for. Performing it while in panic mode will probably not bring you the desired results. If you are new to weather working you can get some beginning tips by sending a blank email to clouds@shamanschool.com.

Good Magic Tips for Safe Travel #4 – Omnil
Putting an omnil around your car is another way to magically insure safe travel. An omnil is a type of circular magical shield that you can put around people or objects, including your house or car, for protection. This technique does require a higher ability of magical skills, but let me give you an example of how useful it can be.

One of our students put an electric blue fire omnil around her car before taking a short day trip of about 80 miles round trip. She was driving at 50 mph when a deer jumped out right in front of the car, no way to stop in time to avoid a hit. The student saw the deer fall in front of the car and looked right into the deer's eyes as it fell backwards psychically sending the message of `don't worry you will be fine`. Everyone around pulled over sure there was an accident and a dead deer to deal with, but as our student got out of the car, the deer stood up and ran on across the road, jumped a fence and then a young deer jumped out, crossed the road and followed its mom. No damage to the car and no damage to the deer. Our student got back in her car and drove away leaving several people standing in the road scratching their heads wondering what just happened.

If you want to find out more about putting up ominils and other types of protective shields, check out our Magical Self Defense homestudy course.

Practice these magic tips and enjoy safe travel!

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Thursday, September 5, 2019

I Can Do Magic and So Can You

I can do magic and so can you because magic is the right of every planetary citizen. Everyone has the power and ability to be a magician and to practice magic. Absolutely everyone! So, I can do magic and so can you. It is simpler than you might think. You can start out taking baby steps by doing small rituals and grow your magical practice from there.

I Can Do Magic: Where to Start
We have lots of free information on our website that includes a free Quick Fixes ebook, simple daily rituals, and exercises to get you started on your magical path. Then of course there are other articles on this blog to explore. The best places to start are the free membership area at https://shamanschool.com/, our Is Magic Real page, and Fundamental Topics of Magic page.

I Can Do Magic: Simple Exercise
Here’s a simple exercise that you can get started on right away.

First before you begin, write in a journal how you feel before you sit down to do the exercise.

You will need a pure yellow candle (a bright yellow that is not too orange) and wooden or paper matches. You can find pure yellow candles at most grocery stores in the section with the religious candles (in glass containers).

You will also need to know which direction is South. To create sacred space with the Sun Candle, you will need to "charge" it, or program it to do so. Here's how:
  • Stand or sit in the South facing North with the Sun Candle in front of you
  • Light the candle using wooden or paper matches (do NOT use a lighter)
  • Wait until the candle flame is steady and tall
  • Hold your hands up to and around the flame, focusing your attention on the candle and flame.
  • Say the charge verse below in a voice of command (a strong, powerful voice)
Child of Wonder,
Child of Flame,
Nourish My Spirit,
And Protect My Aim!

If there are other people in the room with you, you can change the "My" to "Our" and the word "Spirit" to "Spirits." Leave the candle burning in the room for at least 30 minutes (be sure the candle is on a protected surface such as a plate and is not a fire hazard).

At the end of 30 minutes or when you feel ready, blow out the flame (don't snuff it). Spend a moment or two in the area to see if you can detect a difference in the level and quality of energy. The area should feel lighter, more harmonious and/or more peaceful to you.
Now write in your journal how you are feeling. Notice any changes in your sensations, thoughts and feelings.

Do this exercise for 30 minutes each day for 21 days and keep a journal of your experiences, feelings and sensations each day before and after the exercise. You will be surprised at how effective just this simple act of magic is at even this very basic level. From there the sky’s the limit and you are on your way to becoming a magical person.

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Thursday, August 29, 2019

When the Magic Doesn't Work Look in the Mirror

You have set a magical goal, decided on a procedure to use and performed the necessary steps, wait a while and decide the magic doesn't work. Does this sound familiar? Do you know anyone with this complaint? Magic, when followed according to Rules of the Road and specified procedure, does work. The Universe cannot and does not violate its own laws.

Why Sometimes Magic Doesn't Work
But why does magic sometimes not work? One of the Universal Laws is free will. Thus we can countermand our own magical work with our intention. This may include:
  • hidden belief that the magic won't work
  • too much attachment to the outcome (pushing a spell along)
  • a hidden part of self that does not want the magic to work (especially in the case of relationship disconnects)
  • throwing everything but the kitchen sink at the problem (spells or rituals interfering with each other)
  • asking for too many things at once
  • haven't waited long enough time
If you've decided your magic doesn't work, then take a hard, honest look and see if anything on this list could apply. I bet you'll find it does. If you truly have no clue why it didn't work, you may need to do some divination to discover what happened. If you find you have put in too much or done something incorrectly you can take spells down and start over or re-do procedures. If you performed a spell, you may need to look at your directors and limiters and do a revision. You may need to re-think the goal or thoroughly re-think through the procedure. All magical procedures need to be thoroughly thought through because altered procedures produce altered results.

Solution When Magic Doesn't Work
Solution? Do the magic right and thoroughly, then let it go. Pick specific points at which you will check progress and make additional adjustments then, otherwise ignore it!

While you're waiting for the magic to work, how about sharing some magic with others. Forward this article to someone you think would benefit and share the magic. Another way to share the magic is by signing up for our twice a month newsletter and pass that on to a friend or find us on Facebook and Twitter and share our posts with your friends.. Sharing the magic is always good!

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Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Goosey, Goosey, Gander - A Magic Spell, Not Just a Nursery Rhyme

Nursery Rhymes as Magic Spells

When our magic students have difficulty writing verses for litanies, chants, or spells, we often tell them to read through children's nursery rhymes. For one thing, nursery rhymes have good meter and rhythm. They also rhyme, which can be important for giving spell verses the proper force.

Another reason we have students refer to nursery rhymes is that many of these rhymes were actually the verses for spells, way back when. No kidding. For instance, nursery rhymes, such as "Jack and Jill" or "London Bridge," were actually spell verses designed for very specific purposes.

Goosey, Goosey, Gander
Here's one that always amazes me. Did you know that the "Goosey, Goosey, Gander" rhyme was originally written to program an energy matrix that looked like a goose to follow certain people around the castle? In other words, the spell created an apparition that looked like a goose that would follow people around. In magical terminology, the goose was a "watcher."

It takes a lot of energy to program a watcher as large and complex as goose, but it can be done. Most of the time, magical practitioners program much smaller versions, such as flies or bugs. Flies are small and unobtrusive, which makes them the perfect watchers. Most people don't pay much attention to them.

What To Do With Watchers
How do you know if you have a spell matrix watcher following you around your house? If the watcher takes the form of a fly, it may look like a fly but it won't act like one. Flies buzz around randomly, with unpredictable flight paths. A watcher fly, in contrast, will fly in straight lines, and will "follow" you in a way that a fly won't. A real fly will buzz around and bother you, but it won't track you in a directed way. A watcher will.

What do you do if you find a watcher? Smack it, just like you would a regular fly. No worries!

Write Your Own Spells
Learn to design, write, test, and launch your own magic spells in Basic Magic, a 32-week comprehensive course for those who want deep yet practical magical knowledge.

Click Here for Basic Magic Information

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Thursday, August 22, 2019

Magical Element Air: The Beginning of Manifestation

One of the basic principles that any apprentice magician or shaman learns is that almost everything in this Universe is made up of some combination of the four magical elements: Air, Fire, Water and Earth. The premise is that if you can understand the four elements directly, then you can understand anything in the Universe.
The apprentice also learns that everything that is physical and manifest started out as a mere thought in someone’s mind—or, in this case, as the element Air. Air is at the beginning of all creation, so if you want to create anything, you have to start with Air. Air is associated with the East and also with elemental beings called sylphs. The element Air governs:

…seeing, breathing, speaking, hearing, planning, thinking, believing, memorizing, communicating, learning, teaching, information, ideas, wisdom, understanding, worry, sensation, awareness, opinions, data, memory, mind…

What does this mean to you? It means that if you want to affect any of these areas in your life, you need to work with the element Air. Air is the perfect place for a beginning magician to start learning. As an element, Air is powerful, but not dangerous. There are three colors associated with Air:

Clear: breathing, physical reactions, physical sensations, seeing
White: mental processes, thinking, planning, communicating
Sky Blue: spiritual enlightenment, wisdom, understanding

So how can you use Air to affect and improve your daily life? Here’s a simple way to begin. Through experience and observation, we know that the color White affects the mental processes. If you have either too little or too much White in your elemental balance, you won’t be able to think, learn or recall well. If you have difficulty in any of these areas (or if you really need to cram for a test and can’t seem to study), check how much White is in your environment and in your clothing. If you see a lot of White, change your clothes or change your location. Move to an area with more Sky Blue. If you are surrounded by very little White, put on some White clothes or move into a room that has White walls. Either way, you should notice a shift in the speed and clarity of your mental processes!

More About Sylphs
While it’s true that almost everything in this Universe is made up of the four elements, elemental beings such as sylphs are the exception. Elemental beings are wholly composed of a single element, so sylphs are wholly composed of Air. Sylphs are friendly beings, about 3 to 18 inches long that are twisty in shape. They love to play in cigarette smoke or in dust devils. You might sometimes feel a sylph as a light brush against your face. They are fun to be around and also make excellent messengers and sources of information. When we were traveling through Yellowstone during the fires, we used sylphs to help us find safe routes through the park.
To communicate with sylphs, just ask for one silently, in your mind. Sylphs have short attention spans so it’s best to communicate with your mind because the spoken word is too slow. Ask for what you need and then send them on their way (always thanking them in advance, of course). Don’t be surprised when the sylph returns in short order with the answer you need!

Want to Know More?
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