Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Ritual Magic: Spells and Rituals for the New Year

Here it is a new year already and while most people are making New Year's Resolutions, magical practitioners make yearly aims as a great way to practice ritual magic all year long. Did you know that 45% of Americans usually make New Year's Resolutions and that only 8% of them actually are successful at achieving their resolutions? A great percentage of those who make resolutions keep them in the first week, 75% in fact. But by the time 6 months have passed that number dwindles down to only 46% still sticking to their resolutions. As you can see the statistics aren't very encouraging for making and keeping a New Year's resolution.

A Yearly Aim
A yearly aim for magical practitioners is a bit different. With the yearly aim the goal is to learn, experience, discover, and bring magic into your life. This yearly aim can change form with each month or with each season, with accompanying daily rituals as exercises. This cuts down on the redundancy and brings new life to the aim. It is important to pause daily or weekly to record results and reflections, noting and appreciating the changes and the magic.

Picking a Yearly Aim
To get started with a magical yearly aim, do some reflection on where you are magically. If you have not taken magic seriously before or are just starting out exploring a magical path, the aim could be answering the question "Is Magic Real" for yourself. You can also ask for guidance from higher powers and beings for some direction on picking an aim. You want to have an aim that is something you can observe progress on, but leave it open enough to explore it in a variety of ways. Give some thought to the wording of your aim as it can make an enormous difference.

One of our students felt she was always tense and stressed and although she had tried numerous practices to reduce the stress, still felt it in her body. She decided to set an aim that would help her find where the tension and stress came from, where it lived in her body and how to deal with it through magical means. Unfortunately, she worded her aim that year as "To observe and explore my tensions and stresses". That year was consequently a very stressful year. The Universe definitely gave her plenty of opportunity to observe and explore stress, which after all is what she asked for. The next year, having learned a valuable lesson, her aim was "I want to observe freedom in my life and practice feeling free". That made a much more enjoyable year for her. The following year was even better as her aim for that year was "To observe and explore the abundances in my life and the ease with which they come." As you can well imagine that year brought about many wonderful things with very little effort. Think carefully about the exact wording of your aim before settling on the final one.

Planning for Successful Aim
After you have picked your yearly aim, it is time to get a plan for specifically what magic spells and rituals or resources you will explore to achieve your aim. Take the example of "Is Magic Real". Here are some examples of the exercises you could pick from each month that would lead you to explore this question.
These are just a few examples to get you started. Pick something each month that you can experiment with and explore that will lead you to answer the question "Is Magic Real?" Throughout the process, you want to be sure to take the time to record your observations, reflections and results in your Book of Shadows. This helps you look back over the year, see where you started, what you have achieved and help form an aim for the next year.

Whether you adopt daily rituals into your life, strengthen your use of ritual magic, explore other magical realms, gain a greater understanding of yourself or prove that magic is indeed real to yourself, the main goal with a yearly aim is to invite magic into your life, make it a part of your daily life and to learn to appreciate the process.

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Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Magical Gifts You Can Give Yourself This Holiday

 While the holidays have become quite commercial and frenzied in recent years, they still present wonderful opportunities to take time off and give yourself some true gifts. For most of the year, we are at the beck and call of others-work, family, and other obligations.

This holiday, in addition to buying toys and goodies you enjoy, take the time to give yourself some real gifts that will keep giving all the coming year. Here are some ideas to get you started:

REST: Most of us rush through the year from one obligation to another, never quite getting enough solid rest. If you've got a few days off, enjoy the luxury of sleeping in. When you fully rest, you give body and mind time to unwind. Physical and mental problems tend to disappear or resolve themselves.

QUIET: In a world of cell phones, TV, and radio, a day of silence or quiet can be a true gift. Turn off the phone and don't invite in other stimuli such as TV. Sit, rest, take walks. Be quiet inside and out. Even half a day of quiet, without talking, can rejuvenate your spirit.

LET GO: Once you've had a chance to unwind, some old issues or problems that have been subconsciously nagging at you may surface. Take the time to let them go in a simple ceremony. Write them down on a sheet paper, appreciate them for the lessons they bring, then burn them. Cleanse yourself by burning some sage or incense afterward.

CREATE SACRED SPACE: Daily life tends to introduce some junky energies into our living space. Take the time to create some sacred space in every room of your house. Do a regular room cleansing or use a sun candle to create sacred space.

GET IN TOUCH: Most of us spend our days in our minds, working out the thorny problems of daily life. Get back in touch with body and spirit. Invigorate your body by moving and stretching, taking brisk walks, or even taking a luxurious bath. Get back in touch with spirit by reading inspirational materials or listening to wonderful, soothing music. Think less and be more.

START DOWN A MAGICAL PATH: Make a resolution that the coming year is the year you will start inviting magic into your life. Or if you already have a magical practice, recommit to it by resolving to perform an act of magic or daily ritual each and every day. We have ebooksKindle books, or our Everyday Magic Email Course that can help you keep this resolution easily. Or just pick a different article each day from our blog or past newsletter articles to give you ideas of simple magical acts to do daily.

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Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Life Hit You With a 2' x 4'? Use This Quick Magickal Solution

Almost no one gets to escape the Universal 2' x 4' between the eyes. What is a Universal 2' x 4'? It's a life event that knocks you off your feet without warning. Usually this kind of event is blindingly shocking, and can cause a person to lose confidence in themselves, their actions, their decisions... everything.

Luckily, there is a magickal fix for those times when you find yourself flat on your back, having been the victim of a universal hit between the eyes. Whether you just broke up unexpectedly with your significant other, lost your job, suffered a car wreck, or any of the other curve balls that life can throw at you, chances are that you are out of touch with your personal power. You can't have access to your personal power if you feel depressed, shocked, victimized, or otherwise lacking in confidence.  Personal power is diametrically opposed to those negative states. The most obvious step, then, would be to get into a more positive feeling place.

Right. Good luck with that. If you are like most people, when you throw a good pity party, getting into a positive frame of mind is the last thing you feel like you can achieve. Misery loves company, and if you have invited other people to your pity party who also feel depressed, chances are that you will not be able to climb out of your present negative state without help.

The Walking Ritual: A Magickal Antidote for the Pity Party
The Walking Ritual is just what it sounds like: a walking magickal ritual during which you recite a mantra in cadence with your steps. The Walking Litany is a form of a continuous spell that surrounds you and affects you as long as you are walking and speaking the mantra in cadence with your steps. From a magickal point of view, a practitioner looking at you as you do the Walking Litany would see a shimmering shield around yourself and encompassing your aura. This simple spell will reconnect you with your personal power, which is your knowledge (your experience and your observation) plus your control plus your responsibility. Once you are back in contact with your personal power, then you have access to the resourceful parts of yourself. One third of your personal power is responsibility. Magickally, we call it your "respond-ability." In other words, your personal power allows you to use your knowledge in a controlled manner to respond to the unexpected events that appear in your life.

How to Do the Magickal Walking Litany
The good news is that the Walking Litany, one of the three forms of the Navajo Beauty Way, is simple to do. Use the following directions to do this simple magickal spell:

1. Start by assessing yourself on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. This will be your baseline against which you can compare your state after you have done the Walking Litany.

2. Begin walking in a purposeful manner. Walk for at least two city blocks, or further if you desire. You do not need to walk in any specific direction, but ensure that you walk at least the length of two city blocks. You need this length of time to truly notice the effect of the Walking Litany.

3. As you walk, say the following litany in a voice of command and in cadence with your steps:

"With power around me, I walk in the world.
With power within me, I walk in the world.
This one carries power.
This one walks in power."

4. Repeat this litany as you walk until you have reached the end of your walk.

5. At the end of your walk, pause to once again assess your condition on all levels. In addition, evaluate the way you feel about the unexpected problem that has appeared in your life. You might also ask yourself the following questions, either generally or specifically with respect to the life event:
  • What is different?
  • What has changed?
  • What is no longer present?
  • What is new?
Most likely you will find that your view of your unexpected life problem will have changed dramatically. The Walking Litany may have already helped you find some solutions or work-arounds for your life problems. Short of that, the Walking Litany will have raised your level of being so that you can see life from a different point of view. There is a magickal saying, "The level of your being attracts the level of your life." SO if your level of being has been raised by the Walking Litany, chances are that the life events you attract will also change, for the better. Feel free to use the Walking Litany any time you feel negative, blue, or simply "down in the dumps." Remember that the Walking Litany is an actual spell that is not only effective at raising your level of being, but also at protecting you with a temporary shield. This temporary shield can remove you from negative influences in any environment. The Walking Litany is a handy and simple magickal spell to use at any time!

For more simple magical rituals and spells, check out our Witchcraft Spell Books series for Kindle.

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Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Simple Four Element Candle Spell

Candle spells are among the most effective and most fun to do. When used in spellwork, candles help to push the message or desired energy out into the Universe for greater impact. Think of candles as Universal amplifiers. There are multitudes of candle spells and you can learn more about them in our Kindle book, The Complete Guide of Witchcraft Rituals & Spells for Beginners, or in our Basic Magic courses. One of the simplest uses is with candles from the Four Directions: East, South, West, and North.

How to Do a Four Element Candle Spell
The first action item in any spell, candle or otherwise, is to define what you want this candle spell to do. Take into account that while this is a multiple candle spell, it is also a simple spell. Complex spells require multiple candles that are carved and anointed, not to mention customized Directors and Limters (what you want the spell to do and not do) plus special verses. This generic four element candle spell brings in the powers of the four directions of the Medicine Wheel. However, since it will not have the extra "oomph" of carved candles and all the other extras, it is best to keep your request for this spell simple.

This type of spell can easily handle chronic problems such as trouble with neighbors, problems with your boss at work, being unable to find work, needing a small amount of money ($1,500 or less) in a reasonable amount of time, and so forth.

So take some time to write out what you want in as clear and concise a format as possible. For instance, if you have constant trouble with your boss at work, you may write something such as:

"I wish this candle spell to create harmony between my immediate supervisor at work and myself."
You may not want to name your supervisor as the spell may need to provide you with a different boss in order to create harmony. Add the following line to your one-line aim:

"Let all be legal and free in this spell. Allow not this spell to be the cause of death or loss of property to myself or others."

Once you have written your one-sentence goal for the spell, the next step is to prepare your materials.

Preparation for a Four Element Candle Spell
For this spell, you will need:
  • wooden or paper matches
  • four taper candles in candlesticks or four pillar candles, one each of these colors: sky or baby blue, bright yellow (no orange or red undertones), water blue (lighter than navy blue), and grass green
  • a safe surface on which to place each candle (such as a small saucer or plate for each)
  • a printed version of your one-sentence goal for this spell
  • printed versions of each litany for each of the four directions
  • knowledge of the current moon cycle--you will be doing this while the moon is waxing or waning, depending on how you have stated your goal
  • a compass for locating the cardinal direction South

Once you have your materials, clear a sacred space at least 5 feet in diameter. You will sit in the South facing North. You may want to put a small table and sitting cushion, or a folding table with chair. Set your materials on the table. Line the candles up from left to right in the order given above.

If your one-line statement is a desire for something to increase (such as finances), start this ritual when the moon begins to wax, working with one candle every other day. If you want something to decrease (such as noise in your neighborhood), work when the moon begins to wane. You can look up the moon cycles easily online.

Doing the Four Element Candle Spell
Once you have everything set up, place your first candle directly in front of you, on a plate for fire safety. Place your one-liner in front of you on the plate with the candle. Light the candle with a paper or wooden match (no lighters), and wait for the light blue candle to achieve a tall working flame. Once it has a working flame, cup your hands around the candle and say the following verses in a voice of command:

"Child of Wonder, Child of Flame,
Nourish My Spirit, and Protect My Aim.
I call on the Winds of the East to bring knowledge, wisdom, and enlightenment to me now.
I ask your help and guidance in achieving my aim, please show me how.
My aim for this spell is: [read your aim here with the accompanying caveat]
I thank you in advance for your wisdom and grace
And I appreciate your presence in coming to this place."

Allow the candle to burn for 30 minutes with your one-liner on the plate before blowing out the flame (do not snuff the flame). Two days later, at approximately the same time, repeat the process with the yellow candle. Place the yellow candle in line to the right of the light blue candle. This time use the verse below:

"Child of Wonder, Child of Flame,
Nourish My Spirit, and Protect My Aim.
I call on the South to bring action, movement, and kinetic solutions to my goal.
I ask for your supportive motion so my aim will not be slowed.
My aim for this spell is: [read your aim here with the accompanying caveat]
I thank you in advance for your wisdom and grace
And I appreciate your presence in coming to this place."

Again allow the candle to burn for 30 minutes in the same way as you did the light blue candle. Two days later, repeat the same process with the water blue candle, using the verse below:

"Child of Wonder, Child of Flame,
Nourish My Spirit, and Protect My Aim.
I call on the West to bring passion, emotion, and Spirit's guidance to my life
I ask for your higher wisdom and emotional power to lift my aim on high
My aim for this spell is: [read your aim here with the accompanying caveat]
I thank you in advance for your wisdom and grace
And I appreciate your presence in coming to this place."

Two days later, use the green candle and the following verse:

"Child of Wonder, Child of Flame,
Nourish My Spirit, and Protect My Aim.
I call on the North to bring endurance, practicality and know how to this spell
I ask for your help with guidance and practical instructions so all will go well
My aim for this spell is: [read your aim here with the accompanying caveat]
I thank you in advance for your wisdom and grace
And I appreciate your presence in coming to this place."

Record all of the above in your Book of Shadows, including the dates and times you lit each candle, as well as the exact words of the verses used. Then wait and prepare to record the results!

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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Can't Understand Messages from the Universe?

Many people ask us to help them interpret answers and messages from the Universe. Some people have trouble receiving answers from the Universe, but more frequently people receive messages from the Universe... and cannot figure out what those answers mean.

What can you do when you ask the Universe for help or guidance, and then get some feedback that makes no sense to you? That's easy. Ask again... and again... and again if necessary. Luckily the Universe never gets impatient when someone asks for clarification. If you have asked the Universe or your Spirit guide or an angel for some kind of message or guidance, but can't decipher the meaning, first take the time to thank that being for sending the message. Then, feel free to ask again. Ask the being to send the message again, this time add the phrase, "In a way that I can clearly understand." You might also want to specify a time within which you would like to receive the clarified message. For instance, you might ask an angel to send the message again and add a time frame, such as "Before 6:00 pm tonight." With the time qualifier you know the being will send the message before a certain time. With that in mind, after the specified time you can review your day to see if you can locate the new clarified message or guidance.

Communications from Universal Beings
Sometimes we can miss the message or answer or guidance because Universal beings do not always communicate the same way as we do. When we talk to another person, we use language and words. Thus we tend to think that all beings communicate in the same way. Not so. An angel may use words, but might not put them in your mind directly. You may find your guidance in a book, an overheard conversation, or even graffiti written on a wall. For instance, one person who was struggling with anxiety was given the following quote by Robert Louis Stevenson in a fiction novel:

"Quiet mind cannot be perplexed or frightened, but go on in fortune or misfortune, at their own private pace, like a clock during a thunderstorm..."

This became a mantra for this person to repeat when feeling anxious. The vision of the unmoved clock, ticking steadily away at its own private pace during a wild thunderstorm, became the essence of the kind of inner peace this person was hoping to achieve. What's more, the more this person used this mantra, the less worried she became about other people's opinions of her or her choices. She became more confident of her choices and lifestyle, thinking of herself like that clock, moving in fortune or misfortune at her own private pace.

If you review your day, after having asked your Spirit guide to send you a clarified message, and you can find no verbal reference, such as a quote or snippet of conversation, look for non-verbal messages. For instance, one person asked an angel to send a clarified message during his workday. The man was looking for guidance as to whether to accept a job in another country. While the job would certainly prove to be lucrative and offer many new experiences, the man was uncertain as to whether he should leave the safety and comfort of his current life and job. In particular, he wondered whether he would be able to re-create a similar support network in a different country amongst strangers. As he reviewed his day, he could find no verbal clues that would answer his question. In fact, he found very little verbal communication had taken place all day. Upon reflection, he realized that he usually spoke with several of his close friends during the day, and a few family members as well. He had spoken to almost no one that day, having been very focused on his work.

Upon reflection, the man realized that he had not felt isolated or alone that day, despite not connecting with his usual social network of friends and family. And therein lay the answer to his question. Could he successfully leave his social network and family to take a new job in a foreign country amongst strangers? Yes. His realization that he had not felt isolated or lonely that day, even with almost no contact with his friends and family, made him realize that he was sufficiently confident and capable that he did not need to have his social network always available for a chat. He was outgoing enough to make new friends. He would not feel lonely in a foreign country. As soon as he realized the answer sent by his angel, his phone rang--a call from a close friend who had been "thinking of him" all day but was too busy to call during the day. The man immediately thanked his angel for the clarified answer, and then happily chatted with his close friend. Message sent and received.

Whether your guides choose to send you verbal or non-verbal messages, the key to receiving answers from guides and angels and other Universal beings is to keep asking for clarification until you get the help you asked for. You can even ask that messages be sent in verbal form so you can more easily hear them. Just keep asking and do not give up until the message has been sent and received to your satisfaction. And remember, thanks and appreciation are the key to continued communication with the Universe... it is the spiritual coin most recognized by higher beings. Learn more about working with Universal beings and other magical skills with our Kindle book 1 of the Witchcraft Spell Books series – Learn How To Do Witchcraft Rituals and Spells With Your Bare Hands and our Daily Rituals for Attracting What You Want in Life ebook.

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Tuesday, October 12, 2021

3 Magickal Secrets for Getting Help from the Higher


If you have had a spiritual practice for any length of time, then you have probably realized that higher beings (fill in the name that best suits you--God, Creator, angels, the Universe...) know everything about our lives without us having to tell them. These higher beings know our innermost thoughts, wishes, desires, fears, and hopes.

Knowing this, have you ever wondered why these higher beings don't help us out when it is clear that we have problems and need help? If these higher beings have access to more knowledge and more abilities than we do, then why don't they just step in and help us?

The answer is simple. On planet Earth, human beings are protected by two factors: free will and the Prime Directive. These two factors are really two sides of the same coin. Human beings have been given the rare gift of having complete free will. Free will grants us total power (within our abilities) to do with our lives as we please. We can create great wealth, dedicate ourselves to serving higher causes, create chaos everywhere we go, or anything in between. We can make hay while the sun shines or make a complete mess of our lives. And most people live long enough these days that there is time enough to do both.

While we are expressing ourselves through free will, higher beings are prevented from intervening in our lives by the Prime Directive. If you have ever watched Star Trek, then you probably know about the Prime Directive. Just as the crew of the Enterprise could not intervene in the lives of the beings they encountered without a direct invitation, so the higher beings that exist near us cannot intervene in our lives without a direct invitation from us. Herein lies the first secret for gaining help and assistance from the higher.

Magickal Secret #1: Invite the Higher Into Your Life
As simple and silly as this seems, a great majority of people miss out on help from the higher because they simply neglect to ask for that help. Instead, many people exist in the world of "should." That is, most think, "Angels and higher beings know I clearly need help. So they should step in and help me." Unfortunately, free will and the Prime Directive prevent that.

The truth of the matter is that higher beings are continuously waiting with bated breath to be invited into our lives to help in any manner suitable to their position. Not only do higher beings enjoy such interactions with humans, but any help they offer contributes directly to their own evolutionary growth. Being invited to help a person with his or her troubles is a win-win situation all around.

So the only thing left to do is for those of us who wish help from the higher to do one simple act: Ask!

Not sure how to ask? Don't get hung up on technicalities. If you know the name of the being from whom you wish to request help, use that name. If not, use whatever name or description that best suits your knowledge of the hierarchy of higher beings. Don't worry, higher beings are lining up to be at your service, and if you use the best description or name you know, they higher beings will sort it out. So don't worry, go ahead and ask!

One more note: When you ask the higher for help, be as specific as possible. For instance, if you're about to lose your house to foreclosure, be sure to specify that the monetary help you request needs to manifest before the date of foreclosure.

Magickal Secret #2: Offer Appreciation Generously
This simple secret is another one often neglected by people. Often we are so obsessed by the problems we face that when a higher being resolves a problem for us, we neglect to thank them. Instead, we simply move on to the next most-pressing problem in our lives, and ask help to solve that problem. This situation is understandable, of course, especially if we are faced with many big problems. And while higher beings are almost always willing to help, regardless of thanks, they are much more likely to develop a strong affection and relationship with us when we take the time to pause in the hustle-bustle of our lives, and express our appreciation for their help... frequently.

It is true that higher beings gain an evolutionary "boost" from helping us in our lives. But like us, higher beings also need to feel a sense of the "warm fuzzies," a pat on the back, a feeling of a job well done. We don't pay higher beings the way we pay each other for work. Instead, the spiritual coin that pays higher beings is appreciation. For higher beings, appreciation is a sort of ambrosia or the cherry on the top of an ice cream sundae. When we offer higher beings appreciation before, during, and after our wishes have been fulfilled, we begin to develop a relationship with those beings. An angel who receives frequent appreciation from us is more likely to jump at the next chance to help us out. We then get the added bonus of having a being totally familiar with our lives helping us out. This kind of relationship tends to shorten the time between our request for help and the arrival of that help.

The best news of all is that the spiritual coin of appreciation is free. The expression of gratitude costs nothing but a little attention and time. Then benefits far outweigh the costs, and everyone is happy at the end of the day.

Magickal Secret #3: Hunt the Solution
Now comes the trickiest secret of all. It is easy to understand why we need to invite higher beings into our lives. It is also easy to see how appreciation is the way to develop relationships with the higher for better, faster, and more satisfying results.

This last secret is a little more complex... but not too complex. When you ask for help and express appreciation, you know that the solution is on its way. What you don't know is what form the solution will take. For instance, suppose you have money troubles. You request help from a particular angel who has helped you with money problems in the past. How exactly will the angel help you with your money troubles? After all, the angel can hardly drop a chunk of change directly in your bank account. Instead, the angel must work with the forces and factors that already exist in your life. The angel can bring you an accountant who can increase your tax return. The angel can speed the process of selling a piece of real estate you own so that you have money in your pocket sooner rather than later. The angel can bring you a new client who wishes to invest a great deal to gain your help in the business world.  You see how this works?

When you ask for monetary help, simply looking at your bank balance every day won't show you the source of the angel's help. Instead, you have to be more clever. You have be a sort of detective and hunt down the solution. Failing to hunt down the solution is the one factor that causes the majority of people to miss out on higher spiritual help. Higher beings ALWAYS deliver on our requests. However, we don't always look in the right places to find that help. Once you have asked for help from the higher and expressed your appreciation, your job becomes being a detective. Look around at the different areas of your life where monetary help could appear, and be actively aware of any activity in those areas. Consider all possible sources of money, from inheritances to speed in selling properties to a forgiveness of debts.

If you actively hunt the solution and still can't see its arrival, ask again. You don't need to repeat your request for help, but ask for clarification. Just have a conversation with you higher being. You could say something like, "Angel of ..., I know that you are bringing me help and I truly appreciate all that you are doing on my behalf. I am having difficulty identifying the manifestation of that help. If you could give me more knowledge, in a way that I can clearly understand, about how your help is manifesting in my life, I would truly appreciate it." Then be prepared to actively hunt down the clarification from the higher, as well as continuing to look for possible forms of the help manifesting.

The good news is that higher beings do not become impatient with repeated requests. In fact, higher beings appreciate when we actively look for the manifestation of help, and request clarification when possible. Our work reduces the amount of work higher beings must do to manifest the requested help. So when at first you don't succeed, ask again (and again and again) until you receive an answer that makes sense to you! Find out more about connecting with higher powers and beings in our Psychic Development ebook. We can all use a little help from our friends from time to time and it really pays off having those friends be higher beings.

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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

The Anatomy of a Magic Spell

When many people think of magic, they think of a magic spell such as they have seen on TV or in the movies. These fictional works often don't portray the way real magic spells work or what they actually are. Magic spells are a real part of a magical practice however and you can do amazing things when you use them correctly.

About Magic Spells
Basically a magic spell is any psychic or magical operation that uses some combination of the four elements, air, fire, water and earth and programs factors into the energy matrix that is built using these elements to produce a certain result over a certain period of time. A magic spell is usually used when there are complex factors or barriers that have to be overcome to achieve the goal. Magic spells are not usually the first operation that magical practitioners turn to however since they require a bit more work and preparation and often a simpler magical technique will do. But in cases where we are not able to directly affect a situation with other magical techniques, a magic spell is well worth the extra effort it requires. Our students learn how to create magic spells in the third part of Basic Magic. Whereas you can go to this level just to learn about magic spells, it is recommended that you take Level 1 and Level 2 first so that you have a sound foundation of magical practice before attempting spellwork. Having this foundation not only helps you create a better spell from the perspective of understanding what elements will be helpful to build into the spell, it also helps keep you out of trouble with the Universe and avoid backlash should you build something into the spell unintentionally. After all the Universe doesn't care what you intended to do, only what you did do and will deliver accordingly. So for example, if you are creating a spell to receive a certain amount of money and neglect to include in your directors and limiters that no person will be harmed for that money to come to you, you may find yourself the beneficiary of a life insurance policy that a beloved family member has left you. The problem with this is that they had to die for you to get it. Maybe not what you intended.

Creating a Magic Spell
When beginning spellwork, it is a good idea to start with simple spells that would produce a small effect in a short time. Then as you see results from these type of spells and increase your experience with them, you can move on to magic spells that are more complicated, operate over a longer period of time to gain more force, and cover more complicated issues. Just to give you an idea of what all is involved with the creation of a magic spell, here is a list of the basic skills you should have before attempting to create a magic spell.
  • Understanding of basic magical operational laws and how they work
  • Basic working knowledge of the four elements and their characteristics and correspondences
  • Knowing how to find the exact meanings of any words being used in a spell verse and choose appropriate ones
  • Know how to think through creating directors and limiters for a spell to include specifics of what the spell should accomplish and protect against unwanted contingencies
  • Have an understanding of how sonics works and how the spell can be affected by the tone of voice you use as well as the sounds used
  • Have an understanding of various types of magic spell formats such as candle spells and Tarot spells and be able to choose which type will be the most effective in your situation
  • Be able to use Tarot card readings to obtain information on what aspects may need to be included in a proposed spell, get information on if the spell will work as designed, to check up on your directors and limiters for the spell and to check up on the progress of the spell once it is launched
  • Have an understanding of how to write effective spell verses
  • If doing a candle spell, how to design and prepare the candle for carving and anointing and choose effective colors and symbols for it
  • Know how to pick the timing for launching a magic spell according to astrological and other factors that can affect the spell
  • Know how to record the spell in your Book of Shadows
  • Know how to take a magic spell down should you need to in case something goes awry with it

As you can see there is quite a bit of preparation and work involved in creating a magic spell. You can also see why Basic Magic Level 1 and Level 2 are recommended before going on to Level 3 and starting spellwork. Having the foundation of lots of practice with the four elements and with magical tools will help get you ready for the tasks involved in creating a successful spell. And whereas a magic spell may take more work than other magical techniques and operations, there are times when it is necessary, can give you a real sense of achievement, and is just plain fun to do.

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Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Clorox Wipes for Your Mind?

 Did your mother ever wash your mouth out with soap? Or say to you, "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all?" Or what about this one: "Children should be seen and not heard"?

Isn't fascinating how our society is so focused on what comes out of our mouths but less caring of what goes on in our minds? While we definitely shape our realities with the words we speak, the root cause of our words lies in our minds-in our thoughts. How often have you paid attention to what actually goes on in your mind?

Have you ever had a dirty mind? A dirty mind can refer to a fixation on porno, but it also refers to a mind contaminated with negative or low tone energies. Have you ever examined what happens to your world when your mind is negative? If you've ever walked through the process you'll realize that when your mind is in a negative state, it contaminates everything it touches with doubt, fear, and other low tones.

This contamination occurs because of the Law of Contagion, a universal operational law that states:

   Something done to a likeness, part, or symbol produces a similar effect on the likened, the divided whole, or the symbolized.

When your mind is negatively oriented and then you focus on a particular topic, that new topic or thought becomes "part" of mind, and takes on the negative tone of mind. Whatever you touch with your "dirty" mind becomes dirty too.

For instance, suppose you've just had a fight with your boss and then your mind wanders to the topic of your love life. Perhaps you've been looking for the love of your life but he or she hasn't shown up yet. In your current state of mind, you will contaminate your love life with uncertainty, doubt, and fear. You might start to think thoughts like, "Why does life have to be so hard?" or "Great, the way my life is going I'll probably never find my soul mate!" Sound familiar? With these contaminated thoughts, any manifestation of a soul mate moves further and further away from you.

This is when you really need Clorox Wipes for your mind! If only we could scrub our minds clean, but alas! The best thing you can do when you are negative is to avoid touching anything else with
your mind until you become more positive. Do whatever it takes to reach a higher energetic state. Take a walk, breathe, light a sun candlehire an angel... whatever you need to do to make your mind a clean machine. Only then should you allow your mind to wander to other subjects without fear of contagion. You can get lots of other great magical techniques to help you clear your mind and invite magic into your life with our Witchcraft Spell Book series of Kindle books.

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Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Magically Write Your Troubles Off

Having trouble sleeping at night with worries tumbling through your head and possibly into your dreams? Writing can help you release your worries, concerns and troubles so you can get a good night's sleep. This magical exercise works well as a nightly magical ritual, but can also be done any time you need to work through stressful or traumatic issues. It is one of the many techniques presented in our Daily Rituals for Attracting What You Want in Life ebook.

How It Works
It sounds simple to just write your troubles away, but there are a few guidelines to follow for this act to allow you to unload and release your worries. Just writing on and on about an issue can let it take over your life and not find release. As many people who journal regularly know, writing is a good unloading or venting technique. But to look at this exercise from a magical standpoint, writing takes your thoughts and feelings out of you and anchors them onto paper. Once these thoughts and feelings have a physical anchor, outside of your body, they won't weigh as heavy on you because they now do not have their anchor inside of you. Here are the steps to follow to magically write your troubles away:

1. Set an appointment with yourself during a specific time each day. Nighttime works well to clear out troubles or issues that have come up during the day to prepare you for sleep, but it can be any time throughout the day. Put the time on your calendar or whatever system you use to remind yourself of appointments.

2. At the appointed time, sit down for 5 minutes with paper and pen.

3. Use a watch or timer to time yourself to stop at the end of 5 minutes.

4. Start writing all your negative thoughts, worries, concerns or any issues that came up during the day to cause you stress. Write down as much as you can during your 5 minutes – information about the issues, how you feel about them, what your worries (rational or irrational) about them are, etc... Anything that comes into your head about them.

5. At the end of 5 minutes, stop writing.

Why 5 Minutes
Writing for just 5 minutes ensures that you get your issues down on paper, but that they don't overwhelm your life. Writing for too long a time will cause you to become too attached to the issues. Having a 5 minute appointment with yourself also helps ensure that you will keep doing this ritual and consistency is important for it to work. People tend to make excuses of not having time to do rituals that take longer, but everyone can work 5 minutes into their schedule.

Put It Away and Move On
Make sure you have a safe place to keep the paper you have written on. It should be kept somewhere that you cannot see it or touch it during the normal course of your day. You might have a special file folder to keep it in a file cabinet or have a special notebook that you keep put up on a shelf. Wherever you choose to keep it, just make sure it is kept separate from your daily life. After all the point of the exercise is to get these issues out of your life, so you don't want to be stumbling across them all the time.

Follow this procedure with discipline and consistency each night and you will soon find that the worries, troubles and concerns that were bothering you have stopped being so important and bothersome. I'll say it again - Consistency is a key element in the results of the exercise. Done consistently, you will start to see a division between daily life and your private or rest times. These bothersome issues will interfere less and less with your daily life and you'll be able to get a better night's sleep.

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Tuesday, August 10, 2021

What is Blessing Magic?

 Bestowing blessings on another is a great way to spread magic, positive energies, and do a pay-it-forward. Blessing magic is just what it sounds like - any ritual that includes a blessing. For instance, in ritual we often bless people with smoke from the Firebowl and Water from the Chalice with a blessing such as "For the peace of your mind, and for the joy of your heart." We also bless new homes and old objects to clean out junky energies and invite harmonious energies to enter. Blessing also invites higher beings (angels and totem spirits and Spirit guides) into our lives to help us. Blessings given to another set the intention to receive blessings back on yourself. One example of a blessing ritual you can do individually or as part of a ceremony or formal ritual is the Nighttime Blessing Ritual. Try it out for yourself.

Nighttime Blessing Ritual
To perform this ritual you will need a Chalice (magical Water element tool), sea salt and spring water. Here's how to do it.

1. Hold the chalice with both hands in front of you and flow water blue energy from one hand to the other, through the chalice. Continue until the chalice becomes warm or tingly. This "keys" the Chalice to the person holding it.

2. Pour spring water into the Chalice until it is halfway full and add a pinch of sea salt to it. Swirl the mixture in the Chalice in a clockwise direction.

3. Blow water blue energy into the chalice while swirling the water and salt mixture clockwise. Then say this verse out loud blowing water blue energy into the chalice and swirling the water clockwise after each line:

"Water and earth where you are cast,
Let no spell nor adverse purpose last.
Bless these people and bless their space,
Far from here send baneful trace."

The Chalice is now "charged."

4. Holding the chalice in your left hand, face the first person you will be blessing. Dip your right index finger into the water and draw a vertical line down the center of the person's forehead. The line should be 1 to 1.5 inches long.

5. Now dip your finger in the water again and draw a horizontal line of the same length from left to right through the center of the first line, forming a cross.

6. Then, starting at the right end of the horizontal line, draw a clockwise circle, touching both ends of both lines. As you draw the circle and say to the person, "For the peace of your mind."

7. Repeat the same procedure on the person's chest over their heart. As you draw the circle, say, "For the joy of your heart."

8. Ask the person to take a sip of water from the Chalice and as they sip, say, "And for the health of your body."

9. If there are two people participating in the ritual, reverse roles and repeat the process. If there are many people, one person can bless everyone, and then one person in the group blesses the first person.

Try out this ritual for yourself at the end of the day or anytime you feel the need for harmony, peace and blessings in your life. You will find this ritual and many other simple magical techniques using magical tools in our Kindle book Learn How to Do Witchcraft Rituals and Spells with Magical Tools.

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Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Want to Be a Psychic Seer? Start With This Simple Game

We all have psychic abilities, but most people don't practice using them in their everyday lives and aren't aware that they have this ability. Being able to get psychic or energetic information from others and the world around us can be a great magical tool. If you aren't naturally gifted in this area, all you have to do is commit to a little practice and skill development to wake up the psychic abilities you naturally possess. Our Psychic Development ebook can help you do this. Here's a simple game that you'll find in this ebook to get you started in practicing how to be psychic. 

The Perimeter Game
This simple, basic game lets you practice shutting off one of your five physical senses so that you can concentrate on receiving information energetically. In this game you will be shutting off your access to visual data to focus on reading the psychic information around you. You can later turn off others of your 5 basic senses, but this one starts with tuning out visually. Here's how to play. 

1. A minimum of once a day at a time you are able to sit and focus only on the game, choose a space for an energetic perimeter around yourself of about 10 – 20 feet. It is best to do this in a public place where you will have access to lots of other people – ie. – a mall, park, or amusement center. 

2. During this game you want to make sure you are able to focus only on the game because you will be closing your eyes. So you don't want to be responsible for supervising children or driving or any other activity while you are engaged in this activity. 

3. Close your eyes and in your "mind's eye" see a circle of energy surrounding you. 

4. Focus on becoming aware of when someone enters your perimeter area. 

5. When you sense that someone has entered your area, open your eyes to confirm it. 

6. Once you play this psychic game enough that you are getting accurate at sensing someone entering your area, you can increase the diameter of your circle or take another sense out of the equation. For example you might pick a noisy area so that you don't have your sense of hearing. 

When you begin playing the Perimeter Game, let go of results and don't get discouraged if your results are not accurate. The reason for playing the game is to practice and wake up your psychic abilities. If you were spot on every time with the results then you wouldn't need this type of practice. For some people accuracy will come quickly and for others it will take longer, so hang in there. Just like anything else in life, the more you practice, the better you will be at it. Just relax and have fun with the game knowing that it is all part of a process and a journey for you. 

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Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Love Magic? Pass it On!

If you love magic, and if you like your friends, what better way to enhance the world of magic than to pass it on with these free sources of magic to your friends who would be open to this kind of knowledge? Remember, the more people on the planet who engage in a magical practice, the more magical a place the world is--and a better place to live! So share on Facebook, pass it on through your Twitter or other social media, or email these links on to your magical buddies. 

Special members only articles library & Free ebook – 10 Magical Quick Fixes 

Shamanic Blog 

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Magical Articles Library 

Esoteric School Facebook page

And just to entice your friends a bit, here's some examples of the magical rituals and techniques you can let them know they can look forward to with these resources. 

Clearing Life Problems With the Pendulum
1. Hold the string or chain of the pendulum in your dominant hand (hand you naturally point with), letting your pendulum hang loose. 

2. Visualize the problem that you would like to clear. 

3. Holding this visual of the problem in your mind, ask the pendulum if this is a situation that you should and can clear. 

4. If the answer is yes, continue with the clearing. If the answer is no, stop the procedure. 

5. Start the pendulum swinging in a counter-clockwise direction, asking the pendulum to clear the problem, and visualize the problem resolving. Be specific in what you ask the pendulum to do and specific in your visualization of the problem resolving. 

6. Continue focusing on the problem's resolution and clearing it until the pendulum stops spinning in a counter-clockwise direction. If the pendulum stops spinning, begins to move in a horizontal or vertical direction or starts spinning clockwise the problem is cleared.

Wash Away Pain, Tension, Anxiety and Worries
1. Stand in the shower with the showerhead positioned for the water to hit at the base of your skull and run evenly over the back and front of your body. 

2. Turn on the water keeping the water temperature cool, just below body temperature. Having the water too cold can create tension and too hot won't carry away enough of the excess Fire energy you want to get rid of. 

3. Let the water run over your body and feel your pain or tension moving downwards with the water and being absorbed by it. If you need to use your hands to help push the energy downwards then feel free to do so. 

4. Envision the tension or pain mixing with the water and flowing down the drain as you say this litany aloud with a powerful voice. 
"All the tension, all the strain,
All the pain with excess flame,
Flow with water, down the drain!"
5. Continue standing in the shower and saying the litany until you feel the pain or tension is gone.

And that is just two of the many, many magical solutions to everyday life problems that you'll find in these free resources. So pass it on and share the wealth of magical knowledge with your friends now.

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Tuesday, June 22, 2021

3 Magical Ways to "Chill Out" When Your Temper Gets the Best of You


You can find lots of great magical tips for dealing with everyday life issues in our twice monthly newsletter. If you aren't signed up to be receiving our newsletter right to your email, then there's no time like the present. Go to the Esoteric School website and get signed up now. You can also see many of our past newsletters there. Chilling out when your temper flares is an example of the everyday issues that magic can help you with. Here's some of the ways we've shared in our newsletters that magic can help you with anger. 

Give It To Your Fridge
Your refrigerator can do more than keep your food chilled. It can be a magical tool to help you chill when you are angry. Since anger is a fire energy, a large appliance like a refrigerator, makes a great ground for magically flowing this excess fire energy out safely. Here's all you have to do. 

1. Lay down on the floor in front of your refrigerator and put the bottom of your feet on it or you can just stand up in front of it and hug it. 

2. Feel your anger and put all your attention on it. 

3. Feel yourself pushing all that anger out of your body and into the refrigerator. 

4. Fire energy flows quickly so a minute or two of flowing the fire energy should do it. 

5. As soon as you feel the anger has subsided, stop flowing energy and step away from the refrigerator. 

6. Take a few moments to check in with how you feel, then light a Sun Yellow candle, put your hands over the flame (not so close you get burned though), and pull in the healing fire energy from the flame for a minute or two to replace the anger energy you pushed out. 

Firebowl Burn
This magical technique lets you literally burn your anger away. Just be sure to observe fire safety precautions while doing it, then follow these steps. 

1. Gather a Sun Yellow candle, paper or wooden matches, a firebowl, paper and a pen. 

2. Sit in the South and face North with all these materials in front of you. 

3. Light the Sun Candle and charge it by putting your hands near the candle flame and saying the verse:
     "Child of Wonder,
    Child of Flame,
    Nourish My Spirit,
    And Protect My Aim!"
4. Charge the Firebowl by adding pine resin and sage to the lit charcoal disk and saying the verse:
"Fire and Air where you are cast,
Let no spell nor adverse purpose last,
Not in accord with me!
Clear from my life these unwanted matters,
Send far from my life these negative factors!
Thus my will, so it be!"
5. Next take the pen and paper and start writing down everything that you are angry about or any other negative thoughts or feelings you have. Write as fast and furious as you can to get all your anger out on the paper. Write until you literally run out of steam (fire and water energy). 

6. Now take the papers and place them in the firebowl. If the firebowl is not big enough to safely hold the size of papers you will be burning, move the whole operation to a sink or other place that is safe. 

7. Take a few moments to do whatever you need to in order to move the anger out of yourself – ask for angels or guides to help, do deep breathing or take some silent time. 

8. Light the papers with your matches and let them burn in the firebowl while you watch your anger go up in smoke. 

Let Apache Tears Take it Away
Apache Tears are black obsidian stones that magically open a doorway to the half worlds. You can send your anger into the half worlds using an Apache Tear like this. 

1. Hold an Apache Tear stone in your dominant hand (hand you naturally point with). 

2. Concentrate on your anger and feel yourself begin to push it out through your hand and into the stone. 

3. The Apache Tear acts as a conduit to send the anger into the half worlds and doesn't store it like some other types of stones do. In the half worlds fire energy can be re-used. 

There you have it. Three ways to magically deal with and release your anger. Signup for the newsletter so you don't miss out on great magical tips like these. 

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Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Sudden Changes at Work Got You in a Panic? These Simple Magical Strategies Can Help

We humans often don't handle change well, but change is inevitable so having some simple magical strategies in place can be a big help. You are most likely aware that the way you feel or think now determines what thoughts and feelings you will be able to access. If you are comfortable with a situation at work and suddenly things change, then panic or negative thoughts or feelings about those changes will only bring you more of the same. Think about it this way, if you are happy right now isn't it easier to access more happy thoughts? If you are angry, negative or down in the dumps, isn't it easier to take on more of those feelings than to try to switch to happy ones? The obvious solution to this dilemma is to change how you think or feel, but that is often easier said than done. Instead of trying to completely change your whole outlook, it is often easier to start by making just one small change in your perspective or thoughts. If you can make a small change you will shift the path your thoughts and feelings are taking. Using a small change is effective because it causes less resistance in us. Doing something that makes us uncomfortable or doubt ourselves can cause resistance to new ways or ideas.

But what do you do for those times when you just can't seem to make even a small change in how you think or feel about a situation or person? For most of us, our jobs make up a large percentage of where we spend our time and energy. We are invested in our work situations and of course have a preference for things to go smoothly. When a sudden change of personnel, ways of doing things, policies, procedures or anything else that directly affects us happens at work, it can be very stressful and cause panic. For these times, having a couple of simple magical techniques to rid yourself of those fire energies that panic, stress, anxiety, and anger are symptoms of can help get us to the point where we can start making those small changes in thoughts and feelings. 

Grounding Out Fire Energy
Here is a story that is one of many you will find in our first Kindle book, Learn How to Do Witchcraft Rituals and Spells with Your Bare Hands. This story is from one of our former students and it offers a simple magical solution to dealing with Fire energy. In this case he was dealing with anger, but this same magical technique can be used with any Fire energy, so anxiety, panic, and stress can all be dealt with in this way. 
I had recently begun taking the Basic Magic class to learn new paradigms in my observation of "reality." I was hoping it would offer me more options and choices in my life. 
One of the best techniques I learned was how to safely ground out Fire energy, which often manifests, for me, in the form of anger. One day, when I was nearing explosion in an argument with my wife, rather than continue on that path toward rage, I tried a magical technique to ground out anger. 
I stretched out on the floor, put my bare feet on the stove/range, and flowed red/orange (anger) out of me and into the stove until I felt very different. Afterward, I felt much calmer. I was able to think, "Okay, I don't need to blow up in anger. There are lots of other choices." I did not escalate the fight any further. 
The change was wonderful. It was a change as much in the energy as in the dialogue with my wife. My wife is really sensitive to energy. After I had flowed out the red/orange, she said, "OK, something is different." We ended up tabling the discussion for later instead of continuing the fight. 
I was so glad that we learned to ground out anger by sending that energy into a major electrical appliance like the refrigerator or the stove/range. I did not actually feel the anger leave me, but suddenly I felt the effect of it leaving. At first, I was steaming mad, but the floor and range were cold. During the flowing process, suddenly I felt a sensation like, "Ahhhh..." and the anger left me. 
If I told my friends about this experience, they would laugh so hard and ask me, "What planet are you from?" I really don't care! These magical practices work great!
-- Mike
When you go into panic mode or it feels like life is "falling apart", another useful magical solution is Rooting. This magical technique is simple, quick and takes really no magical background or knowledge to do. Rooting is a way to connect with Mother Earth. Situations that cause panic and anxiety are filled with Air, Fire, and Water energies. This combination often lends itself to fear, reactivity, negativity, and other junky emotions. Taking on Earth energy helps stabilize you, mineralize your body and balance out these other elemental energies. Here's how to do a simple rooting ritual. 

1. Sit or stand, whichever is more comfortable for you as long as your feet are on the ground. You will extend "roots" from the bottom of your feet so they need to have good contact with the ground. 

2. Extend your roots out of your feet, through the carpet or tile, into the sub floor and down into the Earth. Just visualize in your mind's eye or "see" roots growing from your feet and reaching into the Earth. If you are in a multi-level building, you will need to go through each level until you reach the Earth. If you are wearing shoes with thick soles, you may have to extend the roots out the sides of your shoes to avoid the soles.

3. Once your roots reach the Earth, keep extending them down through the topsoil and deeper layers until you reach bedrock. You will feel the bedrock as a more solid sensation than burrowing through the soil.

4. When you reach bedrock, dig your roots in, and lock them in.

5. Be aware of your breathing and with each exhalation, push excess tension, anger, frustration, sadness, distraction, or other unwanted energies through your roots into the bedrock. The Earth will easily accept these energies.

6. As you inhale, pull up minerals and energies from the Earth for stability and balance.

7. Once you feel relaxed and nourished, pull your roots back up into your body. Just see the roots retracting and going back into your feet. If you stand up or move your feet without pulling in your roots, you will feel a slight "popping" sensation, and your body might be sore for a few days. Pull your roots totally back into your feet before walking away or picking up your feet. 

Changes and the stress or anxiety they bring happen to all of us at some point in life. You don't have to live with it though. Take control of your own life, thoughts and feelings with these simple magical strategies. You will find lots more simple magical techniques like these in our Kindle Witchcraft Spell Books series that will give you the magical solutions to get what you want out of life. 

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Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Change Yourself to Change Your World

If you want to make big changes in your world, start by magically changing yourself. How does this work? There are several magical principles that you can employ when you want to create transformation in your life. Here are some of those principles and magical techniques based on them that will help you. 

Anchor Yourself
There is a magical principle that says, "When two objects are attracted, the least-anchored object comes undone first." People who are anchored are less likely to encounter "accidents" or events outside their control. In other words if you are one of the objects and you are securely anchored in present time then it is the world around you or life events that will "come undone" before you will. So instead of life events pulling on you and causing you to react to them, you will control what life events are pulled into your reality. 

Acts of Power – Doing an act of power several times of day can increase the anchoring in your life. To be an act of power, the act does not have to be anything complicated. It can be something very simple and may seem very ordinary. Remember that any act of power is a magical act, a magic ritual. Here's an exercise that will get you started on performing acts of power.
  • Pick a very simple act that you can perform simply and easily. For example, make a mark on a paper or pick up a pen. 
  • Make a conscious decision as to when you will start your chosen act, how long it will last and when you will finish the act. For example, if you chose make a mark on a paper, you can say it will start now, will take 2 seconds and will end when the mark is made. 
  • Now do it. You have decided on an act, defined its parameters, so do it.

It doesn't matter what the act is because any act done with intention is an act of magic and can be an act of power. Doing acts of power on a regular basis allows you to start doing these acts naturally without having to think about the steps. With practice your acts of power can become longer and larger acts, but starting with short simple ones gets you going.

Increase Your Earth Element – Another way to strengthen your anchor is to add the element Earth to your energetic makeup. You can learn more about the element Earth and its characteristics in our Magical Element Earth homestudy course

Baby Steps
There's a law in the Universe that says, "A small change in the present will create a larger change in the future." It's part of the law of Divination. When you really want to transform your life in a big way, start small, or even better start tiny. Make a tiny change that only you will notice and see what happens. Make another tiny change and see what happens. Keep making tiny changes toward your goal. Tiny changes have a large impact because they change your habitual thought pattern enough to open you to new ideas and inspirations and since they are small you avoid the resistance factor. Any tiny change in habit will automatically shift where you stand, and therefore what you think and feel.

Make a Small Change – All you need to do to make a small change is to pick a goal and make just one very small change that would lead to it. For example, you set a goal to save more money to build up a savings account. Now let's say you go out to eat lunch every day at work. Don't start by brown bagging it everyday, but rather pick one day a week that you will take a lunch. Do this for a couple of weeks, then maybe add another brown bag day to it or pick something else to cut out one day week, like not buying a morning coffee. 

Future Memories
Future memories are another magical technique that can help change your life. Future memories are about what we will do, will say or will experience in the future. They pave the way for us from the present to our desired future. When you create future memories, add specifics like emotions, thoughts, and actions to make them seem real. The more energy put into the creation of a future memory the more likely they are to manifest. Future memories are like friendly reminders to your future self of strategies to reach your goal and of how you can avoid pitfalls. The more time and energy you put into creating your future memories, the more real they will be and the faster they will manifest into reality.

The Long Moment
The long moment, also called the Cortothalamic Pause, is a technique that slows one's perception of certain events in order to see what is really happening in present time. It can be used to slow life down so you are able to form an appropriate response instead of giving a mechanical response or more likely a mechanical reaction to a situation. For most people there is a 3 step process they go through that leads to responding to events and situations with a mechanical reaction. These are:

1. We receive an incoming perception: ie. – A person speaks loudly to us
2. The perception is immediately routed by our flow of associations to a certain place in our memory: ie. – In this or a past life, we have memories of loud voices and anger.
3. The perception is assigned a meaning: ie. – The person is angry with us.

These steps happen very quickly, less than a second usually and lead to a reaction of however each of us responds to an angry person. We don't take the time usually to consider that there may be other feelings involved and that we are assigning our own interpretation to another's actions. This can lead to overreactions at the moment and cause more problems. If you had a Cortothalamic Pause, you would not react out of your own memory, but rather be able to slow the event down, be totally present in the "now", and form a more appropriate or true response. Start out twice a day practicing this skill. When someone asks you a question or asks you to do something, stop everything inside yourself for 2 seconds. Stop all thought and consideration. Get quiet. Then respond to the person. For a while you won't actually be able to stop your internal thoughts, but you will be able to see all the mechanical reactions and thoughts that immediately spring up. You may be surprised at the massive and often chaotic activity that happens inside yourself. It will give you true insight into the way you interact with life.

You now have several daily rituals to explore to help you with changing yourself and having an impact on the world around you and what you want to attract to it. For more daily rituals and to learn how to create daily rituals for yourself, check out our Daily Rituals for Attracting What You Want in Life ebook.

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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

10 Simple and Easy Ways to Magically Fix Your Bad Hair Day

Simple, easy, and free. How much more magical could it get? If you are having a bad hair day, the rituals in the free ebook available in our free membership area can help you restore your hairstyle (and your sanity). Get it and lots of special member only magick articles when you take a minute to sign up in our free magickal members only area.

To start out the ebook will acquaint you with the Rules of the Road which are Universal laws that govern magical practice. When you begin a magical practice, these laws will give you the guidelines that need to be followed for a safe and effective magic practice. Then the ebook moves on to give you 10 magical quick fixes for your life. These are all quick, easy to perform rituals and magical operations that can solve a variety of problems that come up in life. From grounding out anger and negativity to releasing pain and getting help from higher beings, this book can give you a lot of magical solutions to everyday issues. Here's one to try out now. 

The Shower Litany
Literally wash away excess Fire energies that present as pain, tension, anxiety or worries with this magical litany done in the shower. 

1. Stand in the shower with the showerhead positioned for the water to hit at the base of your skull and run evenly over the back and front of your body. 

2. Turn on the water keeping the water temperature cool, just below body temperature. Having the water too cold can create tension and too hot won't carry away enough of the excess Fire energy you want to get rid of. 

3. Let the water run over your body and feel your pain or tension moving downwards with the water and being absorbed by it. If you need to use your hands to help push the energy downwards then feel free to do so. 

4. Envision the tension or pain mixing with the water and flowing down the drain as you say this litany aloud with a powerful voice. 
"All the tension, all the strain,
All the pain with excess flame,
Flow with water, down the drain!"
5. Continue standing in the shower and saying the litany until you feel the pain or tension is gone. 

Give the Shower Litany a try. It's just one of the simple magical solutions you'll get in our free 10 Quick Magic Fixes for your Life ebook. Then get the book for yourself and try out all the magical fixes. 

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