Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Want to Be a Psychic Seer? Start With This Simple Game

We all have psychic abilities, but most people don't practice using them in their everyday lives and aren't aware that they have this ability. Being able to get psychic or energetic information from others and the world around us can be a great magical tool. If you aren't naturally gifted in this area, all you have to do is commit to a little practice and skill development to wake up the psychic abilities you naturally possess. Our Psychic Development ebook can help you do this. Here's a simple game that you'll find in this ebook to get you started in practicing how to be psychic. 

The Perimeter Game
This simple, basic game lets you practice shutting off one of your five physical senses so that you can concentrate on receiving information energetically. In this game you will be shutting off your access to visual data to focus on reading the psychic information around you. You can later turn off others of your 5 basic senses, but this one starts with tuning out visually. Here's how to play. 

1. A minimum of once a day at a time you are able to sit and focus only on the game, choose a space for an energetic perimeter around yourself of about 10 – 20 feet. It is best to do this in a public place where you will have access to lots of other people – ie. – a mall, park, or amusement center. 

2. During this game you want to make sure you are able to focus only on the game because you will be closing your eyes. So you don't want to be responsible for supervising children or driving or any other activity while you are engaged in this activity. 

3. Close your eyes and in your "mind's eye" see a circle of energy surrounding you. 

4. Focus on becoming aware of when someone enters your perimeter area. 

5. When you sense that someone has entered your area, open your eyes to confirm it. 

6. Once you play this psychic game enough that you are getting accurate at sensing someone entering your area, you can increase the diameter of your circle or take another sense out of the equation. For example you might pick a noisy area so that you don't have your sense of hearing. 

When you begin playing the Perimeter Game, let go of results and don't get discouraged if your results are not accurate. The reason for playing the game is to practice and wake up your psychic abilities. If you were spot on every time with the results then you wouldn't need this type of practice. For some people accuracy will come quickly and for others it will take longer, so hang in there. Just like anything else in life, the more you practice, the better you will be at it. Just relax and have fun with the game knowing that it is all part of a process and a journey for you. 

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Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Love Magic? Pass it On!

If you love magic, and if you like your friends, what better way to enhance the world of magic than to pass it on with these free sources of magic to your friends who would be open to this kind of knowledge? Remember, the more people on the planet who engage in a magical practice, the more magical a place the world is--and a better place to live! So share on Facebook, pass it on through your Twitter or other social media, or email these links on to your magical buddies. 

Special members only articles library & Free ebook – 10 Magical Quick Fixes 

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And just to entice your friends a bit, here's some examples of the magical rituals and techniques you can let them know they can look forward to with these resources. 

Clearing Life Problems With the Pendulum
1. Hold the string or chain of the pendulum in your dominant hand (hand you naturally point with), letting your pendulum hang loose. 

2. Visualize the problem that you would like to clear. 

3. Holding this visual of the problem in your mind, ask the pendulum if this is a situation that you should and can clear. 

4. If the answer is yes, continue with the clearing. If the answer is no, stop the procedure. 

5. Start the pendulum swinging in a counter-clockwise direction, asking the pendulum to clear the problem, and visualize the problem resolving. Be specific in what you ask the pendulum to do and specific in your visualization of the problem resolving. 

6. Continue focusing on the problem's resolution and clearing it until the pendulum stops spinning in a counter-clockwise direction. If the pendulum stops spinning, begins to move in a horizontal or vertical direction or starts spinning clockwise the problem is cleared.

Wash Away Pain, Tension, Anxiety and Worries
1. Stand in the shower with the showerhead positioned for the water to hit at the base of your skull and run evenly over the back and front of your body. 

2. Turn on the water keeping the water temperature cool, just below body temperature. Having the water too cold can create tension and too hot won't carry away enough of the excess Fire energy you want to get rid of. 

3. Let the water run over your body and feel your pain or tension moving downwards with the water and being absorbed by it. If you need to use your hands to help push the energy downwards then feel free to do so. 

4. Envision the tension or pain mixing with the water and flowing down the drain as you say this litany aloud with a powerful voice. 
"All the tension, all the strain,
All the pain with excess flame,
Flow with water, down the drain!"
5. Continue standing in the shower and saying the litany until you feel the pain or tension is gone.

And that is just two of the many, many magical solutions to everyday life problems that you'll find in these free resources. So pass it on and share the wealth of magical knowledge with your friends now.

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Tuesday, June 22, 2021

3 Magical Ways to "Chill Out" When Your Temper Gets the Best of You


You can find lots of great magical tips for dealing with everyday life issues in our twice monthly newsletter. If you aren't signed up to be receiving our newsletter right to your email, then there's no time like the present. Go to the Esoteric School website and get signed up now. You can also see many of our past newsletters there. Chilling out when your temper flares is an example of the everyday issues that magic can help you with. Here's some of the ways we've shared in our newsletters that magic can help you with anger. 

Give It To Your Fridge
Your refrigerator can do more than keep your food chilled. It can be a magical tool to help you chill when you are angry. Since anger is a fire energy, a large appliance like a refrigerator, makes a great ground for magically flowing this excess fire energy out safely. Here's all you have to do. 

1. Lay down on the floor in front of your refrigerator and put the bottom of your feet on it or you can just stand up in front of it and hug it. 

2. Feel your anger and put all your attention on it. 

3. Feel yourself pushing all that anger out of your body and into the refrigerator. 

4. Fire energy flows quickly so a minute or two of flowing the fire energy should do it. 

5. As soon as you feel the anger has subsided, stop flowing energy and step away from the refrigerator. 

6. Take a few moments to check in with how you feel, then light a Sun Yellow candle, put your hands over the flame (not so close you get burned though), and pull in the healing fire energy from the flame for a minute or two to replace the anger energy you pushed out. 

Firebowl Burn
This magical technique lets you literally burn your anger away. Just be sure to observe fire safety precautions while doing it, then follow these steps. 

1. Gather a Sun Yellow candle, paper or wooden matches, a firebowl, paper and a pen. 

2. Sit in the South and face North with all these materials in front of you. 

3. Light the Sun Candle and charge it by putting your hands near the candle flame and saying the verse:
     "Child of Wonder,
    Child of Flame,
    Nourish My Spirit,
    And Protect My Aim!"
4. Charge the Firebowl by adding pine resin and sage to the lit charcoal disk and saying the verse:
"Fire and Air where you are cast,
Let no spell nor adverse purpose last,
Not in accord with me!
Clear from my life these unwanted matters,
Send far from my life these negative factors!
Thus my will, so it be!"
5. Next take the pen and paper and start writing down everything that you are angry about or any other negative thoughts or feelings you have. Write as fast and furious as you can to get all your anger out on the paper. Write until you literally run out of steam (fire and water energy). 

6. Now take the papers and place them in the firebowl. If the firebowl is not big enough to safely hold the size of papers you will be burning, move the whole operation to a sink or other place that is safe. 

7. Take a few moments to do whatever you need to in order to move the anger out of yourself – ask for angels or guides to help, do deep breathing or take some silent time. 

8. Light the papers with your matches and let them burn in the firebowl while you watch your anger go up in smoke. 

Let Apache Tears Take it Away
Apache Tears are black obsidian stones that magically open a doorway to the half worlds. You can send your anger into the half worlds using an Apache Tear like this. 

1. Hold an Apache Tear stone in your dominant hand (hand you naturally point with). 

2. Concentrate on your anger and feel yourself begin to push it out through your hand and into the stone. 

3. The Apache Tear acts as a conduit to send the anger into the half worlds and doesn't store it like some other types of stones do. In the half worlds fire energy can be re-used. 

There you have it. Three ways to magically deal with and release your anger. Signup for the newsletter so you don't miss out on great magical tips like these. 

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Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Sudden Changes at Work Got You in a Panic? These Simple Magical Strategies Can Help

We humans often don't handle change well, but change is inevitable so having some simple magical strategies in place can be a big help. You are most likely aware that the way you feel or think now determines what thoughts and feelings you will be able to access. If you are comfortable with a situation at work and suddenly things change, then panic or negative thoughts or feelings about those changes will only bring you more of the same. Think about it this way, if you are happy right now isn't it easier to access more happy thoughts? If you are angry, negative or down in the dumps, isn't it easier to take on more of those feelings than to try to switch to happy ones? The obvious solution to this dilemma is to change how you think or feel, but that is often easier said than done. Instead of trying to completely change your whole outlook, it is often easier to start by making just one small change in your perspective or thoughts. If you can make a small change you will shift the path your thoughts and feelings are taking. Using a small change is effective because it causes less resistance in us. Doing something that makes us uncomfortable or doubt ourselves can cause resistance to new ways or ideas.

But what do you do for those times when you just can't seem to make even a small change in how you think or feel about a situation or person? For most of us, our jobs make up a large percentage of where we spend our time and energy. We are invested in our work situations and of course have a preference for things to go smoothly. When a sudden change of personnel, ways of doing things, policies, procedures or anything else that directly affects us happens at work, it can be very stressful and cause panic. For these times, having a couple of simple magical techniques to rid yourself of those fire energies that panic, stress, anxiety, and anger are symptoms of can help get us to the point where we can start making those small changes in thoughts and feelings. 

Grounding Out Fire Energy
Here is a story that is one of many you will find in our first Kindle book, Learn How to Do Witchcraft Rituals and Spells with Your Bare Hands. This story is from one of our former students and it offers a simple magical solution to dealing with Fire energy. In this case he was dealing with anger, but this same magical technique can be used with any Fire energy, so anxiety, panic, and stress can all be dealt with in this way. 
I had recently begun taking the Basic Magic class to learn new paradigms in my observation of "reality." I was hoping it would offer me more options and choices in my life. 
One of the best techniques I learned was how to safely ground out Fire energy, which often manifests, for me, in the form of anger. One day, when I was nearing explosion in an argument with my wife, rather than continue on that path toward rage, I tried a magical technique to ground out anger. 
I stretched out on the floor, put my bare feet on the stove/range, and flowed red/orange (anger) out of me and into the stove until I felt very different. Afterward, I felt much calmer. I was able to think, "Okay, I don't need to blow up in anger. There are lots of other choices." I did not escalate the fight any further. 
The change was wonderful. It was a change as much in the energy as in the dialogue with my wife. My wife is really sensitive to energy. After I had flowed out the red/orange, she said, "OK, something is different." We ended up tabling the discussion for later instead of continuing the fight. 
I was so glad that we learned to ground out anger by sending that energy into a major electrical appliance like the refrigerator or the stove/range. I did not actually feel the anger leave me, but suddenly I felt the effect of it leaving. At first, I was steaming mad, but the floor and range were cold. During the flowing process, suddenly I felt a sensation like, "Ahhhh..." and the anger left me. 
If I told my friends about this experience, they would laugh so hard and ask me, "What planet are you from?" I really don't care! These magical practices work great!
-- Mike
When you go into panic mode or it feels like life is "falling apart", another useful magical solution is Rooting. This magical technique is simple, quick and takes really no magical background or knowledge to do. Rooting is a way to connect with Mother Earth. Situations that cause panic and anxiety are filled with Air, Fire, and Water energies. This combination often lends itself to fear, reactivity, negativity, and other junky emotions. Taking on Earth energy helps stabilize you, mineralize your body and balance out these other elemental energies. Here's how to do a simple rooting ritual. 

1. Sit or stand, whichever is more comfortable for you as long as your feet are on the ground. You will extend "roots" from the bottom of your feet so they need to have good contact with the ground. 

2. Extend your roots out of your feet, through the carpet or tile, into the sub floor and down into the Earth. Just visualize in your mind's eye or "see" roots growing from your feet and reaching into the Earth. If you are in a multi-level building, you will need to go through each level until you reach the Earth. If you are wearing shoes with thick soles, you may have to extend the roots out the sides of your shoes to avoid the soles.

3. Once your roots reach the Earth, keep extending them down through the topsoil and deeper layers until you reach bedrock. You will feel the bedrock as a more solid sensation than burrowing through the soil.

4. When you reach bedrock, dig your roots in, and lock them in.

5. Be aware of your breathing and with each exhalation, push excess tension, anger, frustration, sadness, distraction, or other unwanted energies through your roots into the bedrock. The Earth will easily accept these energies.

6. As you inhale, pull up minerals and energies from the Earth for stability and balance.

7. Once you feel relaxed and nourished, pull your roots back up into your body. Just see the roots retracting and going back into your feet. If you stand up or move your feet without pulling in your roots, you will feel a slight "popping" sensation, and your body might be sore for a few days. Pull your roots totally back into your feet before walking away or picking up your feet. 

Changes and the stress or anxiety they bring happen to all of us at some point in life. You don't have to live with it though. Take control of your own life, thoughts and feelings with these simple magical strategies. You will find lots more simple magical techniques like these in our Kindle Witchcraft Spell Books series that will give you the magical solutions to get what you want out of life. 

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Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Change Yourself to Change Your World

If you want to make big changes in your world, start by magically changing yourself. How does this work? There are several magical principles that you can employ when you want to create transformation in your life. Here are some of those principles and magical techniques based on them that will help you. 

Anchor Yourself
There is a magical principle that says, "When two objects are attracted, the least-anchored object comes undone first." People who are anchored are less likely to encounter "accidents" or events outside their control. In other words if you are one of the objects and you are securely anchored in present time then it is the world around you or life events that will "come undone" before you will. So instead of life events pulling on you and causing you to react to them, you will control what life events are pulled into your reality. 

Acts of Power – Doing an act of power several times of day can increase the anchoring in your life. To be an act of power, the act does not have to be anything complicated. It can be something very simple and may seem very ordinary. Remember that any act of power is a magical act, a magic ritual. Here's an exercise that will get you started on performing acts of power.
  • Pick a very simple act that you can perform simply and easily. For example, make a mark on a paper or pick up a pen. 
  • Make a conscious decision as to when you will start your chosen act, how long it will last and when you will finish the act. For example, if you chose make a mark on a paper, you can say it will start now, will take 2 seconds and will end when the mark is made. 
  • Now do it. You have decided on an act, defined its parameters, so do it.

It doesn't matter what the act is because any act done with intention is an act of magic and can be an act of power. Doing acts of power on a regular basis allows you to start doing these acts naturally without having to think about the steps. With practice your acts of power can become longer and larger acts, but starting with short simple ones gets you going.

Increase Your Earth Element – Another way to strengthen your anchor is to add the element Earth to your energetic makeup. You can learn more about the element Earth and its characteristics in our Magical Element Earth homestudy course

Baby Steps
There's a law in the Universe that says, "A small change in the present will create a larger change in the future." It's part of the law of Divination. When you really want to transform your life in a big way, start small, or even better start tiny. Make a tiny change that only you will notice and see what happens. Make another tiny change and see what happens. Keep making tiny changes toward your goal. Tiny changes have a large impact because they change your habitual thought pattern enough to open you to new ideas and inspirations and since they are small you avoid the resistance factor. Any tiny change in habit will automatically shift where you stand, and therefore what you think and feel.

Make a Small Change – All you need to do to make a small change is to pick a goal and make just one very small change that would lead to it. For example, you set a goal to save more money to build up a savings account. Now let's say you go out to eat lunch every day at work. Don't start by brown bagging it everyday, but rather pick one day a week that you will take a lunch. Do this for a couple of weeks, then maybe add another brown bag day to it or pick something else to cut out one day week, like not buying a morning coffee. 

Future Memories
Future memories are another magical technique that can help change your life. Future memories are about what we will do, will say or will experience in the future. They pave the way for us from the present to our desired future. When you create future memories, add specifics like emotions, thoughts, and actions to make them seem real. The more energy put into the creation of a future memory the more likely they are to manifest. Future memories are like friendly reminders to your future self of strategies to reach your goal and of how you can avoid pitfalls. The more time and energy you put into creating your future memories, the more real they will be and the faster they will manifest into reality.

The Long Moment
The long moment, also called the Cortothalamic Pause, is a technique that slows one's perception of certain events in order to see what is really happening in present time. It can be used to slow life down so you are able to form an appropriate response instead of giving a mechanical response or more likely a mechanical reaction to a situation. For most people there is a 3 step process they go through that leads to responding to events and situations with a mechanical reaction. These are:

1. We receive an incoming perception: ie. – A person speaks loudly to us
2. The perception is immediately routed by our flow of associations to a certain place in our memory: ie. – In this or a past life, we have memories of loud voices and anger.
3. The perception is assigned a meaning: ie. – The person is angry with us.

These steps happen very quickly, less than a second usually and lead to a reaction of however each of us responds to an angry person. We don't take the time usually to consider that there may be other feelings involved and that we are assigning our own interpretation to another's actions. This can lead to overreactions at the moment and cause more problems. If you had a Cortothalamic Pause, you would not react out of your own memory, but rather be able to slow the event down, be totally present in the "now", and form a more appropriate or true response. Start out twice a day practicing this skill. When someone asks you a question or asks you to do something, stop everything inside yourself for 2 seconds. Stop all thought and consideration. Get quiet. Then respond to the person. For a while you won't actually be able to stop your internal thoughts, but you will be able to see all the mechanical reactions and thoughts that immediately spring up. You may be surprised at the massive and often chaotic activity that happens inside yourself. It will give you true insight into the way you interact with life.

You now have several daily rituals to explore to help you with changing yourself and having an impact on the world around you and what you want to attract to it. For more daily rituals and to learn how to create daily rituals for yourself, check out our Daily Rituals for Attracting What You Want in Life ebook.

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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

10 Simple and Easy Ways to Magically Fix Your Bad Hair Day

Simple, easy, and free. How much more magical could it get? If you are having a bad hair day, the rituals in the free ebook available in our free membership area can help you restore your hairstyle (and your sanity). Get it and lots of special member only magick articles when you take a minute to sign up in our free magickal members only area.

To start out the ebook will acquaint you with the Rules of the Road which are Universal laws that govern magical practice. When you begin a magical practice, these laws will give you the guidelines that need to be followed for a safe and effective magic practice. Then the ebook moves on to give you 10 magical quick fixes for your life. These are all quick, easy to perform rituals and magical operations that can solve a variety of problems that come up in life. From grounding out anger and negativity to releasing pain and getting help from higher beings, this book can give you a lot of magical solutions to everyday issues. Here's one to try out now. 

The Shower Litany
Literally wash away excess Fire energies that present as pain, tension, anxiety or worries with this magical litany done in the shower. 

1. Stand in the shower with the showerhead positioned for the water to hit at the base of your skull and run evenly over the back and front of your body. 

2. Turn on the water keeping the water temperature cool, just below body temperature. Having the water too cold can create tension and too hot won't carry away enough of the excess Fire energy you want to get rid of. 

3. Let the water run over your body and feel your pain or tension moving downwards with the water and being absorbed by it. If you need to use your hands to help push the energy downwards then feel free to do so. 

4. Envision the tension or pain mixing with the water and flowing down the drain as you say this litany aloud with a powerful voice. 
"All the tension, all the strain,
All the pain with excess flame,
Flow with water, down the drain!"
5. Continue standing in the shower and saying the litany until you feel the pain or tension is gone. 

Give the Shower Litany a try. It's just one of the simple magical solutions you'll get in our free 10 Quick Magic Fixes for your Life ebook. Then get the book for yourself and try out all the magical fixes. 

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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

How to Do Voodoo: Heal Communication Rifts with Voodoo Dolls

If you know how to do voodoo magic then you have a powerful tool to help heal communication rifts between people. Using voodoo dolls as simulacra you can get two people who are arguing a lot or just not communicating well talking again. This is one of the techniques in our How To Do Voodoo ebook and here's how it works. 

1. Make a simulacra to represent each person. For this procedure voodoo dolls or small statues or figurines work best. For some voodoo techniques actual pictures of the people are good, but this technique works best with a 3-D figure that can be standing up. 

2. Key a separate simulacrum for each person that you want to affect. You key the simulacra by holding it in your output hand (hand you point with) and thinking about everything you know about the person. You will know the simulacrum is keyed when it feels warm, heavy or tingly. 

3. Set the two keyed simulacra on your Plate (Earth tool) facing each other. 

4. Use your Wand (Air tool) to create a beam of white air energy. Project the beam in through the back of the 1st person's voodoo doll head and out through the front of the 2nd person's voodoo doll head. 

5. From the other side of the plate, use your Wand to project a beam of Sky Blue air energy in through the back of the 2nd person's voodoo doll at the heart area and out through the front of the 1st person's voodoo doll heart area. 

6. You have now established communication lines between the two people that the dolls are keyed to. 

7. Leave the plate and doll set up for at least 24 hours. 

Magically Facilitate Communication for a Group
If you know how to do voodoo, you can establish links of communication like this for two people or a larger group of people. They may not all like each other or agree at this point, but they will start communicating which is a good beginning for working out problems. If you want to work with a larger group of people, just key a simulacrum for each person and put them on your Plate. Leave these simulacra or voodoo dolls on the Plate for 24 hours. Then come back and arrange the voodoo dolls so that they all face the center of the Plate and use your Wand much as described above. The difference is that you will have to establish many more lines than just between two people. Start with person number one and establish lines between the voodoo doll that represents that person and each of the other voodoo dolls. Then move on to the 2nd voodoo doll on the plate and do the same thing, establishing lines between that doll and all the others. Continue until you have lines established between each of the voodoo dolls with each of the other voodoo dolls. Then leave the setup on your Plate for 5 days to two weeks. 

This establishes the lines of communication. It is not binding anyone however. A person who does not want to communicate will feel uncomfortable enough in the situation that they will simply leave. Also be sure after about 2 weeks to unkey the voodoo dolls or simulacra and that you leave the setup in a place that will be safe. For example, don't leave it set up where your cat can grab the dolls and throw them around. Once a voodoo doll or simulacrum is keyed to a person, whatever is done to it is also being done to that person. 

To learn more about how to do voodoo or simulacra magic, see the ebook. There are so many things you can do with voodoo magic including healing, protection, communication, divination and more. And with this type of magic you can perform all these techniques with people who are physically far away from your location. It's truly, well... magic!

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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Use Magick to Boost Energy


Here's a great magick tip to boost energy that you'll find along with other great magick tips in our Everyday Magic Email course. When you find yourself dragging out of bed in the morning and needing to boost energy, you can use your Sun Candle. Light your Sun Candle and charge it. As you charge the candle hold the intention that the Sun Candle will boost your energy. Keep it in the room with you while getting ready for the day or put it in a glass container so that you can carry it from room to room with you. 

If you feel you need to boost energy even more, you can put your hands around the candle, near the flame, and pull in Sun Yellow energy from the candle, not the flame. Sun Yellow energy nourishes the spirit and provides energy. Don't think about how to pull the energy in through your hands and up your arms, just intend it. Energy from a candle is very radiative and flows outward easily. Pull for 15 or 30 seconds then stop and see how you feel. Be sure not to pull too much because some people have a tendency to convert Sun Yellow energy into Yellow Orange energy which is the energy of anxiety and nervousness.

You can use magick to boost energy. It's simple and effective and will get you moving in the morning in hardly anytime at all. 

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Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Using Magic to Influence Stubborn or Cranky People

 We all have times when we encounter stubborn or cranky people and they can transfer their negative energies to us, or just be a pain to deal with unless you know how to use magic to deal with them. The water bowl technique is a great magical tool to use in dealing with these type of people and situations since it employs the water element which is directly related to emotions and therefore works great for sending psychic messages. Using this magic technique that you will find in our first Kindle book, Learn How to Do Witchcraft Rituals and Spells with Your Bare Hands, you are actually able to hold a Spirit-to-Spirit conversation with someone else. 

About the Water Element Water Bowl
A water bowl is a "bowl" you make by holding your elbows snug against your sides, lacing your fingers together in front of you and visualize flowing your energetic Water into. To safely create a water bowl be sure the "bowl" does not go below your belly button and that you only use the bright blue or what we call in magic circles, Water Blue, color of the water element. Do not use dark blue, blue-black or black colors. Also be sure you do not "drop" your water bowl until all your energetic water has been reabsorbed into your body as this can cause you to feel emotionally drained or dehydrated. When working with a water bowl, you need to keep the bowl level to make sure you don't tip any of the water element out of it. In using a water element bowl for conversation you need to keep the conversation light and positive because the water element can be compulsive. For this reason you need to avoid anything in the conversation that could cause someone to take up detrimental behaviors without cause. This is a direct violation of the Rules of the Road that govern magic practice and the Universe will hold you responsible for it. These compulsive qualities do pay off in some circumstances however such as compelling someone to return stolen property of yours, recovering unpaid debts you are owed or banishing someone who is harassing you. 

Using the Water Element Bowl for Psychic Conversation
When using a water bowl for conversation, make sure the surface of the energetic water in the bowl is clear and calm before you begin. If it is not, you may need to do some balancing of your own energies before proceeding. See the person's face that you wish to communicate with just beneath the surface of the water in the bowl and become very interested in that person. Feel a strong desire to establish communication with them. This sets up a direct psycho-spiritual link with them. Some people find it helpful to close their eyes for these visualizations to take hold. Once you have established this link, simply talk to the person just as if they were physically present. The water bowl forms a two-way link so you may receive responses from the other person, but since you are communicating straight to the Spirit of the person, the responses may be very different than what you would expect. Once you finish the conversation you will need to be sure to reabsorb the water element energies into your body before taking down the water bowl. If at any time in this process, the water energies become turbulent, cloudy, steamy, or you get a headache or your eyes burn, then you are pushing Fire energy into the bowl. You need to stop, relax and rebalance your energies if this happens. 

Without an ugly confrontation or you having to resort to negativity, this magic technique gives you a way to deal with difficult people and difficult situations. You may be surprised at the difference a technique like this can make in your relationships and in dealing with others, but you won't be displeased. Magic can make your life easier in so many ways and this is just one of the techniques that you'll find step by step instructions for in our Kindle books to help get you on that path. 

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Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Do You Have the Basic Tools Necessary for Effective Magic?

 Once an understanding of the 4 magic elements - Air, Water, Fire, and Earth - and how to work with them has been achieved, it is time to use them with magic tools. Each of the 4 elements has its own unique magic tool associated with it that helps you extend your reach and your own energies with magic techniques as the tool can handle more energy than our hands alone. Having the right tool for the right job makes sure any project produces optimal results whether you are talking about magic, building a bird house or baking a cake. In the case of magic using the right magic tool means using the tool for each element that is able to conduct each particular elemental energy. 

The Wand – Magic Air Tool
The magic tool that conducts the Air element is the Wand. It is only devised to handle Air energies characterized by the colors clear, white and sky blue. It should never be used with energies of any of the other 3 magic elements. There are Wands that can be purchased, but we have our students make their own Wands from a recently fallen or live tree of air oriented wood such as white pine, birch, willow, or aspen. The Wand must then be keyed to clear out junky energies, attune the tool to your own personal energies, and to align the molecules in it so that energies flow only in certain directions. Once all this is done, the Wand is ready to use for such magic operations as sending messages, building Air shields such as omnils, door shields, window curtains and half shields, and for healing techniques. 

The Athame – Magic Fire Tool
The Athame is the magic tool that conducts Fire element energies. Fire element energies are characterized by the colors Sun Yellow, Yellow Orange, Orange Red, Red, Deep Red, Deep Red-Purple, and Electric Blue. When selecting an Athame to use as a magic tool, look for a knife with a single-edged blade that is straight, not curved, made from high carbon, nickel alloy or chrome alloy steel and that has a full tang which means the steel goes all the way through the handle or mostly all the way through. It also should not be a folding knife. Hunting stores, pawnshops, and magic stores are often good places to look for your Athame. Once you have selected your Athame, it needs to be keyed to personalize it to your particular energies, line up the molecules for energy to flow from base to tip and clear out negative energies. Once you have your Athame and it is keyed, you are ready to use it for operations such as making fire omnils and other types of fire energy shields, cutting psychic lines, banishments, sending messages, and healing. 

The Chalice – Magic Water Tool
The Chalice is the magic tool used with Water element energies. Water element energies are characterized by the colors Water Blue, Deep Blue and Blue-Black. When selecting a Chalice for your Water magic tool it should be a goblet shaped cup with a stem made of one material such as glass or ceramic. Combinations of materials do not work as well. The Chalice can also be made of silver, pewter or copper, but glass is sometimes preferred so you can easily see what is inside. A Chalice made of wood is not a good selection because wood has too much of the air element in it. The Chalice, like the other tools must also be keyed before using it as a magic tool. Then you are ready to use it to do four element cleansings, throwing energetic water bolts, capturing as in simulacra magic, magic protection techniques, sending psychic messages, and healing. 

The Plate – Magic Earth Tool 
The magic tool to use with Earth element energies is the Plate. Earth energy colors include Grass Green and Earth Brown. When selecting a Plate to add to your magic toolbox, the best is one that is made of wood, ceramic or porcelain, although glass or metal will also work. It should be decorated with earth tone colors or have plant-based designs. If it does have patterns or designs on it though, make sure they are not carved deeply into the plate. The plate should be between six and ten inches in diameter so that you can easily hold it with your thumbs in the center of the plate and the rest of your fingers on the edge of the plate. It should also be a round plate and be slightly dished in the center. As with the other magic tools, the plate needs to be keyed before using. Once the plate it keyed, it is ready to use for such magic operations as shielding, cutting lines, keying Tarot cards, for use in simulacra magic and in magical healing. 

The right tool for the right job. Now that you have some idea of how magic tools work and how they are used, you can find more information about all the magic tools and directions for using them for magical procedures in our Magical Tools ebooks

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Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Elemental Magic as Protection Magic: The Use of Sonics

Elemental magic is using the 4 elements to intentionally create a change or effect. Sonics is a type of elemental magic that uses sound and can be used as protection magic. You can actually stop an attacker in his tracks just by using your voice with this type of protection magic. You can also use this type of elemental magic as protection magic to protect your sacred space, your relationships, communications and in many other instances. The use of Sonics is covered much more in depth in our Self Defense homestudy course, but here we will give you some tips to get you started exploring this fascinating field of magic. 

The first thing to familiarize yourself with when beginning to use Sonics is the type of sounds associated with each of the 4 elements and the affect those sounds can have. The elemental magic sounds can then be paired with one of the 8 voices of command to produce varying effects. The sounds and effects associated with each of the four elements include:

Air element sounds are very soft, light, breathy sounds. They are fairly high-pitched and do not carry well over distance. These sounds produce very little or no vibratory effects and require careful attention to be noticed. Air sounds can be used to space someone out or confuse them. An example of how to use Air sounds is to quiet a room of screaming children (Fire) with whispering. Air sounds affect the skin and ears first, then the mind and on a spiritual level affects the mind and its thought processes.

Fire element sounds are shrill, cutting or clear/bright sounds that are fairly high-pitched. They carry well over distance and cut through other sounds. Fire sounds affect the neural system and are attention grabbing. On a spiritual level, they affect will, power, life force and temper. This type of sound would be useful when facing an attacker. 

Water element sounds are soft, caressing, rolling, flowing or stroking sounds that are a mid-range pitch. They carry moderately well over distance and are easily heard. The caressing effect may cause them to go unnoticed. They do not generally stimulate the neural system and affect soft tissues such as entrails and glands with a vibratory effect that is noticeable. Spiritually Water sounds affect emotions and feelings. Water sounds could be used in a case such as wanting to communicate with an unreceptive person on an emotional level. 

Earth element sounds are heavy drumming, thudding or vibrating sounds that are low-pitched. They often are too low to hear and do not carry well over distance. These type of sounds are hard to physically hear with the ears and difficult to find the direction or source. They affect the bones, skeletal structure and solid body parts through a noticeable vibration. Spiritually they affect one's sense of certainty, stability and certainty of beingness. Earth sounds would be a good choice to use with someone who is being dramatic or hyper by giving them some solidity or an anchor. 

Sonics is a very useful study that requires no tools. You can start practicing elemental magic and protection magic and seeing what effect using the various elemental sounds produces. As with any magical technique, think it through and practice to get proficient at the skill so you'll be ready to employ it when you need it. Also remember to follow the Rules of the Road to stay on the right side of the Universe and have fun seeing all the magical things you can do with just your voice. 

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Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Sticky Relationship Issues? Create Sacred Space to Smooth Them Over


Making the time to create sacred space for ourselves can indeed help smooth over sticky relationship issues. We all have times when our busy lives stress us out and we not only don't make quality time for friends and family, but we also often take out our frustrations and stress on those closest to us. This is a good time to turn to magic. By using a few magic words and magical techniques to create sacred space, we can strengthen our relationships. Using daily rituals such as the ones in our Daily Rituals for Attracting What You Want in Life ebook helps not only with our earthly relationships, but also those with higher powers and beings. 

What is Sacred Space?
The word "sacred" originated from the very sacren which means "to consecrate". Consecrate often is associated with religious meanings, but aside from that it also means "To dedicate solemnly to a service or goal." Using this definition, you can get an immediate start on smoothing out relationship issues by re-dedicating yourself to those relationships. Making an aim or a goal for yourself is the first step. This aim could be something that you will do to relieve your own stress, making you more pleasant to be around and more available to others or it could be a goal for something you will consistently physically do for others in your life. If you are not sure about what aim or goal to pick, using magical tools such as Medicine Cards, Runes, Sacred Path cards or Angel Cards can help. You may want to pick one long term goal to work towards or pick a different goal for each day. 

How To Create Sacred Space
Creating sacred space is a very simple way to get back peace, serenity and clarity. There are hundreds of ways to create sacred space, depending on which tradition you study or practice. One of the keys though is consistency. Doing a simple daily ritual consistently will bring you much more success in creating sacred space than doing a list of things that you will probably put aside when stressed and short of time. You can pick a ritual as simple as sitting in total silence just breathing for 3 minutes each morning. As long as you do it consistently each and every day, you will build force and feel the results throughout the day. Here are a few other ways you can start creating sacred space in your life. 

1. Create a Sacred Space to Create Sacred Space – You need to have a physical space that is free of clutter that you can go to. Pick an area in your home that can be just for you and clean it up physically and energetically. You can clear out negative energies by doing a 4 element cleansing or smudging. You may want to set up an altar in this space for sacred objects such as a feather or interesting rock you found on a walk, candles, or a talisman or symbol that resonates with you. Keep your sacred space area clear of dust and make it a special place just for you. 

2. From Start to Finish – Pick a simple daily ritual that you can perform at the very beginning of your day to set the tone for the day with peace, calmness, awareness and to invite magic into your life. Do the same ritual last thing of the day to help you end your day in the same way by inviting magic into your dream world and helping you get good quality sleep. 

3. Sacred Movement – Some people just can't sit still, even for 3 minutes. Trying to do a sitting or meditation just seems to stress them out more. For those people, walking can be a good way to create the sacred. Taking a walk and praying or talking with higher powers can create sacred space all around you. Moving your body also moves your mind. By the law of "as above, so below," when you move body, spirit and mind will also move. Taking a walk can move your mind out of whatever space it is in and reconnect you with your aim. There are also moving mediations done in conjunction with a litany that can help create sacred space with movement and magic words. 

4. Sun Candle – Lighting and charging a Sun Candle is a great way to create sacred space in your special area or anywhere. I know people that keep one on the desk at work to keep their work area calm and energetically clean and to help them focus or concentrate. All you need is a bright yellow candle that doesn't have any orange overtones and preferably is unscented and wooden or paper matches. Then charge or program the candle in this way:
  • Stand or sit in the South facing North with the Sun Candle in front of you
  • Light the candle using wooden or paper matches (do NOT use a lighter)
  • Wait until the candle flame is steady and tall
  • Hold your hands up to and around the flame, focusing your attention on the candle and flame.
  • Say the charge verse below in a voice of command (a strong, powerful voice):
Child of Wonder,
Child of Flame,
Nourish My Spirit,
And Protect My Aim!
Leave the candle burning for at least 30 minutes (be sure the candle is on a protected surface such as a plate and is not a fire hazard). At the end of 30 minutes or when you feel ready, blow out the flame (don't snuff it).

5. Use Physical Sensation to Stay in Present Time - Physical sensations help us stay in present time which increases personal power and allows us to stay connected with our aims. Find a way to create an unfamiliar physical sensation for yourself. This might be putting a rubberband around your wrist, wearing a ring on a different finger than usual, carrying a small rock in your pocket or anything you can think of that you will physically be conscious of throughout the day. 

Get your relationships back on track magically by using some of these tips for creating sacred space. Not only will your relationships run smoother, but you'll find yourself able to enjoy life more, having time to stop and smell the roses and being able to manifest easier those things you want to attract to your life. It just one way real magic can add to your quality of life. 

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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Ready to Ramp Up Your Psychic Abilities? These Can Help!

 Did you know that every single person on this planet is born with psychic abilities, regardless of race, education, location, privilege, or any other factors? Many magickal abilities, including psychic abilities, are the birthright of every planetary citizen. That means you!

"So why can't I predict the Lotto numbers or know whether someone is lying to me?" you might ask. And that's a valid question. The answer is simple. Like any skill or ability, psychic abilities are latent, which means that they do not appear in our lives--except perhaps in moments of extreme stress--unless we focus on developing these abilities. Psychic skills are no different than skills you develop to do thing you enjoy, or athletic abilities you hone to be better at a particular sport.

There is an entire series of exercises that, when done in sequence, allow you to slowly and carefully bring your psychic abilities into your life without undue stress. We present many of these exercises in our Psychic Development ebook. One of the best ways to learn more about your specific psychic abilities is to begin using some or all of the flower essences listed in the following section. By finding the essence, or combination of essences, that best suit your life, you will allow your native psychic abilities to reveal themselves in a natural and non-traumatic way. Most of us are better at some psychic skills than others because these are abilities that we have developed in past lives. The listed flower essences simply encourage those skills to come forth into this lifetime so we can use them here and now.

Flower Essences for Increasing Psychic Abilities
One of the best ways to receive more and stronger guidance from the Universe and higher spiritual helpers is to increase your psychic abilities. These abilities might include clairvoyance, clairaudience, seeing possible futures, or having greater insight into current events in your life, to name just a few. The Universe is constantly offering us guidance and help, and increasing our psychic abilities helps us receive these messages with greater clarity and speed. The following group of flower essences can help you strengthen your psychic abilities, especially when paired with exercises to augment these abilities.
  • Beach Plum: Helps refine and develop the psychic senses in addition to the five physical senses. Opens the senses to angels and higher beings.
  • Star Tulip: Puts us in more direct contact with Spirit guides, while at the same time developing psychic abilities.
  • Bayberry: Refines and increases the ability to hear psychically, also called clairaudience. Increases the ability to hear messages from higher beings, as well as hearing the truth behind words.
  • Caterpillar Plant: Brings one's own inherent psychic abilities down to a more accessible level where we can make use of them. We were born with most of these abilities, but most of them have been latent. This flower essence can call them forth for us to use.
  • Cyclamen: Helps one develop the psychic ability to channel. Useful for developing spoken or written channeled messages.
  • Jungle Flame Flower: Particularly helpful for developing clairvoyance, and integrating that psychic ability into one's everyday senses.
  • Lobelia: General tonic for psychic development.
  • Marigold: Increases the ability to hear psychic messages, plus the general development of psychic abilities.
  • Potato: Because the potato has many eyes, the essence made from its flower helps us see on many different levels and in many different dimensions as well. Helps us understand psychic information and all the ways that information can be applied in our lives.
  • Spikenard: This unique essence helps extend existing psychic abilities. The range of one's ability to hear, see, receive messages, or heal is increased when this essence is used.
  • Sugar Bowls: Helps open a direct connection to psychic sources, information, and use of psychic abilities. Also allows one to access new ideas, talents, and psychic skills.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Love Magic But Lack Knowledge? Start Here!

Most successful magical practitioners start with a foundation of basic skills and techniques. From this foundation, the practitioner then builds, cuts-and-fits, and alters the basics to fit new situations. If you are just starting out in your magical practice--or would like to--check out our online tutorial on how to study magic. It will help you get your foot in the magical doorway and give you a glimpse into the wonderful world of magic and miracles!

At the foundation of magical practice is gaining an understanding of and being able to work with the four elements of Air, Fire, Water and Earth. From there magical tools can be used to channel these energies to extend the reach and effect you can have in using the elements. These four elements are what make up everything in the Universe. By knowing how to work with these elements, you can then advance into spellwork, healing, communication, performing rituals, psychic development, and magically manifesting whatever you desire. Just to whet your appetite for this magical foundation work, here are some of the aspects of the four elements to consider. 

The Air element is connected to thinking and planning and associated with the direction East. It corresponds to seeing, breathing, speaking, hearing, planning, thinking, believing, memorizing, communicating, learning, teaching, information, ideas, wisdom, understanding, worry, sensation, awareness, opinions, data, memory, and mind. The colors associated with the Air element are:

Clear: breathing, physical reactions, physical sensations, seeing
White: mental processes, thinking, planning, communicating
Sky Blue: spiritual enlightenment, wisdom, understanding

The Fire element is action oriented and is also associated with will, personal power and creativity. Fire is associated with the direction South and corresponds to energy, power, will, desire, anger, pain, motivation, radiance, passion, initiative, aggression, limitation, endeavor, activity, creative, willingness, urge, inspired, excitable, courage, bravado, compulsion, fanaticism, frustration, resentment, rage, and freedom. The colors associated with the Fire element are:

Sun Yellow – Spirit fire, creativity, radiance
Yellow-Orange – Motivation, excitability, activity
Red-Orange – Anger, pain, fever, aggression, drive
Bright-Red – Courage, bravado, will, endeavor
Deep Red – Passion, flow
Electric-Blue – All bands, initiating force on galactic or universal levels

Water is the element of emotion, passion, empathy, flow and feelings. It is associated with the direction West and corresponds to emotions, feelings, intuition, compassion, empathy, sympathy, knowing, devotion, quest, aspiration, intention, appreciation, integrity, harmony, beauty, balance, serenity, fluidity, grief, apathy, joy, and love. The colors associated with the Water element are:

Water Blue – Physical water, hydration, used for healing
Deep Blue – Mental or emotional water
Blue Black – Spiritual water, usually associated with "buried unconscious" issues

The Earth element is connected to solidity, strength, foundations and permanence. Its direction is the North and it corresponds to strength, money, foundation, endurance, structure, mundane world, serenity of beingness, solidity, boundaries, permanence, land, commerce, products, confidence, loyalty, persistence, stubbornness, fortress, security, anchor, barter, substance, body, base, and possessions. Earth colors are:

Grass Green – Vibrant, dynamic living Earth
Earth Brown – Stable Earth
Black -  Pure, dead Earth (the stuff of black holes)

This is just a short intro into the four elements. For more in-depth study check out our free online tutorial and get started on your way into the wonderful world of magic. Then if you are ready to start an in-depth learning of each element, take the Level 1 Basic Magic classes for free. Just email info@shamanschool.com and ask for details on how to take the first 10 classes of the Basic Magic Course that gives you a foundation in the 4 elements for free. 

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