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How to Learn Magic: Check Out Our Article Library of Online Magic Tips

We get tons of email about how to learn magic. A great place to start is in our online article library at Here you will find a wide variety of online magic tips that are informative, will introduce you to a wide range of magical topics and many that have exercises you can try out for yourself. Some of the topics you will find covered in the article library are:

If you want to find out more about how to learn magic, the article library has information on everything from how to regain your personal power to techniques for getting answers from the Universe and higher powers and beings to using the 4 Elements and creating sacred space. Here are just a few of the titles you will find that give you useful online magic tips that you can use right away.
  • Best Household Self Defense Magic
  • Meditation Made Simple
  • Practicing the Art of Happiness
  • Magical Stress Relievers
  • Exchanging Negative Energy for Positive
  • Ritual Magic to Wash Your Cares Away
  • Creating Sacred Space
  • Solving Life Problems with a Simple Exercise
  • Feng Shui for Your Front Door
  • What is a Shaman?
  • Why Affirmations Work... Sometimes

Any of these sound intriguing to you? You'll find these and lots, lots more in our article library stuffed full of online magic tips. Even better, all these magical resources for how to learn magic are free. Yep, I said free. No signup, registration, commitment of any kind required. Just click the links above to the article library or go to and see categories on left and get started working your way through all the magical topics that you've always wanted to know more about. Once you get through the article library, don't forget to check out our blog for lots more magical topics, articles, exercises and online magic tips. Have fun exploring our digital magical world!

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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tarot Card Spreads: Celtic Cross versus 12 Card

Tarot card spreads or layouts can vary according to who is doing them and what purpose they are being used for. In our Tarot homestudy course, two of the tarot card spreads we cover are the Celtic Cross and the 12 Card reading. We find these to be the most precise to use for getting reliable information. Before doing a Tarot reading, consider what information you want to obtain and then you can decide which of the tarot card spreads is the best to suit your purpose.

Tarot Card Spreads: Celtic Cross
The Celtic Cross is one of the available tarot card reading layouts. It is also known as the Gnostic Cross. This type of layout is good to use if you want a personality profile of a particular person, a "stop action" photo type view of them or a small part of their life. It is one of the tarot card spreads that can be used for any animate being, but not specifically for situations. It doesn't answer specific questions like a 12 Card reading can either. The Celtic Cross reading is often used before doing a 12 Card reading to get information about a person and give you an idea of who they are before you do a more detailed 12 Card reading.

Tarot Card Spreads: 12 Card
Of these two tarot card spreads, the 12 Card reading gives much more detailed information. You can use a 12 Card layout to read people, situations, businesses, financial issues, relationships and all types of other situations involving multiple people. Whereas we described the Celtic Cross as a "stop action" photo view of a person, the 12 card could be described as a moving picture. In a 12 Card reading there are 3 rows of cards laid out representing past, present and future. Cause and effect chains can be identified and by then making a small change in the present you can change the possible futures that are shown. This type of tarot card spread is much more flexible and detailed than the Celtic Cross. You can use multiple signifier cards to set up very complex situations, take out parts of the reading to blow-up to get even more information on that portion and even move the reading back and forth in time.

The Tarot is a fascinating study and a very useful magical tool to use in a variety of ways. If you are interested in pursuing tarot card spreads and other ways of using the Tarot, our homestudy course might be just what you are looking for. Check it out and see if this form of magic is one you want to add to your repertoire of magical techniques.

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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Develop Psychic Abilities to Heal Another Person Using the Pendulum

Using the pendulum as a healing tool is one of the techniques you can use when you develop psychic abilities. In our Psychic Development ebook we cover a variety of magic healing techniques in which you use magical tools to gather information psychically and energetically from a person in order to treat their ailments. Using the pendulum, you can do magical healing work on a person directly or remotely.

Quick Keying Your Pendulum
Before using the pendulum for healing, it needs to be keyed. A quick method of keying your pendulum is to hold it in your dominant hand and flow energy into it until it feels charged, warm, tingly or alive. This will keep it keyed for a couple of days.

Diagnosing Using the Pendulum
Once you have keyed your pendulum, you can do direct healing work on a person if they are physically present. First you can use the pendulum to do some "diagnostics" and determine places in the person's body that are problem areas. This is a technique that helps to develop psychic abilities as you are receiving information not available to you through your five senses. You depend on your magical tool to find problem areas and give you this information. Here's how you use the pendulum to "diagnose" problem areas:
  • Have the person lay down in a comfortable place and show you areas they believe need healing or have pain.
  • Spin your pendulum in a clockwise direction starting at the person's head. 
  • State your intention and focus it on using the pendulum as a tool for diagnostic purposes.
  • While allowing the pendulum to spin in a clockwise direction, slowly move it down over the person's body.
  • Take note of places where the pendulum stops, begins to swing in a straight line or changes direction. 
  • These places are areas that have problems that the person may or may not have identified for you. The source of the pain is not always where the person has indicated they feel the pain. We want to know where the source of the pain is coming from in order to heal it.
Healing Using the Pendulum
Now that you are aware of specific areas in need of healing, you are ready to begin using the pendulum as a healing tool. State your intention and focus it on using the pendulum as a healing tool and follow these steps:
  • Start again at the person's head.
  • Go to each "trouble" area that you found through the diagnostic procedure.
  • Swing your pendulum counter-clockwise over the problem area to unwind any health issue there.
  • Continue letting the pendulum swing over this area until it stops spinning counter-clockwise. 
  • Move to the next "problem" spot and repeat these steps.
As you develop psychic abilities more and more, you may get information that a certain area needs an energy boost rather than a reversing of a health issue. You can achieve this in the same manner only moving the pendulum in a clockwise direction instead of counter-clockwise. Examples of when this could be called for are when dealing with a body organ that is in need of more energy such as in the case of a weak heart or deficient spleen or if the chakras need energizing.

These same procedures using the pendulum can be done to heal a person remotely. Simply take a piece of paper, write the person's name on it, and draw an outline of their body on the paper. As you use the pendulum on the paper body, focus your intention on having whatever you do to the drawn figure apply also to the person it represents. You can use either direct or remote techniques to do healing on yourself. If the area is accessible such as your leg, then you can use the direct method. If you are experiencing pain in your back or somewhere not easily accessible, then use the remote method.

You can develop psychic abilities to find sources of pain or health issues, to heal others and to heal yourself. Everyone has these psychic abilities, some just need to practice receiving this type of information and be open to the magical possibilities it can bring to their lives. Healing work with magical tools is just one of those possibilities. Give this technique a try with your own pendulum and start yourself on the path to magical healing.

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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Magic That Works: Healing a Hawk

Today we'd like to share with you a story of magic that works from one of our students. This is one of the many stories you'll find in our Kindle Witchcraft Spell Books series books as examples of magic that works in real life and various ways our students have found to use the magic techniques they've learned.

Healing A Hawk
Shortly after I began taking the Basic Magic class, my husband and I were driving down from the mountains back to town. As we drove on the highway, my husband saw a beautiful hawk sitting on a fence post. Just as he started to point it out to me, the hawk took off and flew head first at top speed into our windshield.

In the rear view mirror, my husband saw him land at the side of the road after being thrown over the top of the car. Our windshield was broken, including three large crack marks down the middle to attest to the force with which the hawk hit. We just knew he could not have survived the impact, but stopped anyway to see if we could do anything.

My husband found him at the side of the road and miraculously he was still alive, but something was terribly wrong with his left wing. It just hung uselessly, and looked like it was hardly attached anymore. He stumbled along the ground as my husband approached. The hawk was unable to fly away and looked seriously hurt.

I then remembered what I had learned in Basic Magic, and thought it couldn't hurt to try some energy work. I first gave the hawk some Sun Yellow energy, and then some Sky Blue Air and Clear Air. Suddenly the hawk took off just as I had finished my energy work, and we watched him soar, flap, and use that wing as if nothing had happened. We watched until he had totally flown out of sight and I was sure he would be fine.

Witchcraft Spell Books
If you find this story intriguing, you too can learn a variety of magical techniques and daily magical rituals right from your Kindle, Smart Phone or computer. To give you an idea of the type of magic that works you can learn in this format, let's look at what some of the topics covered in the first book in the series, Learn How to Do Witchcraft Rituals and Spells with Your Bare Hands.
  • Using a Book of Shadows
  • Beginner Rituals and Spells: Rituals and Spells Done With Your Bare Hands
  • Contact Rituals for Sky and Earth
  • Hiring Parking and Other Unemployed Angels
  • Talking to the Spirit of Owl to Find Hidden Information
  • Bathtub Litany for Relief from Negativity and Pain
  • Walking in the Rain by Running Water for Fresh Insight
  • Using the Water Bowl for Scrying and Psychic Messages
  • Walking Meditation for Those Who Can't Sit Still
  • Walking Litany for Invisibility and Other Magical Effects
  • Rooting Yourself in Mother Earth
  • Beginner Weather Working with Clouds
  • Protection and Disconnection Litany
If these sound like skills you'd like to learn, check out this book and the other 3 in the series at You'll get lots of magic that works bang for your buck with the Witchcraft Spell Books series.

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