Tuesday, September 28, 2021

The Anatomy of a Magic Spell

When many people think of magic, they think of a magic spell such as they have seen on TV or in the movies. These fictional works often don't portray the way real magic spells work or what they actually are. Magic spells are a real part of a magical practice however and you can do amazing things when you use them correctly.

About Magic Spells
Basically a magic spell is any psychic or magical operation that uses some combination of the four elements, air, fire, water and earth and programs factors into the energy matrix that is built using these elements to produce a certain result over a certain period of time. A magic spell is usually used when there are complex factors or barriers that have to be overcome to achieve the goal. Magic spells are not usually the first operation that magical practitioners turn to however since they require a bit more work and preparation and often a simpler magical technique will do. But in cases where we are not able to directly affect a situation with other magical techniques, a magic spell is well worth the extra effort it requires. Our students learn how to create magic spells in the third part of Basic Magic. Whereas you can go to this level just to learn about magic spells, it is recommended that you take Level 1 and Level 2 first so that you have a sound foundation of magical practice before attempting spellwork. Having this foundation not only helps you create a better spell from the perspective of understanding what elements will be helpful to build into the spell, it also helps keep you out of trouble with the Universe and avoid backlash should you build something into the spell unintentionally. After all the Universe doesn't care what you intended to do, only what you did do and will deliver accordingly. So for example, if you are creating a spell to receive a certain amount of money and neglect to include in your directors and limiters that no person will be harmed for that money to come to you, you may find yourself the beneficiary of a life insurance policy that a beloved family member has left you. The problem with this is that they had to die for you to get it. Maybe not what you intended.

Creating a Magic Spell
When beginning spellwork, it is a good idea to start with simple spells that would produce a small effect in a short time. Then as you see results from these type of spells and increase your experience with them, you can move on to magic spells that are more complicated, operate over a longer period of time to gain more force, and cover more complicated issues. Just to give you an idea of what all is involved with the creation of a magic spell, here is a list of the basic skills you should have before attempting to create a magic spell.
  • Understanding of basic magical operational laws and how they work
  • Basic working knowledge of the four elements and their characteristics and correspondences
  • Knowing how to find the exact meanings of any words being used in a spell verse and choose appropriate ones
  • Know how to think through creating directors and limiters for a spell to include specifics of what the spell should accomplish and protect against unwanted contingencies
  • Have an understanding of how sonics works and how the spell can be affected by the tone of voice you use as well as the sounds used
  • Have an understanding of various types of magic spell formats such as candle spells and Tarot spells and be able to choose which type will be the most effective in your situation
  • Be able to use Tarot card readings to obtain information on what aspects may need to be included in a proposed spell, get information on if the spell will work as designed, to check up on your directors and limiters for the spell and to check up on the progress of the spell once it is launched
  • Have an understanding of how to write effective spell verses
  • If doing a candle spell, how to design and prepare the candle for carving and anointing and choose effective colors and symbols for it
  • Know how to pick the timing for launching a magic spell according to astrological and other factors that can affect the spell
  • Know how to record the spell in your Book of Shadows
  • Know how to take a magic spell down should you need to in case something goes awry with it

As you can see there is quite a bit of preparation and work involved in creating a magic spell. You can also see why Basic Magic Level 1 and Level 2 are recommended before going on to Level 3 and starting spellwork. Having the foundation of lots of practice with the four elements and with magical tools will help get you ready for the tasks involved in creating a successful spell. And whereas a magic spell may take more work than other magical techniques and operations, there are times when it is necessary, can give you a real sense of achievement, and is just plain fun to do.

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Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Clorox Wipes for Your Mind?

 Did your mother ever wash your mouth out with soap? Or say to you, "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all?" Or what about this one: "Children should be seen and not heard"?

Isn't fascinating how our society is so focused on what comes out of our mouths but less caring of what goes on in our minds? While we definitely shape our realities with the words we speak, the root cause of our words lies in our minds-in our thoughts. How often have you paid attention to what actually goes on in your mind?

Have you ever had a dirty mind? A dirty mind can refer to a fixation on porno, but it also refers to a mind contaminated with negative or low tone energies. Have you ever examined what happens to your world when your mind is negative? If you've ever walked through the process you'll realize that when your mind is in a negative state, it contaminates everything it touches with doubt, fear, and other low tones.

This contamination occurs because of the Law of Contagion, a universal operational law that states:

   Something done to a likeness, part, or symbol produces a similar effect on the likened, the divided whole, or the symbolized.

When your mind is negatively oriented and then you focus on a particular topic, that new topic or thought becomes "part" of mind, and takes on the negative tone of mind. Whatever you touch with your "dirty" mind becomes dirty too.

For instance, suppose you've just had a fight with your boss and then your mind wanders to the topic of your love life. Perhaps you've been looking for the love of your life but he or she hasn't shown up yet. In your current state of mind, you will contaminate your love life with uncertainty, doubt, and fear. You might start to think thoughts like, "Why does life have to be so hard?" or "Great, the way my life is going I'll probably never find my soul mate!" Sound familiar? With these contaminated thoughts, any manifestation of a soul mate moves further and further away from you.

This is when you really need Clorox Wipes for your mind! If only we could scrub our minds clean, but alas! The best thing you can do when you are negative is to avoid touching anything else with
your mind until you become more positive. Do whatever it takes to reach a higher energetic state. Take a walk, breathe, light a sun candlehire an angel... whatever you need to do to make your mind a clean machine. Only then should you allow your mind to wander to other subjects without fear of contagion. You can get lots of other great magical techniques to help you clear your mind and invite magic into your life with our Witchcraft Spell Book series of Kindle books.

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