Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Magic 2012: You Can't Go Back!

This year, as predicted by many, is definitely a pivotal year. If you haven't had much personal experience with the extremes of 2012, just look around you. People are acting out. Accidents keep "almost happening." Life stuff keeps cropping up.

Yeah, 2012 is definitely a different year--and it should be! It's the transition year into a new era. So what can you do if you are experiencing a bumpy ride in this New Year? Simple. Make this your mantra:

"I can't go back. I am open to and excited about the new magical possibilities!"

Magic 2012 is About the Now and New
No, we're not suggesting that you quit your job today and start running down your bucket list.  We are instead pointing out that what has worked in the past to help you achieve and accomplish what you want isn't going to work well in 2012.

The magic of 2012 is in exploring the new, the different, the slightly risky, the adventurous ... any real change in you!

Now here's the real kick in the pants--you can do this all within the confines of your current life situation, whatever that may be. To use magic to create the desired effects in your life, you will probably need to change SOME aspects of your life, but don't go crazy. It is quite easy to throw the baby out with the bath water this year.

Magic 2012: Examples of Now Time Magic
Remember that any intentional act is a magical act. Effective Magic 2012 calls for an intentional act or ritual that opens you up to new possibilities. Whether that means cleaning a room that has been "stuck in the past" for a while, or incorporating a short daily ritual into your life ... you will definitely get some positive new responses from the Universes.

Need some ideas? Check out our videos page for a couple of fun magic ritual "quickies" or check out our ebooks for more in-depth magical rituals:

Now Time Magic Means Act Now!
This year ain't gonna wait around for anyone. It's the best and fastest time to manifest anything in your life--provided you act now with strong intention. So get started with something magical, something intentional, something suitable for 2012. You will be glad you did.

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Worried about Pole Shifts? Repolarize Your Life Instead!

Now that we are into 2012, some people are very concerned with pole shifts, geological disasters, and all kinds of other disasters. But the recorded histories of many tribes indicate that the major event that will occur in 2012 will not be an EXTERNAL pole shift, but instead an internal shift.

What is an internal pole shift? It’s where people’s attitudes, feelings, opinions, beliefs, and even memories are flipped upside down, sideways, and every which way. The pole shift isn’t happening in the Arctic, it’s happening in us … in Earth’s planetary citizens.

How to Get Ready for the Pole Shift

Although the pole shift won’t be happening externally, it will nevertheless be dramatic. We can be left with violent and unexpected mood swings. We might attract a bunch of unexpected events. Our physical bodies might get “shook up” and we may develop acute or chronic illnesses. Yikes!

Luckily, we can easily get ready for any upcoming pole shifts by taking action now. There is one magical principle that is especially applicable now: “A small change in the present results in a larger change in the future.” That means that small steps you take in preparation for upcoming pole shifts can really reduce the shock factor.

The pole shift, like astrological transits, is meant to teach each of us a “lesson.” A pole shift is the opportunity of a couple millennia to learn a soul lesson. And if we work on that lesson, a little at a time, that soul lesson will be easier to bear … in small bite-sized pieces, if you will.

Pole Shifts and Polarity

To turn that big pole shift lesson into manageable chunks, start exercising small pole shifts in your daily life. Or start practicing polarity. Start doing actions that are the opposite of what you usually do. For example, if you normally:

- open doors with your right hand, start using your left hand

- dress by putting your pants on before your shirt, reverse the order

- start your workday by opening your email, do something else instead

- think about the things you have to do today the moment you awaken, laze around in a thoughtless haze for a few moments each morning

- have a pet peeve about something, start loving that “thing”

You get the drift. Take small opposite actions and you will be “acting out” the pole shift in small manageable bits. As you do so, you will be given about your soul lesson in ways that you will easily understand … and in a way that won’t cause pain or damage. All you have to do is stop being your usual “self” in tiny ways!

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