Thursday, July 30, 2015

Want to Be a Psychic Seer? Start With This Simple Game

We all have psychic abilities, but most people don't practice using them in their everyday lives and aren't aware that they have this ability. Being able to get psychic or energetic information from others and the world around us can be a great magical tool. If you aren't naturally gifted in this area, all you have to do is commit to a little practice and skill development to wake up the psychic abilities you naturally possess. Our Psychic Development ebook can help you do this. Here's a simple game that you'll find in this ebook to get you started in practicing how to be psychic.

The Perimeter Game
This simple, basic game lets you practice shutting off one of your five physical senses so that you can concentrate on receiving information energetically. In this game you will be shutting off your access to visual data to focus on reading the psychic information around you. You can later turn off others of your 5 basic senses, but this one starts with tuning out visually. Here's how to play.

1. A minimum of once a day at a time you are able to sit and focus only on the game, choose a space for an energetic perimeter around yourself of about 10 – 20 feet. It is best to do this in a public place where you will have access to lots of other people – ie. – a mall, park, or amusement center.

2. During this game you want to make sure you are able to focus only on the game because you will be closing your eyes. So you don't want to be responsible for supervising children or driving or any other activity while you are engaged in this activity.

3. Close your eyes and in your "mind's eye" see a circle of energy surrounding you.

4. Focus on becoming aware of when someone enters your perimeter area.

5. When you sense that someone has entered your area, open your eyes to confirm it.

6. Once you play this psychic game enough that you are getting accurate at sensing someone entering your area, you can increase the diameter of your circle or take another sense out of the equation. For example you might pick a noisy area so that you don't have your sense of hearing.

When you begin playing the Perimeter Game, let go of results and don't get discouraged if your results are not accurate. The reason for playing the game is to practice and wake up your psychic abilities. If you were spot on every time with the results then you wouldn't need this type of practice. For some people accuracy will come quickly and for others it will take longer, so hang in there. Just like anything else in life, the more you practice, the better you will be at it. Just relax and have fun with the game knowing that it is all part of a process and a journey for you.

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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Want a Tarot Reading But Don't Want to Learn the Tarot?

You can certainly learn tarot and do your own tarot spreads anytime you want. We have an online course that walks you through how to learn Tarot and there are a lot of advantages to being able to do your own readings whenever you want. But if you don't want to take the time and effort to learn Tarot yourself, but have a particular issue a reading could help with, we have a trained Tarot reader available to help you with that. With this option you can get one or more readings done on the topic of your choice and just pay per reading. Readings also include any progression or regression readings needed to get to the root of the issue and you can also follow-up with questions by email if you come up needing more clarification on any point later.

What Tarot Can Do For You
Doing Tarot readings gives you a look at possible futures for any situation you can find yourself in. Relationships, where to live, career choices, health issues, travel plans, just about anything you can think of can be guided by a tarot spread. Since the future is not pre-destined, the Tarot shows you various flow lines going from past to present to future possibilities of what can happen if you continue on the same path. To change those future possibilities all you have to do is make a small change in the present to what you are currently doing and you can change the outcome. You can see how useful a magical tool this is in avoiding pitfalls and catastrophe in a variety of situations. The Tarot can point out influences affecting your situation, energies and probability lines that are active in your life and help you make important decisions from seeing the future probable outcomes. With all this you can direct your own fate and leave nothing to chance. 

So the next time you need help determining which path to take, finding out what the future may hold for you, or in making a big decision think Tarot. Learn it yourself or hire one of our Tarot reader experts to help you out. Since cost for individual readings are based on the number of readings needed for a specific situation, email for an estimate. Either way, the Tarot is a tool that can use real magic in a real way in your life. 

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Thursday, July 23, 2015

This is Your Lucky Week: Buy 2 ebooks and get a third for free

This is your lucky week if you take advantage of the great ebook offer giving you almost double the amount of magical knowledge. Just buy any two of our magic ebooks at their affordable full price, and email us at telling us another of our ebooks you'd like to have for free. Then we'll email it right to you. It's that simple. Here's the choices we have to offer.

Wand Air Tool Ebook Learn how to make your own magic wand to conduct air element energies, how to key it to align the energies, and how to use it for such operations as healing, creating protection shields, and sending messages.

Athame Fire Tool EbookLearn what to look for when selecting a magical athame to conduct fire element energies, how to key it to align the energies and how to use it for such operations as healing, cutting psychic lines, creating magical shields for protection, and banishments.

Chalice Water Tool Ebook Learn how to choose a chalice to use as a magical tool for conducting water element energies, how to key it to align the energies, and how to use it for such operations as spirit level communication, healing, divination, and blessings.

Plate Earth Tool EbookLearn how to choose a plate to use as a magical tool for conducting earth element energies, how to key it to align the energies, and how to use it for operations such as cutting psychic lines on yourself, healing, protecting magical tools, and shielding magic operations.

Magical Tool Firebowl Ebook Learn how to make your own firebowl, charge it for various magical operations and use it for such magical operations as cleansing and smudging, divination, create sacred space and get rid of negative energies.

Daily Rituals for Attracting What You Want in Life 36 rituals for healing, receiving guidance and information from higher powers and beings, and rituals to greet the morning and end the day.

Energy Healing for Self and Others Ebook Learn a variety of different magical healing techniques including aromatherapy, making flower essences, using herbs, colors, sound and yoga.

How To Do Voodoo Ebook Learn how to do voodoo or simulacra magic for long distance healing, communication, protection and self-defense.

Psychic Development Ebook Learn how to awaken and develop your natural psychic abilities and spirit perceptics through easy to follow exercises for practice.

That's a lot of magical topics to choose from and something for everyone. So get it on the great deal (now through Thursday, July 30th) and start building your magical library now.

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Thursday, July 16, 2015

How Do You Study Magic? Here's How

We get this question all the time from people all over the world. They are ready to dip their toes into the magical pool but are not sure how to get started. Check out this online tutorial to get an idea; here's what's covered.

This tutorial starts you out with an explanation of what real magic is and the universal laws that specifically govern magical practice. It then moves on to the topics you need to learn to begin a magical practice starting with mastering the four elements of Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. It then goes through how to use those elements with handwork, magical tools, and in magical operations such as divination, spellwork, and self-defense and then how to add the Tarot to your magical practice.

Since the four elements are the foundation of a magical practice, our students spend a lot of time experimenting with each of the elements with each of the colors and characteristics; increasing each of those and decreasing each of those. That allows you to feel for yourself what each element in all its variations is like and become personally involved with them. This will pay off as you progress in your magical skills and practice. For example, let's look at all that is involved with just the Air element in terms of colors and characteristics our Basic Magic students experience and experiment with.

Air Colors
Clear: breathing, physical reactions, physical sensations, seeing
White: mental processes, thinking, planning, communicating
Sky Blue: spiritual enlightenment, wisdom, understanding

Air Characteristics
Transparency or clarity – can see through it
Carrier – carries fire energy and light objects
Reflectivity – can be mirror like or silvery under some conditions
Compressible and Expandable – able to occupy less space or more space
Easy Flow – flows readily
Reactive – reacts quickly to energy input
Shape Malleable – changes shape easily
Mutable – can be changed into other elements under some conditions
Insulator – can insulate or separate from conditions
Inherently Stable – doesn't move unless acted on by an outside force
Direct Mediator for Fire – mediates fire so it can be applied to water and earth
Lightweight – very light, almost weightless
Masculine – outgoing or forceful

Did you have any idea this one element has so many characteristics? By gaining an in-depth understanding of how these work, you have a wide selection of characteristics to add in when using the Air element for unlimited operations. If you aren't sure how to get started on your magical learning, begin with the tutorial and get an overview of what your magical path can look like. From there you'll be able to find your interests and how involved you want your magical learning experience to be. Then we have a full selection of online courses, ebooks, and Kindle books as well as our free blog and articles library to choose from and really get going on your magical journey.

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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

3 Things You Probably Didn't Know About the Tarot

If you are familiar at all with Tarot, then you probably know it offers you a form of divination to foresee future obstacles if you continue on your present path in a situation. By making a change however in your present, you can change the future outcome. It gives you a direct method of obtaining information not available to the physical five senses. But here are three things you may be surprised to find out about the Tarot. 

1. A properly keyed tarot deck is an actual model and reflection of the Universe. Taking the time to key each of the cards attunes it to your own personal energies which will make your Tarot spreads personal and create a connection between you and the cards. During 12-card readings your tarot spread will show you the past and present for any situation you are reading that you will recognize from your own past conditions and where you are at presently. Then flow lines will show you what future conditions you can expect if you continue in the same manner or what changes can occur if you make changes in the present. The success of these type readings depends on picking signifiers for the person and situation being read.

2. Since your deck is keyed to represent a model of the Universe you can change the universe by changing a tarot reading using a tarot spell. Once you have the tarot spread laid out that you have decided needs a change in the present to change the future, you can set up a spell matrix using candles and spell verses around the spread. Making the card changes in the tarot spread within a spell matrix creates that change in real life.

3. The proper interpretation of the cards has to be done through keying and studying the cards of certain decks, such as the Thoth deck and Waite-Ryder (other decks have their purpose, but truly useful tarot decks reflect their true meanings with their images and thus lead to proper interpretation). Just memorizing meanings of cards or going by standard book definitions is really restricting. By keying the cards and "wearing" them around to get the feel of each, you become personally connected and are able to see enhanced meanings of them.

Find any surprises there? If you are interested in becoming adept at using the Tarot and learning to do tarot spreads and readings, our online Tarot Couse is for you. It will take you through how to key your deck, how to pick appropriate signifiers for people and situations and how to do Celtic Cross and 12-card readings. Make the Tarot come alive for you and help you use magic to get the results you want in your life.

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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Love Magic? Pass it On!

If you love magic, and if you like your friends, what better way to enhance the world of magic than to pass it on with these free sources of magic to your friends who would be open to this kind of knowledge? Remember, the more people on the planet who engage in a magical practice, the more magical a place the world is--and a better place to live! So share on Facebook, pass it on through your Twitter or other social media, or email these links on to your magical buddies.

Free ebook – 10 Magical Quick Fixes

Shamanic Blog

Esoteric School Newsletter

Magical Articles Library

Esoteric School Facebook page

And just to entice your friends a bit, here's some examples of the magical rituals and techniques you can let them know they can look forward to with these resources.

Clearing Life Problems With the Pendulum
1. Hold the string or chain of the pendulum in your dominant hand (hand you naturally point with), letting your pendulum hang loose.

2. Visualize the problem that you would like to clear.

3. Holding this visual of the problem in your mind, ask the pendulum if this is a situation that you should and can clear.

4. If the answer is yes, continue with the clearing. If the answer is no, stop the procedure.

5. Start the pendulum swinging in a counter-clockwise direction, asking the pendulum to clear the problem, and visualize the problem resolving. Be specific in what you ask the pendulum to do and specific in your visualization of the problem resolving.

6. Continue focusing on the problem's resolution and clearing it until the pendulum stops spinning in a counter-clockwise direction. If the pendulum stops spinning, begins to move in a horizontal or vertical direction or starts spinning clockwise the problem is cleared.

Wash Away Pain, Tension, Anxiety and Worries
1. Stand in the shower with the showerhead positioned for the water to hit at the base of your skull and run evenly over the back and front of your body.

2. Turn on the water keeping the water temperature cool, just below body temperature. Having the water too cold can create tension and too hot won't carry away enough of the excess Fire energy you want to get rid of.

3. Let the water run over your body and feel your pain or tension moving downwards with the water and being absorbed by it. If you need to use your hands to help push the energy downwards then feel free to do so.

4. Envision the tension or pain mixing with the water and flowing down the drain as you say this litany aloud with a powerful voice.
"All the tension, all the strain,
All the pain with excess flame,
Flow with water, down the drain!"
5. Continue standing in the shower and saying the litany until you feel the pain or tension is gone.

And that is just two of the many, many magical solutions to everyday life problems that you'll find in these free resources. So pass it on and share the wealth of magical knowledge with your friends now.

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