Thursday, March 28, 2013

Healing Magic: Simple Powerful Flower Essence Recipes

Are you ready for some healing magic to recover from the tough year 2012? If you survived the chaotic year 2012, congratulations, many people didn't and chose to leave the planet. Others had a great year, but many more had a very rough time and took a lot of physical "hits" and are now looking for magical recovery and healing magic. In our Energy Healing for Self and Others ebook, one of the topics covered is flower essences and how to make them. Here we will give you a few flower essence remedies that are helping people recover from the year 2012.

A Few Things About Flower Essences
Before looking at individual remedies, there are a few things to know about how flower essences work as healing magic. Flower essences provide emotional and transformational support, but do not have the power to change you. Only you can do that. They give support to ease the discomfort or pain that sometimes make change too difficult. Flower essences give us the use of vibrational frequencies and qualities of the plant used in making them. They are especially useful in helping to heal our non-physical or subtle bodies.

Remedies As Healing Magic
Star of Bethlehem – can be used to open the healing fields for any kind of trauma. The gift it brings from its source plant is that it comforts all traumas.

Elm – can be used for grounding when overwhelmed with present events or an overall sense of well-being when overwhelmed. The gift it brings is feeling capable, responsible and able to cope well with change.

Honeysuckle – can be used for an overall sense of well-being when your energies are depleted or grounding when finding yourself sulking and giving up or exhausted. The gift it brings is support during loss, and replenishing depleted energies.

These are just a few of the flower essences that can be used in healing magic. To learn more about flower essences, take a look at our Energy Healing for Self and Others ebook in the school store.
To see how to make your own flower essences check out our article HERE. There are many more that can be used for conditions such as loneliness, despair, emotional cleansing, fear, uncertainty and many more. Making your own flower essences allows you to connect with the source plant and honor it for sharing its healing properties and make your formula more individualized to yourself. Formulas can vary from person to person, and your formula can change as you change. Making your own flower essences instead of buying a pre-made one gives you the edge with making the changes you need to personalize it.

Whether you are recovering from a difficult last year, facing personal difficulties this year or going through a period of transformation within yourself, flower essences are a great way to tap into the healing magic of plants and develop a relationship with them from a perspective of we are One together in nature with them.

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Improve Your Psychic Abilities with the Perimeter Game

Using your psychic abilities allows you to gather information that is not directly available to the five senses. Divination techniques are part of using the psychic abilities and allow us to discover influences, energies and probability lines active in our lives so that we can more accurately and knowingly exert control in our own lives. Remember though that when exploring the future it is not set or pre-destined and divination shows you the probabilities of what will happen based on the assumption that the current influences are not changed. Any change in the present will change the future. That is why divination and using our psychic abilities are so useful. Don't like what you see coming? Make a change and the future changes.

One of the exercises taught in our Psychic Development ebook that can help with increasing your psychic abilities is an exercise we call the Psychic Perimeter Game. This exercise helps develop your psychic abilities by giving you practice at shutting off one of your five senses so you can concentrate on receiving psychic information around you.

Here's how to play.
  • Set up a 10 to 20 foot energetic or psychic perimeter around yourself in a public place by closing your eyes and imagining an energy circle around you. 
  • Keep your eyes closed and tell yourself to "notice" whenever someone steps inside your circle.
  • When you sense someone has entered your circle, open your eyes to confirm it. 
  • When you are getting accurate results, gradually increase the size of your circle.
Going to a noisy place to practice this exercise will also help take your sense of hearing out of the equation. Don't worry if you aren't getting perfect results in the beginning. Just like when learning any new skill, developing your psychic abilities takes practice. The more you practice, the more sensitive your psychic abilities will become. One of the keys to success in developing your psychic abilities is learning to ignore the outcome. Just practice your abilities and don't worry about whether you are right or not. The "art of ignoring" or selective perception is one of the key principles in magic and in developing your psychic abilities. You are accessing information in another realm, so you have to learn to focus your attention in that realm. That takes practice, just like learning to speak a new language takes practice.

Try this exercise out for yourself, keep it light and enjoy the process. For lots more exercises on developing your psychic abilities, look for our Psychic Development ebook in the school store. There are people who are naturally gifted in the area of psychic abilities, but for most people the difference between people who are psychic and people who are not is often just a matter of practice.

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

How to Do Voodoo: The Tools You Will Need

In our How to Do Voodoo ebook, you will learn a lot about this esoteric branch of magic which first emerged from Africa. There are many things that voodoo magic is uniquely suited for. For example, you can use it for protection, self-defense, and to attract desired situations into your life. You can even use two voodoo dolls and a wand in a ritual to stop two gossiping people from talking to each other or do the reverse and bring two people who refuse to speak with each other back into conversation.

Voodoo dolls are what most people think of when they think about how to do voodoo. The use of voodoo dolls has become well-known in popular culture mostly through movies, books and television. Through these mediums, voodoo has quite often been portrayed as a dark, mysterious, and often morbid tradition. Actually, voodoo is simply a West African religion, also known as Vodun, Vodoun, Vodou, Vudu, and Voudou. The practices include much more than the use of dolls. They also involve circle rituals, dancing, singing, drumming, and ancestor worship. A voodoo doll is simply a simulacrum or an object that is a likeness of something. In voodoo or simulacra magic you can affect a person without being in physical contact with them by choosing an object that resembles the person and making a psychic connection between the object and the person. The Law of Similarity dictates that the greater the likeness, the greater the psychic connection, which make photographs a good choice in many instances.

Besides simulacra, there are other tools needed when learning how to do voodoo. Here is a list for the beginning practitioner.
  • firebowl with sage, pine resin, charcoal burner disks and paper or wooden matches.
  • Sun Yellow Candle
  • Wisdom and Protection candles (taper candles of Sun Yellow, white or sky blue color)
  • keyed Wand (Air Tool)
  • keyed Athame (Fire Tool)
  • keyed Chalice (Water Tool)
  • keyed Plate or Pantacle (Earth Tool)
  • keyed and well-trained pendulum
  • aluminum foil and scotch tape (for protective voodoo magic)
  • Book of Shadows (to record all your voodoo actions and spells, in case you need to take them back down)
Many of these tools you will be able to find easily or get online and are not expensive. Others you will make yourself such as with the Wand. The How To Do Voodoo ebook covers all you need to know about gathering these tools and/or making and keying them if you don't already have them, so no worries there. Learning how to do voodoo or simulacra magic can give you a variety of useful techniques and magical skills to add to your treasure chest of magical knowledge. As always, enjoy the magic!

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