Tuesday, May 28, 2013

How to Use Your Fridge as a Magic Tool

Most people have heard of a magic tool such as the Wand and wizard's staff and maybe you are even familiar with the magic tool of the athame or plate or chalice. But did you know that you can find a magic tool right in your very own kitchen? Your refrigerator is a great magic tool because it is an electrical ground or conduit. That means it can ground out excess fire energies that are physical or psychic. Pain, stress, anger, inflammation, fever, headache and anxiety are all mostly fire energies. When you have these symptoms, you have an excess of some type of fire energy and you can use your refrigerator as a magic tool to ground out the excess energy.

Other electrical grounds can also be used if you are somewhere where your refrigerator isn't. An electrical outlet, light switch plate, or large appliances like a stove will also work. Just don't use smaller electrical appliances or anything with electronic components like your computer as they can't handle the excess energy and are likely to short out. If you are outside, use a telephone pole or electrical line.

Using Your Refrigerator as a Magic Tool
This technique is just one of the many simple and useful tips in our Daily Rituals for Attracting What You Want in Life ebook. Now that you understand what types of symptoms are created by an excess of fire energy and know that proper tool to use, give it a try. Here's how:

1. If you can place the area of your body where the pain, stress or inflammation is directly on the fridge then do so. For example, if you have a headache in the front of your head, place your forehead against the refrigerator. If the headache is in the back of your head, then put the back of your head against the refrigerator. If you are dealing with overall aches or stress, lie down on the floor and put your feet on the refrigerator.

2. Concentrate and put your attention on the symptom you want to get rid of. Start flowing that energy into the refrigerator thus using it as a magic tool. Fire energy flows quickly so you will only need to flow for a minute or two. Feel yourself pushing the symptom out of your body, letting it flow into the fridge.

3. Once you are finished flowing out the excess fire energy safely into the refrigerator, light a Sun Yellow candle. Put your hands over the flame (not so close that you get burned though) and feel yourself pulling in Sun Yellow energy which is a healing fire energy. This replaces the fire energy you put in the fridge so that you aren't left with too little fire energy. Another minute or two of pulling this healing energy in should be long enough.

This technique of using your fridge as a magic tool works really well for reducing almost any kind of pain or inflammation. If you find the pain getting worse after doing this procedure, you are possibly dealing with a buried unconscious issue which must be handled in a totally different way. This is rare, but if it happens, take some Rescue Remedy (available in most health food stores) and stop flowing energy.

Now you know you have your own magical tool right in your own house to help you deal with a wide variety of excess fire energy symptoms. So next time you have a headache or feel stressed or angry, give it a try and see how the magic can work for you!

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

How to Make Your Own Magic Wand

Probably the best known magic tool is the magic wand. Anyone who has ever seen the Wizard of Oz is familiar with Glenda the Good Witch and her magic wand, not to mention all the other fantasy type shows with characters performing all sorts of miraculous feats with a magic wand. But is there such a thing in real life as a magic wand? Yes, there is.

The Wand is the tool that is used with the element Air. You can buy a Wand online, but we prefer that you make your own and always have our Basic Magic students make their own. This way your wand is personalized to your own energies. It is made even more personalized when it is "keyed' using the firebowl. A magic wand is the magical tool that is useful for communication and any sort of mental activity. Some of the procedures that this magical tool is useful for are:
  • Healing
  • Sending messages
  • Increasing communication between people
  • Protection and self defense
  • Changing and lifting one's energy
Magical practitioners use the Wand to extend their own energies. Many of the same techniques done with a Wand can be done with bare hands, but the Wand allows the practitioner to have a longer "reach" as it can handle more Air energies than the hands can. The Wand is also a good tool for beginners to start with since it cannot do as much damage as for example the Athame which is the tool for Fire energy. The colors associated with the Air element are clear, white and sky blue. These are the only energies that should be handled with the Wand.

Making Your Own Magic Wand
Making your own magic wand is not a process that should be rushed as your magic tools are a very important part of your magical practice and choosing them is a very personal experience. Take your time selecting just the right wood from just the right source. You want to use wood from a live tree and it should be a type of wood that is oriented to handle Air energies. This means it should be lightweight and light colored. White Pine, Birch, Willow, Apsen or Yucca Stalk are all possibilities. Balsa wood is a light wood, but it is too soft, so considered the strength and hardness of the wood you select also. You may find Wands made of glass online, but these are not a good choice because they have too much Water energy. Crystal is also not a good choice because it is an infinite spectrum material which makes it hard to control. The best choice is wood from a live tree or that has recently fallen from a live tree. When taking a limb from a tree, be sure to communicate first with the tree spirit and ask permission before taking a limb. If the tree does not give permission, it may be that the spirit knows that particular limb is not a good match for you. Do not use dowels or other types of processed wood or "dead" wood. The limb you select for your magic wand should be from ¼ to 3/8 inches in diameter. That would be about as thick as your thumb or as thin as your little finger. The length should be the distance from the bend of your elbow to the base of your middle finger.

Once you have selected the limb and received permission to take it, you need to peel off the bark and sand it just enough to get a smooth, satiny finish. Then using a knife, such as one used for whittling wood, you make a point at the tip and a notch at the base. The growing end of the limb is the tip end and the base is the end that was closer to the trunk of the tree. At the base end, make a large open notch to be sure the Wand can easily draw in Air energies. That's it, you now have your own personal magic wand. When storing your Wand you will want to protect it by putting in a natural material cloth such as cotton, leather, silk or wool, and place it with the notched base pointing East and tip pointing West.

Directions for making a Wand, keying it with a firebowl, techniques for using it and lots of information about other magical tools and their uses are available in our How To Do Voodoo ebook. This is a great resource for beginners or seasoned practitioners. Magical tools will expand what you can do magically. So start the quest for your Wand and get started learning all the wonderful things you can do with the safer Air energies.

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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Magic Words: Guess What? You Can Make 'Em Up

Magic words can help you out during those times when you feel "off" or things aren't going right in your life and you just can't figure out why. It may be that you need to reconnect with your personal power. We all have it and no one can take it away because it is a state of being not a thing. We just sometimes forget that we have it and don't exercise it. Magic words can help in regaining this power by giving us control over ourselves and our environment.

Making Magic With Sounds
All sound is a form of energy and it can create physical, mental and emotional spiritual effects. Even sounds we can't hear like ultra-sonics and sub-sonics can have an effect on us. Sounds, like everything else in the Universe, are made up of the four elements, Air, Water, Fire, and Earth or combinations of them. The effect a sound has on you or the effect you can create on yourself, others or your environment by using them varies according to what type of elemental sounds are being employed. The basic four elements used sonically have these effects:
Air – Affects mostly the ears
Fire – Affects mostly the nerves
Water – Affects muscles and gut
Earth – Affects the bones

In addition to knowing what element a sound is you also need to know that any sound you vocalize affects you in three ways:
1. Psychically – as you impart your will and intent to create the sound
2. Physically – as your body actually produces the sound
3. Reflectively – as the sound bounces back to you from your environment

If you tell yourself anything repeatedly or with enough force, your mind takes it as truth. Vocalizing an affirmation, prayer, spell or incantation out loud means you are really giving yourself the same instruction three different times, physically, psychically, and reflectively. Now here's where the act of power comes in. This three-fold rule is true whether you say something positive or negative. Your words are powerful and have an effect on you. Do you hear yourself cutting yourself down a lot or beating yourself up? Does "Oh how stupid can I be?" or "What a goofball I am!" sound familiar. If you are saying these type of statements out loud, then no wonder your personal power is suffering. These are the magic words you are using and your mind is accepting them.

What Are Your Magic Words?
Don't worry though, you can easily turn this all around. First start paying attention to the type of magic words you use when talking about yourself. Then begin discovering the magic words or words of power that produce the results you want to see for yourself. Words of power are personalized sonics or combinations of syllables that a particular person or practitioner has discovered will produce specific and predictable results in the environment, on yourself or on others when spoken in certain ways. Some of the Deity names and holy words were created and used by shamans and priests to produce specific effects on their listeners. And here's the best part, words of power or your own special magic words don't have to be real words. As long as the sonics utilized in creating the word creates the desired effect, then you can make up your own magic words.

Acts of Power
Another way to regain your personal power is to do acts of power. This is a specific sequence of steps that goes like this:
1. Pick Your Act – Make it something simple like making a mark on a piece of paper. It should be something very simple and easy to do anywhere. The actual act is not that important, it's the fact that you have an action of some kind involved.
2. Define the Time – Define for yourself when the act will start, how long it will last and when you will be finished with it. Take the example of making a mark on the paper. You can say I will do this immediately, it will take 3 seconds and will be completed when I have marked the paper.
3. Do It - Once you've decided on an act, do it. There you have it! Simple right? You have just restored your personal power.
Practice doing acts of power regularly until the 3 steps come naturally without you having to think about them. Any act of power, no matter how small, can restore your access to personal power.

Using your personal power is one of the most magical things you can do for yourself. It helps you get control of your life and raise your level of being to a point where you are in the proper mode to receive your manifestations from the Universe.  It's simple to do, you don't need any special tools and it can be done anytime, anywhere. You can get more magical tips and techniques to regain your personal power in our ebook, Daily Rituals for Attracting What You Want in Life. To find out more about the fascinating study of magic words and using the practice of sonics, check out our online Basic Magic Class. Sonics is just one of the many magical lessons offered there. Sonics is such a powerful magical tool that Navajo healing singers use these principles to heal mental, physical, and emotional conditions using only sound through voice, rattles, flutes and drums. So remember to watch what you say and stop beating yourself up, your words are powerful and pick the magic words you need to restore yourself to power.

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