Saturday, August 12, 2023

Manifesting Money into Your Life

 Often times, the best ways to invite positive energy or money into your life is through manifestation. One of these common ways is through the act of meditation! We will be teaching you how to complete the “Walking Meditation” ritual to help you with your Money Magick! If you enjoy, be sure to check out more of our Money Magick recipes!


  • A place to walk each day at least the length of 2 city blocks (preferably outside).
  • The time to not feel rushed on your walk.

Recipe Directions

  1. Decide for how long or for how far you will walk each day.
  2. On the first part of the walk you will do the talking. You can talk to your guides, your totems, your angels or the Universe in general. Talk about what’s on your mind, what’s going on in your life, or what you want or need. Talk about anything that’s important to you or that you need help with.
  3. When you reach the halfway point in your walk, it is time for you to listen. Take in everything your guides or the Universe are trying to express to you. Feel your feelings, feel the sensations in your body, hear the sounds around you, smell the smells, and take in the sights. Be aware of any thoughts or feelings that come to you. Allow the magick to flow to you by becoming an instrument of listening and absorbing.

This recipe will help you develop a deeper connection and relationship with the Universe and the higher in yourself which will increase your trust and certainty that spiritual helpers are on your side.