Thursday, August 29, 2019

When the Magic Doesn't Work Look in the Mirror

You have set a magical goal, decided on a procedure to use and performed the necessary steps, wait a while and decide the magic doesn't work. Does this sound familiar? Do you know anyone with this complaint? Magic, when followed according to Rules of the Road and specified procedure, does work. The Universe cannot and does not violate its own laws.

Why Sometimes Magic Doesn't Work
But why does magic sometimes not work? One of the Universal Laws is free will. Thus we can countermand our own magical work with our intention. This may include:
  • hidden belief that the magic won't work
  • too much attachment to the outcome (pushing a spell along)
  • a hidden part of self that does not want the magic to work (especially in the case of relationship disconnects)
  • throwing everything but the kitchen sink at the problem (spells or rituals interfering with each other)
  • asking for too many things at once
  • haven't waited long enough time
If you've decided your magic doesn't work, then take a hard, honest look and see if anything on this list could apply. I bet you'll find it does. If you truly have no clue why it didn't work, you may need to do some divination to discover what happened. If you find you have put in too much or done something incorrectly you can take spells down and start over or re-do procedures. If you performed a spell, you may need to look at your directors and limiters and do a revision. You may need to re-think the goal or thoroughly re-think through the procedure. All magical procedures need to be thoroughly thought through because altered procedures produce altered results.

Solution When Magic Doesn't Work
Solution? Do the magic right and thoroughly, then let it go. Pick specific points at which you will check progress and make additional adjustments then, otherwise ignore it!

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