Saturday, September 2, 2023

The Magick of Dayenu

    Today we will be teaching everyone the “Magick of Dayenu.” Roughly translated, Dayenu means "it would have been enough" or "it would have sufficed." This message opens the door to new blessings coming your way. People who are sincerely happy in spite of difficult situations are practicing the art of Dayenu. They look around at their world and say, "This is enough. This is good. We are happy." Or, to take Dayenu one step further, they say, "Not only is this enough, but the step before this would have been enough." Dayenu specifically says, "It would have been enough," not "it is enough." So the truly happy people who practice Dayenu look at their lives and accomplishments and say, "It would have been enough, and we can be happy, even if we did not get as far as we are now ... even if we had stopped at the achievement or happy moment before this one."

    Here is a real-life example of using the art of Dayenu. I have two friends who continually amaze me—they are married, so maybe that has something to do with why they are so happy. Both were hit one year with acute and chronic physical problems, which not only caused them a lot of pain, but also prevented them from doing a lot of work and earning the same income they usually do. The following year, they recovered somewhat from their physical problems, although they still had many doctor visits and healthcare bills. But they were incredibly, oddly, amazingly happy. I asked them, “What makes you so happy? So much has happened to you." They reply, "Yes, it has ... good, bad, ugly, and back to good. Look at where we live. It's a chunk of Heaven! That's enough. Just having this place to live is enough.” Explaining further, they tell me that their physical problems have forced them to have down time, which they would never normally take. They have spent this time with their horses, enjoying their land, and NOT working. They used to live in a big city and had to pay big bucks to relax with the help of massages and therapists, and so on. Now, living in the country, they can relax for free. If they had nothing else but this land, they said, it would have been enough. Do they have physical pain? Yes. Have they had to cut back on expenses? Yes. Do they still have bad days? Of course. But overall, they are living in the magick of Dayenu. On balance, they look for the happiness that comes from acceptance of current conditions, and appreciation of all that has come before that. They understand that even if nothing else good occurs in their life, all that has been in their life thus far “would have been enough.” This is the real definition of the word “Dayenu”. The beauty of Dayenu is that by living in appreciation of all that was good that has come before now, we always attract greater good into our future. Bumps in the road notwithstanding, appreciation of the past and acceptance of the present always (always!) leads to future good. It can be no other way.

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