Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Magically Directing Your Destiny


Do you throw salt over your shoulder, knock on wood, avoid walking under ladders, or cover your mouth when you yawn? Do you believe in luck or fate? Or do you believe in your own ability to direct your own destiny?

In today's society, when most of us are driven by our bosses, our families, our cell phones, or our responsibilities, most of us want to feel more powerful and more in control of our fate or destiny. Some of us work harder, others turn to superstition, and still others of us just sit back and hope for something better. So what is the key to directing our destiny?

Believing in your ability to direct your own destiny rather than fate or luck. When you believe in fate or luck, it keeps you on the level of the Law of Accident, in which random things happen to you just because you happen to be at the right place at the right time (or the wrong place at the wrong time). If, however, you begin to focus on your ability to direct and create your own life, then it moves you up to the Law of Attraction, where your attention begins to attract people and events into your life. Whatever you put your attention on begins to come to you.

But how can you move up to the level of the Law of Attraction if you've never been there? In a sense, you have to develop a relationship with the future, or with events that haven't occurred yet, but which you are drawing to you by your attention.

One of the best ways to get started developing this relationship with the future is with divination. Magically, divination is a method for accessing information (especially information of the future) that is not available to the five senses. Methods of divination include dowsing with pendulums, and using tarot decks, rune stones, palmistry, and scrying in chalices. Divination allows us to discover the influences, energies and probability lines that are active in our lives, and how they will probably manifest in our futures. It's one way to check whether we're "on track" with what we are attracting. Once we know this information, we can then take steps to more accurately and knowingly exert control in our own lives. Before you dive into divination, though, there are two things you must know and agree to:

  • The Future is Not Set or Pre-Destined. If you believe in pre-destiny or a previously set future (from past lives or original sin, for instance), then divination won't help you. If you don't believe you can change the future, then having more knowledge won't help.
  • Divinations of the Future Are Only Probabilities. Anything you read about the future is based on probabilities drawn from the present. If anything changes in the present, the future will also change. This is where you have you have the power to change the future - in the present.

Whichever method of divination you choose to use, knowing what is possibly awaiting you in the future puts you in the driver's seat of your own destiny. Don't like what you see as a possible future? Simply make a small change in the present to create a bigger change in the future. Just one of the ways divination magic can help you create what you want in your life.

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Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Magically Clear The Air

 I was watching the news one day as CNN ran a story about the EPA cracking down on yet another environmental polluter. Protesters had lined up by the scores to voice their disgust while company officials spouted carefully scripted lines for the cameras. In other words, it was a whole lot of hoopla.

I’m glad that as a nation we have become more aware of the devastating effects of waste products on the environment. I’m also constantly surprised that so little attention is paid to the effects of psychic or energetic pollution. 

As energetic beings we’re constantly throwing off all kinds of different energy. We beam joyful energy when we’re happy and we shoot out little bolts of lightning when we’re angry. We can’t see that energy but we can sure feel it. Have you ever noticed the energetic difference between a jolly coffee shop and a hospital emergency room? How about between a stable family home and the house of a couple about to be divorced?

If you’re like most of us then you spend most of your time in three places: your office, your house, and your car. Since it’s almost impossible to totally avoid negative energy or disagreements from occurring in those places, it’s important to periodically clear the air with regular energetic cleansings. 

How do you psychically clear the air? Here are three ways:

Burn Broadleaf Sage: Known as the “King of Sages” broadleaf sage is prized by many native tribes for its powerful cleansing and healing properties. Light the sage and blow the smoke on the walls walking around the room in a clockwise direction.

Light a Sun Candle: The sun symbol and the color sun yellow both nourish the spirit and cleanse the air. Properly charged, a sun candle can clean any room or car within 30 minutes. 

Use Hematite: Placing specular hematite stones in the four directions will absorb negative energies as quickly as they appear. Just remember to cleanse the stones regularly (at least once a month) with broadleaf sage by holding the stones in the smoke for a minute or two.

Taking steps to reduce your carbon footprint and keep the air we breathe clean is important, but don’t forget that clearing your energetic air or space is also important. Magically clearing the air around you helps you maintain your sacred space and create an environment to live a magical life.

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Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Want Money? Try This Magic Spell

Looking for how to attract money into your reality? Magic spells, like a simple candle spell, with directors and limiters are a good start. There are magic spells that can get very complicated and involved that require an experienced magical practitioner to create and perform. But a simple candle spell can be done by experienced or beginning practitioners. It's one of the simple magical techniques you'll find in our Witchcraft Spell Book: The Complete Guide of Witchcraft Rituals & Spells for Beginners.

About Candle Spells 
A magic spell is a formalized intention put into an energy form to break through obstacles to achieve a particular goal. A candle spell like any magic spell starts with a purpose or goal. In a candle spell the candle is programmed to act in a certain way towards that purpose. It also energizes, activates and feeds the spell. Since magic is a precision science, any good magic spell will have directors and limiters built into it. The candle in a candle spell translates those directors and limiters into an energy matrix that has force in the world. 

Directors and Limiters
Are you familiar with directors and limiters used in magic spells? These are very important as they are the way we tell the Universe exactly what we want and what we don't want to happen as a result of the spell. For example, if you are asking for money and you don't specify certain criteria, you may find a penny on the ground. Not exactly the amount of money you were hoping for probably, but the Universe did deliver you money. Or if you don't specify certain ways that you don't want the money to come to you then you may find you are the beneficiary of a life insurance policy. In that case you get the money you are seeking but at the expense of a family member's death. Also not what you wanted to happen. By using directors and limiters in your magic spells you can avoid these types of occurrences and define exactly what you want. 

Directors tell what you want your spell to accomplish. Limiters tell what you do NOT want to have happen as a result of your spell. You should include how, what, and when factors when writing directors and limiters. Generally they need to have the spell's purpose, how certain elements and energies will be used, safeguards for the spell and when the spell will start and when it will stop. Writing good directors and limiters takes much thought and some experience. Take your time and really think it through. You need to be very specific about certain things such as how much money you want and what time period you need it by when writing directors. Then when you start writing limiters, think a bit like a lawyer writing a contract. Anything you leave to chance will follow the path of least resistance and may achieve your goal, but in a way that you didn't want. Include things in your limiters such as "no harm or untimely death will occur to self or others or their property as a result of this spell" or that "money will only be obtained through legal means". Be sure also that your spell does not bind another person in any way or cause them to do something against their will as that goes against the laws that govern magical practice. You also have to give a lot of thought to how you word your directors and limiters. We had a student once who specified that the Universe not bring him more business than he could handle emotionally. He broke up a long term relationship shortly after launching the spell and was an emotional wreck. The Universe acting on his instructions sent no business his way. 

Leave Some Wiggle Room
Now that we've made a case for how and why to be specific with your directors and limiters, we have to look at the other side of the coin. You also don't want to be so specific that you are not reasonable or are so restrictive that the Universe doesn't have any room to work within. For example, asking that you get one million dollars immediately is not reasonable. This is real magic at work, not fantasy magic that has a genie appear to immediately grant you any wish. Remember that a spell is an energy matrix that has to gather force and overcome barriers over time. Asking for something that is impossible will just make the spell null and void. So for example, when specifying numbers in your directors and limiters, use ranges instead of exact numbers for ages, salary, sizes, amounts, dates and so on. This gives the spell more freedom to achieve its goal. For beginners, it's a good idea to start creating spells that will have small effects until you gain some experience. As you get more experience, you can then move on to bigger things. You can see samples of good directors and limiters in the Witchcraft Spell Book: The Complete Guide of Witchcraft Rituals & Spells for Beginners book if you need help getting started. 

Launching a Candle Spell 
After deciding on good directors and limiters for your candle spell, you are ready to design and launch the spell. This simple candle spell only has 3 steps to follow. 

1. Write 
Write your directors and limiters down on paper once you have established them. Make sure they are written clearly and concisely and do not violate the Rules of the Road, but that they allow for plenty of space and time for the spell to work. 

2. Light – 
Put the paper with your directors and limiters written on it on top of a plate and under a Sun Yellow candle. Fold the paper if you need to for it to fit under the candle on the plate. Then charge the Sun Candle with this verse:
"Child of Wonder, 
Child of Flame, 
Nourish My Spirit, 
And bring my aim!"
Repeat this verse between 3 and 7 times if you'd like to and leave the candle burning for 30 minutes to an hour at a time. At the end of the time blow the candle out. Be sure to blow and not snuff the candle as blowing sends the request and snuffing smothers it. Repeat this step every single day for up to 40 days. 

3. Be Bright – 
You have launched your spell and are continuing to feed energy into it by repeating step 2 daily, but the Universe is already working on delivering your request. The only other thing you have to do is to keep an open mind and heart. Look for signs that your request is coming to you, show appreciation for what you have and gratitude for what you know is coming, stay in a place of peace and joy and avoid letting mind drag you into doubt and skepticism. Be confident that the Universe will deliver your request. Allowing yourself to have negative emotions and doubts can set up a block that will not allow your desire to flow to you. The Universe will do its part to deliver, but you have to also be in a place from which you are able to receive. 

That's it. A simple candle spell that allows you to co-create with the Universe is a good way to start learning how to create and perform magic spells. The more experience you have, the easier it will become and the more magical your life can be. 

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