Thursday, April 27, 2017

How Does Magic Work? Check Out Magic at Work

Real magic does exist and you can do amazing things in your life when you add in magic. We get comments and stories all the time from people that are amazed at the ways they find to use magic in everyday life situations. Here are a couple of stories that have been shared by former students to give you some ideas of how real magic works.

Healing a Hawk
Shortly after I began Magic class, my husband and I were driving down from the mountains back to town. As we drove on the highway, my husband saw a beautiful hawk sitting on a fence post and just as he started to point it out to me, the hawk took off and flew head first at top speed into our windshield. In the rear view mirror, my husband saw him land at the side of the road after being thrown over the top of the car. Our windshield was broken with 3 large crack marks down the middle to attest to the force with which the hawk hit. We just knew he could not have survived the impact, but stopped anyway to see if we could do anything. My husband found him at the side of the road and miraculously he was still alive, but something was terribly wrong with his left wing. It just hung uselessly looking like it was hardly attached anymore. He stumbled along the ground as my husband approached unable to fly away and looking seriously hurt. I then remembered what I had been learning in Magic class and thought it couldn't hurt to try some energy boxes. I first threw him a couple of boxes of sun yellow and then some powder blue air and clear air boxes with various characteristics in them. Suddenly the hawk took off just as I had thrown my last box and we watched him soar, flap and use that wing like nothing had happened. We watched until he had totally flown out of sight and I was sure he would be fine.

The Great Dog Escape
My lesson in "Basic Magic" came to the rescue recently in an adventure I call "The Great Dog Escape". Without magic, New Year's Eve 2001 could have meant Auld Lange Syne for me and Birgit, my Arctic white wolf/Akita cross, and her mate, Bjorn, the Chow Chow mix. Birgit absolutely hates fireworks, so she tunneled out from under the six foot chain link fence (with hot wire) during the festivities of the neighborhood, though I had given her an herbal anxiety remedy. I returned from a potluck to find nothing but a hole under the fence and a tuft of wolf hair.

After searching frantically and calling the dogcatcher, I calmed down and began to use the "water bowl", a technique the "Basic Magic" class had just learned (for finding lost objects and for telepathic communication) the night before the break-out. At first, I saw Birgit's head exploding, which I translated as bad news. Over the next few days, I connected with the dogs and felt their life force, a great relief. Birgit let me know the firework explosions made her crazy in the head. Bjorn "said" he just went along for the ride, but he was now very sorry because he had something stuck between his eyes. Both communicated they didn't know how to get home. I told them we needed a third party to help us, because I didn't know where they were.

Four days after their departure, the two escapees were brought home by the dogcatcher. They had taken refuge in someone's doghouse, where they were found and reported. They came home tired, hungry, thirsty and smelling strongly of skunk. Birgit apologized in dog "body language", though she seemed relieved because I had assured her in the "water bowl" conversations that she wasn't in trouble. And Bjorn had a porcupine quill between his eyes, a real confirmation of the accuracy of the "water bowl" technique.

Using the "water bowl" to contact the dogs kept me from untold grief during the beginning of the New Year, a time I use to envision my goals for the rest of the year. Had I a bit more practice with the technique, I probably could have even found the dogs without the help of the family with the doghouse and the dogcatcher. I plan to board the animals for New Year's Eve next year, but I am practicing the "water bowl" technique in case I ever need to help someone else.

These are just a couple of examples of how magic can work in your life, but the possibilities are endless. For everything from healing to finding your dream job to defending yourself from psychic or physical attack to working on relationships to just about anything you need help with, magic techniques are available. For more stories about real magic see our Magic At Work page. And to get started putting magic at work in your life check out our other blog articles and Magical Articles Library, Facebook page, and get your free copy of 10 Magical Quick Fixes ebook.

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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Personalize Your Magic to Make it One of a Kind – The Art of Cut and Fit

Once you get to really know certain magic daily rituals inside and out, you can start to personalize them. Magically, we call that cut and fit. Suppose the Navajo Beauty Way becomes a long term ritual for you. Once you have done it for a while, you can start to experiment with different greetings. This is one ritual that we start students off doing right away in Basic Magic and continue throughout. In that course you can see the progression of greetings as they have extra lines added to them. Here's an example of cut and fit using the Navajo Beauty Way ritual of Day Greetings and Day Endings.

Day Greetings and Day Endings
This magical ritual is done each morning and each evening. It creates a connection with higher beings to establish a relationship with them that will give you access to their guidance and help. The basic form of this ritual is as follows.

1. Go outside and face East holding your arms out in front of you with your palms facing towards each other.

2. Say out loud, "Winds of Knowledge (or Winds of the East), I bid you good morning (or good night)."

3. Lower your arms, turn clockwise to face the South, holding your arms out in front of you with palms facing downwards

3. Say out loud, "Winds of Power (or Winds of the South), I bid you good morning (or good night)."

4. Lower your arms, turn clockwise to face the West, holding your arms out in front of you with palms facing upwards.

5. Say out loud, "Winds of Feeling" (or Winds of the West), I bid you good morning (or good night)".

6. Lower your arms, turn clockwise to face the North, holding your arms out in front of you with palms facing forward (as in a "stop" motion).

7. Say out loud, "Winds of Strength" (or Winds of the North), I bid you good morning (or good night)."

8. Lower your arms, turn clockwise to face the East, holding your arms up in a V towards the sky.

9. Say out loud, "Sky Father, I bid you good morning (or good night)."

10. Still facing the East lower your arms keeping them in the V shape so that they are pointing downwards toward the ground.

11. Say out loud, "And Earth Mother, I bid you good morning (or good night)."

Cut and Fit
Now that you know how to do the basic form of the ritual, let's look at some examples of the type of additions you can make to enhance the greeting. Each enhanced form attracts or brings various insights and magic to your life. In our classes, students do a different form of the ritual for a week at a time and record their experiences and observations from each. Some additions that we have used in the greetings (after the higher beings name and before "I bid you...") include:

Starting My Path
Seeking Knowledge
In Knowing
Seeking Power
In Beauty
Walking in Beauty
With Interest
With Compassion
Seeking Flow
Walking in Strength
Walking in Balance
Walking in Harmony
With Intention
In Anticipation
In Fulfillment
With Compassion
Walking In Joy
Walking in Acceptance
With Clarity
In Willingness
Walking In Grace
In Awareness

Give it a try. This form of the Beauty Way can bring magic to your life in all sorts of amazing ways. After you do the basic form long enough to be comfortable doing it, start cutting and fitting using some of the additional lines and record your results. More than likely you will find that the form you choose to practice will bring you awareness of just what you are needing or looking for. It works out that way because it is truly well... magic. And if you are looking for more about the Beauty Way, its forms, and other daily contact rituals a great place to start is with our Kindle Books.

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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Let Us Light Your Magical Fire, or at Least Kindle It!

Kindle Ebooks are a great way to study magic. You can bring a ton of magical knowledge with you on your Kindle device, your smartphone, or your tablet. Or you can read any of our magical Kindle Ebooks on your desktop computer. You never need a Kindle device to read these inexpensive yet magically-filled ebooks. Check out our most popular series of Kindle books, Witchcraft Spell Books, and enjoy!

Kindle Books: Witchcraft Spell Books Series
Here's an example of what you'll find in the first book of this Kindle book series:

Book 1 - Learn How to Do Witchcraft Rituals and Spells with Your Bare Hands
This book gives you a look at what witchcraft and real magic are and how developing a magical practice can benefit you. It also covers the Universal Laws that govern magical practice and how to develop a safe practice in accordance with these. You will also learn many rituals for establishing relationships with higher powers and beings and be given some magical techniques that you can start trying out right away for yourself such as the Bathtub Litany for relieving negativity and pain.

The Bathtub Litany: This ritual is effective for soothing all levels of pain, including physical inflammation and soreness, emotional frustration and anger, and repetitive mental thoughts that won't stop.

Fill the tub as full as possible with cool (just below body temperature) water, but not cold water. If the water is too cold it will create tension, and if the water is too hot it won't carry much Fire energy.

Lie back with your feet at the drain end and as much of your body as possible under the water. As you lie in the tub, picture your body as a glowing heating coil. This visualization will push Fire energy into the water, warming the water next to your skin. As you do so, the Fire energy will follow natural body flows.

Stir the water each time this visualization seems to warm the water next to your skin. After three or four "stirrings," open the tub drain and continue to lay back and radiate the Fire energies as the water level drops around you. Say this litany out loud in a voice of command as the water drains from the tub:

"All the tension, all the strain,
All the pain with excess flame,
Flow with water, down the drain!"

As the water flows down the drain, picture the Fire energies mixing with the water. Keep repeating the litany aloud. Speak the litany with authority and power. Keep saying it until you feel that the excess Fire energy is gone. Continue the process until all the water is gone from the tub. At this point, you should feel more peaceful, relaxed, and physically at ease.

More Kindle Books in the Witchcraft Spell Books Series
After you get your magical fire going with the first Kindle book in this series, take a look at the 2nd and 3rd books. If you just can't wait and want everything at once, then Book 4 is for you. Book 4 - Witchcraft Spell Book: The Complete Guide of Witchcraft Rituals & Spells for Beginners is a compilation of the first 3 books all in one Kindle book. Books 2 and 3 are just what their titles imply. Here's some of the specific topics you can expect to find there.

Book 2 - Learn How to Do Witchcraft Rituals and Spells with Household Ingredients
Book 2 in this Kindle book series covers topics such as doing the Sun Candle Blessing, relocating unwanted Spirits that may be in your home or space, several rituals and techniques for dealing with and grounding out negative energies and states, preventing nightmares, getting answers from higher sources to questions you have, creating simple candle spells and using a Book of Shadows.

Book 3 - Learn How to Do Witchcraft Rituals and Spells with Magical Tools
Ebook 3 in the series teaches you how to make, find, key and use magical tools for specific operations such as how to use the magical Earth tool, the Plate, for healing, sending psychic messages with a Chalice, the Water element tool, using a pendulum to clear negative energies or conditions, using the Firebowl to get rid of that which does not serve you and is unwanted, using the Wand, the Air element tool, for healing and using the Chalice for a nighttime blessing ritual.

As you can see for a very small financial investment there's lots to kindle your magical fire with these Kindle books. If you are new to magic and looking for a place to start developing your magical techniques, these books will make a great resource and learning tool for you that you can take with you wherever you go.

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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Is a Black Cat Really Bad Luck?

Whether a black cat is bad luck or not depends on each individual's experience, beliefs and superstitions he or she subscribes to. Superstitions only have as much force as you give them plus as much force as other people have given them over the years. The less you believe, the less force that superstition has on the planet. The force of something like a superstition can actually be weighed and measured, like any kind of knowledge. Up to you whether you choose to add or subtract from it. Daily rituals can help you add or subtract that kind of force in your life.

How Daily Rituals Work in Your Life
Doing daily rituals creates a doorway that allows your desires to manifest in your life with the help of the Universe. Engaging in daily rituals also creates a channel for us to connect with the higher in our lives which includes our own inner guidance, totem spirits, angels and other powers and beings. Most people are so busy during the day that they have a hard time hearing the quiet voices of higher guidance. Our guides speak to us all the time and are willing and eager to help us manifest what we want in life. We just don't hear them over all the noise of things like cell phones, TV, gossip, and traffic. This is where doing daily rituals comes in. It helps us set aside sacred time to connect with the higher and listen to what our guides are saying. Having these forces at work in our lives allows us to pull away from mechanical reactions and old beliefs put on us by others so we can follow our own paths and find what is true for us.

In doing daily rituals, consistency is a key element. By doing a ritual consistently at the same time every time you increase the level and quality of the connection with the higher. There are rituals that you only need to do when the need arises such as those for pain relief or when you need to manifest a certain thing in your life. Then there are other rituals that you want to do every day. These are the ones that will establish connection and relationships with the Universe and higher powers and beings and your own inner guidance. With these type of daily rituals another key element is to keep them simple. If the ritual is too complex the chances of it getting done around our busy schedules lessens.

If you already have a daily ritual practice then we'd love to hear what you do. Leave your story in the comments. If you don't, then check out our Daily Rituals for Attracting What You Want in Life ebook. With this ebook you will receive directions on a variety of rituals such as for pain relief, contact rituals, getting information you need and lots more. It will also help you learn the key ingredients to creating daily rituals yourself.

So is a black cat bad luck? That's up to you to decide. With the help of daily rituals you can hear your own inner guidance and block out the old beliefs others have fed you and find the truth for yourself. Start a magical connection with the higher and give all those poor black cats given a bad rap a break by breaking through the forces that produce superstitions.

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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Magical Inspiration, Fun, and Knowledge All in One Place!

Looking for a little magical inspiration for your latest spell? Need a little magical help from the community? Want to ask a question about a specific magical technique? The Esoteric School is the one to ask, and our Facebook page is the place to go. Here we offer fun, magical expertise, sharing, caring, and much more. Visit, post, ask, share, and have a magically rollicking time! You are definitely invited!

If you haven't joined in on our magical Facebook community lately here's some of what you've missed.

Moving Energy for Pain Relief
Sometimes physical pain and discomfort is the result of stuck or stagnant energy in the body. Our energy can get stuck because of a sedentary lifestyle, old injuries, stress, resentments...the list goes on. In short, we can have stuck energy as a result of everyday events and situations, which results in physical pain. The real question is, what can we do about it?

One of the best and easiest ways to clear energy blockages and get your energy moving freely again is to do this simple healing magic ritual taught in many metaphysical traditions. Here's how:

1. Get in a comfortable position and close your eyes.

2. Relax and breathe for a few moments.

3. Begin by noticing feelings or sensations in your left hand. Some people experience a feeling of warmth or tingling. The sensation may be different for you. It doesn't matter so long as you are aware of sensation in your left hand.

4. Gently move that sensation up your left arm, across your back, down your right arm, and onto your right hand.

5. Now reverse the movement and move the sensation along the same path from your right hand back to your left hand.

6. Now put the sensation on your left foot, and move it up your left leg, across your waist, down your right leg and onto your right foot.

7. Now reverse the movement and move the sensation along the same path from your right leg back to your left leg.

8. Finally, put the sensation at the base of your spine and move that sensation slowly up your spine to the top of your head.

9. Keeping that sensation there, say aloud, "I am."

10. Release your attention from the sensation at the top of your head. Relax and breathe deeply for a few minutes. Open your eyes.

Question Circle Ritual
One of the rituals you'll discover in our Daily Rituals to Attract What You Want in Life ebook is the Question Circle. This ritual helps you address the beings of the four directions for help and guidance. You receive different types of information from the various directions. This is because the beings in the different directions all specialize in certain areas. For example, the East will give you information about communication, planning and ideas. South will give you guidance on steps of action to take, willpower energy and desire. From the West you will get feelings and spirit guidance and the North will give you more practical steps to take.

To do this ritual you will need to gather a Sun Yellow Candle that can easily be carried from place to place, wooden or paper matches to light the candle, a pen, and notebook or paper. After you gather your materials, here's how to do the Question Circle ritual:

1. Locate the directions north, south, east and west. Use a compass if you need to in order to assure you have the directions correct.

2. Create a circle of space about 5-10 feet in diameter.

3. Sit in the South side of your circle facing to the North with your Sun candle in front of you.

4. Light your candle with the wooden or paper matches, hold your hands above and around the flame of the candle and charge the candle by saying:

"Child of wonder, child of flame, nourish my spirit and protect my aim."

5. Now take your candle, pen and paper with you and go sit in the center of your circle facing to the East.

6. Write down your question which for example might be "what blind spots do I have in regards to finances" or "what is blocking the flow of money from coming to me" or "what's the best way to get a job".

7. Take the next 3-5 minutes to let the question just sit in your mind. Don't try to answer it, just sit with it.

8. Next, take your sun candle, paper and pencil with you and move to the East perimeter of your circle. Set your candle down in front of you and ask the question you wrote down out loud to the East. Be prepared for a flurry of information to come at you usually faster than you can write it all down.

9. Start writing everything you get until no more information is coming. Thank the direction of the East and move in a clockwise direction to the next direction which would be the South.

10. Repeat steps 8 and 9 in each direction, moving clockwise to each direction when finished with the previous one. In other words you will start with East as we have outlined, then proceed to repeat the process with South, then West, then North.

11. After you finish the process with North, go back and sit in the center of the circle facing the East and send thanks out all the way around the circle and blow out your candle.

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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Sudden Health Crisis? Need a Magic Wand Tool?

We are being a little tongue in cheek, but magic can help with both--magic can help with a healing crisis and we can also teach you how to create a magic wand tool to use for healing.

How Magic Works 
Real magic isn't quite like you see in most of the fantasy shows on TV and in the movies, although you can accomplish many of things portrayed there. It usually just isn't done exactly the way the fictional characters do it. The first thing to know about how real magic works is that it follows the operating laws of the Universe. These laws govern everything and they exist whether you know them or not and whether you believe in them or not. The second thing is that everything in the Universe is made up of some combination of the four elements air, fire, water and earth. If you want to create anything in this Universe, you have to know the right mix of elemental ingredients. You have to know how much air, fire, water and earth need to be mixed into your creation and in what order they need to be mixed. On a more practical level that translates into what kind of thoughts (air), actions (fire), emotions (water) and resources (earth) need to go into your creation. The four elements are at the basis of magic which is why we start our beginning students off with an in-depth study of them.

Healing With Magic 
Magic gives you a shortcut to what you want. For example, if you are angry a lot of the time and you want to change this, you could spend months or years in therapy and that could work. But with magic you would understand that anger is the element Fire in a red-orange color. You would also know that decreasing the fire element in your energetic makeup to balance your red-orange energy on a regular basis will help you not be angry all the time and in a much shorter time-frame. Same thing is true with a physical illness. There are many different magical techniques that work for healing. You will find a wide variety of these in our Energy Healing for Self and Others ebook. Healing with energy allows you to bring energy states which have become disharmonious back into natural balance. Sometimes this is done with magical tools like the magic wand tool and sometimes with the energetic vibrations of various types of plants. There are also techniques done with bare hands, through spellwork, sound, color, using simulacra and many more.

Magic Wand Tool
Why do we put "magic wand tool" in the title? Because a magic wand is a tool and just one of the things it can be used for is magical healing. Specifically, it is the tool that flows the element Air. A proper air magic wand is made of wood. It should be made from an Air-oriented wood so that it is able to handle Air energies. Light-weight and light-colored wood such as white pine, birch, peeled willow, or aspen are examples of good Air-oriented woods. Balsa wood on the other hand is light in weight, but is too soft to use for a wand. The wood needs to be hard enough to last and to handle the energies that will flow through it. Do not use glass, which has too much Water energy, or crystals which are an infinite-spectrum material making them hard to control, for making your wand.

The wood you will need for your wand is a limb that is about ¼ to 3/8 inch diameter from a live tree or recently fallen from a live tree. Don't forget to ask the tree for permission before taking its limb and do not use dowels or other types of processed wood sticks. When searching for the perfect limb, get one that is no thicker than your thumb and no smaller than your pinky. It also needs to be long enough to reach from about the bend in your elbow to the base of your middle finger and no longer than to the tip of your middle finger. The limb should be fairly straight without a lot of bends, curves or notches in it. Searching for the perfect limb can be a magical experience in itself. As you walk through a wooded area of trees take the time to be with nature and listen for a limb that 'calls' to you.

Making Your Own Wand 
After you find the perfect limb to make your own wand, you need to make the surface of it smooth. Peel off the bark and if needed, do some light sanding with a fine sandpaper to make it smooth with a satiny finish. Before doing the sanding, notice which end is the growing end of the limb and which end was nearest to the tree trunk. This is important because the growing end will be the tip of your wand and the end closest to the tree trunk will be the base of your wand. Using a knife, carve a notch in the base end of the wand and whittle a rounded off pointed tip at the tip end. Make sure the notch you carve in the base is open and large enough to allow Air energies to be easily drawn in. The notch will look like a V-shape in the end of the wand. The point should be a point, but rounded off so that it is not very sharp. If you have followed these directions, then you now have your own magic wand tool.

The Wand, as with other magical tools, is basically an extension of the magic practitioner's own energies. It allows us to handle more energies when doing air magic than we can with our hands alone. In other words, it extends or magnifies our "reach". This is one reason you want to make sure you "key" your wand before using it. To make it an extension of ourselves, it needs to be personalized to our own energies. Keying also aligns the molecules in our magical tools so that the energies flow only in certain directions and it clears out any junky or impure energies that may already exist in the materials of the tool. You can learn more about using the Wand in our Wand: Air Tool ebook.

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