Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Give the Gift of Magic this Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is a time to count your blessings, of giving and of gratitude. If you have been developing a magical practice that has blessed your life, this is a good time of the year to spread the joy. Nothing makes a better Thanksgiving gift than a magical toolbox filled with useful magical tips and techniques that will make anyone's life easier and more fun. These techniques help anyone access universal helpers, understand how the universe works in magical terms, and how to use magical techniques to smooth the way over life's bumps. This series of books starts simple and moves on to more advanced techniques to handle more complex situations. Examples include...
  • contact rituals
  • working with angels, totems and other higher spirit beings
  • scrying and sending psychic messages
  • walking meditations
  • rooting
  • weather working with clouds
  • candle blessing and spells
  • relocating unwanted spirits in your home
  • getting answers from Spirit helpers and own Spirit
  • grounding out negative energies
  • preventing nightmares
  • clearing negative energies with the pendulum
  • sending psychic messages with a chalice
  • using the firebowl to get rid of the unwanted
  • healing with the wand through Touch Assist

Here is a sample of one of the techniques you'll find in this series of books.

Preventing Nightmares
This ritual uses standing water to magically clear negative energy and prevent nightmares. Since Water is the element connected with Spirit it is good for soaking up the Spirit's terrors. Using a magically programmed glass of water next to the bed before going to sleep will help many people avoid having nightmares by the water absorbing any negative spiritual energy throughout the night. For this ritual you will need a Sun Yellow candle, paper or wooden matches, a compass, a glass that is preferably a bright blue color, spring water and sea salt. After collecting these materials, you will need to program the glass of water each night. For this ritual follow these directions.

1. Locate the cardinal direction of West with the compass. (West is the direction of the Spirit).

2. After locating West, sit in that direction and face that direction.

3. Charge Sun candle (if you have not done this before see how HERE)

4. Wait until you have a tall working flame on your candle.

5. Fill your glass halfway with spring water.

6. Add a sprinkle of sea salt.

7. Cup both your hands around the glass and flow Water Blue (bright blue, not a light or sky blue which is Air energy) energy through the glass in a clockwise direction from left hand to right hand and through the glass.

8. Continue flowing Water Blue energy into the glass this way for about 30 seconds. Don't think about the process just do it.

9. Move the glass so that it swirls the water in it gently in a clockwise direction while you breathe Water Blue energy in to the water in the glass.

10. In a voice of command say the following verse aloud. You will blow Water Blue energy into the glass before you begin to say the verse, after each line of the verse and at the end of the verse. As you say the verse continue to swirl the water in the glass in a clockwise direction.

11. The verse to use that programs or "charges" the water to prevent nightmares is:
"Water and Earth where you stand,
Let no spell nor adverse purpose land,
Not in accord with me.
Keep nightmares far from this space,
Far from here send baneful trace.
Thus my will, so it be!"
12. Now place the glass of water on a table or nightstand next to the bed close to where the person's head will be.

13. Blow out the candle.

This water that is now "charged" will absorb thoughts and emotions that are released during the night and will block any nightmares coming from an outside source. When we sleep we are more spiritually open and this standing water is able to more easily absorb the negative energies that are responsible for nightmares. The next morning just pour the water out of the glass and down your sink drain. Do not drink it since it is now full of negative energy that you certainly don't want to absorb. People particularly troubled by nightmares may need to repeat this ritual for 40 nights in a row to make it a permanent solution.

If you suffer from nightmares, give this ritual a try and we hope it gives you one more thing to add to your gratitude list this Thanksgiving. If you know someone else that could benefit from this ritual, pass it along. If you want to really give a gift of magic this Thanksgiving, consider sending one of our magical Kindle books to friends or family and let them discover what magic can do to enhance their lives.

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