Thursday, January 31, 2019

How-To Psychic Exercises

Every single person on this planet has psychic abilities. There is not a single person who doesn't. The difference between people who are "psychic" and people who are not is often just a matter of practice. Obviously there are people who are naturally more tuned-in to psychic wavelengths than others, but there are also many other psychics who simply practice their abilities with regular "how-to psychic exercises." In other words, you can develop your own psychic abilities with do-it-yourself psychic exercises.

While the idea of do-it-yourself home repair may sound perfectly normal, the idea of how-to psychic exercises may seem strange. But in reality, these psychic exercises are very simple and can be done very easily in public without anyone noticing what you are doing. Here are two how-to psychic exercises to get you started: the perimeter game and the come-along game.

** 1. The Perimeter Game **

As a how-to psychic exercise, this game is a cinch. In this game you basically set up an energetic or psychic perimeter around yourself in a public place. Just close your eyes and imagine an energy circle surrounding you. You then notice, without using your eyes, whenever someone steps inside that perimeter.

To play this game, at least once a day (not while driving) establish a 10' to 20' energetic perimeter around you. Do this in a public place such as a park, restaurant, outdoor café, or bus stop. Closing your eyes, tell yourself to notice when anyone enters your perimeter. When you sense that someone has entered your energetic circle, open your eyes to confirm it. Gradually you may increase the size of your circle. You'll notice that the more you practice this psychic exercise the more sensitive your psychic abilities will be.

** 2. The Come-Along Game **

This how-to psychic exercise is also simple and you just need to take a few minutes at the start of your day to set it up. Once each day make a plan attract an event into your life today. In other words, focus on something and make it "come along" into your life. Choose a word, event, or topic, perhaps a even specific person-either a simple one, such as "cherries," or more complex one like the Berlin Wall or the Beatles. You could also choose a specific song that is rarely heard, such as "Wildwood Flowers" or "On Top of Old Smokey." You can even give the Universe a command such as, "Bring me cherries today." Then see if that topic shows up in your life today. You may come across it in a newspaper or magazine, in overhearing someone else's conversation, or in a movie. Stay open to the possibilities and, as always, thank the Universe when your chosen topic shows up!

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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Learning Without Struggle

Schools, churches, authority figures, parents and friends influence us in ways we aren't even aware of! One of the main ways that they influence us is by teaching us the old adage, "no pain, no gain." With their help, we have all become quite accustomed to believing that we must experience struggle and pain to succeed or create in this world. This belief is so common that, for most of us, it is the lens through which we view our world – a lens of which we are hardly aware.

Luckily for those of us who are tired of struggling, this Earth School has very flexible rules. In fact, we make our own rules. What does that mean? It means that if you want to learn and create without struggle, you only have to inform the Universe of your decision. If you never want to learn another lesson through pain and struggle, just tell the Universe that you'd like to learn exclusively through pleasing experiences.

We have a friend who, whenever he asks the Universe for help or assistance, tells the Universe to bring him the results in pleasing ways that he can easily understand. And does he struggle? Not much! He lives the most peaceful life we have ever witnessed, and he does it all by choice.

So the next time you ask the Universe for some result or some lesson, add the caveat that you do not wish to struggle or experience pain. Then, get ready to have fun and experience some really wonderful times. Good luck!

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Thursday, January 24, 2019

The Beauty of the Navajo Beauty Way

For almost three decades I have been practicing and using the Navajo Beauty Way as a form of magical practice. Used by the Navajo tribe when they were being moved from their native lands onto reservations, the Beauty Way (in various forms) has actually been used in tribal traditions from very ancient times. It is an incredible magical ritual that helps you connect with higher powers and beings and restore a state of inner peace and harmony. It is also a form of "magic spell work in action" that can be done without great effort but to great effect.

We have introduced the Navajo Beauty Way to many of you in articles covering Day Greetings and Day Endings, and the Walking Litany. We hear from people all the time how the effect of this 3 part ritual is truly magical. Participants have all kinds of magical interactions, and learn to see magic in many new ways. The effect has been so strong from those we've heard from, that I definitely want to introduce it to more people. Hence, this blog post!

The Beauty and Magic of This Ritual
Before I dive into the "how," I want to give you the "why" for the Beauty Way. In other words, what does the Beauty Way do for you? Here's a list to get you started.

The Navajo Beauty way is a non-denominational set of exercises from very ancient times, designed to:
  • Restore personal power through developing trust in one's wisdom gained through personal experience
  • Enhance creative flow and one's connection to the environment and nature's laws and forces
  • Help us learn new skills and use new tools for observing and maintaining harmonious and pro-active inner states
  • Develop a practical working relationship with higher powers and beings or natural forces and laws
  • Create stability and choice in walking in different realities and worlds.
  • Being safe and protected without the need to build walls or hide behind masks.
  • Establish and maintain contact with higher powers and beings or natural forces and laws so as to live in compliance with and gain support in our creative endeavors.
  • Maintain spiritual integrity for individuals or groups during times of high external change and stress.
  • Preserve cultural and spiritual identity beyond the efficacy of sociological myths in times of breakdown, and restructuring of communities, tribes or nations.
  • Restore the balance both internally and externally between the feminine aspect of integration and oneness, and the masculine aspect of separation and duality.
Powerful magic, isn't it?

Dive Into the Beauty Way
So history lesson aside, let's dive right into the Beauty Way. There's no sense in knowing about a magical ritual if you can't use it, right? The Beauty Way has three different forms:

1. Exit Ritual
2. Day Greetings and Endings
3. Walking Litany

We'll start with the simplest form, the Exit Ritual. The Exit Ritual helps us connect with higher powers and beings multiple times during the day. Connecting us with powers and beings is useful because they can help us get back into that feeling of peace and serenity. They exist at a higher level than we do, so it's often easier for us to ask them for help rather than trying to do it all ourselves. The Exit Ritual also realigns our chi or life force, which can become distorted from working and living in buildings with strong electromagnetic fields.

How to Do the Exit Ritual

To do the Exit Ritual, follow this procedure every time you leave an enclosed space such as a car, building or house:

1. Extend your focus up into the sky and say aloud, "Sky Above." The reason we extend our focus first is that the Exit Ritual is a form of asking favor from powers and beings so it is appropriate that we go to them rather than asking them to come to us. In ritual, when we have carefully prepared sacred space, we can invite them in and then bid them farewell.

2. While keeping your awareness above, extend your focus into the earth and say aloud, "And Earth Below."

3. Then, keeping awareness of both above and below, say aloud, "I Greet You."

4. Wait a moment and see what happens. Be alert for acknowledgement or response in one of these three ways:

- From within you, such as a realization, a change of attitude or belief, a new awareness.

- Changes in your environment, such as a sudden breeze, a change in the color of the sky, a bird or animal suddenly appearing visually or vocally, or a tree or shrub suddenly becoming vividly visible.

- A response from Sky and/or Earth: a special message for you, an answer to a question, or guidance and new directions.

5. What happens may happen in just that moment, or it may happen throughout the day. It may change the quality of your day, your awareness...whatever you notice. You may also want to use hand gestures: Arms raised in a upward facing V for "Sky Father" and arms down in a downward facing V for "Earth Mother."

Sound good? Dive right in. Have issues, questions, or comments? Post a comment to the blog. We love hearing about magic!

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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Why Free Magic Spells, Rituals, and Tools Often Backfire

Need a little magic in your life? Who doesn't?

Look no further than the internet and Google for an unending source of free magical spells, rituals, and tools. The internet has been a real boon for connecting magical practitioners from all over the world, which is absolutely great. There are plenty of free spells, rituals and other magical how-to guides out there. The fact that they are free is a plus because not everyone is looking for an intense apprenticeship in magic. The only problem is that a lot of these free spells and rituals either backfire or don't work.

Hundreds of people who have tried these free online magic spells, rituals, and tools email us every week. Why? Because the spells and rituals they used have either made their lives worse or the spells flat don't work. The fact is that while magic is real and spells often do work, most of the spells and rituals found online are too generic to work well in certain situations.

There are three things you should know about the magic spells, rituals, and tools you find online:

1. Safe Spells
Responsible practitioners will often publish only the safest and most generic magic spells and rituals online. These spells are safe for almost everyone to use and tend to "fix" small life problems but are fairly powerless against big or complex problems. You can cast these spells as often as you want, but the results usually won't have "big bang" effects.

2. Unintended Consequences of Spells
Some less-responsible practitioners freely offer more potent spells, rituals, and tools to the general public. These spells and rituals are often far more powerful but, if used incorrectly, can have devastating effects. One of our students used a free online money spell and the results were both great and tragic. She got the money she wanted. The only problem was that the money came from her husband's life insurance policy, and he died three weeks after she cast the spell. Powerful spells without limitations (specifying, for instance, that no one die as a result of this spell) can often lead to disaster.

3. Spell Interference
It's not unusual for magic spells and rituals to encounter interference, either from other people or from your own belief systems. To "make room" in your life for spells and rituals to work, you often have to engage in other practices such as meditation or yoga to quiet your inner landscape. If you don't, the spell or ritual will often become stronger and stronger, which can cause it to backfire. We've had to help some people take down backfiring spells for this reason. Until they were taken down, the spells were affecting the health, bank account, or relationships of the spell casters.

Many of the magic spells, rituals, and tools you find online can really enhance your life, but if you find yourself in a bind because either the spells and rituals are not working or they are wrecking your life, stop everything. Find a practitioner to help you sort out what is going on and decide whether you need to take down the spell or use a different set of magical tools.

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Thursday, January 17, 2019

One Simple Way to Improve Your Psychic Development

Everyone has the ability to be psychic, but some people just naturally are in tune with their psychic abilities and some have to "learn how to be psychic". That is they need to practice skills that will put them in touch with their psychic abilities and develop them. The "As above, so below" principle of magic is useful when one needs to learn how to be psychic. This principle basically says that when we change one part of our being, every part has to change to match it. With this in mind, using some form of moving practice can be helpful. If you move your body, you also move your mind and spirit. When learning how to be psychic you have to be able to change the way you think and how your spirit perceives the world. Doing a moving practice also engages your moving center which is an important part of the direct body-to-spirit connection and helps to short circuit the negative emotions and doubts that may intrude on you receiving psychic information

Types of Moving Practice
There are many types of moving practice that can be used to successfully change the way your body and thus your mind and spirit work. Examples are:
  • yoga
  • tai chi
  • stretching exercises
  • running
  • walking
The more a practice increases the body's flexibility, the more flexible the mind and spirit become. For this reason, choosing a practice that involves increasing flexibility in the body will allow your mind and spirit to adapt more readily to receiving psychic information and create less resistance. When the body moves, so does the mind and spirit and the body registers all that happens in the mind and spirit. Physical stretching such as done in yoga is beneficial.

Self Observe
As you begin doing your moving practice, start noticing areas of resistance in your life created by conflicts between mind and spirit or what you think and what you actually know. Look for conflicting beliefs or any situation where you feel irritation, anger, nervousness, anxiety, depression or just moody. Once you identify these situations, ask your spirit guides to help you through acceptance. Notice when you have a negative emotion what your body is doing. Are you pacing, making a face, tensing up somewhere in your body, twitching? Take a few moments to passively self observe and then work on stilling your physical response by making your internal reaction passive. This will help with making your body more flexible.

Cross Crawling
Cross Crawling is a type of moving practice that most people can easily do without learning a lot of different poses and steps. Here's how it's done:
  • get down on the floor on your hands and knees
  • begin to crawl across the floor with your opposite hand and knee striking the ground at the same time (ie- right hand, left knee; then left hand, right knee)
  • keep crawling moving very deliberately for up to 10 minutes
That's it, simple right? This technique creates a dual sensation that rebalances the two sides of your brain. Since your brain is the physical analog for your mind, rebalancing it leads to a rebalanced mind. Be sure that if you crawl in a circle, you go in both directions. Cross crawling can actually change the chemical balance in your body and realign your energy flow.

To learn more about developing and using your psychic abilities see our Psychic Development Ebook in the school store. You can learn how to be psychic by developing your spirit abilities, living in personal power and beginning to access information that you can't possibly know through your five senses.

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Thursday, January 10, 2019

Getting Magically Active

We all know the self-help slogans that sometimes help us manifest what we want, such as:

"Fake it till you make it!"
"Act as if ..."
"Don't quit five minutes before the miracle!"

Sometimes these slogans work, and sometimes they don't. They don't work when we get impatient waiting for "something magical" to happen. That impatience tends to get in the way of the Universe to bring us what we want. So what's the magical solution for curing impatience? Simple:

Get active and get specific.

Magic is a precision science so getting specific in what we "do" can move us closer to manifesting what we want. And being active (translation: staying busy until the Universe manifests what we want) makes us feel better ... we like feeling like we are useful, productive, and essential in our manifestation. Trusting the Universe is just way too simple, sometimes!

Getting More Magically Active and Specific
So how do we get more active and specific in a way that doesn't interfere with the workings of the Universe? We have to translate those generalized slogans into specific actions that we can perform. For instance, consider the slogan "Act as if you already have what you want." Suppose you really want to take a trip to a sunny beach on another continent, but your bank account isn't even covering your bills. So you tell the Universe that you want to take this great beach vacation, the dates you want to go on this vacation, and the details of the vacation (like length of trip, how much spendable money, first class airfare, and so on).

Now the Universe knows what you want, and the wheels are already spinning to manifest what you want. Whew! That part is done. Now what do you do with yourself in the meantime? You get busy with actions that don't negatively affect your bank account and help you act "as if."

One woman helped herself co-create just this kind of vacation by keeping herself busy. She took lots of actions, but the one that started the whole process was this act: she packed her bags for her trip! Did she have her airline ticket yet? No. Did she have any money for any part of the trip yet? Nope. She had absolutely no physical evidence that her great vacation was going to happen.

What she did have was a suitcase and plenty of beachy clothes. So she packed her bags. She found out the luggage requirements for her trip, then filled her suitcase. Clothes, sunscreen, toothpaste, a couple of novels, sandals, and even a waterproof money-holder went into the suitcase. When she had finished packing her suitcase, she felt a deep sense of satisfaction -- which helped the Universe manifest her dream vacation even faster.

After she packed her bags, she continued her specific actions of "acting as if" she already had her vacation paid for. She lost weight and improved her body in preparation for showing off in a bikini. She got postal forms to stop her mail during her vacation. She gathered all relevant paperwork and potential travel documents into a folder.

What Not to Do
This woman had a great time acting as if she already had her vacation paid for, and the Universe complied with an unexpected windfall that allowed this woman to pay for every aspect of her dream trip.

What this woman did NOT do was to take any actions that could be interpreted as "working toward" her dream vacation. She didn't take a second job to earn money for her trip. She didn't sell a bunch of her stuff to get money for her trip. She didn't marry a rich man so she could take a trip. These are all viable ways to get your dream vacation. It's just that these actions mean that YOU are working on your vacation instead of allowing the Universe to bring it to you magically.

So ... when you find yourself frustrated with not having the stuff of your dreams, and you feel tempted to take a bunch of actions to "make it happen," stop and ask yourself this question:

"Do I want this to happen by magic or by blood, sweat, and tears?"

If you want the magic in your life, then take specific actions that you will have to take anyway when your dream manifests. Do NOT take actions that you would normally take if magic didn't exist.

In other words, "pack your bags!"

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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Making Space for Sacred Space

Happy New Year!
Do you feel the need to rejuvenate and refresh yourself for the New Year? Then create some sacred space in your life. When you read a great inspirational book, prayer, or article, don’t you think to yourself, “What a great idea! I should do more daily rituals, prayer, meditation…”? It always seems like a great idea, and what better time to start than in the New Year? We know that sacred practices and sacred space bring peace, harmony, joy, and ease into our lives. Sounds like a great idea!
The problem is that the impulse to add more sacred activity into our lives only lasts for a few moments—then life intrudes and we forget all about it until the next time we read something inspiring. So how can we really make space for sacred space in our lives? Luckily it’s not as hard as you think. Check out these simple ways you can expand the sacred in your life:

1) Be Simple and Consistent: Consistency in creating sacred space is much more important than quantity. Choose one sacred practice you will do every day, and do it every day. Even if you just sit and breathe for 3 minutes in silence, you’ll feel the benefit of those 3 minutes throughout your day.

2) Clear Out the Clutter: Sacred space means actually having a space where you can be in the sacred. Dedicate one area of your house to the sacred by clearing out all the excess junk, creating an altar or space for sacred objects there, and keeping it fresh with incense, candles, or plants. Keep the area energetically clean with by smudging with sage or cedar.

3) Have Great Beginnings or Endings: Putting sacred practice at the beginning or end of your day will make it easier to remember and do. Starting your day with sacred practice will bring you peace and awareness throughout the day. Ending your day with sacred practice will help you rest deeply and beneficially.

4) Take Your Sacred Space Outdoors: There’s nothing like nature to bring the sacred into our awareness. If you find it difficult to get out of your daily routine indoors, spend a few moments outdoors each day, greeting the sky and earth. You’ll be amazed at how fast you connect to the sacred.

5) Move in Sacredness: For those of us who can’t sit still long enough to meditate, walking can also be a way to create the sacred. Walking and praying, or walking and talking with our higher powers can create sacred space around you, plus you can take it with you everywhere you go!
Happy New Year!

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Thursday, January 3, 2019

Pendulum Divination: Simple Pendulum Exercise to Train Your Pendulum

Pendulum divination is an easy way to get information from the Universe or your body's own native wisdom. Like any other magical technique, pendulum divination needs to be practiced to get reliable results and your pendulum needs to be keyed and trained before using it. Here is a simple pendulum training exercise that you'll find in our third Kindle book, Learn How to Do Witchcraft Rituals and Spells with Magical Tools.

Cleanse Your Pendulum
Before training your pendulum, it needs to be cleansed. For this step you will need a cedar/sage smudge stick. While sitting in the South facing North, light the smudge stick with a paper or wooden match, and wait for it to produce a thick, dense column of smoke. Then out loud in a voice of command say this charge verse:
"Fire and Air where you are cast,
Let no spell nor adverse purpose last,
Not in accord with me!
Cleanse this tool and cleanse its space,
Far from here send baneful trace!"

Hold the pendulum in the smoke and keep it there until the smoke sticks to it. According to how much junky energy is attached to it, this could take up to 5 minutes. When this happens, the pendulum has been magically cleansed.

Key the Pendulum
One more thing to do before getting to training your pendulum for pendulum divination. It needs to be keyed. This will make it respond to your individual energies. Keying is a simple pendulum task. All you need to do is hold the pendulum in your dominant hand, the hand you point with, and flow energy into it for a minute or two. When the pendulum feels warm and/or tingly it is magically keyed.

Training Your Pendulum
The first step in training your pendulum for pendulum divination is to establish the "yes" and the "no" directions for it. Here's how to do the training.

1. Decide which direction will be the response for "yes", a vertical or horizontal swing. Whichever you pick, the opposite direction will be the response for "no".

2. Sit in a comfortable position and hold the pendulum so that it hangs suspended from your dominant hand and will swing freely. Rest your elbow on a table or your knee in order to stabilize your hand.

3. Swing your pendulum in a gentle clockwise circle and tell it, "Show me yes." Wait for the pendulum to settle into the proper swing (whatever direction your chose). If it doesn't, ask again.

4. After you get consistent results with the pendulum swinging in the direction you chose for "yes", repeat the process asking it to show you the swing for "no".

Now that you have established "yes" and "no" with the directions the pendulum will swing, start asking questions that your pendulum can answer for you. Start with questions in which the answer can be verified within a short 15-30 minute period. Word the question so that the answer will be either yes or no. For example, you might ask, "Will my spouse be home in the next 15 minutes?" Ask the question, get the answer by swinging the pendulum in a clockwise circle, then waiting for it to start swinging in either a vertical or horizontal direction. Note the answer by the direction of the swing according to which direction you trained it to represent yes and no. Then wait to verify the answer and see if your spouse does or does not come home in the next 15 minutes. Keep asking short questions and verifying them until you are able to get reliable and accurate answers. When you first start, it is not abnormal to get unreliable information. Don't sweat it, just keep practicing. Sometimes the pendulum needs to get connected solidly with your energy, you need practice forming questions in a clear and concise manner and you just need practice with this new magical tool. The more you work with your pendulum, the more accurate it will become. So relax and have fun with pendulum divination!

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