Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Want to Change Your Life Magically? Get Ready for the Big Burn

If you have anything unwanted in your life you can get rid of it magically with this ritual you'll find in our Kindle Book, Learn How to Do Witchcraft Rituals and Spells with Magical Tools along with lots of other great rituals. This ritual gives you the power of the Firebowl to do the Big Burn.

The Firebowl
When choosing a firebowl, look for one that is made of brass, cast-iron, ceramic or a hard hardwood. It should be 4-6 inches in diameter and 4-5 inches deep. It should also be a shape that is easily held with one or both hands and light enough to carry in one hand if necessary. Make sure your firebowl has a shape that will be stable when placed on a flat surface. The shape of the bowl should also be curved-in and flared back out at the top rim to promote "columning" of incense or smoke. For this ritual, along with a Firebowl, you will also need:
  • Self-starting charcoal discs
  • Wood chips to insulate the charcoal from resin or incense and facilitate burning
  • Pine resin
  • Finely ground or rubbed sage
  • Sun Candle
  • Pen and plenty of blank paper
Start by lighting the Sun Candle with wooden or paper matches and charging it with this verse:
"Child of Wonder,
Child of Flame,
Nourish My Spirit,
And Protect My Aim!"
Then follow these directions:
1. Stand or sit in the South facing North with your Firebowl and other materials in front of you.

2. Light the charcoal with a match lit from the flame of the charged Sun Candle. It should begin sparking within seconds.

3. Once charcoal in the center of the Firebowl is lit, blow Sun Yellow energy pulled from the Sun Candle into the Firebowl until the disc is burning well. 

4. Add wood shavings to the charcoal, then the pine resin, and then sage as needed until the Firebowl is producing a good column of smoke.

5. Blowing Sun Yellow into the charcoal before and after the verse, and between each line of the verse, use a voice of command to charge the Firebowl with this verse:
"Fire and Air where you are cast,
Let no spell nor adverse purpose last,
Not in accord with me!
Clear from my life these unwanted matters,
Send far from my life these negative factors!
Thus my will, so it be!"

Doing the Big Burn
This magic ritual is especially good for getting rid of unwanted anger, negativity, or negative factors you are experiencing in your life. The technique matches the energy of anger in particular because it burns literally. Be sure to observe fire safety precautions when doing this ritual and follow these directions:

1. Sit in the South facing North with all of your materials in front of you.

2. Light and charge the Sun Candle

3. Charge the Firebowl.

4. Start writing everything that is bothering you or making you feel negative on your blank pieces of paper. Keep writing as fast as you can and get everything out on the paper. Write as much as you need to and don't worry if you repeat yourself. Write until you literally run out of steam (combination of Fire and Water energy).

5. Now you are ready for the Big Burn part of the ritual. Place your Firebowl in front of you (be sure your Firebowl is large enough to accommodate the burning of the papers – if not, move the entire operation to the sink or some other place that is safe for burning)

6. Take a moment to do whatever you need to do to move the anger or negative feelings out of yourself. You might ask for help from angels, ask for guidance, just have a moment of silence, or take several deep breaths.

7. Now, light the papers with your wooden or paper match and let it burn in the firebowl. You can light each sheet individually (many people find this method more satisfying), or wad up the whole mess of papers and light the entire thing (again observing fire safety precautions).

8. Then sit back and watch your anger go up in smoke.

If you are dealing with a chronic or stubborn problem, you may need to do the Big Burn on a daily basis for 40 days or more. This will give you 40 days of making a daily conscious contact with the Universe. Doing this technique as a daily ritual will also build the strength of your spell matrix for 40 days in a row. While some experts feel that bad habits or chronic conditions can be handled in less than 40 days, spiritually the number 40 is very effective.

So the next time you find yourself overwhelmed with anger or other negative feelings or situations, just get out your firebowl and do the Big Burn. Magically melt those problems away so you can enjoy life.

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