Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Ten Magical Ways to Get a Grip!

We've been flooded with requests for help – specifically, for magical ways to "get a grip" in life. Whether it's hurricanes or other weather conditions wreaking havoc, unexpected deaths in the family, or just general chaos, we thought this would be a good time to put out some quickie magical "fixes" that you can use any time you need to bail yourself out of a tricky situation.

Here's our Top 10 List:

#1: Stay in Present Time
There's no time like the present. To drag yourself out of either the past or the future, look at yourself in the mirror and give yourself this command in a powerful voice: "Come to present time!" This snaps you back into the present moment, where you can exercise the most power.

#2: Stop Obsessing
If your mind has jumped on the hamster wheel and is going around in circles, a few drops of White Chestnut flower essence will work wonders. White Chestnuts calms the mind and quiets repetitive thoughts. Add 4 drops to spring water and sip continuously for an all-day effect.

#3: Bring in Sun Energy

The light of the sun nourishes your Spirit. To bring the sunlight into a focused presence indoors, burn a sun candle (either a bright yellow candle or a candle with a sun image on it). For a more detailed ritual, check out the article HERE.

#4: Switch Hands
Sometimes you need to switch hands to switch your focus. Choose something you normally do with your dominant hand and do it with your other hand for the day. For instance, if you normally open doors with your right hand, start using your left hand. This forces you to be present to yourself and causes you to have an interval of consciousness in an otherwise mechanical day.

#5: Swing Your Worries Away
Sometimes a little action is called for. If you're in a sticky situation and you can't find an exit, use your pendulum to clear the air. Find a quiet place and sit in the south facing north. Begin swinging your pendulum in a clockwise direction. Allow the pendulum to continue swinging until it stops naturally – it will stop swinging your situation has cleared. Then wait patiently for a door to open.

#6: Ask and Ye Shall Receive
If you're not sure what forces are behind your sticky situation, do a question circle to find out. A question circle gives you answers from four different perspectives – thought, action, feeling, and manifestation. For details on how to do a question circle, see the article HERE.

#7: Don't Forget to Breathe
Your body will keep breathing regardless of whether you are paying attention or not, but taking the time to do some conscious breathing will open up a space in your life where the Universe can assist you. It's impossible for you to get "caught up" in a situation when you breathe consciously. Take a few minutes to find a quiet place and do some deep breathing. It will oxygenate your body, occupy your mind, and free your Spirit to clearly communicate with the Universe.

#8: Rescue Yourself
One of our all-time favorites is the Bach Flower Remedy called Rescue Remedy. It's a unique combination of five flower essences that will restore a sense of peace and stability in any situation. It works for mental, spiritual, and physical trauma. Rescue Remedy is also called Five Flower Essence and is available in most health food stores.

#9: Feel Your Body
No matter where your mind travels, your body stays in present time. If you're having trouble staying in the now, anchor yourself by becoming aware of a specific part of your body. For instance, notice the back of your left hand – feel a slight warmth or tingling or weight there. Now stay in touch with that sensation as you do other activities. You'll stay in your body and in the now, which will go a long way toward clearing up any messy life situation.

#10: Be Powerful
There's nothing like an act of power to get you back on track. How do you do an act of power? Simple. Decide what you're going to do and when. When the time arrives, do it! For instance, you might decide to get up out of your chair in 2 minutes and do a yoga stretch. When the time arrives, get up and just do it. It's the quickest way we know to restore personal power.

#11: Bonus Tip – Hire an Angel

There are hundreds of thousands of unemployed angels just waiting to help you – just ask. Request an angel that specializes in what you need (like a parking angel), ask for what you want (be specific about time, place, amount, etc.) and thank your angel in advance. Then, when you get what you want, thank them again. It's as simple as that!

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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Magic Spells in Baby Steps

When people come to me with spellwork problems, there are some common errors that I see over and over. See my recent article about the three most common spellwork problems.

One thing that I notice on a regular basis with people who are not having success with magic spells is that they ignore a key magical principle crucial to a successful spell. It's this principle:

"A small change in the present creates a larger change in the future."

What Does a Small Change Mean in a Magic Spell?
When people first learn how to create and launch their own magic spells, they usually get so excited that they try to change the world overnight. I can tell you it's not going to happen. Magic can achieve a lot, but biting off more than you can chew can mean a failed spell.

So what does it mean to take baby steps when it comes to magic spells? It means casting a small spell, waiting to see a change, and then casting the next logical spell in the chain until you get to your desired result.

An Example of a Chain of Magic Spells
So here's an example. Let's say that you want to attract your soul mate into your life. You've been dating but haven't found the right person yet. In fact, all you've found are a bunch of the wrong people. Now you want to apply spellwork to the problem. How would you take baby steps? Here's a series that might work for you:

1. Realize that your soul mate is out there. Nothing in the Universe is impossible. You may want to incorporate an affirmation related to this in your daily life or meditation.

2. Define your soul mate on paper. List all the qualities that you want and don't want in a soul mate. In terms of a magic spell, this list is called Directors and Limiters. Put the list in a safe place to use later.

3. Law of Attraction tells us that if something isn't happening (like your soul mate hasn't shown up yet), that we are somehow blocking what we desire. Do some simple spell work to change yourself so that you are better able to attract your soul mate into your life. Hire some angels, use some flower essences (cayenne for rapid change, walnut for life transitions, mimulus if you have a specific fear of relationships, for example), or choose some magic symbols that will break down your resistance. One gal listed all her barriers to a soul mate on a sheet of paper (including her general air of pessimism about the subject and her fear of rejection), then burned it every day for 40 days as part of her morning meditation. She was literally burning up her barriers to a solid relationship with her soul mate. This worked well for her, as she met and became engaged to her soul mate within 3 months.

4. Now pull out your "soul mate" Directors and Limiters list and do some simple magic spells with it. You can put the list on a keyed plate under a strong magnet to attract that person to you. You can do a small ritual that involves tying the list to a helium balloon and literally "launch" your wishes into the sky. You can put the list in your "God Box" or "Universe Box" and let it do its thing.

In other words, do lots of little magic and allow the changes to happen over time. A small change in the present creates a larger change in the future. Each small magic spell or magical act you do will bring your soul mate closer to you. Take time between magical acts to let the spells you do take action. Allow the Universe to do the bulk of the work. Put your focus on relaxing and allowing, between-times. Most of all, enjoy and anticipate the magical result that is on it's way to you.

Want Help with Little Magical Acts?
Little magical acts, added up, are sometimes more effective at creating life change than the big spells. If you want some ideas on how to create and use your own little magical acts, check out the Quick Fixes and Daily Rituals ebooks. They have tons of little magical rituals and spells that produce big results. You can download a free copy of the Quick Fixes ebook at https://shamanschool.com/.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

How to Open a Channel to the Universe

What do you do when you've absolutely got to "be in the know," but you don't seem to be able to access the information you need? Open a channel to the Universe! The Universe is filled with every piece of information we'll ever need, and is simply waiting to communicate with us. Sometimes we're just blocked and not able to hear what the Universe is saying.

The good news is that there are hundreds of channels of communication that you can easily open to get the information you need. Here are four simple ones:

MEDICINE CARDS: If you need to know what quality you most need to handle a situation in your life, draw an animal card from the Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams and David Carson. Sams and Carson use animal totems to exemplify characteristics such as persistence, courage, use of magic, and more ...

PENDULUM: Dowsing can be a simple way to get the answers you need. All you need is a pendulum and some questions to ask.

SMOKE SIGNALS: Whether you're lighting a smudge stick, burning botanicals in a firebowl, or smoking sacred tobacco in a pipe, smoke is a way for you to communicate your desires to the Universe, and for the Universe to answer you. Send your wishes up with the smoke, then look into the smoke as a form of divination. Images, ideas, feelings, and answers will come to you.

PICK UP A BOOK: If you desperately need answers but you don't have time to use any of the tools mentioned above, just ask the Universe your question, pick up a book (use your intuition to pick the book), and open it to any page. The first word, phrase or picture is your answer!

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Thursday, May 17, 2018

The Magic of Dreams

You probably already know this, but some dreams are a form of magic. For many people, dreams are just "something that happens" at night when they are asleep. But for others, those who actively use and guide their dreams, dreams have magical power.

It is said that we are fated to live the dreams that we do not remember. This is certainly borne out by the experiences of many magical practitioners. The practice of dream remembrance and interpretation is a powerful form of magic, and one definitely worth studying.

The Magic of Dreams
The magic of dreams, the power of dreams, is there for the taking if people would but seek to remember their dreams. But even those who remember their dreams often don't believe them or act on them ... to their own detriment.

As Ebenezer Scrooge said to the ghost of Jacob Marley: "You may be a bit of undigested beef, a blob of mustard, a crumb of cheese. Yes. There's more gravy than of grave about you."

Nope, Scrooge certainly didn't see the power of dreams, at least not early in the movie. But dreams have many powers and purposes. Aside from the everyday dreams that are just rehashes of our everyday life, dreams can be:
  • messages from our higher selves or guides
  • a movie of future events that have yet to occur
  • answers to problems we have been puzzling over
  • foretelling of opportunities to which we should remain alert
  • warning messages telling us what to avoid

In other words, the power of dreams lies in their ability to share information that is not otherwise available to our normal five senses. That is the magic of dreams. More importantly, that magic is available to us with very little effort ... a lot less effort than many forms of magical practice.

The Power of Dreams--Remembrance
The first step in accessing the power of dreams is to remember them. Edgar Cayce, the healer, gave many readings on the power of dreams. He also had recommendations on how people could more easily remember dreams. His suggestions included:

  • As you are falling asleep, tell yourself that you will remember your dream when you awaken in the morning
  • Keep a notebook by your bed and if you awaken during the night, jot down any bits and fragments of your dreams. Reread them in the morning and try to recollect the dream as fully as possible.
  • Discuss your dreams with others. Some find the stimulus of conversation to be useful in remembering more of a dream.

Remembering a dream is the first step to accessing the power of dreams. Start this practice now. In future ezines, we will discuss how to interpret dreams and how to act upon them for your benefit. For now, take the power of dreams seriously and your dreams will reward your efforts.

And ... as always, have magical fun with your practice!

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Thursday, May 10, 2018

Your Reality: Cause or Accident?

Do You Live by Accident or Intention?

Are you the creator of your own reality? You may have read in various esoteric sources that you can be the creator of your own reality. However, just because you CAN be the creator doesn't mean that you ARE. Why?

Because there are two different ways you can live on this planet - you can live under the Law of Accident or the Law of Fate. Most people on this planet live under the Law of Accident, which means that they don't control their reality but are simply bounced from one life event to another like a pinball in a machine. However, there are a select few people who live under the Law of Fate, who understand and use the laws of the Universe to create and shape their own reality. These people create lives of harmony, abundance, peace and joy.

If you do nothing to improve, refine and control your inner life (that is, your thoughts, emotions, etc.) then you are living under the Law of Accident. Life just happens to you. Life is in the driver's seat.

If, on the other hand, you focus on controlling the use of your inner attention you begin to live under the Law of Fate. What does it mean to control your inner attention? It means being very deliberate about the thoughts, moods, words, activities and desires to which you give your attention.

In our society we accept many forms of interaction which distract the attention and cause us to live under the Law of Accident. For instance, consider gossip, TV, negative thoughts, commiseration, fear, negative emotions, newspapers, world events and so forth. Almost everyone indulges in these activities so we don't think twice about them. But would you consider not doing them if it would mean the difference between creating a life of peace, harmony and abundance or living under the Law of Accident (in which lots of accidents occur)? Hmmmm….food for thought. Happy considering!

Five Steps You Can Take to Create Your Own Reality

1) Accept on a trial basis that you can create everything in your reality. You will experiment with this hypothesis to see if it is true in your own life.

2) Decide on something you want to create - prosperity, a harmonious relationship, the achievement of some goal. NOTE: Start with something small. For instance, if you choose prosperity, choose to have enough money to pay your bills next month instead of lifetime prosperity.

3) Choose that your creation be reality. You can either speak it aloud or say it silently inside. For instance, you might say, "I choose to have enough money to pay all my bills in the month of June."

4) Relax internally. Rest inside yourself in the knowing that what you have chosen is already happening.

5) Think, feel and act as if that which you have chosen has already manifested. Resist worrying or fretting about it. Do what you need to do on the material level to achieve the goal, but leave it alone internally. When you find yourself thinking, worrying or wondering about your aim, do whatever is necessary to distract your mind and emotions from it. The more superbly you can live in the assurance that your goal is already manifesting, the easier it will manifest. This is the step where you begin to deliberately control that which you give your attention to. This is the step where you GET OUT OF THE WAY!!

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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

How Long Does Change Take?

How often have you started a new program of change in your life only to feel discouraged three days later that "nothing is happening"? Or maybe you actually stick with a new ritual or a new diet for a whole two weeks and you see some change … but it's not happening fast enough.

A Small Change Now is All It Takes
What do you do? Before you decide that everything really is hopeless, take a moment to look at the process of change with the help of this magical principle: "A small change in the present produces a larger change in the future." This is the basic principle we use in spellwork and it means that if you make even the tiniest change today you will see bigger change in about a week. And that bigger change will lead to an even bigger change in about two weeks. And so on.

So let's suppose you've started working with a new magical practice. Say you've decided to start meditating for 15 minutes each morning--nothing fancy, just sitting quietly and clearing your mind as much as possible. On the first morning of meditating you will probably notice an immediate change because your mind is quiet at a time when it normally is not. You're content that your new program of meditation is going to be useful and helpful. More importantly, a small and highly contagious molecule of change has been born.

Nothing Happening?
Now what happens a week after you start meditating? Maybe you've had a really hectic week and you feel tired and irritable. All of sudden it seems like the 15 minutes of meditation is too much--it takes too much time when so many other things are pressing on your time. It seems like nothing is happening, no change is occurring.

But "nothing's happening" hardly describes what is going on inside you. That highly contagious molecule of change that was born the day you began meditating has been busy reaching out and touching and transforming other molecules inside you. Now a greater percentage of your molecules than ever before has the quality of quiet that you create during your meditation. The more quiet you have inside you, the more you're able to listen to your inner intuitive voice, the better your work will be, the better your life will be … but it's still too small a percentage for you to notice.

It's Like the Penny Doubling
But if you stay with your new meditation practice that small sense of quiet will begin to spread. It's like the example of starting out with a penny and doubling it every day for 31 days. Here's what you get at the end of each week:

Day 1: $0.01
Day 7: $0.64
Day 14: $81.92
Day 21: $10,485.76
Day 28: $1,342,177.28
Day 31: $10,737,418.24

So at the end of the month you have over $10 million. The same is true with your new meditation practice but the key is how long it takes you notice. If you ever take the time to observe your life you will be amazed by how easily you are hypnotized by the incessant buzz and hum of daily activities. There's voice mail and email, gossip, your car running low on gas, the need to feed the cat, or all of your troubles at work. There are a million things that take up your attention while this small quiet molecule formed by your daily meditation goes around and changes you from the inside out.

Be Aware of Change
The difficulty lies in being aware of change. In the example with the penny doubling, it may take you 31 days--when you already have $10 million in your pocket--before you notice that something has shifted and life is different. But it's worth it, right? I'd say $10 million is worth it. So, as they say, don't give up on change five minutes before the miracle happens. Stick with whatever you've decided to do to change your life and prepare to be awestruck!

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Thursday, May 3, 2018

Ten Truths About Transformation

Are you ready to transform your life? Not sure how to go about it? Check out these 10 Truths about Transformation:

1. Transformation happens when you're not looking for it (translation: wish for transformation and then look somewhere else for a while).

2. Transformation is the result of working with higher powers and beings…we can't do it by ourselves. We need angels, totems, and other helpers.

3. Transformation occurs when you love, esteem, and have compassion for yourself.

4. Transformation can take place only when we actively engage with life, not when we shrink away from it.

5. Transformation doesn't go any faster when we push on it, it goes slower.

6. Transformation can take place only when we accept where we are in the present moment. When we abhor where we are, we can't move forward.

7. Transformation is an abundant part of nature, from the hatching of an egg to the passing of the seasons. We are part of nature, so transformation is a natural part of our process.

8. Transformation is the outer result of our inner spiritual journeys. It cannot occur without spiritual work.

9. Transformation in even one tiny part of our lives affects every part of our lives (so work on one small area first!).

10. Transformation is just life happening and us allowing it to happen. If we enjoy the process, it happens so much more quickly.

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