Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Magic and Monkey Business

"Monkey see, monkey do." Have you ever heard that phrase. Probably. And you've probably heard of that phrase because it works as a formula for learning, whether you want to learn music, mule-busting, or magic.

That's why this year the Esoteric School blog is going to use the "monkey see, monkey do" approach to spread the magic. You see, we have tons of magical material (and when we say tons, we literally mean tons -- we know we because we hauled it all the way over from CO to CA). We weighed the stuff. We have tons, for real.

But us having tons of magical know-how doesn't help you or anyone else in the world who wants to learn, use, and apply magic in everyday life. Hence the "monkey see, monkey do" approach.

What is "Monkey See, Monkey Do"?
So what does all of this blather mean to you, the reader of the Esoteric School blog? It means that we are going to be offering a limited number of magical exercises that you can easily learn, practice, do, and use in everyday life. Most of these exercises will be total freebies, and some of them will require you to download some inexpensive instructions manuals (just to be up front with you 'cause most things on the internet are free, but not everything … and you mostly get what you pay for).

Once you put out the instructions for a particular exercise, we're going to do the exercise ourselves. Then we'll report back on the results, and we hope you'll report back, too. You can best do that by posting comments on the blog so that others can read about your experiences, questions, and comments. Chances are that you are not the only one with questions and comments, and sharing publicly helps the magical community as a whole.

Sound good? Sounds peachy to us.

Getting Started
So if you are into this whole "monkey see, monkey do" practical magic approach to life, then let's get started. We've got a lot of ideas up our sleeves about magical exercises, but this isn't about us. It's about you. So what do you want to learn about? What magical topics are bugging you? What magical procedures do you really want to learn?

Post your ideas in the comment section of the blog and we'll pick the most popular and go with those. If your idea doesn't get picked, don't get offended. We get slammed with hundreds of emails everyday so there's no way that we can answer every single person's questions or concerns, but we'll hit the high spots for as many magical problems as possible.

Good to go? Good … then let's go!

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