Thursday, June 26, 2014

Combining Magical and Conventional Healing Techniques

One of the things that a ceremonial leader once told me is: "Do magic. Do ceremony. Converse with Powers and Beings. AND... get insurance." When we are ill, we have to listen to our inner voice as to which magical and which conventional healing techniques are best for us. That means you have a wide array of possibilities to consider when you seek healing. You can choose from energy balancing, acupuncture, homeopathic remedies, the dragon's breath technique, sweeping with an Athame, use aromatherapy, Kundalini yoga, have conventional surgery, use psychic surgery, take pharmaceuticals, and many, many more magical and traditional Eastern and Western medicine techniques. It's not a one size fits all world when it comes to healing. You can choose a more or less conventional healing route or a combination of them. It all comes down to what methods will put your specific energies back into balance.

Energy and Healing
Since everything is energy, illness and disease can be described as energy states that are out of harmony or out of balance. Using any healing techniques that change the energy to bring it back into harmony can help heal what ails you. Our Energy Healing for Self and Others ebook can help you learn a variety of techniques, some magical and some more conventional that work with bringing your energy back into harmony. As you think about which types of healing techniques to use, here are some foundational healing principles to consider.

Healing Principles
Anything Can Be Healed – Any condition can be healed. It doesn't matter how chronic or acute it is, there is always hope that it can be healed.

You Are a Healer – Yes, YOU can heal. You can heal yourself, animals, the planet and other people. Whether you know it or not, you already know how to heal because healing is natural for humans. Sometimes you just need some help learning how to use your inborn magical healing abilities.

All Healing is About Changing Energy – Everything in the Universe is made up of energy. Even things that appear to be solid are just a big bunch of energy that is constantly vibrating or moving. When the energy for a living thing is out of harmony or balance, illness, pain and disease can result. The shift in energy is not a match for one's normal vibrational state which causes one to be sick. Healing is just adjusting that state back into balance.

To Heal You Must Let Go – Anything you can let go of, you can heal. Disease and illness are often the result of a life situation, issue or hurt that we are holding onto. Sometimes what we are holding onto is from a past life. Using healing techniques to release the emotions around the situation can lead to healing.

You Carry a Legacy of Healing Knowledge – One of the really great things about learning to heal now is that anything you learn in this lifetime carries over to future lifetimes. That's why some people seem to just be natural healers. They've done it before and brought the knowledge with them into their current lifetime.

Healing Evolves as We Do – We are all continuously learning, growing, developing and evolving. As we go through changes, so will the illnesses and diseases we encounter. Think about diseases that were prevalent in the past that we had to learn to heal – smallpox, polio, the plague. Today the focus is more on cancers, heart disease and AIDS. As disease evolves so must healing. Healers must continue to learn and grow to be able to make adjustments to healing techniques or develop new ones to deal with the current diseases.

Really think about each of these principles, what they mean and how they apply to you as a healer. Then all you need to do is to start your journey down the path of learning various techniques of healing. You can do it... with a little magic.

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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Why Me? Need Info? Here are Some Magical Methods

Ever wonder why whatever is happening in your life is happening to you? Does it seem sometimes like you have no control and you are at the mercy of chaos and chance happenings? Maybe you need some magical answers to get a grip on your life and take back control. The first thing you need to know is that as a planetary citizen you have a right to any and all information in the Universe. What you do with that information, especially if it concerns other people then falls under the Rules of the Road, but you are entitled to have the information whether you choose to use it or not and however you choose to use it. There are many magical ways to obtain information from spirit guides, higher powers and beings and even from your own Spirit. You will find many of these in our Witchcraft Spell Books series Book 4, The Complete Guide of Witchcraft Rituals & Spells for Beginners. Here are a couple to get you started.

Question Circle
To do a Question Circle you will need to gather a sun yellow candle on a plate or enclosed in glass, paper or wooden matches, pen, and paper. You may also need a compass to help you figure out the cardinal directions of east, south, west, and north. Then follow these directions:

1. Light your yellow candle with your matches.

2. Take your candle, pen, and paper to the east quarter of your circle and sit there facing the outside of the circle (facing east). Ask the Winds of Knowledge what you need to know about your situation, and get quiet inside as you wait for the answer. Be prepared to write down everything that comes to you. Don't think about it, just write. Keep writing until you no longer receive information. Thank the Winds of Knowledge and move to the next step.

3. Get up and move to the south quadrant of your circle, and sit there facing the south. Ask the Winds of Power to show you what actions you need to take for your situation. Again, write any answers that come to you. Thank the Winds of Power.

4. Move to the west quadrant and sit facing west. Ask the Winds of Feeling what emotional shifts you need to make regarding your situation. You may also want to ask for spiritual enlightenment. Thank the Winds of Feeling, and then move to the next quarter.

5. Move to the north, and sit facing north. Ask the Winds of Strength how you can build a foundation for the future you want. Ask for practical guidance about your situation. Thank the Winds of Strength.

6. Now that you have consulted the Winds of each direction, move back to sit at the center of your circle and sit facing east. Read through the answers you wrote that came to you from each direction. Slowly let all the information sink in and reflect upon it. You may want to repeat the question circle several times, at different times, until you get the clarity you need on your situation.

Getting Answers from Yourself
Our life experiences are like a school in which we have set up a number of problems so that as we go through our lives we discover ourselves by discovering the answers. For example, if you find that you keep encountering the same kind of problems over and over again in just different situations or with different people, then that should give you a clue that there is a lesson there for you to learn. Here is a magical technique to use to get answers from your own Spirit.
  • Get a sheet of paper and write down the question that you would like to have answered using your dominant hand to write with. For example you might ask what lesson you are to learn from your current situation.
  • Then switch your pen or pencil to your other hand (non-dominant hand) and write the first thing that comes to you. Do not stop to think about the question or the answer, just write.
  • If you do not get an answer that makes sense right away, don't fret. Just hold the question or any answer you got in your consciousness over the next several days and see if anything comes to you that clarifies it. Information often comes in small pieces at a time so that we can digest it better. It may be only a partial answer at this point and more will come as you are ready for it.

Now you know a way to get answers from higher powers and from your own Spirit as to why conditions are the way they are in your life. You have a right to this information and it can help you decide if there is something you can learn from the situation or if you want to make a change. Take control of your life magically starting with getting the information you need to make a good choice for yourself.

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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Need to Dump a Chronic Health Problem Magically? Try This...

There are many techniques to magically deal with health problems, but many of them require some knowledge or foundation of magic. For example, to balance your energy, you have to know about the four elements, their characteristics, how to flow or dump those energies and maybe how to flow them through their associated magical tools. Here's one of the techniques from our Daily Rituals for Attracting What You Want in Life ebook that you can try though without any magical background.

This technique is especially good for those who like physical activity and/or enjoy getting out in nature. You take your chronic health problem and literally throw the symptoms away. Here's how:

1. Go for a walk in the woods, a park, along the beach, or anywhere you are sure to find some rocks and preferably one that has some body of water in it.

2. Take a strong bag or some other object you can use to carry rocks in.

3. You've probably guessed now that the next step is to pick up rocks on your walk. Don't just randomly pick up rocks though. Pick up one rock for each of the symptoms you display for the chronic health problem you want to get rid of and put it in your bag.

4. Don't hurry the process, think through your specific health problem and all the physical symptoms, mental symptoms, the inconvenience or worries it causes for you and any other negative condition that surrounds this problem. For each one you think of pick up a rock and put it in your bag.

5. Now find a body of water such as a lake, the ocean, or a pond in your nature walk area.

6. Standing by the body of water take one rock at a time out of the bag.

7. Hold the rock in your output hand (the hand you naturally point with), focus your intention on the rock and feel yourself flowing one of the negative conditions you thought of earlier into the rock. Do this until the rock feels changed energetically in some way. It may feel tingly or warmer.

8. Then throw the rock as far as you can into the body of water feeling yourself let it go.

How Does It Work?
That's it! Sounds simple, right? It is and now for the magic lesson behind this technique. What you have just done is called simulacra or voodoo magic. You have formed a correlation or psychic connection between a physical object (the rock) and the condition (physical symptom, emotion, thought...). Simulacra or voodoo magic works that same way. You are probably familiar with the term voodoo doll. Well, that is a simulacra of a person. You form a correlation by "keying" the doll to a particular person and then whatever you do to the doll affects the person the doll is keyed to.

To avoid karmic backlash you want to be very careful with what you do to a keyed voodoo doll and make sure you are acting in accordance with the laws that govern magical practice. As another caution, be sure when you are picking your rocks that you don't key them to a specific person or other living thing that could drown when thrown in the lake. For example, if your boss is stressing you out at work which has led to your chronic health condition, don't make one of the conditions you flow into a rock your boss. Instead flow in the emotions you have about it like resentments, fears, and angers or the tasks your boss is assigning to you that stress you out or even the attitude of your boss, but NOT your boss him or herself. The same holds true if your condition centers around a body part or organ. Don't key the rock to the organ or body part, but rather the symptom or emotions you have about the problem with the organ. Once you throw the rock in the water the correlation or psychic connection you formed is severed. According to the laws of simulacra magic, this also severs your connection to the condition the rock was connected to. You can see now why you wouldn't want to have a rock keyed to an organ or part of your body. You certainly don't want to sever your liver or your arm from yourself!

An alternative to throwing the rocks in a body of water is to bury them in the ground and let Mother Earth cleanse them. Leave them there for at least one moon cycle. Whichever way you choose, you now know a magical way to help you deal with a chronic health problem and have discovered that whether you knew it or not, you do know magic. 

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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Need a Magical Hammer to Bust Through That Glass Ceiling at Work?

If you think you've hit a glass ceiling at work and see nowhere and no way to move up you may need a little magical intervention. There are jobs that by their design there really is nothing higher to move up to, but if there is room for promotions and raises and advancement that you just can't seem to get, it may be the problem is that you THINK you've hit the glass ceiling. Our thoughts, ideas and what we think lead to what we attract to our lives. If you mind thinks you aren't going to advance then you probably won't. There are magical ways however to get your mind out of the way and start attracting what you want to have in your life. You'll find lots of advanced, fun magical help in this area in our How To Do Voodoo ebook and our Kindle Book Learn How to Do Witchcraft Rituals and Spells with Magical Tools. Here are a couple of examples.

Pendulum Clearing
Staying connected to Spirit is essential to attracting what you really want in your life. Any spell that quiets the mind or puts us in touch with physical sensation will bring us into contact with Spirit. Using the pendulum to clear problems or snags in your life is a great magical technique. For this situation, you'd want to clear your belief that you will not advance at work or clear whatever has been preventing you from advancing if you know specific things that have contributed to it. Here's how:
  1. Hold your pendulum in your dominant hand, letting it dangle while you visualize the problem you want to clear. 
  2. Ask your pendulum using a yes/no indicator plate, "Can I, may I, should I, clear this situation?" If you get a yes answer from your pendulum, then you can get started. 
  3. Begin swinging your pendulum in a counter clockwise direction (the direction of unwinding), asking it to clear the situation. As you do this, "see" the situation resolving in your mind. Be very specific with your request and what you envision as to the situation being resolved. 
  4. Continue to focus on clearing the situation until your pendulum stops spinning in the counter clockwise direction. It will then either start moving along a vertical or horizontal axis, stop, or start spinning clockwise. 
  5. When it stops swinging counter clockwise on its own then the problem has been cleared. 
Of course, once a problem has been cleared, you might unconsciously bring it back by worrying about it. Trust the power of your pendulum and your intent, and release the problem from your consciousness. If you find it seeping back into your consciousness throughout the day, change your focus to something else. 

Come Alongs
Come Alongs are a magical technique to help you attract what you want to bring into your life. They are not quite as powerful as a candle spell, but are a good way for those who don't have much magical background to get started. Here's how you do it:

1. You will need a keyed plate (magical tool of the element Earth) and a magnet or Sun Yellow candle. If you do not have a formally keyed plate, there is a quick key method beginners can use:
  • Place your hands on either side of the Plate 
  • Grip the Plate with your thumbs on the top surface of the Plate and the rest of your fingers supporting the underside of the Plate.
  • Look at a Grass Green Earth energy color source and begin flowing Grass Green energy from your dominant hand (hand you naturally point with) through the Plate into your other hand
  • Keep the energy flowing up your arm, across your shoulders, down the arm of your dominant hand and out your output hand again
  • Circulate Grass Green for about three minutes, then pull your Earth energy back into your body. 
  • You will know the plate is keyed when it feels slightly tingly, heavy, warm or loaded or definitely different than before you keyed it in some way.
2. You will also need to write a set of directors and limiters. This is a very important step, so please read the article on what to include in your directors and limiters. Then write a list of them on paper.

3. Now that you have a written list of directors and limiters, place them on your keyed plate.

4. You can now choose to use either a Sun Yellow candle or a magnet for this step.
     a. Charge the candle with the verse:
"Child of wonder, child of flame
Nourish my Spirit and bring my aim!"
Then place the candle on top of your written list on your plate and leave it burning for about an hour. According to the amount of force and energy you need for what you are trying to attract, you may need to relight and charge the candle much more than just one time. Be sure to use fire safety precautions while the candle is burning so that it does not ignite the paper or anything else.

     b. Using a magnet is another way to do this step. If you cannot be in the area to keep an eye on your lit candle then this may be a preferable method. You can also leave it set up on your plate and not have to do multiple sessions. Simply place a large magnet on top of the list on your keyed plate to draw what you have specified on paper to you.

Take control of your own life by learning how to attract the things you want. You don't have to wait around for a boss to discover your potential. Just a little magic in your life can be like a hammer to help you bust through those glass ceilings. 

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