Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Daily Magic Rituals – Asking for a Sign

So, say you have been doing your daily magical rituals, hiring angels and asking for certain manifestations to appear in your life. How do you know they are working. Some things you can do to question the Universe are:

  • Just ask for a sign. Say to the Universe, "Please show me a positive sign today that I can easily understand that shows me my manifestation is coming." Then be sure to stay alert and watch for the sign. There are many, many ways it could come. It will be something that is meaningful and pleasant to you usually. For example, after asking this question of the Universe at one time, I went outside on my porch and found myself surrounded by about 20 hummingbirds. They left the feeder, came from the trees and literally formed a circle around me for a few brief moments before flitting off again. I love hummingbirds and they symbolize "joy" as a totem animal, so I knew I had my sign.
  • Do a question circle with the Winds. Communicating with the beings of the 4 directions is a good way to get information. Go outside and designate a space of around 5 feet in diameter and have a pen and paper with you. Sit in the south of your designated circle facing north and light a Sun Yellow candle in front of you. Then go sit in the center of the circle facing east and write down your question or questions. Sit quietly for a few minutes thinking about your question, but just the question itself; don't think about any answers to it. Take your candle to the edge of your circle in the east direction and ask the question aloud. Then start writing everything that comes to you until no more information comes. Repeat this process then to the South, the West, and the North in that order. When you are done give thanks to the beings for their insight and blow out your candle.
  • Do a Tarot reading. Tarot readings can show you many things about your magical work. A 12-card reading will show you a past line that you can see where you have come from, then a present line (that may have the Magician card in it which shows your magic is working) and a future line that can show possible ways your manifestation will present itself. You can also ask a question about what you are trying to manifest and do a reading strictly on that question.
  • Ask for a sign when doing Day Greetings and Day Endings. When you go out in the morning to do the Navajo Beauty Way or other greetings to the four directions or Winds, to Sky Father and Earth Mother, ask them after greeting them to provide you with a sign sometime during the day. Then be sure and watch for the sign.
  • Work with Owl. The totem animal of Owl sees and knows the truth. Owl has wisdom and can see through the darkness. Ask for Owl totem to appear to you or show you a sign that your magic is working. Then be sure to look for the sign. It could be you overhear a conversation about owls, you find an owl keyring, an owl flies very near to you, or come in a multitude of similar ways.

What if you don't understand the sign or don't get a sign? It could be the sign was there and you missed it. Ask again. This time ask specifically for a sign that you will be sure to understand. It could be how you phrased the question that is the problem. Maybe your manifestation isn't materializing and you need to change the question to find out why it isn't. Like all magical work, think through your questions before continuing and make adjustments according to the responses you see. The Universe has all the answers we need, we just have to ask the right questions.

Want to find out more about Daily Rituals or doing Tarot Readings. Check out the ebook "Daily Rituals for Getting What You Want in Life" and the Tarot Homestudy Course in the Esoteric School store.

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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Shamanic Journey – The Way of the Shaman

I still remember many years ago both the excitement and the trepidation I had upon enrolling in the Beginning Shamanism class at the Esoteric School. I had completed all the magic classes offered and was a bit scared of my perception of shamanism. I couldn't resist going down this path after all the life changing discoveries I experienced in the magic classes, but I admit now that I was somewhat intimidated and a bit skeptical that I could perform such shamanistic feats as going out of body, conversing with spirits and exploring other realms. It all sounded so mysterious.

I look back now and see that this class was a beginning, a Shamanic journey that started me on the road to following the way of the shaman. I did learn the lessons and techniques, but that class was the springboard for a lifestyle change. A shaman is an original researcher working in the Sciences of Religion and Magic. The shaman has meaningful direct communication with higher beings (and possibly lower level entities) to advance man's knowledge. The information obtained can be used just to increase the body of knowledge, for healing, divination, and many other things. Following the way of the shaman means that information is obtained from all sorts of physical and non-physical beings.

By learning techniques to interview and communicate with a wide spectrum of beings and expanding my spirit perceptics way beyond the 5 senses most of us use, I have found new meaning in Metaquiason (we are all one). Following the way of the shaman is a pathway of developing spiritually and embarking on personal inner growth. It also leads us to developing our inborn abilities, perceptic powers and seek power and help from all that is around us. In these present times where we are surrounded by electromagnetic fields of white noise and ruled by technology, many of us don't have a sense of the spiritual insights, powers and abilities that we were born with. The way of the shaman takes us back to a time when the abilities and powers we had were understood and not seen as something extraordinary, something to be feared or something that society shunned. It also leads us to discover who we really are, develop an awareness of how we are connected to everything and everyone else and find our places in the Universe.

If all this sounds intriguing, following the way of the shaman may be for you too. Developing your spirit perceptics is a place you can start exploring. Through the spirit perceptics shamans are able to gather much more information than is available to the 5 senses of the physical body. It takes time to develop these senses so don't be discouraged if you don't get the results you want in the beginning. Just keep practicing. An easy way to start is to learn to expand on a sense that you are already familiar with and use like hearing.

  • Sit in a comfortable, quiet location
  • Close your eyes and relax (maybe do some deep breathing)
  • Draw an imaginary circle about a foot in diameter around you
  • Listen to the sounds you hear within this circle and identify each
  • Start with the common sounds, ie – children laughing, leaves rustling, someone walking by. Then move on to more obscure sounds that we usually wouldn't notice, ie – the wind blowing softly, an ant walking
  • Then you can move on to widening your circle and doing the same thing.
  • See how big your circle can become. A block, 5 blocks, a mile?

The more you practice, the more you will stop listening with your physical ears and start listening with your spirit ears. This could be your first step on your shamanic journey, the path to following the way of the shaman.

If you find this is a path for you, check out the Basic Shamanism Homestudy course at the Esoteric School.

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