Thursday, October 29, 2015

The X Factor in Magickal Healing

If you have tried your hand at magickal healing, you have probably discovered that sometimes the healing works, and other times it doesn't. Or sometimes the person is healed for a period of time, and then "relapses" back into the same illness or discomfort. When faced with a mix of success, failure, and partial success, any magickal healer can become somewhat confused, and even discouraged.

Not to worry. One way to get around this problem is to understand the X Factor of Magickal Healing.

The X Factor in Magickal Healing
What is the X Factor in Magickal Healing that can explain why a healing session (or even a series of healing sessions) produces total success, while at other times the same techniques end up in relapses, partial relief, or even total failure (that is, no change in the person's health condition).

What could you be doing wrong that would cause these kinds of mixed results? NOTHING. If you have done a magickal healing to the best of your ability and with the utmost concentration and sincerity, then you have done nothing that would cause poor results.

Many factors play into the success or failure of a magickal healing. For instance:
  • the recipient of the healing may not actually want to be healed
  • the magickal healing resolved the symptoms but was not able to address the cause, leading to relapses
  • the recipient has history in this or past lives that could interfere with your healing
  • the recipient of your healing "needs" their illness to learn some lesson this lifetime

The list could go on forever as to the factors that affect the success of a magickal healing. So what is a healer to do? After all, seeing mixed results all the time can cause a healer to question whether their skills at magickal healing are "up to snuff."

The one way to escape the burden of success or failure is to understand the X Factor of magickal healing. The X Factor was explained to us by a wonderful and talented dowser named Harold McCoy. Harold started the Ozark Research Institute, and while he is no longer with us, his teachings live on. The most important thing that Harold taught us was the X Factor, although he never called it the X Factor. He said:

"As healers, we do what we do, and what happens happens."

That's it. If we follow this doctrine in our magickal healings, then we are relieved of the burden of responsibility when it comes to success or failure. We acknowledge that we have done the best we can. We acknowledge that we are not privy to all the factors in a person's life--both this lifetime and past lifetimes. We acknowledge that the person is ill so that he or she can learn some valuable spiritual lesson. In other words, we acknowledge that we are not omniscient or omnipotent. We simply apply the healing tools and techniques as we see fit, and then release ourselves from the result. To have offered a healing to someone is a form of giving. What the recipient chooses to do with that healing energy is up to him or her. We are not responsible. We are only responsible for doing the best we can with the greatest sincerity and compassion we can offer.

If you are able to abide by the X Factor of magickal healing, then you will find yourself much more light hearted as you apply your healing to others. As a result, your healing forces will become much more focused and powerful because you are no longer concerned about whether the person will receive a complete healing or not. You will know only that you have done the best you could, and that is a gift that is sufficient unto itself. We can no more bind people in healing than we can bind others with any magickal work. We simply offer what we have, and allow people to take what they like. In this way, each gets what they need and want. We call that a magickal win-win situation!

If you are looking for a wide range of healing techniques to add to your magic toolbox, our Energy Healing for Self and Others ebook can help you either get started on a healing path or add to the techniques you already have.

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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Discover the Meaning of Your Dreams

Dreams are funny things because they can either be messages of great importance or simply the conscious mind's way of dumping the trash. If you remember your dreams, you'll probably discover that your dreams can range from truly meaningful to highly absurd. But what can you do if you feel a dream is very meaningful but can't seem to decipher what it means?

You could, of course, look up the generic meaning of certain dream symbols in dream dictionaries. But we have discovered that a person's dreams, especially those that are meant to be messages from Spirit, are highly personal and not likely to be interpreted using the generic definitions offered in dream dictionaries.

What other magickal methods might be available? There are many. One of the more comprehensive ways to learn the meaning of your dreams is to use a cup of cold coffee. Yup, cold coffee.

Using Cold Coffee for Divination
What does cold coffee have to do with dreams and magick? Cold coffee possesses one main attribute that makes it an excellent receptor for divination: a flat dark surface. By looking at the surface of a cold cup of coffee, you will be able to "divine" the meaning of your dreams.

We used to like to sit in truck stop diners and use cold coffee to do divinations for ourselves or others. Once we learned to tune out the noise of the diner, we found that cold coffee made for excellent divination.

To divine the meaning of your dreams with cold coffee (this process is also called scrying), pour yourself a cup of cold coffee. Sit down at a table and place the cup of cold coffee in front of you. Wait until the surface is completely calm and quiet.

Now become very curious about the dream in question. Allow the images from the dream to play across the coffee's surface, much as they would if projected onto a screen. Do not think about this process, just do it. Thinking interferes with this process so keep your mind as quiet as possible. Allow the images to appear in whichever sequence that occurs. Become very curious about any and all images from that dream.

As you are observing the surface of the coffee and the images playing, ask this question in your mind: "What is the message for me in this dream?" Choose a similar question if you like. Allow this question to become a mantra in your mind as you watch the images float across the surface.

Once you have chanted the above mantra for a few minutes, you may see other images appearing on the scrying surface. Allow these images to appear as they may be images from life events (this life or others) that are related to the message in your dream. You may also receive information as a gut feeling or simply a "knowing." Once you receive a substantive message from your scrying, stop chanting the mantra. Allow the images playing across the coffee's surface to dwindle and dim, until all you see is the black surface.

Piecing Together the Meaning
Jot down any impressions, gut feelings, and information you received from this scrying session. Again, do not think. Simply write. Thinking interferes with recall so keep your mind as quiet as possible except for recall.

You may not immediately understand the meanings you gained from the scrying session. However, if you are thorough in your recall, you will eventually be able to piece together the message. The message may become more clear as your day unfolds. If you still want other information, consider calling on the Spirit of Owl for help, or using a Question Circle. You can also repeat your scrying session for a few days to see if more information becomes available. The good news is that you can do this type of scrying almost anywhere that coffee is available. To learn more about the fascinating magical topic of divination and other methods of divination, check out our Psychic Development ebook and learn many different ways to get all the information you want and need.

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Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Power of Magickal Tools

If you have watched any television shows or movies about magick, then no doubt you have seen characters do all kinds of wild and wonderful things with Wands, potions, herbs, Athames (magickal knives), Chalices, and more. But since these tools are being used in a fictional setting, you may wonder what magickal tools really can and cannot do.

For instance, you may wonder:
  • Can you really throw a lightning bolt with a Wand? (Nope)
  • Do magickal potions really exist and do they work effectively? (Yes, if created correctly)
  • Can you ride a broomstick to the moon? (Nope)
  • Does telekinesis, the ability to move things with the mind, really exist? (Absolutely)
  • Is it really possible to read someone's mind? (Yup)
Magickal tools do have immense power if formed and used correctly. In fact, most magickal tools are simply extensions of the self. For instance, any well-trained magickal practitioner can throw lightning bolts using only his or her bare hands. However, if you add an Athame, or magickal knife, into the mix, a practitioner can throw a lightning bolt much further and with greater power than by using only bare hands. The same with the Chalice, a tool that allows a practitioner to see into the future or the past.

But for magickal tools to have power, they must: 
  1. Be correctly formed or "keyed"
  2. Be used properly
While many magickal tools could serve double duty as ordinary objects -- such as a Chalice that resembles a wine glass or an Athame that looks like a hunting knife -- the difference between an ordinary household object and a magickal tool is the process of "keying."

Keying a tool so it becomes a magickal tool accomplishes three tasks: 
  1. Cleans the tool of any junky or unwanted energies
  2. Aligns the energy of the tool correctly so it can be used magickally
  3. Personalizes the tool to your specific energies so others cannot use your magickal tools without your consent
Once a magickal tool has been keyed, it is ready for use. To maximize its power, the practitioner has to use it as it was intended and "keyed." For instance, although Harry Potters sends lightning bolts through his Wand with no trouble, in the real world sending Fire energies such as lightning bolts through a Wand would cause the Wand to catch on fire or explode. Wands are meant to handle Air energies, which are associated with communication, planning, breathing, seeing, enlightenment, and understanding to name a few. If you want to throw lightning bolts, then you need to use an Athame, the metal of which is designed to handle Fire energies without catching on fire. So choosing the right magickal tool to do a specific ritual or spell is as important as properly keying a tool.

Here's a sneak peek at what magickal tools can do: 
  • Firebowl: Send a message to higher beings and Spirit guides by burning your written request and letting your wish ride the currents of smoke upward until they reach the higher beings
  • Wand: Create communication between two people who refuse to speak to each other by using the Wand to create a "communications link" (the Wand uses Air energies, which govern communication)
  • Athame: Banish any unfriendly beings from your sacred space in five minutes or less
  • Chalice: See into the future or past by putting a dark liquid into your Chalice, giving the Chalice a command, such as "Show me .." and then watching the show play out on the surface (this technique is also called scrying)
  • Pantacle (plate): Heal broken bones or soft-tissue injuries far ahead of any doctor's predictions by focusing and gathering the power of the Earth element into a cone of energy projected by the Pantacle
  • Pendulum: Got trouble? Swing your pendulum counter-clockwise to "undo" your troubles

These are just a few of the things that a properly keyed magickal tool can do when used in an appropriate manner. If you want to learn more about magickal tools, delve into our tools ebooks. Read more about those ebooks HERE.

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