Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Finding Your Inner Peace

Whenever you are trying to get in touch with your Spirit Senses, it is first important to find inner silence so you can what the Universe is actually trying to tell you. This recipe will teach you how to meditate to find your inner peace. If you enjoyed this recipe or want to get more in touch with your Spirit Senses, be sure to check out our S is for Spirit Senses Magick eBook.

How to Find Inner Silence

Time Needed: 15 minutes a day


  • Comfortable place to sit
  • (Optional) candle, incense, or essential oils
  • At least 15 minutes of quiet, uninterrupted time

Recipe Directions

  1. For at least 15 minutes, sit in a comfortable position with closed eyes, hands in your lap with right hand cradled in the left.
  2. While you are aware of your thoughts, remain unattached from them. Be aware especially of your sensations.
  3. If you have trouble relaxing, try lighting a candle to center your concentration, burn soothing incense, diffuse essential oils, or sit near a running fountain.
  4. Now begin feeling your natural breathing as the breath moves in and out of your body. Don't force your breathing or change it any way, just feel and be aware of your body's own natural breaths.
  5. As you become aware of thoughts popping up in your mind, let them pass through without focusing your attention on them. Think of this as sitting on a shoreline watching boats pass by. If you find your attention drawn to one thought in particular or find yourself hopping on that boat to explore, get off and return to shore. Simply return your focus to your breathing and let the thought pass by.
  6. After at least 15 minutes of sitting in this manner you can get up and end your meditation time.

Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Exercising Choice

In every relationship, we are tasked with making tough decisions. This can cause us to become afraid of making choices in fear that we are making the wrong one. Here is when Relationship Magick comes in and helps us in Exercising Choice! Read more below to learn the magickal ritual of exercising choice.

Exercising Choice

Time Required: Ten Minutes Per Day


  • Desire to increase relationship with higher powers and beings
  • Willingness to do this exercise each day consistently
  • Way to keep track of the number of days in a row you have done the exercise

Recipe Directions:

  1. Either out loud or silently, say to yourself, "I will now make a conscious choice."
  2. Ask yourself a choice question now. "Do I choose to do this or that?” (i.e., relax and read a book or go for a walk.) The question might also be "What do I choose to do right now?"
  3. Take a moment to be silent and listen to your inner self. The first answer that comes to you is what you must do. Make sure if you are in a place or time where you cannot do certain things that you do not make those things part of the choice. For example, if you are at work and would get in trouble for sleeping on the job, don’t make one of the choices “go take a nap”.
  4. Do this exercise each day for 40 days. If you miss a day, and you most certainly will, start over at Day 1. Don’t beat yourself up for starting over. This is part of the journey and the primary goal is having the practice, not getting to the 40 day goal.

Be sure to keep practicing and reflect on how you are improving at making decisions! If you interested in more guidance in your relationships, be sure to check out our Relationship Magick eBook!

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

How to Hire an Angel

Whenever you find yourself in need of some help, don’t be afraid to ask an Angel for help! Angels are higher beings that are great with helping out with quick fixes. Today, we are going to teach everyone how to Hire an Angel! If this ritual peaked your interest, make sure to check out the rest of them by reading our Quickie Magick eBook!

Hire an Angel

Time Required: 15 minutes


  • Belief in higher beings and their willingness to help you.
  • Time to properly complete and reflect on the recipe.


  1. Say out loud or in your mind, “I would like to a request an angel specializing in [traffic, parking places, in-laws, etc.].”
  2. Pause for a few moments for the angel to come to you. After you have worked with them for a while you will probably begin to feel a presence. It doesn’t take long for them to come to you.
  3. Say, “Angel specializing in [your topic], I would like to request your help in [state your case]. Thank you in advance for your help.”
  4. Once you have received what you have asked for, be sure to thank the angel again. It is VERY IMPORTANT to thank angels so they will be willing to help you later. It’s the form of payment you exchange for their help.

Tuesday, November 1, 2022

How to Make Dowsing Rods: Psychic Magic

If you interested in developing your Psychic Abilities, you might to try Dowsing! Dowsing is a psychic technique and form of divination which is obtaining information through magickal means not through the 5 senses of the body. One of the ways to dowse is through the use of Dowsing Rods which you can learn to make yourself. If you find yourself still interested in developing your Psychic Abilities, check out our Psychic Magick eBook!

Making Dowsing Rods

Materials Needed:

  • Coat hanger made completely of metal (no cardboard pieces)
  • Drinking straw
  • Measuring tape
  • Scissors
  • Wire-cutting pliers


  1. Use the pliers to cut the curved top of the hanger just below the twisted section of wire (this will require two cuts). This will leave you with one piece of wire with two bends.
  2. Now measure the longest section of the metal piece and mark the halfway point.
  3. Use your pliers to snip the hanger where you made your mark. Now you have two pieces of wire, each with a bend.
  4. Reshape each piece of wire so that each wire has a 90 degree bend.
  5. Take one of the metal pieces and measure both lengths of metal on either side of the curve. Snip both the short and long lengths so that the long length is three times as long as the short length. For example, if the short length is 3 inches then the long length should be 9 inches.
  6. Do the same for the other rod.
  7. Using the scissors, snip a piece from the drinking straw so that the straw is slightly shorter than the short side of the rod.
  8. Slide the drinking straw over the short side of the rod, then use the pliers to bend the end of the rod so that the straw can’t slide off. The straw allows you to hold the rod while allowing it to swing freely.
  9. Repeat the process to make your second rod.

If you enjoyed learning how to make these Dowsing Rods and want to learn how to apply them in your Psychic endeavors, make sure to out our Kitchen Table Magick addition: Psychic Magick!

Tuesday, October 18, 2022

8 Corners of Meditation to Restore Your Spirit

With the start of the school year and also having a job, your mind can sometimes feel very hectic and cluttered. Today, Esoteric School is going to share with you a great way to declutter your mind and restore your spirit to give you more spirit for the rest of the day. If you enjoyed this, make sure to check out our Java Magick eBook on Amazon!

8 Corners of Meditation

Time Required: 15 Minutes

Ingredients Needed:

  • A square or rectangular room
  • A comfortable place to sit in that room (DO NOT lie down)

Recipe Directions:

  1. Seat your body in a comfortable and stable position in the approximate center of a square or rectangular space or room.
  2. Locate the four corners of the area that you are in at floor level (that means all around you at floor level). Hold all four in your awareness simultaneously.
  3. Keeping your hold on the floor level corners, locate all four ceiling level corners with your attention.
  4. Hold all 8 corners simultaneously in your awareness and don’t think. Maintain your awareness but do not focus interest on any particular thoughts, sounds, etc. that may occur. The 8 corners should receive all your interest.
  5. Do not lie down to do this meditation and do not fall asleep. You can tell your mind or your body that you are fine and a sleep field is not called for.
  6. If you feel in any way peculiar when you decide to end the meditation, use this relocation procedure:
    • Locate in-head points first in the center of your forehead between your eyebrows and then a point in the back center of your skull directly opposite the first point you located in center of your forehead. Then move your awareness to a location between these two points.
    • Locate your hands, then feet, and then thoughts with your awareness.
    • Locate your body relative to floor, walls, ceiling, and some random objects in the room with your awareness.

When you find yourself stressed or in a low energy state, Mind tends to take over and give directions to Body. Using the 8 Corner Meditation can also bring the Spirit out to lead you. If you enjoyed this Java Magick recipe, check out our eBook to learn more!

Tuesday, October 4, 2022

What is an Omnil?

With the release of our book, O is Omnil & Shielding Magick, you might be wondering what is in Omnil? Our goal for the blog today is to explain exactly what is an Omnil and how it would be beneficial to you to learn how to create Omnils and Shields for yourself.

For starters, an Omnil is a three-dimensional whirling protective shield that is able to stay with you wherever you go. The word itself is derived from “Ohm” and “Nil” which means all and nothing respectively. It looks like an energy bubble and is able to separate you from time, space, and events, and can even be programmed to deflect certain kinds of energies and experiences. For example, you can program an omnil to deflect outside influences such as negative energy, gossip, or contact with a certain person or the weather. You can also program an omnil to pull certain influences or thoughts out of your personal space such as the desire for sweets or negative thoughts.

When you program or “key” an omnil, it will deflect everything you program it to deflect and let in everything else. The beauty of an omnil is that the more times it deflects something, the stronger it gets. If you don’t program your omnil, it will deflect everything which is sometimes useful for mediation. An omnil does not take you out of the local space, time, and event continuum in which you live. It simply separates you from certain events and influences that you specify.

That is all for Omnil and Shields today! I hope you learned what exactly an Omnil was and are interested in checking our Omnil Magick book! Stay tuned for next week where we will revisit Java Magick!

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Finding Financial Freedom with Flower Essences

Financial Freedom is the status of having enough income or wealth sufficient to pay one's living expenses for the rest of one's life without having to be employed or dependent on others. That sounds like something we all want right? If not, here are the benefits that being financially independent can bring you.

Why is Financial Freedom Important?

  1. More Security / Less Stress.
  2. Control Over Your Time.
  3. Choose to Pursue Other Passions.
  4. Your Actions Can be More Aligned With Your Values.
  5. Take More Risks.

If being Financial Free sounds appealing to you, make sure to check out our Money Magic eBook. But today we will also share some flower essences that can be beneficial to you in gaining answers toward obtaining Financial Freedom.

Financially Free Flower Essences

  • Angelica: This flower essence puts you in touch with Spirit helpers, especially when you feel the need for spiritual guidance or protection. This essence is wonderful if you feel shut down or out of touch with the spiritual world.

  • Lotus: The reason that the Lotus flower is so prominent in many religions (especially Eastern religions) is because this flower opens the seventh chakra. This chakra, once opened, allows spiritual energy to enter the physical and energetic body. The awakening of the seventh chakra is often associated with enlightenment in many cultures. For those who wish for enlightened information through dreams, Lotus is a perfect solution.

  • Potato: Sometimes it can be difficult to be both dreamer and pragmatist. Or, more specifically, it can be difficult to translate the information you receive in your dreams into practical action steps that will help you achieve your goals. Potato is an excellent flower essence to help you keep one foot in each world—the dream world and the waking everyday world. Potato is one of the best flower essences for “bridging” the two worlds.

  • Star Tulip: This flower essence is sometimes called Cat’s Ear and can be useful if you typically dream of mundane events (running errands, daily tasks, and events from recent days). Star Tulip helps you become more sensitive to messages from Spirit and other helpers, raising the level of dream vibrations so you that you receive enlightened and useful higher-level guidance.

  • Wormwood: If you know that you dream but have a difficult time remembering enough dream fragments to record in your dream diary, Wormwood can help. This flower essence can help you extend the state of twilight consciousness so you gather and record more dream fragments.

Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Dress for High Energy with Fire Colors

A fun way to give yourself some energy is by being careful with the colors in how you dress. The colors of the clothes that you wear can have an impact on how you feel throughout the day due to the magickal properties of colors. If you want to give yourself a good boost of energy, it is important to dress in the Fire Colors. Along with learning to how to give yourself a boost of energy with how you dress, you can learn a lot more about energy by reading our Java Magick book!

The Fire Colors and their Meanings:

  • Sun Yellow – Affects spirit's vitality and alertness. If feeling spiritually groggy, take on more sun yellow. Sun yellow can give you an energy boost or lift up your mood. If you feel too excited then dump sun yellow. You can give sun yellow to anyone at any time safely and it is the one color that you don't have to have their permission to give because it does not negatively affect the person's ability to make choices. If someone is losing life force, sun yellow is a great color to give them or if you just need a physical energy boost, use sun yellow.
  • Yellow Orange – Affects the spirit and physical neural system. This is the color of the energy of reaction. Using this color by either adding more or taking some away can speed up or slow down a person's level of reactivity. Too much yellow orange can make a person jittery, anxious, nervous, jumpy or cranky. Fear is generally a mental-neural phenomenon associated with yellow orange. Conditions resulting from too much yellow orange energy will not have fever or body flushing. That will fall in the category of Red Orange. Using small amounts of this orangey color can draw attention to you or make you the “life of the party”.
  • Red Orange – Affects the physical neural system and body metabolism. It is similar to Yellow Orange but more physical, more related to the body. Red orange is the color of pain, anger, or fever.
  • Bright Red – Affects the body's metabolism and temperature and is not related to the neural system at all. Bright red cannot make you angry or irritable. It can be used to raise body temperature to a high level without hurting it or damaging the nervous system. This can be done for a person who is drunk for example, to burn the alcohol out of their system. Increasing bright red is also a way to lose weight by getting rid of hard fats (with soft fats you also have to dump water energy).
  • Deep Red/Red Purple – Affects the circulatory and glandular systems and fluids, but not the body's metabolism or burning rate. It can be used to boost passion and sexual arousal. It is also a good choice to use with frostbite to safely raise the temperature of the blood without damaging body tissue.
  • Electric Blue – Has all the bands of color in it, much the same as what many refer to as "white light". It is the color at the bottom of every flame and is the driving force of the Universe. It can be used with a variety of techniques for things such as protection, blasting objects to unkey them and sweeping the body in healing work.

There you have the very detailed descriptions of the Fire colors. Be sure to incorporate them in strategic ways in order to give yourself a high boost of energy. If you enjoyed learning about the meanings behind Magickal Colors, be sure to check our Kitchen Table Magick Series out!

Tuesday, August 23, 2022

The Ingredients Needed for Money Magick

I think we can all imagine having all the money that we need in the world. It would be nice to not have to stress over long hours and hard tasks in order to obtain the resources to maintain our standard of living. Thankfully, we at Esoteric School of Shamanism and Magic have got your back. In addition to releasing our Money Magick Book We also decided to give you a little head start in letting you know the ingredients to Money Magick.

The Ingredients Needed for Money Magick

Just as relationships between people can go sour, so can relationships with other items or concepts, such as health, career, and money. To change your relationship to anything simply requires you tell yourself a different story about it.

Since the Universe responds to your intention and vibration, what you believe “is”. No matter how much is in your bank account, if you feel wealthy and believe you are and always will be wealthy, your bank account will reflect that feeling and belief. On the other hand, if you are always short of money, then you need to look at the “story” you tell yourself about money. It is also useful to examine how your vibration about money attracts the amount and longevity of money in your life.

The recipes in this book present exercises and rituals for you to perform that will:

  • Change your relationship with money
  • Change the story you tell yourself about your abundance or lack of money

Teach you how to work with Higher Powers and Beings to open the way for the Universe to deliver more money to you.

In conclusion, the rituals in Money Magick provide simple yet effective magical rituals to transform your relationship with money so it comes into your life in better ways—with more ease and speed, and in greater quantity.

Tuesday, August 16, 2022

NoCrastination Magick and the Magickal Creation Sequence

The idea behind Kitchen Table Magick’s NoCrastination Magick eBook is to help you understand the Magickal Creation Sequence. Now, you maybe wondering, what is the Magickal Creation Sequence? To put it simply, it is the steps that any person takes to manifest what they want to create in their lives. While what these steps are exactly and the order in which they need to be completed isn’t completely known, they can be generalized into two different decision.

These two decisions are the Base and Control Decisions.

Base Decision - The Base Decision is the Yes or No decision that decides whether you or whoever would like to move ahead with a project of task. This is decision is usually made before all others.

Control Decisions - Control Decisions are the collection of detailed decisions that are required to carry out the various action steps in a project or a task to completion. These are the steps that usually require planning out and taking action for something to be actually completed.

The Magickal Creation Sequence differs from the modern world today because it puts the GO decision before everything else. Society usually teaches us to come up with an action plan before deciding to invest time and effort into a project, however, how is the Universe supposed to help you if it isn’t even sure if you want to continue forward.

If you would like to learn more about the Magickal Creation Sequence and clear up misunderstandings that you may have about it, please check out NoCrastionation Magick on Amazon!

Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Walking Toward Your Goal

In honor of Goal Magick book finally being released on Kindle, here is a quick sneak peak of the amazing recipe and rituals that you can learn from purchasing our eBook here! Today you will learn about the Walking Meditation ritual. This ritual is perfect for those who find meditation too hard as they feel they can’t sit still in one place for a long time. The Walking Meditation is the perfect way to request help from the appropriate powers and beings, and receive feedback… all in a simple magickal walk.

The Walking Meditation Ritual

Time Required: 15 Minutes


  • At least 15 minutes when you can walk alone, without interruption from other people, cell phones, or other digital media
  • Preferably a quiet nature path, but a good magickal practitioner can gain the benefits of the Walking Litany even on the busiest of streets

Recipe Instructions:

  1. Choose an amount of time you will walk or a distance you will walk. Should be at least the distance of two city blocks. Be prepared to walk at least two city blocks or the equivalent distance on a nature path.
  2. As you begin walking, talk to your totems, guides, angels, the Universe or any higher beings about whatever is on your mind, what you need, or what you want as related to your goal. Specifically, you may wish to inquire as to how your magickal personality type may be causing resistance in the manifestation of your goal. You will do the talking for the first half of the walk. Feel free to speak aloud or ask your questions silently in your mind.
  3. After you have requested all the help and knowledge you wish to have from Higher Powers and Beings, give your thanks beforehand. Angels, totems, and all kinds of higher beings thrive on gratitude as their favorite form of energy exchange.
  4. Halfway through the walk, stop talking and begin listening and watching for signs of feedback from the powers you have been talking to.


After completing this Walking Meditation ritual, make sure to thank the higher beings for their help to show your appreciation and gratitude. Reflect on what you learned and implement your learnings in a helpful way to yourself. If you found this ritual helpful to you in reaching your goals, consider purchasing our Goal Magick eBook from our Kitchen Table Magick Series!

Tuesday, August 2, 2022

The World Needs a Little More Healing

Does anyone feel like the world needs more healing? Or feel like they themselves have a lot of healing to do. Whether it be from broken relationships or failure, you can use the Healing Exit Ritual to bring yourself some semblance of peace. If you find this simple Kitchen Table Magick Recipe helpful make sure to check out our Healing Magick book on Amazon!

The Healing Exit Ritual

Time Required: 15 Minutes


  • The willingness to use this recipe every time you step outside
  • The openness to connecting with spiritual beings and accepting their help

Recipe Directions:

  1. Every time you leave an enclosed space (i.e., your home, a building of any kind, a car, and other similar places), look up towards the sky once you are outside, extend your focus and out loud say, “Sky Above.”
  2. Keep focusing awareness above you and now extend your focus into the Earth and say out loud, “And Earth Below.”
  3. Keep awareness focused now both above and below, say out loud, “Embracing Your Healing Grace, I Greet You.”
  4. Pause for a few moments longer and be aware of either some kind of change within yourself (change of attitude, new awareness), a change in the environment (sudden breeze, change in color of sky, animal or bird suddenly appearing, plant life becoming vividly visible), or a message from Sky or Earth heard like a voice in your head (answer to question, new direction, guidance).
  5. You can also raise arms in a V toward Sky for step one and lower them in a V towards the Earth for step two.

Well there you have it! A simple yet effective magick ritual that can help you achieve a sense of peace and serenity. By performing this ritual, you are also establishing a deeper connection with higher beings that are there to help you channel your inner peace. In addition, if you find yourself in a public space too embarrassed to do the arm motions or chant out loud, feel free to do it in your head. It is all about doing what is better for you.

If you found this ritual helpful to you, make sure to check out our Healing Magick book, now newly available in eBook form, a part of our Kitchen Table Magick series. 

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Placing Your Procrastination Away

    Do you ever find yourself struggling to find the motivation to go about your day and get things done? All of us find ourselves procrastinating some point in our lives and more so during the sunny summer season that makes you just want to take a siesta. Well today I will be sharing with everyone a simple magickal recipe from the newest edition of the Kitchen Table Magick Series, NoCrastination Magick!

    This recipe is called the Placemat Exercise. It will help you start off your day productively without feeling overwhelming!

The Placemat Exercise

Time Required: 15 Minutes

Ingredients Needed:

  • A paper and pen or pencil
  • A quiet place and some time to be alone

Recipe Steps:

  1. Start with a clean sheet of paper and draw a line down the middle of the paper.
  2. To the left of the line write "Things I Want to Be, Do or Have Today".
  3. To the right of the line write "Things I Want the Universe to Bring Me Today".
  4. Then start writing on the left side of the paper all the things you really want to be, do, or have. This is not a to-do list for the day, so don't write things you have to do or should do or that you don't want to do. Only write down things that inspire you, that you are anticipating with joy, or that are pleasing to you.
  5. After you've taken a few minutes to write on the left, switch to writing on the right side of the page. Write what you want the Universe to do for you today or to bring you. This could be things you feel you have no control over, things you don't want to do but are required to for some reason, or things you don't even want to think about. You might ask for the Universe to bring you inspiration or willingness to face and do these things or ask the Universe to take care of those things for you or you might just ask for being joyful or peaceful for whatever situations you have to face today.
  6. After you have finished the lists on both the left and the right side of the paper, take 17 seconds to focus on each item on the list with a feeling of pure positive emotion. Envision those things you want being a reality and already yours, focus on the vision of those things you weren't so wild about already completed and out of the way. Just beam with positive energy and emotion for those 17 seconds and you'll find the rest of your day will be more carefree and less stressful.

    There you have it! A quick and easy way to start off your productive day with a little help from the Universe! Be sure to thank the Universe for helping you out!

    If you want to find more recipes to help you overcome your procrastination, check out the NoCrastination Magick book on Amazon!

Monday, May 16, 2022

Add a Spring to Your Step: 10 Flower Essences to Magically Revitalize You


Flower essences are a magical way to help you shake off the negative emotions and revitalize
your magical vibrations in this season of rebirth! There are different essences you can take
depending on what problem(s) you want to address and can be found in most health food stores
or mixed on your own. Here are 10 flower essences to help you get started:

1. Chamomile
a. For: nervousness, anxiety
b. Gift: calming, relaxing
2. Cherry Plum
a. For: loss of control, vicious
b. Gift: calm, quiet, in control
3. Crab Apple
a. For: toxicity
b. Gift: cleanses toxins (both physical and emotional)
4. Gorse
a. For: hopelessness, resign
b. Gift: faith, hope, positivity
5. Honeysuckle
a. For: sulking, exhaustion, resign
b. Gift: replenishes depleted energies
6. Hornbeam
a. For: weariness
b. Gift: certainty, lots of energy
7. Olive
a. For: exhaustion
b. Gift: good recovery, courage, dependability for the duration
8. Oak
a. For: overburdened, stressed
b. Gift: strength, dependability
9. Red Chestnut
a. For: worry
b. Gift: positivity, calmness
10. Willow
a. For: resentment
b. Gift: optimism, responsibility, acceptance

    You can take flower essences individually or mix and match them depending on your needs. If
you wish to make your own mixture, mix spring water with alcohol (like brandy) in an ounce
dropper bottle and add 4 drops of each flower essence. Succuss the mixture to maximize its
magical vibrations by firmly tapping the bottle on your palm at least 50 times.
You may take your choice of flower essence for as long as you see fit or switch it up if you’d like
to address other issues. The way you take the flower essence is also up to you! Here are a few

  • Taking the mixture directly from the dropper bottle 3 to 4 times a day
  • Add 4 drops of the mixture to a bottle of spring water for a refreshing drink to enjoy throughout the day
  • Add flower essences to your bathwater for a rejuvenating soak

    To learn more about flower remedies, how to use them, and how to make them, check out the
ebook "Energy Healing for Self and Others" in our online store. The ebook details not only
flower essences, but a number of magical and natural healing techniques including the use of
herbs, aromatherapy, meditations with sound, and the use of color. Enjoy!