Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Don't Know How to Get What You Want? Just Engage!

One of our favorite lines from the sci-fi show "Star Trek: The Next Generation" is Captain Jean-Luc Picard saying,


While Captain Picard uses the term to send his ship into to explore new dimensions, we spiritual travelers can use the term to explore new dimensions of consciousness and life.

Here's a simple way you can borrow Captain Picard's command to make your own life easier: the next time you don't know how to do something, just tell yourself, "Engage!" In other words, just start engaging with the process in any way you can. Don't worry about whether you know what you're doing. Just do something!

Most of have been taught by society to decide what we want, figure out to achieve it, and then start the process. But according to most ancient creation sequences this three step process is somewhat backward. To create anything, from a cake to a business, the process really looks like this:

1. We want something.
2. We engage with the process and find out more about it.

3. We decide whether we really want it.

4. We figure out how to create it.

In other words, figuring out how to "make it happen" comes after we decide that we really want it. The key to creation sequence is to do just enough poking around (or engaging) to decide whether you really want it, then making a conscious decision that you want it. The "how" never enters the picture until you have made the conscious decision to pursue it.

So the next time you want to achieve or create something, don't worry about how you will do it. First engage with the process and do some research. Figure out if you really want to pursue the project. If so, the answers will come to you. Your desire must and always will bring you exactly what you need to achieve what you desire.

Your job in the creation sequence is to engage with the process, stay open to what comes to you, and most of all to enjoy the engagement with the Universe. We're all on this planet for a certain period of time-it's more fun if we enjoy it!

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