Thursday, November 29, 2012

Psychic Self Defense: How to Use Active and Passive Shields

One of the many techniques magical practitioners have at their disposal in protection magic is the use of active and passive shields. Active shields would be the kind that the practitioner actually constructs. In protection magic these are most effective when made using fire energies. Passive shields are generally objects with symbols that are quite often worn and have been created specifically for protection purposes and keyed to the wearer's energy.

Active Shields
Fire Half Shields – These are shields that you build from fire energy for protection against psychic and energetic attack. They are useful when there is an immediate threat or danger. It is a static shield meaning that it does not move with you and will last for about 30-60 seconds. The more this type of shield is attacked, the stronger it becomes. It is made with the motion that you often see in martial arts by moving one hand in front of you from left to right. If the half shield is made so that it is a concave shield, it will focus and intensify the energy that it sends back. For example, if someone is sending anger your way, a concave shield will intensify the anger into a rage and send it back as more of a rage energy. This can cause the other person to get a headache or in extreme anger situations can cause heart pain. A concave shield should be reserved for serious threats that you need protection magic for. A convex shield is good for scattering sound, psychic or mental blows, for insects and less serious types of threat.

Fire Door Shields – This type of fire shield lasts indefinitely. It uses a technique that creates a shield for a doorway or window area and is keyed to not let whatever you key it against in. So for example, if you have a problem with a certain person coming over and contaminating your space with negative energies, you can put up a fire door shield and key it to keep out anyone who does not have a positive energy or intentions around them. The next time that person shows up and has a negative energy to spread, they won't know why, but they will not feel comfortable about entering your space and will not be able to bring themselves to come in.

Fire Omnils – Omnils are a three-dimensional whirling protective shield. They separate you from time, space and events and can be programmed to deflect certain kinds of energies and experiences. They can also be programmed to pull certain thoughts or influences out of your personal space. Omnils can be made using the Wand with Air energies, but are much stronger and more permanent when made with Fire energy. Omnils can be made with any of the fire energy colors according to the intended purpose. Electric Blue is the color used primarily for protection magic. If you want to maintain or deflect heat, then Bright Red is a good choice and Red or Yellow Orange are useful for attracting attention to yourself. An Electric Blue omnil can be keyed against Electric Blue which will program it to defend against psychic attack. Omnils can be put up around a person or objects for protection. For example, you can put an omnil up around your house or car. Once created, the omnil is then keyed to specifically what you want to protect the person or object from. Unlike Fire Half Shields, omnils are not static and will move with the person or object.

Passive Shields
Passive shields are good for protection magic from all the negative streams of energy that constantly surround us. Active shields are good for specific threats, but are not always practical against the many general negative influences in our everyday environments. You can be influenced even by someone else thinking negative thoughts about you!

Psychic Shields
Wearing a psychic shield is the best way to protect yourself against these types of ongoing negative energies. These shields are generally silver pendants worn on a chain around the neck that are programmed to defend against psychic attack of any kind or degree. If the attack comes from behind you, the shield channels the energy and pulls it harmlessly through you. If the attack comes from in front of you, the shield blocks and scatters the energy. After an attack has been deflected you will see the shield actually look like it has burn or scorch marks on it. If it is a very intense attack, the whole shield and the chain can turn black. It will then need to be polished to clean it up. A psychic shield is keyed to the wearer's energy frequency and will protect you as long as you wear it.

If you find yourself drawn to learning more about protection magic and learning the techniques to create active shields, check out the Basic Magic Online Course or the Magical Self Defense homestudy course. To develop you psychic skills and abilities, take a look at our Psychic Development ebook. The Esoteric School also offers a specially designed psychic Sun Shield and Moon Shield that you can see in our school store. These passive shields come with instructions on how to key them to your own energy.

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Do You Know Your Real Magic Fire Colors and How to Use Them?

Each of the 4 elements in real magic have their own correspondences. In elemental magic these correspondences include:
  • direction
  • tool
  • elemental spirit
  • part of person
  • direction of view
  • colors 
  • spiritual aspect
The element fire is any energy, including kinetic energy, which is the force inherent in anything moving. In other words anything that is moving or has movement has fire energy. The colors associated with fire energy are:

Sun Yellow – Affects spirit's vitality and alertness. If feeling spiritually groggy, take on more sun yellow. If feel too excited then dump sun yellow. You can give sun yellow to anyone at anytime safely and it is the one color that you don't have to have their permission to give because it does not negatively affect the person's ability to make choices. If someone is losing life force, sun yellow is a great color to give them.

Yellow Orange – Affects the spirit and physical neural system. This is the color of the energy of reaction. Using this color by either adding more or taking some away can speed up or slow down a person's level of reactivity. Too much yellow orange can make a person jittery, anxious, nervous, jumpy or cranky. Fear is generally a mental-neural phenomenon associated with yellow orange. Conditions resulting from too much yellow orange energy will not have fever or body flushing. That will fall in the category of Red Orange.

Red Orange – Affects the physical neural system and body metabolism. It is similar to Yellow Orange but more physical, more related to the body. Red orange is the color of pain, anger, or fever.

Bright Red – Affects the body's metabolism and temperature and is not related to the neural system at all. Bright red cannot make you angry or irritable. It can be used to raise body temperature to a high level without hurting it or damaging the nervous system. This can be done for a person who is drunk for example, to burn the alcohol out of their system. Increasing bright red is also a way to lose weight by getting rid of hard fats (with soft fats you also have to dump water energy).

Deep Red/Red Purple – Affects the circulatory and glandular systems and fluids, but not the body's metabolism or burning rate. It can be used to boost passion and sexual arousal. It is also a good choice to use with frostbite to safely raise the temperature of the blood without damaging body tissue.

Electric Blue – Has all the bands of color in it, much the same as what many refer to as "white light". It is the color at the bottom of every flame and is the driving force of the Universe. It can be used with a variety of techniques for things such as protection, blasting objects to unkey them and sweeping the body in healing work.

Some conditions are a mix of more than one fire color or fire and another energy color. For example, pain or muscle cramps are somewhere between yellow orange and red orange. Pink is a fire energy with a lot of air energy and is a sedative or relaxing.

Beginning practitioners of real magic should use caution when dealing with fire energies and should not adjust balances on others until they have mastered manipulating their own fire balances. In working with fire, as in working with all the elements, take your time, think it through and do it right. You are literally playing with fire.

To learn more about elemental magic, using the fire element and all the other elements, see the Basic Magic Level I online course.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Got Pain? These Two Magical Stones are Real Magic

Pain is something that can be dealt with through a variety of real magic techniques and using magical stones are a good way to ground out pain. These magical stones also work well for anger, frustration and irritation. There are two magical stones in particular that are good for flowing these types of negative energies into as they are capable of holding and channeling away all that stressful energy. Tribal people have been using them for generations for this purpose. Many magical practitioners use crystals for various types of healing work. Crystals however, and in particular quartz crystals, get contaminated easily and need to be magically cleansed quite frequently.

The two stones we recommend for dealing with energies resulting from issues such as pain, anger, and frustration are Apache Tears and Specular Hematite. Apache Tears do not need to go through magical cleansing procedures at all. Specular Hematite does not get as contaminated as crystals, but it does need cleansing at times.

Apache Tears:
Apache Tears are also known as Grandmother's Tears. They are a special form of obsidian made up of feldspar, hornblend, biotite and quartz. Shamanic circles commonly used them to safely transfer negative or unwanted energies into the half worlds. To use this magical stone, hold it in your dominant hand and flow the excess energy into the stone. The stone acts as a portal to the half worlds and none of that energy will come back to you.

Specular Hematite:
Specualar Hematite is another stone that absorbs lots of energy very easily. Hold the stone in your dominant hand and flow energy into it like you did with the Apache Tear. Unlike the Apache Tear, Specular Hematite is not a portal to the half worlds, so you do have to cleanse it of the negative energies it has absorbed regularly by smudging or other magical cleansing techniques such as burying it in the earth for a moon cycle.

Specular Hematite is often easier to find in rock shops and gem stores than Apache Tears. Both make excellent additions to your magical toolkit for pain and stress relief. To learn more ways to bring magical blessings to your life, see our Daily Rituals For Getting What You Want in Life ebook.

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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Magical Aikido for Self Defense: What to Do if Someone Grabs You

Yes magic can be used for self defense, but magicians must study self defense tactics very carefully before using them. Magicians have considerable power and force and using these powers inappropriately opens one to Universal backlash. Once you are sure you are not reacting from anger and are justified in using magic for self defense, there are many different techniques that can be effective.

To Blast or Not to Blast
Basically a good rule to follow in considering the use of magic for self defense is:
"In cases of direct and violent personal harm you are entitled to defend yourself by any means available provided you did nothing to encourage or provoke the attack." In the world of magic here's how this rule is defined further:

Direct - attempts from any outside force that would drain your energy, impose their will upon you or that is an attack on your body, mind or spirit.

Violent - anything that is damaging to your physical, mental, emotional or spiritual well being.

Encourage – creating or permitting unnecessary opportunities for a known hostile being to attack you

Provoke – being excessively pushy towards someone that you know has a sore spot or is under a lot of stress internally or externally

By Any Means Available – using any means you choose to defend yourself when attacked. As long as all the other parts of the rule are met, the Universe does not judge your response as excessive or not

One note of caution in using magic for self defense. If you are a beginning practitioner, it is not uncommon to go through a period of increased awareness and sensitivity. During this period it can be easy to misinterpret increased sensitivity as being under attack. It is best to err on the side of caution when choosing a technique to employ and use those that cause lesser harm until you are sure that you are meeting the conditions appropriate for the use of magical self defense.

Lightning Rod
Let's take an example of someone grabbing you. That is an easier one to start with and ascertain whether it is a person grabbing you in fun or whether you are being attacked. This is a situation in which using the Lightning Rod technique is a good one. With this technique you are either boosting your own energy or sending back an attacker's energy to them. This is a technique that can do a lot of damage to someone and even be lethal, so make sure you take it seriously and do not use it unless you are truly being attacked. Here's how.

Send Back Attacker's Energy:
Use your body as a lightning rod to pull and store the attacker's energy, then send it back to them in a single blast to a targeted area.
1. Go limp and do not fight against the person grabbing you. This is so that you do not waste your own force.

2. Pull the attacker's energy into your body as quickly as you can. It will probably be a red-orange colored energy and you won't need to pull very hard since they will be radiating it strongly. This will deplete their energy supply.

3. Store the energy you pull in your body and you can add more energy of your own to it from your own anger, pain or fear if you choose to.

4. Keep pulling the attacker's energy until the attacker relaxes or becomes limp.

5. Flow the energy you have stored into your output hand (hand you point with)

6. Send the energy back to the attacker by tapping one or two fingers of our output hand on their forehead, between their eyes, on the throat or over the heart. while flowing the stored energy out your fingers. If your hands are being restrained in such a way that you can not reach any of theses areas flow it wherever you can. It may not do as much damage, but may stun the attacker or cause enough pain to the attacker that you are able to get away.

Boost Own Energy
If you find you have been attacked in such a way that your own energies have been depleted, you can boost your energy to regain the strength for self defense. Find a source to pull fire energies from. The source could be an angry crowd for example. This crowd would be radiating a lot of fire energy, most likely of a red-orange color. You won't have to see it, you will be able to feel it. Pull the fire energy from the source into your own body and store it without grounding it out. This will give you a boost in energy to be able to employ other self defense techniques or give you the strength to get away if the situation warrants that. Only pull enough to regain your own energy level and then stop. You do not want to pull in more fire energy than you need.

Practice Makes You Ready
Protection magic and self defense tactics don't just come naturally to most people. Just like using martial arts for self defense, the moves have to be practiced before they are actually needed in a self defense situation. Waiting until you are under attack to try out your magical self defense tactics can prove to be very ineffective.

If you are ready to learn about magical self defense tactics, body flows, magical colors of defense, and all the other skills necessary in protection magic, take a look at our Magical Self Defense homestudy course.

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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

What is Real Magic Anyway?

What is real magic? With all the media attention through books, TV shows and movies, it can be confusing to some people what real magic is all about and how it differs from the practices and techniques they watch Harry Potter and his friends perform. Often people see these amazing things done and wonder is magic real at all. Yes, it is real even though not quite as dramatic as portrayed by the entertainment industry. Real magic in the real world can be every bit as amazing though in the things it can accomplish and changes it can make in people's lives. I believe that makes it even more spectacular than anything I've seen Harry do.

Define Real Magic
Real magic is first of all a precision science. It is the science of:
  • deliberate creation
  • effective prayer
  • manifesting Higher Will on energetic and material planes
  • heightened awareness, selective perception and dynamic, harmonious relationships
Real magic is also the study of intention and a system of creation, not coercion. In fact, every intentional act is an act of magic. It allows us to understand the actual workings of the Universe through direct experience. Real magic is also a path of spiritual growth. A magician must experience and verify everything for him or herself. He or she has the ability to create because he has the tools of divination to test the rituals he creates.

Rules Governing Real Magic
There is a set of rules, we call them "Rules of the Road", that magicians operate under. These are non-changing operational laws of the Universe. The Universe doesn't recognize morals and ethics because they vary from culture to culture and they change over time. Real magic practitioners use these rules to guide them in their practices instead of relying on their own personal value systems.

You can see the entire list of the "Rules of the Road" we practice at the Esoteric School, but there are 2 major rules that they are based on:
1. Whatever is done to the environment or other beings in the environment brings similar effects upon the doer. This is called the Law of Karma by some. The Universe doesn't care why an action was taken, or even if the doer is aware of the Rules of the Road or trained in magic, it only cares that the act was performed and therefore sends the results, negative or positive to the doer.

2. The magical practitioner judges the "goodness" or "badness" of his or her acts, whether conscious or unconscious acts, based on what the Universe reflects back on him or her. The same is true of judging others, entire communities, states or nations.

Magicians wanted
Over time the mundane world and how it operates has gone through great changes. Values, priorities, relationships, technologies, and the way people live are so very different than hundreds of years ago. In the world today, more magicians are needed to update rituals and practices for the issues we face today. Shamans and magicians can create seemingly miraculous things to be a positive influence in world affairs. Each one of you has the ability to learn real magic, raise the consciousness of the planet and create positive manifestations for yourself and others with the help of the Universe. There is nothing very magic about learning real magic. It is a "normal" way of life that most people have simply lost access to.

If you are ready to join forces with other magical practitioners and take control of your birthright to learn real magic, let us know. Our Basic Magic class is online now with no waiting for new classes to begin registration. Share in the comments on our blog below or on our Facebook page what magical topics you would like to learn and we'll send you a discount code for savings on Level I of the Basic Magic course.

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Thursday, November 1, 2012

What Incense Should You Burn for Magical Firebowl Divination?

There are many different incense and plant resins that can be burned for divination, as well as other magical procedures, and each has its own characteristics and classification according to the 4 elements. When it comes to selecting incense or plant resins for divination, don't assume that all vendors have classified the incense they sell accurately by element characteristics and correspondences. Also, there are incense that change drastically once burned in a Firebowl, so that is another consideration. The best way to make sure you are using an incense of the element that you want for a particular divination is to test it out for yourself by burning a small amount in your firebowl as you smell the scent and watch the smoke. The following guidelines in the list below will then help you classify the elemental makeup.

Firebowl Incense Elemental Mixes

1. General Purpose: will have a good mix of 4 elements, usually higher in Air and Fire
  • Smoke – moderate amount of smoke, tends to rise and spread moderately rapid and leaves a slight bluish haze.
  • Scent – Some "edge" or "stickiness" in the scent
  • Examples – Sage, pinion, juniper, Dragon's Blood, frankincense

2. Air: is often pale colored with white or transparent material. Can be used to remember dreams, is good for studying
  • Smoke – rises quickly and dissipates quickly. Has a very light smoke that leaves air fairly clear afterwards
  • Scent – delicate, fast rising scent or no odor
  • Examples – sandalwood, sage, mint, sweet grass

3. Fire: often is red, orange, or yellow, good to liven up energy
  • Smoke – smoke rises quickly and spreads quickly and is red or yellow. Amount of smoke is light or moderate and leaves a slight bluish haze
  • Scent – has a sharp scent that "bites" the nasal passages and sinuses
  • Examples – pine, juniper, frankincense

4. Water: often is pink, blue, dark red or brown and often feels damp. Good for meditation.
  • Smoke – thick smoke that rises and spreads slowly and dissipates slowly
  • Scent – often has a fruit or flower scent or heavy, sweet, wet, thick and cloying scent that can last for days
  • Examples – gardenia, lotus blossom, strawberry

5. Earth: often brown or green. Good for stabilizing an area
  • Smoke – tends not to rise but rather to "boil" out and settle to the floor spreading slowly
  • Scent – heavy, not sweet, not wet "earthy" scent that can last for days. Also a dry scent with a slight "edge" to the nasal passages and sinuses
  • Examples – musk, mosses (be sure to dry before burning), myrrh, dark/heavy pines

For deeper study about divination and characterizing incense and plant resins and their various magical uses, see our How to Do Voodoo ebook or the online Basic Magic class section 1.

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