Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ten Magical Problems You Fix Fast with Basic Magic Rituals

I wish our magic school had a staff of thousands of magicians on board to help people with their magical problems. Whether it be self-defense, removing hexes, reconnecting with lost ones, changing job prospects, or something else.

Most of these magical problems are not difficult to fix. You just have to have a certain level of magical knowledge, the basics, to be able to select and use the right magical tools and approaches to get the job done. Anyone on the planet can do magic.

There are no muggles.

The reason we don't have a huge staff available to do magic for people is that most of us are engaged in teaching, creating new materials, training other teachers, or tending to issues at different levels, ranging from community to galactic.

But that's as it should be. Why? Because at this school we adhere to the principle of:

"Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime."

We certainly could use magic to "fix it" for a lot of people right now (and the good news is that we now have an on-staff practitioner who does help people directly--learn more here). But as a group, we teach people like you to be your own magical "fix it" guy.

Ten Problems You Could Solve with Basic Magic
OK, so now I'm going to climb down off my soapbox and talk to you about Basic Magic. Basic Magic is a 32-week teleconference course that gives you all the basic magical tools you'll need to solve most of life's problems ... be they major or minor.

That's why we are starting yet another Basic Magic class in June (even though we have 2 already in progress). People need to know this magic ... now, more than ever!

Want to know what kinds of problems you can solve? Here are 10 problems that current or past students have recently solved using the magical tools and rituals they learned in Basic Magic. Some are touching, some are deep, and some are just downright funny!

Ready? Here goes:
  1. Hubby got wife to stop throwing temper tantrums and slamming doors by pulling "anger energy" (which is the color red-orange) out of her every time she started to get angry.

  2. Unsuspecting woman won a random drawing for a trip to Belize. She had never won any contest or drawing in her life. She put a postcard of Belize on a keyed magical plate and drew the trip to her by putting a giant chunky magnet on top! It's called a "come along."

  3. Son used dowsing methods to discover the right combination of supplements, medications, and therapies to help his mother recover after a series of strokes. She was completely recovered in 6 months.

  4. Sugar-a-holic who had always been borderline diabetic lowered his fasting blood sugar to normal ranges and eats much less sugar. He wore fire colors to increase his metabolism, as well as used simulacra magic (voodoo magic) to separate him from his sugar cravings.

  5. Mother helped her young son find their lost dog using map divination.

  6. Avid horse woman used weather working skills to move an incoming storm further to south, keeping the day warm and clear for the horse show she wanted to attend.

  7. Nephew helped his uncle pull through a dangerous surgery by creating a sun-crystal, which is a source of Spirit force that can be drawn upon when one's life is in danger. It works even if the person is unconscious, under anesthesia.

  8. Woman got a different, better-paying job closer to home within 4 weeks of asking for help from angels, guides, and the Winds.

  9. 9. Real estate agent helped a friend desperate to get out of town to be with her parents, who were in failing health. The house sold for asking price, even in a depressed market.

  10. Last but not least, one wife got her husband to consistently put the toilet seat down after using the toilet. How? Not by asking him directly! She used the water bowl technique, which can be used for Spirit-to-Spirit communication, scrying, and much more!
I don't know about you, but I particularly enjoyed that last one. It's magic with a sense of humor, and heavens knows we should always enjoy using our magic!

So if any of the above situations amused, enchanted, or otherwise interested you, check out our new Basic Magic Course or drop us a line and ask some questions:

Basic Magic Course

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Learn to do Shamanic Clearings (also called Bank Clearings)

Learn to Do Bank Clearings
Open to All Current and Past Students of the Esoteric School

This is an open invitation of all past and current students of the Esoteric School, and anyone who has finished the Four-Element section of Basic Magic (the first 10 classes).

For the last 25 years I have been doing the "ground out" ritual to clear the Buried Unconscious, what we refer to as "the Bank" on many people with outstanding success. You can read more about Bank clearings at the end of this document.

I have decided to offer this technique in a series of classes, coming up soon, in conjunction with our ongoing course of Advanced Magick (also called Fantastic Creative Endeavors). The class is held weekly on Sunday evening, at 6 PM MST.

Course Content
This course will consist of the following parts:
  1. How to recognize which aspect of the Bank needs to be cleared in your client: buried, forgotten, and suppressed anger, fear, grief, shame, or guilt.
  2. How to help your clients make an effective list of events involving that aspect through this lifetime.
  3. How to explain the nature of the buried unconscious-how it differs from conscious and subliminal mind-and the effects of non-survival attitudes in all parts of their lives, including addictive behaviors and out-of-control aspects of their lives.
  4. How to clear Bank in one session using the ground-out ritual.
  5. How to prepare your client for the second session.
  6. How to run the second session until your client is convinced of:
    a. Whereas before they had no choice of their behaviors once bank was "keyed in"-but not any longer.
    b. How many aspects of their lives were controlled by these conditions about which they had no control.
We will first work on one another to build our confidence and our skills. On all these sessions when a clearing is done, I will sit in as a silent observer to later give the processor useful feedback. Depending on the size of the class will influence the duration of the class, but we won't finish until everyone is confident of their capability to run a session.

This method truly works and is far and wide the most effective and fastest way to clear Bank, unlike Dianetics auditing, which takes many sessions and is very expensive.

Benefits of a Bank Clearing
  • Clearing addictive habits and behaviors
  • Clearing body issues: various effects on the physical body built up over a lifetime, and in many cases in other lifetimes
  • The ability to be in present time when one chooses-and to "act" in accordance with present-time events
  • The ability to understand the true causes of many behaviors that heretofore have been misidentified
  • To come out of a "victim" orientation towards one's life
  • To be able to be self-determined rather than "other-determined"
  • To have choice where before no choice was possible.
Cost and Joining
The cost of the class will be $35 per session, no exceptions. If you are interested in joining this course or have questions, please contact us at or 888-446-2442.

More About Bank Clearings

In today's fascinating world of contradictions, our society is more technology-focused than it has ever been and, at the same time, society is more accepting of new age and spiritual explorations than ever. As a result, most of us are familiar with or involved in some sort of spiritual exploration or journey to improve the quality of our lives. Many of us have worked on our issues relating to money, health, success, career, family or relationships with greater or lesser success. In the course of your spiritual journey, have you noticed that while some issues can be resolved with a little dedicated effort and perhaps some professional assistance, other issues seem more difficult to handle and resolve? It seems that no matter how many different ways we approach some of these more intractable issues they move or change very little.

Why is this the case? According to much original shamanic research and esoteric knowledge, the root of most of these difficult issues lies in inaccessible parts of our Minds that no amount of regular therapy, counseling, or healing work can reach. There are actually three different parts or layers of Mind: conscious, subliminal, and buried unconscious. Here are the functions they serve and the ways they operate:

Conscious Mind stores the thinking part and memories that are readily available and easily accessed. It is useful to note that Mind has, in itself, no contact with the outside world except through Spirit or Body, and thus cannot interact with the environment. Most everything that we have learned or experienced with any awareness at all in this lifetime is stored in conscious Mind.


All other data from past lifetimes, between lives, and long past times when we didn't yet have bodies is stored in subliminal Mind. All impressions that we did not consciously focus on, plus all sorts of body and cellular memories are also kept here. This is the part of Mind that hypnosis can affect in positive ways.

Also known as "the Bank," the home of all incoming perceptions and experiences when Spirit was not present to Mind. Bank is a holding place for information that must be reviewed by Spirit. Spirit must decide on the significance of the information stored here, and what, if any, actions need to be taken. Because Spirit could not be aware of this data and was not conscious at the time the data was received, this information is all about issues of Non-Survival.

BANK: The Home of Compulsivity

Many of the core issues that we have the most difficulty in dealing with are Bank issues. Because no amount of traditional therapy and healing techniques can reach Bank, these issues remain unresolved in our lives. They seem to come back over and over, no matter how much will power we apply to the issue. Until these issues are cleared from Bank, we remain helpless against Bank "key-ins," or triggers that affect these issues.

How does the Bank key in and what kinds of things happen as the result? We can have minor Bank events on a daily basis, triggered by any incoming perception: words, sounds, images, events, or smells that are similar to the perceptions held in Bank. Bank has a monitoring circuit that vigilantly watches all stimuli incoming from our environment, and all data housed in subliminal Mind - it misses nothing. As Bank comes online, it begins to pull more and more present-time perceptions down into Bank, adding to the storehouse of data already stored there. In other words, until the data stored in Bank is cleared, we simply collect more and more Bank data as we move through life.

With a mild key-in, we may feel disoriented and have vague feelings of discomfort, the source of which we can't locate since we can't obtain any data from Bank. We may notice that our decisions and behaviors are suddenly out of sync with present-time circumstances - we react way out of proportion to the situation. When we have the misfortune of being in the middle of a full Bank key-in, all incoming perceptions, whether from the outside world or from any other part of my Mind, are pulled down into Bank. There is then a tidal wave of energy that flows up into subliminal and conscious Mind, and we are in the middle of a highly destructive scene. What we experience when Bank comes "On Line" is the charge held on this data, in the form of large amounts of grief, fear, or anger, with no apparent cause or reason for these in terms of present-time data!! This is where compulsivity and extreme irrational behavior originate, and these behaviors become the cause of acts that we call criminal or violently insane. In any case, eventually Bank will key out again, and we are left to deal with the results of our Bank-stimulated actions, having no idea what has taken place. Looking back on past Bank experiences, we often find them to be highly inexplicable or irrational.

Bank has two functions that are very different from the functions of conscious and subliminal Mind. Knowledge of these functions is critical to our understanding of how Bank has such an overpowering affect on us when it is activated or triggered. Bank has no sense of time, so from Bank's point of view, anything that has ever happened is still happening. It is also verbally literal and can't make comparisons, so when something is similar to a datum held in Bank, Bank considers the two similar items to be the same. More importantly, there can be only one meaning or significance attached to each piece of datum in Bank, and thus words can have only one meaning - the first meaning that Bank encountered. For example, the words "weight" and "wait," despite being different words, can only have one meaning in Bank. The data that is contained in Bank is not available to us, and is locked in by past issues of negated, suppressed, and forgotten grief, fear, or anger.

As you can imagine, resolving Bank issues is no easy task. Traditional medical and psychological approaches have no solution for clearing Bank issues. At best, they offer diagnoses such as paranoia or schizophrenia, and offer potent Mind-altering drugs as the only solution. Unfortunately, ever since the Shaman was cast out of our cultural system several thousand years ago, no one has been trained to either recognize nor deal with Bank states, and just about everyone in the society has Bank issues, including the trained medical practitioners from whom we seek help.

How Can We Clear Bank?
What choices do we have in dealing with Bank issues? We know of three mystery schools that are capable of resolving Bank issues, and can clear entire Bank chains from Mind, leaving us free to live our lives and make choices from Spirit rather than from reactions of Mind.

Dianetics is a part of Scientology that was originated by L. Ron Hubbard, and deals with Bank through auditing. This approach, although effective, is very time consuming, lengthy, and expensive. However, Dianetics processor are not difficult to find.


This church has, over the years, trained a small number of practitioners in Flow-Processing, which is fast, inexpensive and highly effective. However it is difficult to locate these people and one must be physically present to run a session, just as with Dianetics.


Our school offers perhaps the easiest solution in the form of shamanic clearings, which can clear Bank issues in 2 sessions. More important, clearing can be done remotely on the telephone if necessary, and the clearings are reasonable in cost.

Cost and Joining
The cost of the class will be $35 per session, no exceptions. If you are interested in joining this course or have questions, please contact us at or 888-446-2442.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Your Slice of Magic is Up for Grabs When the World is in Chaos

I've written about this topic before, but now seems as good a time as any to write about it again. And you may ask, what is "it"?

"It" is the fact that magic is material thing. It has material properties. There is a certain amount of magic in the world, and right now people are giving up their inherent right to use that magic ... which means there is more of "it" up for grabs to those who want it.

Why No One Wants Magic When They Most Need It
Right now, as we are speeding into the Aquarian Age, people are experiencing chaos as never before, which means they need magic more than ever. There are more car wrecks, medical emergencies, lost jobs, and other personal tragedies than there has been in a long time.

Magic would really help the people who are experiencing these chaotic events, which includes almost everyone, and yet people are turning away from magic more than ever.

Why is that? Because people are not thinking clearly. Because people have lost faith. Because people are so focused on their problems that they can't think about solutions. Because people are too busy throwing pity parties for themselves and each other to even consider magic.

That's bad news for those people who are subject to all of the factors above.

That's also good news for those of us who understand the fact that when people give up their right to their share of magic in the world, there is more magic available to the rest of us.

Magic is Material So Grab Your Piece of the Pie
While it's natural to think about magic as ethereal, mystical, and somehow airy-fairy "less than real," if you want to bring more magic into your life you have to start thinking about magic as something material.

Think about magic as a pie ... a very large pie that is normally divided among all the people in the world. If everyone in the world were to claim their slice of the pie, each person would end up with a pretty small slice of magic because there are a lot of people in the world.

Now consider the fact that the majority of the people in the world are not claiming their slice of the pie. That means that the people who are claiming their share of magic get a much larger slice of pie, or magic.

So, grab your slice of magical pie because it is out there, free, up for grabs, and easier to access right now than ever.

How Do You Bring More Magic Into Your Life?
The ways you can use to bring more magic into your life are way too numerous to count in a single article or blog post, but suffice to say that pretty much any way you ask for magic to show up in your life, it will.

There is that much magic up for grabs right now, really.

Here are 3 ways that might appeal to you:

1. Use Magical Books

Whether you use a daily planetary guide or the Medicine Cards or a book of angels, using a book that references the higher allows you to stay in touch with the higher ... and claim the magic that is yours.

Many practitioners start their day by opening a book of angels to a random page, reading an excerpt, and doing a short 10 minute meditation on the reading. You can do the same with a book of dreams, a book of magic rituals ... basically any book related to the higher.

Need some inspiration? Check out this amazing library of magical eBooks and Kindle Books or higher inspired card decks:

2. Look for Synchronicity
Any form of synchronicity is a "thumbs up" sign from the Universe, at least in my world. For instance, Dick Francis is one of my favorite authors and I have every book he wrote. The other day, I was reading a different book and the main character proclaimed that her favorite author was Dick Francis.

That's synchronicity. True, the event was small, but I took it as a positive sign from the Universe that said, "Everything is fine. Everything always works out for the best. Be at ease."

At a time when chaos is occurring left, right, and center, I accept these kinds of magical messages from any direction ... regardless of size.

3. Start and End Your Day Magically
If you want to attract magic into your life, start and end your day by calling in the magic. Whether you practice the Navajo Beauty Way, meditate at the beginning and ending of each day, journal, or do yoga, connecting with magic at both ends of your day is a powerful way to ensure that magic shows up somewhere in the middle.

One way that I love to call forth the magic is to do meditations:
1. In the morning, I meditate and call in the kinds of magic I want and need during the coming day. I call on my angels, spirit guides, and totems. I use several types of daily rituals during my meditations as well.

2. In the evening, before bed, I call back to me all the energies I have released during the day that I want back. I also release any energies that I have accumulated that I no longer wish to hold.

I find that this two-part meditation keeps me grounded and doesn't allow any chaotic energy to accumulate in my life. Plus, it's short, simple, and fun. You might give it a try!


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