Thursday, April 26, 2018

Healing Spells: Keying a Sun Crystal for Life and Death Emergencies

A sun crystal can be used for healing spells or in protection magic and can literally save your life. If you are going to have surgery or are traveling, keying a sun crystal beforehand allows you to draw energy safely from the Sun in case you are in an accident, have surgery complications or any life and death type situation. This is one of the many magic that works lessons you will find in our How To Do Voodoo ebook.

About the Sun Crystal
This magical tool is called a Sun Crystal because it is made of lead crystal and acts as a transformer for the Sun's energy. The voltage of the Sun's energy is too strong to use directly in a safe way for magic that works. Using this crystal ball allows you to gather the Sun's energy and draw on it when you are in times of stress, trauma or danger. When choosing a Sun Crystal, look for a 2 ½ inch size ball made of German or Austrian lead crystal with a stand. Be sure that you don't get a ball made of acrylic or quartz. Quartz balls can be dangerous and explode or can pull everything towards its center. When your Sun Crystal is not in use you can store it by wrapping it in a cloth of natural fiber and put it in a drawer or it can be left on the stand and put on your Plate (magical Earth tool) on your altar.

Keying a Sun Crystal
After you get your Sun Crystal, you will need to key it to yourself or a particular person. Here's how:
  1. Cleanse the sun crystal as you do with other tools with your Firebowl and Chalice.
  2. Use your Athame (Fire tool) to sweep the crystal with electric blue.
  3. Place the crystal on its stand and light a Sun Candle.
  4. To key the crystal for your own use, get down level with the sun crystal until you can see the flame from the Sun Candle through it (the flame will look upside down).
  5. Use your intention to pull the flame into the ball until the flame completely fills the ball (this may happen suddenly as a sunburst). Your sun crystal is now keyed to yourself. 
  6. To key the sun crystal to another person, position the person so that they put their face opposite yours, with the sun crystal in between you. When you see his or her face in the crystal, push energy through the crystal at them, and have them pull energy towards themselves. The sun crystal then becomes keyed to them. If the person is not present, simply picture the person's face and see it in the sun crystal with your intention.

Using the Sun Crystal
Once the Sun Crystal is keyed, it is ready to be used for protection magic or healing spells. If you find yourself in a life threatening situation where you feel your life force draining, you can pull Sun energy safely from the crystal to renew your energy loss. When you feel your energy has been replaced, simply stop pulling energy from the crystal. You do not have to have the Sun Crystal physically with you to use it. You can picture the crystal and pull energy from it anytime you need to replenish your life force energy. If you have keyed the crystal to someone else, tell them to picture a glass ball filled with sunshine and to pull that sunshine towards them. In a real emergency situation you can tell the other person that if they are afraid or feel they are dying, to see the glass ball glowing and pull that energy towards themselves. Even if the person is unconscious, you can give them these directions three times in a voice of command and their Spirit will hear you. When someone is pulling energy from the Sun Crystal, it will begin to actually glow. The Sun Crystal is an especially good magic that works technique to use in these life threatening type situations, but really it can be used any time you feel that you need some extra energy.

Extra Tips on the Sun Crystal
A few more things to know about the Sun Crystal are: 
  1. Do not ever push or pull electric blue energy into the Sun Crystal as it can cause it to explode.
  2. Never leave your Sun Crystal out in direct sunlight as this can also cause it to explode.
  3. If you need to unkey a Sun Crystal from a particular person, you can cut lines on it like you do when cutting psychic lines on a person and use your Athame to give it a blast of electric blue energy. When you do this, it is still a Sun Crystal, it just is no longer keyed to any particular person.
  4. To totally unkey a Sun Crystal and make it just a normal glass ball again, bury it in the Earth for a moon cycle.
You now have a new magic that works technique that you can use for healing spells or protection magic to add to your magical toolbox. This one is literally a life-saver, but needs to be in place before it is needed. If there is a chance that you will find yourself (or someone you know) in a life threatening situation, now is the time to get your Sun Crystal and key it. Even if you don't end up in a dangerous situation, it is always good to have a keyed Sun Crystal around to give yourself some extra Sun energy when you are dragging. 

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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Expand Your Psychic Powers by Learning to Psychically Read People

Each and every one of us has psychic powers or psychic abilities. Some people are naturals at accessing information through their psychic powers and others have to develop these skills. In our Psychic Development ebook, we offer exercises that help develop one's psychic abilities for those who need practice. Below is one of the exercises offered in this ebook that gives you practice using your psychic abilities or Spirit abilities to access information that you can't access with your five senses. Since we are all made up of a physical body, a mind and a spirit, you want to by-pass mind and by-pass the body's senses so as to receive information from Spirit. This exercise isn't about getting anything "right" or "wrong", it is simply about practicing using your psychic abilities and psychic powers. Follow these steps for this exercise:

1. Gather a pen, paper and timer (or you can use your watch).

2. Go to a public place with lots of people. Restaurants, airports, malls, or a public park are all good places.

3. Pick a comfortable place to sit and where you will not feel self-conscious or obvious. If you feel like you will "stick out" or think others will think you odd for looking at them, this can interfere with the exercise.

4. Pick a person that you are going to observe for 30 seconds.

5. Set your timer for 30 seconds or note the time on your watch and note the time you will stop 30 seconds later.

6. Start writing anything and everything that you can about the person you are observing. Some things you write will be things that can be observed by your 5 senses such as hair color, heavy or thin, type of clothing, or what activities they are doing. The key here is not to think about what you are writing, just write. Do not pause in your writing and write as much as you can, as fast as you can in your 30 second period. This will help you override "mind" and the physical 5 senses observations.

7. After your 30 seconds is over, pick another person to observe, set your timer and repeat the process of writing about this person for 30 seconds.

8. Repeat this process until you have observed 10 different people for 30 seconds each over a 5 minute period.

Here is an example of what your writing may be like:
Woman, red hair, stylish clothes, a mom, stressed out, organized person, has a sister, works indoors, in tune with Nature, born in the West or has a connection to the West, high heeled shoes, talks with hand gestures, sensitive nature, enjoys kids, likes the color green, in her early 30s, blues music, laughs a lot, has kind eyes.

In this description, you'll find several things that can be seen with the five senses such as color of hair and type of clothes and then you will find several things that can't be seen with the five senses such as that she has a sister and has a sensitive nature. Congratulations, those last observations come from using your psychic abilities.

Don't get hung up on finding out if your descriptions are right or wrong. There is no right or wrong at this stage of the game. Right now you are just practicing tuning in with your psychic powers and psychic abilities instead of your usual five senses or mind chatter. The only goal at this point is to practice. The more you practice and get used to using your Spirit abilities the more your observations will improve. A variation on this exercise for those who don't get out much is to use people on the TV. Just turn down the volume and do the same steps as in the exercise above with people you find there. The more you practice, the better you will get at using your psychic powers. So go find some people to start practicing on and enjoy the journey!

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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Healing Magic - Moving Energy For Pain Relief

There are several healing magic techniques that can be used for pain relief. Whether we are dealing with an injury, illness or an emotional pain there is a healing magic technique that can help with pain relief. In our Daily Rituals for Getting What You Want in Life ebook, we discuss several healing magic techniques to deal with pain. Here's an easy one for beginner's to use.

Moving Energy for Pain Relief
Sometimes physical pain and discomfort is the result of stuck or stagnant energy in the body. Our energy can get stuck because of a sedentary lifestyle, old injuries, stress, resentments...the list goes on. In short, we can have stuck energy as a result of everyday events and situations, which results in physical pain. The real question is, what can we do about it?

One of the best and easiest ways to clear energy blockages and get your energy moving freely again is to do this simple healing magic ritual taught in many metaphysical traditions. Here's how:

1. Get in a comfortable position and close your eyes.

2. Relax and breathe for a few moments.

3. Begin by noticing feelings or sensations in your left hand. Some people experience a feeling of warmth or tingling. The sensation may be different for you. It doesn't matter so long as you are aware of sensation in your left hand.

4. Gently move that sensation up your left arm, across your back, down your right arm, and onto your right hand.

5. Now reverse the movement and move the sensation along the same path from your right hand back to your left hand.

6. Now put the sensation on your left foot, and move it up your left leg, across your waist, down your right leg and onto your right foot.

7. Now reverse the movement and move the sensation along the same path from your right leg back to your left leg.

8. Finally, put the sensation at the base of your spine and move that sensation slowly up your spine to the top of your head.

9. Keeping that sensation there, say aloud, "I am."

10. Release your attention from the sensation at the top of your head. Relax and breathe deeply for a few minutes. Open your eyes.

Doing this healing magic ritual on a regular basis will keep your body free of most energy blockages, and will have a clam, soothing effect on your spirit.

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Thursday, April 12, 2018

Tarot Card Meanings: Not What You Think

You can throw away the book that comes with the Tarot deck; the Tarot is a small mini-version of the Universe so knowing the real tarot card meanings is important. For example, the Death card does not mean physical death. You also many times have to look at the entire line in a reading to get the tarot card meanings instead of just looking at each individual card. For example if you have a line with Moon to Temperance to Star in a reading it is giving you a description of a path of spiritual growth. Knowing the lower level of a particular card or the next higher level can also give you information even if you just see the individual card in a reading. Here are a few examples of tarot card meanings you can get by exploring the cards instead of just reading the "book" description and how looking at the flow lines and understanding the meanings of the higher or lower octave of a card can give you extra information in a reading.

Traditionally in magical and mystical circles, death represents a major, usually sudden, unexpected ending and beginning. This is along the lines of when one door closes, another one opens. It's not just an ending, but an ending which becomes a new beginning. Although it usually applies to something unexpected, it can also apply to something expected. It can be making a real positive shift or a real negative one, depending on how it shows up in the reading layout, but either way, it is a major happening in the spiritual realm, to the being as a spirit. It may or may not affect the physical level, but definitely works on the principle that all endings are beginnings and all beginnings come from endings. The Death card represents transformation and changes of cycles.

Physical death would show up in a Tarot reading possibly as the Ace of Discs reversed second carded by Tower or Sun reversed second carded by Death. The upright Death card could be interpreted as how you deal with change, whether you see change as positive or negative, how comfortable you are with change or your ability to complete cycles. Understanding principles of "As above, so below" would also come under the Death card as would the law of signatures, things that represent things, seeing the equivalency of things. It also could be referring to knowing when to let go, walk away, not repeating the same things over and over again, understanding the cycles and what they are showing you, in other words – "getting the lesson".

The Moon card represents the beginning of the spiritual journey. It shows a spiritual being, crawling out of the sea of emotion and embarking on the middle way spiritually. At this level, you can either begin spiritual progress or fall back into emotionalism. It is not a straight and narrow path but rather one that zig zags. The Moon card speaks of transformation of the emotions from lower levels of passion and greed and neediness to a higher level of compassion and understanding. At this level beings are more open and able to give from the heart, without expectations and manipulation. The Moon card showing up in a reading could indicate that a being has crawled out of turbulent or chaotic emotion, the living in drama, and embarking on the "middle road" in regards to the Tree of Life. The road ahead will have many perils as the being must face his issues and confront his fears, let go of self-absorption and crave something higher. It is the beginning of the journey for example when someone knows there is something higher but not sure what it is. It is the beginning of being open to intuition, the heart, all the water characteristics and letting go of expectations and manipulation.

Temperance deals with the idea of balance being maintained. In the card, he is walking the tight-wire and you notice that his balance is internal. He has his emotions in balance and they are being held in place by a combination of intellect, will and feeling. He has to be constantly focused to keep that balance and make small motions to adjust, just as the guy walking the tight-wire in a circus. A certain level of self-observation and vigilance is implied and not from a place of apprehension, but a desire for something higher and the wish to be impeccable. He has to really pay attention and concentrate on what he is doing. This is the next step above the Moon card, mid-way up the spiritual pathway. Maintaining balance requires a lot of use of the will and constant alertness, it is not a natural state yet. The Temperance card represents a level at which constant choices are being made on a spiritual path. It's a spiritual choice card similar to the Two of Discs and Three of Swords on the mundane level.

One of the laws of Tarot says that a small change in the present produces a larger change in the future. When we are at the level of Temperance and walking the tightrope, we are making small adjustments, which produce larger changes in the future. Acts of power are ruled by Temperance as are attention or holding of intention. You have to let go of something lower to gain dominion over something higher. Willingness is important here.

The Star
The Star card is another issue of balance and is a step above Temperance. This card however refers to a person who has attained a point of spirituality where the balance is automatic. He does not have to pay the same kind of attention now as when walking the tight-wire as he is at a higher place inside. As a spiritual being, he is now in balance and this is reflected out into his external world. The Star is a balance card where conscious attention has now been acquired through past efforts and the balance is maintained as a part of the process of inner work. The effort and attention that were needed in Temperance are not needed here. The spiritual path has become a central part of the person's being, there is more of a sense of relaxation in efforts made. This card implies a huge level of spiritual attainment, the balance is much easier and instead of it being an internal issue, it is a radiative issue in that he is definitely affecting the outer world a lot. This card shows the beginning of true flow of manifestation. It is the point where we can start to project what we have to guide others.

So the next time you work with Tarot cards, really examine the cards and listen to what they have to say. Just taking the literal meaning from a book can often lead to misinterpretations and lead to disappointing readings. You can learn more about tarot card meanings and doing readings using Tarot cards in our Online Tarot Course.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Is Real Magic Black, White or Something Else Altogether?

If you go to Google or Yahoo and type in the word "magick," you'll get a lot of listings for black magick, white magick, chaos magick, sex magick and thousands of other kinds of magick. And if you type in the word "magic," you'll get something entirely different. So what is magic (or magick)? Is real magic black, white or something else altogether?

In the experience of most magicians with some level of training, magic is neither black nor white, good nor evil. Instead, magic is an unchanging set of operating principles that are in effect whether you know them or not. Magical laws are like physical laws - they are impersonal, fixed and completely immune to bargaining.

One of our favorite authors, Paxton Robey, explains it so well in his book "No Time for Karma." He says, "The Universe and its rules must be seen as impersonal principle if we are to become self empowered beings. Remember the law of gravity. When you jump out of the window, you will go down. On the way you, you might remember about gravity, but the earth will not care one way or the other. Gravity is impersonal so it will not say, 'She is a pretty good person so maybe we should let her down easy.'" While the idea of impersonal magical forces can seem cold and unfeeling, the good thing about it is that it's very, very reliable. You'll never go to make use of magical principle and find that it's no longer there.

What Makes Magic Black or White?
What makes magic so-called "black" or "white" is our intent. Remember that magic is the study of intention. Our intention and attention are what direct the forces of magic in one direction or another. So what do you do when you stumble on a website offering black, white, chaos or sex magic? Use your own experience and observation to decide if whatever they are offering is really right for you. All types of magic are valid. What's right for you depends on your goals as a magician.

In reality, all forms of magic are just specializations in the same field. Magic is such as vast area of study that every particular branch is just a focused shot in the dark, trying to find out more about this area or that. Voodoo magic is about using the law, "as above, so below" to create effects in the world. What you do to a voodoo doll (as above), you likewise do to the person the doll represents (so below). Chaos magic is about using extreme methods to create heightened states of awareness and consciousness. Love magic is often attracting the right person to you.

Magical Side-Bands
And that brings up another interesting point. Above, we said that all forms of magic are valid. They are. But some have "sidebands" or side effects that you might not want in your life. For instance, if you cast a love spell that's supposed to make another person love you, you are binding that person. Binding is a magical problem that causes a backlash. You see, the Universe operates on the principle of reciprocal maintenance, which means that whatever you do to others will also happen to you. So if you bind another person with a love spell, you can be sure that you'll find your own freedom bound in some way, against your will.

Got it? Good! Check out Rules of the Road, a list of cosmic governing laws put together by George Dew of Church of Seven Arrows. It provides some good rules of thumb when you're trying to decide whether one form or magic or another would be fun to play with.

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Thursday, April 5, 2018

Shamanic Secret: Don't Get Sick... Celebrate Instead!

One shamanic secret of magic that works is to celebrate. We tend to get so busy with our everyday lives that we don't take the time to do as the tribal people of ancient times and celebrate the change of each season. Instead we rush through our obligations, responsibilities and to do lists and end up getting sick. The body, mind and spirit demand down time and if we don't make time for it we are forced into it through illness. In our Everyday Magic Email course, this is one of the topics we cover along with how utilizing the ancient shamanic secret of celebration works to clear out the old and make way for the new.

Ancient celebrations of the changing seasons often incorporated singing, dancing, and ritual. These celebrations often lasted for days clearing the old out of body, mind and spirit to make way for the new. The elders knew new creation could not occur otherwise. We find taking the time to use magic that works, invites magic into our lives and we don't have less time to get the things done that we feel we need to. Instead we find that there is magically enough time to get everything done and manifesting what we want comes easier. In today's times we understand it is hard to find days to have these types of celebrations. The good news is that we don't have to take days of ritual to honor the changing seasons, although if you have that kind of time it is very rewarding. Here are a few ways you might employ this shamanic secret of celebration and get some downtime to nourish your body, mind and spirit:
  • Go camping to spend several days out in nature or at least spend several days going to take a long walk in the peace and quiet of the woods or a quiet park.
  • Commit to turning off your phone, email and social media for a few days or at least one day.
  • Perform a small ceremony for yourself or go all out and perform a more formal ritual in a full cast circle.
  • Take some quiet time alone to write a gratitude list of things that have been in this phase of your life. Take time to read each one and individually express appreciation for each one while focusing on it.
  • Make a list of those things you wish to let go of or release from your life. Focus your attention on each one as you visualize it moving away from you and then burn the list.
  • Commit to doing a daily ritual such as the Day Greetings and Day Endings of the Navajo Beauty Way and do it every day for a few weeks. After seeing the results, you may decide to keep this one up all year.
  • Learn a short yoga routine to do each morning in a quiet space or take that time each morning to doing a 10 minute meditation for a week or two.

These are just a few ideas to get you started thinking about taking some time off at the change of each season. You will become much healthier in body, mind and spirit by doing this and find that by inviting magic into your life in this way, your life will become more magical.

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