Friday, December 29, 2023

Healing Before the New Years

Electric blue is a very powerful Fire element energy. It is the energy that forms galaxies, is the creator of the Four Elements, and is also the energy associated with most psychic vibrations. It is the same color that is at the base of a gas flame, very bright and very intense. If you have trouble controlling your magickal abilities in certain situations, you can focus on electric blue energy to stay in control. It is often used for creating protection shields around yourself or property and in other magickal self-defense type techniques. If you find this recipe interesting, be sure to check out our Healing Magick eBook!

The Electric Blue Spiral

Time Required: Thirty Minutes


  • Electric blue color source
  • A comfortable place to sit
  • Ten to fifteen minutes of quiet uninterrupted time

Recipe Directions

  1. Envision an electric blue spiral spinning inside your chest, near your heart chakra.
  2. If you were to "look down" at the blue spiral, you want to see it spinning clockwise.
  3. Some people see a laser-like spiral while others see more of an amorphous flame. The goal is to focus all of your magickal energy into that spiral.
  4. When you focus on the spiral, your attention (and your energy) is fully contained within yourself. You are shielded, both from projecting your energy outward and from absorbing unwanted energies from other people.
  5. See the electric blue spiral inside yourself attacking your health problem, illness or disease, and/or burning up whatever toxins or harmful substances are in your body.
  6. You can do this for a short amount of time and then see the spiral stopping movement and dissipating or you can go for a longer time, keeping the spiral with you throughout the day.

How to Use the Results of Your Recipe

You can experiment with using the electric blue spiral in a clockwise rotation and a counter-clockwise rotation to decide which way feels best to you. It may be that with certain conditions it will seem best one direction, and with others it will seem best the opposite direction. With practice you can use this technique while you go about your day doing other things. It is also a very powerful technique to do in the “in between” period before you fall asleep and just as you start to wake up. This “twilight” time of consciousness can magnify the power of any magickal rituals you perform.

Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Shower and Bathtub Litany

Have you had a chaotic, crazy, hectic day? If so, then here’s a recipe for you! You can literally wash tension, strain and pain off your body in the shower or bathtub using the shower litany. Read more in Spirit Senses Magick!


  • Access to a shower or other type of cool running water that you can stand under.
  • Or a tub of cool water that you can drain the water out of.

Recipe Directions

  1. Run water in your shower until the water temperature is cool (just below body temperature). Too cold creates tension and too hot won’t carry fire energy away.
  2. Get in the shower with your back to the showerhead.
  3. Move the showerhead so that the water is hitting you at the base of the skull and the water is able to run evenly over your back and front.
  4. Stand this way in the stream of water and feel the tension or pain or other fire type energy moving down your body being absorbed by the water.
  5. If you need to you can run your hands down your body to bring the tension and pain down to your feet.
  6. Picture and “feel” the tension and pain mixing with the water and flowing down the drain, while simultaneously repeating the following litany aloud in a voice with authority and power.
    • “All the tension, all the strain,
    • All the pain with excess flame,
    • Flow with water, down the drain!”
  7. Keep saying the litany until you feel all the tension and pain leave your body.

How to Use the Results of Your Recipe

The shower litany will wash away any inflammation, pain, headache, tension or stress that you have accumulated during the day. Using it daily will help you avoid picking up fire energies such as stress, pain and anxiety throughout your day. Used daily, it can also help you feel more balanced and more energetic. Use reminders with laminated sticky notes that have the verse printed on them in your bathroom or in the shower so you don’t forget to use this recipe as a daily ritual. You can also do this ritual in a bathtub filled with cool water by seeing the fire energies flowing out of your body, being absorbed by the water and then draining the water from the tub and watching them flow down the drain. Say the litany in the same way as for the shower litany, remaining in the tub until all the water drains out taking the fire energies with it.