Thursday, December 27, 2018

Want to Learn Healing Spells? Basic Principles You Should Know

There are healing spells in real magic that can heal anything. When it comes to physical health issues, no matter how chronic or acute a condition is, it can be healed. Before using healing spells there are certain real magic skills that must be learned. One of these is learning how to use the 4 elements for energy healing. Within the realm of energy healing, healing spells or any other types of magical healing techniques, there are several basic healing principles to be aware of.

1. You can heal anything – Any condition can be healed. If you are alive there is always hope and even if you have transitioned out of body, there are after-death treatments to help resolve imbalances that could be carried to future lifetimes.

2. Anyone can be a healer – Healing is a natural and intended process for us all. Those who don't heal more often or more easily just haven't learned to use their natural healing abilities.

3. Healing is about energy – Everything in the Universe is composed of energy and that energy is in a constant state of vibration or movement. In healing work, you need to be able to work with energy. Everything has an electro-magnetic field that gives it an identity. Disharmonious energy causes illness, pain and disease. So a living being who is ill has shifted into an energy state that is not a match for his/her vibrational state. Healing is about adjusting the vibrational state and bringing it back into balance.

4. Healing is about letting go – You can heal anything you can let go of. Most illnesses and diseases manifest because there is some issue, hurt or situation that we are not able to let go of. Energy healing and/or healing spells can help us release the associated emotion so that healing can spontaneously occur, directed by the body's own intelligence.

5. Healing knowledge is carried from lifetime to lifetime – Some people are just natural healers. This indicates that they have spent one or more lifetimes studying the process of healing and have carried it over from past lifetimes. Everything you learn about healing in this lifetime will carry over with you into future lifetimes.

6. Healing is always evolving – Humans are constantly learning and evolving, thus the illnesses and diseases we encounter also shift and evolve. Healing also must evolve with the times and human evolution. Healers must keep learning and growing by expanding their understanding and sensitivity.

Now that you know the basic principles of healing that can be applied to energy healing or healing spells, are you ready to dive into becoming a magical healer? If so, we have our Energy Healing for Self and Others ebook with instant healing recipes and techniques. If you are ready to really dive in, then the online Basic Magic course may be right for you. Either way, you can learn to use your natural healing abilities to help yourself and others with real magic.

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Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Got a Problem? Clear Problems Big or Tiny with This Simple Pendulum Exercise

One of the best things you can do using a pendulum is clearing problems or snags in your life. Here's how to do this pendulum exercise.

1. Hold your pendulum in your dominant hand, letting it dangle while you visualize the problem you want to clear.

2. Ask your pendulum, "Can I, May I, Should I, clear this situation?" If you get a yes answer from your pendulum, then move forward. You can use an indicator plate with a circle that has yes on one side and no on the other to get this answer.

3. Begin swinging your pendulum in a counter clockwise direction, asking it to clear the situation. As you do this, "see" the situation resolving in your mind. Be very specific with your request and what you envision as to the situation being resolved.

4. Continue to focus on clearing the situation until your pendulum stops spinning in the counter clockwise direction. It will then either start moving along a vertical or horizontal axis, stop or start spinning clockwise. When it stops swinging on its own then the problem has been cleared.

Once a problem has been cleared you can of course always choose to bring it back. Trust the power of your pendulum and your intent and release the problem from your consciousness. If you find it seeping back into your consciousness throughout the day, change your focus to something else.

You can use this same pendulum exercise to clear repetitive thoughts that you find yourself having. Instead of visualizing a situation you want resolved just hold the repetitive thought in your mind and ask your pendulum to clear the thought from your life. After the process, you may still find the thought pop up in your mind occasionally, but it should appear far less frequently than before and eventually will disappear.....just like magic!

You can learn to create and use your pendulum multiple ways in our Psychic Development ebook. The pendulum is a great tool to add to your real magic toolbox. If you don't have a pendulum, check out the ones in the Esoteric School store.

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Thursday, December 20, 2018

The Magic of Idleness: Balm of Gilead for a Type A Culture

What do you do when you have to come up with something creative and you've got nothing?

Then do nothing.

Use the magic of idleness, of nothingness, to combat your own nothingness.


Idleness and the Magic of Duplication
You've heard of the phrase "the hair of the dog," right? This colloquial British phrase refers to dosing yourself with alcohol to treat the effects of a hangover.

Originally, the phrase dates back to the practice of laying a few hairs from a dog that bit you over the bite wound to prevent infection and other resulting health problems.

This principle is also the fundamental basis of homeopathy, as well as the magic principle called the Law of Duplication. The Law of Duplication says:

"No two things that are exactly alike can exist in the same time and space."

So, by the Law of Duplication, if you've got absolutely "nothing" in your reserves to inspire you for your creative task, duplicate it out magically with another form of nothingness. Do nothing. Think about nothing. Try nothing. Fill yourself with nothingness, and your feeling of "nothingness" will disappear.

This is the magical power of idleness, and this magic is particularly powerful in our culture, which is Type-A gone crazy. We try to be human doings all the time instead of human beings, which means that we leave no room for the Universe to do its magic. We're so busy filling up all of our time and space that there's literally no way the Universe can bring us what we want.

Want More Simple Magic Rituals?
Magic doesn't have to be complicated, and should in fact be simple and practical, easy to integrate into everyday life. If you want more daily magical rituals that you can practice, check out these resources:

Everyday Magic Email Course
Daily Rituals for Attracting What You Want in Life Ebook

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Thursday, December 13, 2018

Online Magic Tip #4: Don't Get Too Attached to Your Tools

Learning how to use magical tools such as the Wand, Athame, Firebowl, Chalice, and Plate is such a wondrous process. For some of our students, using magical tools is their favorite part of the Basic Magic course (available online). Magical tools enhance our energies. Magical tools can direct, focus, and increase our energies.

Every practicing magician should have his or own set of magical tools. And, the more you use your tools in your practice the more they become "keyed" or personalized to your energies ... making them even more effective.

So magical tools are wondrous, but ... don't get too attached to them!

"Why?" you ask. Because you may find yourself in a situation where you need to perform a magical ritual in which you normally use one or more magical tools. What do you do?

Luckily, in most cases you can still perform the magical ritual, either by using your body as an energy conduit or by finding a substitute for your magical tool. For instance, the night time blessing ritual normally calls for a "keyed" Chalice, meaning a Chalice that has been personalized to your own energies using the Firebowl. If you need to do the night time blessing ritual--to settle a fussy child for the night, for instance--but you don't have your own Chalice handy, you can do an emergency "quick key." Simply flow water blue energy through a handy water goblet for a few minutes, which temporarily keys the goblet so you can do the ritual.

So use your magical tools--key them, charge them, personalize them ... just don't get too attached to them. Practice doing magic rituals with and without your tools so that you don't find yourself in a bind when you need your magical tools but don't have them handy!

Learn more about magical tools with our no-cost online tutorial.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

The Magic of Flying Blind

The phrase about the blind leading the blind has always been used scornfully to mean that certain people don't know what they are doing. But perversely, from a magical point of view, we often use blindness with purpose, so that we can sharpen our other senses, our spirit senses.

Magic and One Way to Fly Blind
In many self-empowerment workshops you will encounter a very simple exercise that captures the essence of flying blind: it's called the blind date. You partner up with someone and close your eyes. Your partner leads you around by the hand, first at a walk, then perhaps at a jog. You must put your complete trust in your partner not to run you into a wall or other people who are also on a blind date.

If you have ever done this exercise, then you know what happens. After a while, your other senses, like your sense of hearing, smell, or touch, increase to accommodate your temporary lack of sight. The same thing happens in magic. When you deliberately shut off one of your senses, like sight, you have a better chance of improving your spirit senses.

A Very Simple Magic Ritual to Practice Flying Blind
There are many magic rituals where we deliberately close our eyes or use blindfolds, but it is best to start out with a very simple magical exercise. This one can be done anytime you talk on the phone with another person, assuming you are sitting down rather than driving down the road chatting on your cell phone.

As you speak to the person on the other end of the phone, close your eyes. Now visualize what the other person is doing. Are they sitting down? If so, what is their posture? Are they walking around their house? Extend your perceptions. Can you tell what they are thinking or if you can predict what they will say next?

If you have difficulty with visualization, imagine yourself extending your senses through the phone line until they reach the other person. This often helps people get in touch with their spirit senses, which are crucial for most magic rituals.

Jot down any insights, visions, or information that comes to you through your spirit senses. If you like, you can ask the other person a question or two to verify whether your spirit senses are correct. It really doesn't matter whether you are correct in the beginning. The goal is to locate, use, and develop your spirit senses.

Do this exercise for at least 10 phone conversations. You will notice a definite increase in the amount of psychic or spirit-sense information that you receive. If, after doing this exercise 10 times, you don't feel that you have located or used your spirit senses, have 10 more phone conversations with your eyes open. You might be surprised at how much physical sight interferes with your spirit senses. Most people receive far less spirit-sense data when they have their eyes open.

Make sense? Have fun with this. For more fun and practical magic rituals and exercises, check out our ebooks, and our home study courses.

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Thursday, December 6, 2018

Need to Talk to Someone But Feel Uneasy? A Real Magic Voodoo Solution ...

Ever have something you really need to talk to someone about, but you're not sure how to do it. It could be something you are dissatisfied about at work and don't think your boss will be receptive too. Or maybe a friend that you really feel needs to know something, but you know it's a touchy subject for them and think they will become defensive. Or it could be you have had a disagreement or argument with someone and are not sure how to approach them to straighten things out between you. Real magic can help by letting you send messages on a psychic level to the person. This is one of the many real magic techniques you can learn in our How To Do Voodoo ebook.

Messages can be sent to people with the wand, which is the air tool, but for deeper level communications that you want to access someone on their emotional level, using the chalice is the best choice. The chalice is the water element tool and water is the element associated with emotions.

The first thing to do with your chalice just as with any magical tool is to key it. Keying it clears any impure energy and aligns the molecules so that the energy flows in a particular direction. It also personalizes the tool to you. Here is a quick way to key a chalice:
  1. Cup your hands on either side of the bowl part of the chalice
  2. Locate a water blue color source
  3. Begin circling water blue from your output hand through the chalice I to your input hand, up your input arm, across your shoulders down your output arm and out your output hand again.
  4. Circulate the color water blue for approximately 3 minutes, then pull your water energy back in. 
  5. This will create a temporarily keyed chalice
Chalice message affect the emotions and can be very strong as they literally shoot out of your chalice like water from a fire hose. They can become quite compulsive so you should make sure you are following Rules of the Road when sending these types of messages. The Rules of the Road say not to bind anyone and if you send a compulsive type message then you are breaking this rule. For example, if you send a strong message of "Stay home" to someone, the person may not be able to leave their house for days. Think your messages through as in any magical procedure and keep these types of message short and simple. There are other techniques to send longer messages or hold entire psychic conversations with people. Here are the steps to sending a chalice message.
  1. Face east. Hold your keyed chalice in your output hand with thumb and forefinger around the bowl part and the rest of our fingers wrapped around the stem.
  2. Extend your output arm straight out to the side at should height and cock your elbow so the chalice points toward the ceiling.
  3. Pull from a water blue color source into your elbow to load the chalice. 
  4. Look in the direction of your output arm and see the face of the person you are sending the message to
  5.  Lower your arm, palm up, letting the water energy you have stored flow into the chalice and shoot a beam of water blue at the person's face that you have visualized while saying your message out loud. It is very important to do this with palm facing up as chalice messages are already very compelling and a palm down message could become an enforcer.
Chalice messages can be a very effective way to start communication with someone that you feel uneasy about approaching. The message may need to be repeated multiple times before you see a noticeable effect as there are many blocks that can be encountered in the other person. Just remember to think it through, keep it simple and have fun with the process.

To learn more about the chalice and other great real magic procedures you can perform with it, see our How To Do Voodoo ebook.

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