Thursday, October 27, 2016

How to Use Magic to Get the Information You Need

When learning how to use magic, one of the first things you need to know is that as a planetary citizen you have a right to any and all information in the Universe. What you do with that information, especially if it concerns other people then falls under the Rules of the Road, but you are entitled to have the information whether you choose to use it or not and however you choose to use it. There are many ways of gathering the information you need or want and you will find specific directions for these techniques in some of our other blog articles (see below) and in our Daily Rituals for Attracting What You Want in Life ebook. Deciding how to use magic to gain the knowledge you seek can be through one or many of these techniques. You can use magic rituals to consult spirit guides, higher powers and beings, and/or get information from yourself.

Some Guidelines
Whichever method you use to gain knowledge and information, there are a few guidelines that will be helpful to keep in mind for how to use magic information gathering techniques. First of all, don't be afraid to ask for information. You have the right to access any information. Second, show gratitude. When you are working with your own Spirit, spirit guides or higher powers and beings, remember to express thanks for the information before you get it and after you get it. Also, don't be afraid to ask that the information be given to you in a way that you can understand it easily. If you don't get answers that you can understand, ask again and keep asking until you do get answers in a way you can understand. The more you practice this process the easier it will become.

Magical Ways to Get Information
This list of techniques and magical rituals will get you started learning how to use magic to get the information you need or want.

Getting Answers from Yourself
Above are some ways of how to use magic to get information from spirit guides, higher powers and beings and the Universe. Esoteric teachings however tell us that we create all the problems we have so that we can discover the answers. Our life experiences are like a school in which we have set up a number of problems so that as we go through our lives we discover ourselves by discovering the answers. For example, if you find that you keep encountering the same kind of problems over and over again in just different situations or with different people, then that should give you a clue that there is a lesson there for you to learn. Here is a way to get answers from your own Spirit.

  • Write the question that you would like to have answered on a sheet of paper using your dominant hand to write with. For example you might ask what lesson you are to learn from your current situation. 
  • Now switch your pen or pencil to your other hand (non-dominant hand) and write the first thing that comes to you. Do not stop to ponder the question or think about the answer, just write.
  • If the answer does not make sense right away, don't worry about it. Just carry it with you for the next several days and see if anything comes to you that clarifies it. Information often comes in small pieces at a time so that we can digest it better. It may be only a partial answer at this point and more will come as you are ready for it. 

Real Magic Example
Here is an example of one way that one of our students got information for a situation that she felt guilt over after asking the question, "What else do I need to do for self-forgiveness?" First it might be helpful to have a brief background of what she was dealing with. She had been involved in a situation in which Spirit was telling her not to be in a certain place at a certain time. She ignored this and an event occurred which left her feeling guilty. She had dealt with these guilt issues in many magical ways over time, had moved forward to some extent, but there was still something lacking. Thus the question she posed and here is an account of her experience.

"I was doing my morning sitting outside, facing the pasture behind our house with the woods beyond. This was several days after posing the question of what else I needed to do for self-forgiveness. During this sitting I had what I can only describe as a vision. Everything around me became very quiet and still. I saw the trees as taking on an almost human form and the thought of them as "Standing People" came to me. I suddenly became very aware of all the shadows. I didn't see the Standing People (as I will continue to call them as that's how they seemed in this vision), but rather saw their shadows. As I looked into the pasture the Standing People all moved closer towards me from the woods and moved closer to each other. It became very dark and the spaces in between them were filled with dense, dark undergrowth. I saw something dark moving in the shadows there and I asked it what it was. The answer came back very clearly. "I am Stupid". So there was Stupid in the shadows. I got it, sat stunned for a minute, then started to chuckle. Just as rapidly as the shadowland appeared it disappeared. All the Standing People moved away from each other, the undergrowth was gone, light filtered in the spaces between and it became the normal serene scene I am used to seeing every day; pasture in front and trees beyond.

This explained the part that I had been missing in my search for self-forgiveness. Just dealing with the guilt wasn't enough. There was a much deeper issue to deal with – the one of feeling stupid that I was there in the first place and then didn't leave when "Spirit" was telling me too. This issue of feeling stupid has very deep roots in my past and gave me a lot of situations, encounters, misunderstoods, and relationship issues to explore. The answer seemed so simple and was inside me all the time, but lay there unrecognized until I was ready to deal with it." 

Trust in the process that what you seek will present itself to you at the perfect time. It will come when you are ready to understand, appreciate, and learn from it. Remember that the destination is not always as important as the journey. In other words, you will learn more about yourself and why you attract the situations you do by looking at the process by which you arrive there.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Shamanic Secret: You Have the Right to Any Information You Want

Here's a little shamanic secret for you. You are entitled to any information you want in the entire Universe. Why is this an important shamanic secret to know? In any situation you are dealing with or anytime you need spiritual guidance you have the right to get any information you need to help you make decisions, make choices, or better understand a situation. You absolutely have the right to get this information, but the second part of this shamanic secret is that what you do with the information falls under the Rules of the Road. Especially in cases where the information concerns other people, these Universal laws that govern magical practice need to be considered so that you stay on the right side of karma and don't get any unwanted backlash.

Putting this shamanic secret to work for you by asking for help and information from Spirit and spiritual beings enhances your relationship with these beings, puts you in touch with your own Spirit which increases the joy and peace in your life. There are a few things to know when working to access this type of spiritual information besides the Rules of the Road. Some of them are:

  • Don't be afraid to ask. You have the right to any information in the Universe. 
  • Be sure to show gratitude to your spirit or guides by thanking them for the assistance before you get the information. 
  • Ask that the information you seek be given to you in a way you will understand easily. 
  • If you don't get the information the first time you ask, thank the source and ask again. It may be that the answer is just in a form you are not understanding. Keep asking until you get the information. 
  • Accept the information you get with gratitude and don't second guess it. 

Over time and with more practice this process will become easier and easier. Knowing this shamanic secret can make life fuller, less difficult and more enjoyable. Find out more ways to access information from the Universe in our Daily Rituals for Attracting What You Want in Life ebook.

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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Tarot Meanings: Why Keying Your Deck is Important

In studying tarot meanings it is helpful to know that the Tarot is in a sense a simulacrum of the Universe. The word Tarot is a disguised word. It was originally spelled Rota which means "wheel". The Tarot deck represents all phenomenal experience, the wheel of life. By keying a tarot deck, it becomes a living form tied into the existing Universe. In keying a deck, you become connected to the cards, are able to access information from the Universe through them and make a connection with tarot meanings.

When you begin to study the Tarot, it is best to not try to memorize the meanings of the cards. Originally the Tarot was an oral tradition so writing down the tarot meanings in some ways defies the tradition. Written tarot meanings can be used as a guide to get started but you should also strive to see the tarot meanings as they pertain to specific readings.

Keying your deck helps you get a sense of each card and begin establishing a relationship with it. You have the opportunity to take each card one at a time and really look at it, make it come alive for you and see various meanings it can relate to.

The easiest deck to begin with is the Waite-Rider Tarot deck. Your Tarot deck is like any other magical tool in that keying it personalizes it to you. Keying your deck connects it to your own energies and also to the Universe itself.

Keying the Tarot Deck
First put your deck in natural order which is:

  • 2-10, Page, Knight, Queen, King, Ace of Wands
  • 2-10, Page, Knight, Queen, King, Ace of Swords
  • 2-10, Page, Knight, Queen, King, Ace of Cups
  • 2-10, Page, Knight, Queen, King, Ace of Discs
  • 1-21 of the Major Arcana with the Fool being the last card

The first card above should be facing down on the top of the deck and other cards listed in order go below it.

To key the Tarot cards:
1. Sit in South facing North.

2. Place your keyed Plate (Earth tool) and Tarot deck put in natural order in front of you.

3. Set up matching candles of Sun Yellow, White or Sky Blue on either side of the Plate.

4. Light the candle on the right (Wisdom candle) with a wooden match.

5. Keep the match lit and sweep it down in an arc over the Plate to light the candle on the left (Protection candle).

6. Again keeping the match lit, sweep it up in an arc over the plate to the flame of the right candle again. This creates a connection between the two candles.

7. Take the first card from the deck (2 of Wands), place it face up and upright to you on the Plate.

8. Look at the card. Notice the overall color of the card, the flatness of it and its dimensions. Don't focus on any particular detail. Keep your gaze soft and look into the scene.

9. Then begin to ask questions about the card like "What time of day is it?" or "Is that a town in the background?" You are not trying to get answers to these questions, just creating curiosity.

10. Keep asking questions until you see the card "window". It will feel like you are looking into the scene through a window The card will look like it is becoming clearer, more alive, 3 dimensional, more colorful or brighter. You get a sense of real understanding or relationship with the card. This can help you when you begin doing readings as you develop a connection with all the tarot meanings of the card.

11. Once the card windows, take it off the Plate and lay it face down next to the Plate.

Continue this process with each card in the deck. You do not have to do them all at one time if you become tired. You can mark your place and return later. If you have a card that will not window, you may have issues about that card. Put it aside and try again later.

Can you see now why keying your deck is so important in understanding tarot meanings? A book or other written meanings can give you a jump start to understanding each of the cards, but keying your deck helps you become intimately involved and connected to the cards and tarot meanings. Once you have keyed your deck you are ready to begin doing divination and tarot readings. Learn more about the Tarot, tarot meanings and how to do Tarot readings in our Tarot Homestudy Course.

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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Spells and Magic for Everyday Use: Why You Need to be Precise!

When performing spells and magic it is very important to be precise. I can cite many examples of spells and magic procedures that either "backfired" or that were perceived as failed all because the practitioner was not precise in executing the procedure. We've said it before and will continue to repeat – Magic is a precision science. The Universe can always deliver what we ask for, but sometimes it doesn't seem that way because we either are not ready to receive and our level of being is not a match for what we are asking to manifest or because sometimes we just aren't asking the right questions or are not being specific enough in our request.

Let's say for example that you want extra money. You are ready to receive this money, and you have asked the Universe to deliver. As you are walking down the street, you look down and find a penny. There you go, the Universe delivered just what you asked for, extra money. What you didn't do was specify how much money or when you needed it by or that you don't want anyone else to come to harm in order for you to attain it. This is where in spells and magic, Directors and Limiters come in and can help us get more precise in letting the Universe know exactly what we want.

Writing down your Directors and Limiters for a spell and magic procedure can help you in manifesting what you want and help you get very precise. Directors are a list of everything that you want in your manifestation. In this list include specifically what it is that you want. How much money, date you want it by, etc... It is often better to define ranges rather than absolutes to give the Universe room to work. So for example, it is often better to say "delivered in six to ten weeks" rather than saying "must come at 4:00 pm on October 2". Also, do NOT specify, HOW it will come to you. That is not your job; that is the Universe's job to determine the delivery system.

Limiters are a list of what you don't want to happen in your manifestation. It is a way to safeguard yourself and others. Remember by Rules of the Road that causing harm to others will provide a backlash to you, whether in this lifetime or a future one and whether you did it with intention or not. Use your limiters in your spells and magic procedures to define things such as wanting your money to come to you without causing the death or loss of property to anyone. You might also want to specify in the Limiters that there not be any negative financial surprises to pop up around the money, for example some type of large tax or investment of capital on your part. As always in spells and magic, think it through completely. Then build in your safeguards.

Tip For Getting Help From the Universe
Here's a tip that is one of many you'll find in our Daily Rituals for Attracting What You Want in Life ebook that can help you in asking the Universe for help. Now that you have your Directors and Limiters defined and written down, make several copies of them. Take one copy and meditate or pray over it, then place it in a sacred place. This might be your altar, a Universe box, or a Bible or other sacred book to you. Then put other copies around places that you will see them. On the wall above your desk, on the refrigerator, your car dashboard, etc... This will keep your aim in your consciousness. You may not stop and read it every time you see the list, but your subconscious mind will absorb the information every time you see these lists and this will cause your belief to grow.

Real Life Example
Here is an example of how being precise enough to define what you want can deliver surprising results. This also shows why you do not want to get wrapped up in how the results come to you. The Universe is able to see the bigger picture and can find ways to make things happen that we could never have imagined.

One of our advanced students had accrued quite a bit of debt and wanted very much for that debt to be paid off. She specified in her Directors several things including the amount of money needed to pay off all her debts and a range of time. In her Limiters she specified that no one would be harmed by her receiving this money, that there would be no death involved in this receiving and no loss of property to anyone. This was especially important to her because she wanted to make sure she did not inherit the money as the result of a family member dying. She really couldn't see any other way the money would come, but put it out to the Universe, put herself in the receiving mode and being a true believer in spells and magic, trusted the Universe would deliver. And the money did come. It came in a way that she would never had been able to make happen herself without the divine intervention and that was a total surprise. Within the specified period of time, her sister came to her reporting that she received an unusually large one time Christmas bonus at her job. She said one of her first thoughts on hearing about the amount of the bonus was that she wanted to use a portion of that money to pay off her sister's debts and ease her money worries. Being a believer herself, the sister saw the large bonus she received as being tied to her sister's manifestation and that now they could both benefit from it. Coincidence or magic? I know what I believe; what do you believe?

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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Tarot: Judgment

In this new era, the world of the 6th Sun, we are being asked to use our own spiritual judgment more than ever. We can no longer rely on authority figures or gurus. We have to look back at our own history and ask ourselves if we are manifesting what we want. If not, what errors are we making over and over again? In what ways are we NOT using our spiritual experience and wisdom? One way to find out how we are doing in this aspect is to use the Tarot and in particular the Judgment card in a Tarot spread or reading. Here's why.

The Judgment card is all about the spirit or you as a spiritual being. It is not about being judged from outside sources. If you wanted to look at that aspect then Justice or in the Crowley deck, Adjustment, would be the cards to use. Judgment relates to the spirit's own judgment as a spiritual being. Think of it as your spirit raising the ghosts of your past and passing judgment on them. In a reading of this type, spirit is accessing its entire life path and judging itself according to its own experiences. It is how you are dealing with your specific conditions as a spiritual being based on your past. This would be the card to use for questions such as:

  • What kind of judgments have I passed on my own past experience?
  • How good is my judgment as a spirit?
  • How much am I paying attention to what I know as a spirit from the past?

If the Judgment card is upright in your reading, it tells you that you are doing well as a spiritual being in integrating past experiences and using good judgment as a spirit. This is not what is according to what outside sources such as man's laws, cultures or social systems say, but rather how your own spirit judges you and your past experiences. When Judgment is being used properly, it is compassion that you can shift, choose, and change. An upright card in your reading can imply that you have a spiritual balance going on and your ability to manifest is very high.

Of course, if you have a reverse Judgment card show up in your reading, then you get good information on what you need to consider changing. The experience of all our lifetimes is there for us to have and use if we ask for it. The Tarot and in particular the Judgment card can help in checking how we are doing in this role and give ideas of how we can do better. If you are interested in learning more about how to do Tarot card readings and what the cards mean then our online Basic Tarot Course can help you get started in this fascinating magical study.

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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Magically Throw a Fit To Enhance Manifestation

Today I would like to share an experience with you all that arose from our advanced student class concerning how to magically throw a fit enhanced their manifestations. Consider that these are magical practitioners who have been consistently living a life of magic and communicating with higher powers and beings anywhere from 10 to 15 years. This group of individuals is adept at spellwork, working with the four elements and any number of magical techniques. Recently however, one student in the class was experiencing difficulties in achieving a certain manifestation she desired. She had done spellwork around the issue, sought guidance from higher powers and beings and engaged in a variety of other magical procedures. She had seen progress towards her manifestation, but it was falling short of what she truly desired. She then asked the question in class of how she could tell the Universe that she has continually honored them and now needed them to perform something for her.

The answer to this question was surprising. When asking for answers from Higher Powers and Beings on what else could be done to resolve a certain problem, the Winds and Old Ones responded that to yell and scream, be violently angry, and make demands would be appropriate. The answer received said, “We are not like you humans, it’s all acceptable energy and equally honorable to us as praise – adulation means nothing to us – all human expression is a joyous note to Creator’s ear as long as it’s honest”. In a nutshell the answer was for her to throw a fit. And so she did. She discovered through this process that a more personal relationship was created with the Old Ones, thus enhancing communication with them and a knowing that they “have my back”. She found that using this new working relationship allowed her to make use of Abraham-like techniques, telling the story of her life as she wants to live it and having the Old Ones there to back her up whatever yarn she chooses to spin. To quote this student, “I’ve tried out wilder and wilder yarns and they are all coming true”.

This led to a discussion in class and to other students trying out the magical throw a fit technique to see the results. The consensus was that as long as all other methods have been tried, yelling and demanding is quite OK with the Old Ones and other higher powers. In fact, our students found out that they not only see it as creating a joyful noise to Creator’s ear, but that they find it down right funny and consider it a form of praise. If you consider that from an energetic point of view, this makes sense. You are creating a high intensity, high energy condition which interprets very much like a crowd cheering at a concert or sports event. This intense energy is then interpreted as a high form of praise; again much like the musician or sports team would interpret it. So in some cases to magically throw a fit is considered as extending a large intense amount of energy towards higher powers and beings which they consider as a method of honoring them. It is also an expression of real and honest emotion and in a true relationship we are allowed to express our more “human” qualities, warts and all so to speak, and are given acceptance for it. Students found that putting out this type of energy came back to them as seeing their desires manifesting with less work on their parts and quicker.  

So the next time you are communicating with higher powers and beings, consider enhancing your relationship with some real honest emotion, give them a chuckle, let loose and go magically throw a fit. See what your results are and how they compare with our advanced students’ results. And if you are ready to get more serious about your magical studies check out all our free resources, online courses, ebooks and Kindle books and pick the format that works for you to dive into the wonderful world of magic.

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