Tuesday, March 31, 2015

How to Reap the Benefits of a Daily Magical Practice

Having a daily magical practice can pay off in big ways. When you develop consistency in your magic you reap the benefits in your daily life by building magical force inside yourself to have available when you want to do an act of magic. Daily rituals are a good way to add consistency into your practice, especially ones that connect you to the Universe, with thanks before and after. These types of daily rituals help you build a working relationship with the Universe so that when you ask for help with a magical act, it is available to you. If you need help finding or creating daily rituals, our Daily Rituals for Attracting What You Want in Life ebook is a great resource.

Magical Acts
Since any act of intention is a magical act, another way to bring consistency into your magical practice is by using the Consistency Exercise. With this magic exercise you choose a very simple intentional act to do every day at the same time and consciously do it. This exercise helps increase the level and quality of your connection to the higher, brings you back to present time, invites magic in to be a part of your everyday life, helps you build inner force, gets you more comfortable with practicing your magical skills in public and helps in changing your habitual thought patterns. For most people there is a high level of energy and excitement when initially setting a goal or embarking on a new goal, but this energy level dwindles as we get tied up with other things. Introducing consistency into your life can help keep that energy level up to help you make life changes. It can take 40 days to make a change which is why doing the Consistency Exercise is a good tool for giving you practice at developing skills to create change in your life as well as the opportunity to make magic an integral part of your life.

The Consistency Exercise
The first step for this magical exercise is to choose a simple act and we do mean SIMPLE. You could choose to make a mark on a piece of paper, touch your nose with your right thumb, snap your finger, scratch your ear, or any other really simple act that you can easily do where ever you are. Then you will choose a time to do this act each and every day. Consider your time carefully. For example, don't pick a time when you know you are at your very busiest part of the day. If you have kids to get off to school, pick a time after they are out the door. If you usually rush around getting ready for work in the mornings, don't pick that time of day, wait and choose a time you normally take a break at work. Pick a time that will not be a set-up for failure and that you will be more likely to remember to perform your act. You can also feel free to use notes to yourself or the alarm on your cell phone to remind yourself to do your act. That's not "cheating" as this is not an exercise in memory, just in developing consistency. Sounds simple so far, right? Well here's the catch. You must do this exercise of performing the intentional act you have chosen at the time you have chosen every day for 40 days in a row. If you miss a day, you must start over at day one. This can be frustrating for many, especially if you get to day 35 and then miss a day causing you start over at day 1, but stick with it and you will reap the benefits of finding acts of power take less effort, Law of Attraction kicks in more often for you and life in general just flows a bit better. This is because you are inviting magic into your life on a daily basis and increasing your magical force. Don't beat yourself up when you miss a day either. It's all a process and following the path has its own benefits no matter how long it takes to achieve the end goal. It is doing the exercise that is important, not the accomplishment of getting to the 40 days.

Now that you see all the benefits of developing a consistent magical practice, here's how to do the Consistency Exercise.

1. Choose your very simple act.

2. Pick the time of day that you will do your act every day.

3. When the time you have chosen comes, do the simple act. Do it every day at the same time for 40 days in a row.

4. If you miss a day during your 40 days, which you almost certainly will, you must begin your 40 days over at day 1. Even if you are at day 39 and miss the next day, you start over at 1.

5. Remind yourself the important thing is to do the exercise, not accomplish the goal, so do not berate yourself when you end up missing a day and have to start over. Think of it as just seeing your favorite movie again or learn to laugh about missing that day with a big "Oops!".

If you find you need or want some more help with bringing magic into your life every day consistently, try out our Everyday Magic Email Course. Weekly simple magical rituals and lessons to practice emailed straight to you to add magic in to your daily life. Once you start developing consistency you will be amazed at the powerful impact it can have in your life. You will begin to live more purposefully and consciously instead of mechanically and from habit, begin to respond consciously to the world instead of just reacting to it which empowers you, develop enhanced communication abilities, see opportunities instead of obstacles and attract more positivity. Consistency is the key to all these things and to opening the door to all kinds of magical possibilities.

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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Top 7 Reasons A Magic Spell Fails

After our students master using the 4 Elements and magical tools, they are ready to start Level 3 of the Basic Magic Course which concentrates on the Tarot, spellwork and using simulacra magic. A spell is a psychic or magical operation combining the 4 elements in some way and programming in factors to produce particular results over a certain period of time. A magic spell is a formalized intention designed to achieve a specific goal or affect a specific condition or situation. They are particularly useful when there are complex factors, barriers or obstacles that need a lot of force to overcome. A spell forms an energy matrix that is programmed to build momentum and overcome those obstacles until the goal is manifested. We teach our students to use directors and limiters when creating a magic spell so that the goal is reached safely without breaking any of the magical Rules of the Road. If a spell is not programmed with these safeguards it will take the path of least resistance towards the goal and you may get the end result, but in a way that comes about through things you don't want to happen. For example, if you just ask for a certain amount of money and don't specify that it cause no harm or loss of property or life to any other living being, you may get the amount of money you desire, but possibly it comes through the death of a beloved relative. We often hear stories along these lines or get questions from people wondering why their spell is not working and where they went wrong. For that reason we've compiled a list of the top 7 reasons we see that causes a magic spell to fail. Here's what we came up with.  

1. No directors and limiters – as we pointed out above, having directors and limiters written into a spell programs it in a way that tells it exactly what you do want to happen and what you don't want to happen. It may be that your spell is working, but that you did not put in enough particulars to see the results. For example, say you created a spell to make it rain. But did you specify where you wanted that rain and how much and within what time period. It is probably raining somewhere as a result of your spell, but maybe not where and when you really wanted it to.

2. Unclear directors and limiters – Are your directors and limiters precise and clear and appropriate for the situation? Take a look at them again or maybe have another pair of magical eyes take a look at them. It could be that you are too specific. Remember that your directors should tell what, when, and where but not how the goal is accomplished. The how part is up to the Universe to find. If you are too controlling in your spell there is no room for the Universe to do its part. It could also be that you have not written your verses, or directors and limiters in a concise and understandable way or that you have hidden issues blocking the spell. For example, if you are asking for a particular type of relationship to appear in your life, but you have not done the emotional work to really be ready to handle that type of relationship (ie.- the level of your being attracts the level of your life), then you may be sending out mixed messages.

3. Not enough range in directors and limiters – Look at your directors and limiters to make sure you are leaving enough "wiggle" room for the Universe to realistically manifest the goal. For example, if you say I want to have 1 million dollars within the next hour that is not a realistic goal. A magic spell needs to have the time to gain force and grow.

4. Binding verses or directors and limiters – Rules of the Road say binding is a definite violation of universal magical practice. If you are not following Universal laws then your spell can very likely fizzle out and not be able to attract the energy it needs. 

5. Not using a powerful enough format for what you want the spell to do – A spell can be cast in a variety of ways and you need to choose a way in creating and launching the spell that is in accordance with the amount of energy it will need. You can get some ideas of the obstacles you may encounter by doing a Tarot reading and that can give you information that will help you select an appropriate format. By definition, a chant, litany and even prayers are all spells. These may be appropriate at achieving certain goals, but others may be complex enough that they require a simple single candle spell. On the other hand if you use a simple candle spell when you need a multiple candle spell or a tarot spell, then you may not have enough force in your spell to overcome the obstacles it encounters.

6. Not matching the spell's launch date to the waxing or waning of the moon – When you launch your spell is also an important part of the planning and creating of it. If you are wanting to attract more or increase something, then you will want to launch it during a waxing moon period. On the other hand if you are trying to reduce something, shrink it, or rid yourself of something, you want to launch your spell during a waning moon period. 

7. Not having a good enough relationship with the Universe – The Universe is always ready to help, but as with relationships among people, the better working relationship you have with the Universe through the use of daily rituals, the more likely and more quickly the Universe will step in to help you.

So there you have our 7 top reasons a magic spell may appear to not be working or actually may not be working. If you are ready to move on to learning to do effective and safe spells, then the Basic Magic Level 3 Online course is the one for you.

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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Voodoo Ain't Just About Dolls – How to Key Daily Objects to Create Voodoo Effects

You are probably familiar with the term voodoo doll and may even have some understanding of how one works. But using the magical arts of voodoo magic isn't just about dolls. One part of voodoo magic is using simulacra, such as a voodoo doll, in magical operations. Any objects that can hold an energy signature can be keyed like a voodoo doll and thus used as a simulacrum. A simulacrum is a likeness to something else. An object is keyed to represent a person or thing creating a psychic connection between the two and whatever magic operation you then do to the simulacrum also affects the person or thing. Good objects to use as simulacra include photographs, pictures, dolls, figurines, small models, lists, symbols, Tarot cards and layouts, chess pieces, or other objects made of stone, ceramic, wood or glass. If using a wooden object make sure it is fairly dense wood so that it will easily key. Plastic and rubber items do not make good simulacra as they will not key well.

Keying Simulacra
Keying simulacra is a very simple procedure. For a small object, hold it in your output hand and think about everything you know about the person or thing that you want to key the object to. You are not pulling energy from the person or thing to do this, you are just programming the object to be related to that person or thing. Continue until the object feels heavy, tingly, warm or energetically charged. Once you feel this type of change to the object it is keyed. You now must be very careful with it as whatever you do to the simulacrum will affect the person or thing it is keyed to. Even if you mean no harm, but are neglectful in what happens to the object you can receive backlash if you break Rules of the Road governing magical practice and let harm come to it. If you are doing a magical operation that requires a simulacrum too large to hold in your hand, build an energy ball and flow everything you know about the person or thing into it. Then throw the energy ball at the simulacrum to key it.

Voodoo Magic at Work
Just to give you an idea of how this type of voodoo magic is useful, here's a real life example of its use by one of our past teachers. He was being harassed by another of magical skills using a "watcher". A watcher is created by animating the body of a small insect that has died or by creating an energy matrix that looks like an insect like a fly, wasp or ant. They are useful in that they are able to penetrate protection shields and thus are able to spy or influence another. One downfall of using these is that there is often still a link from the watcher to the sender. Our teacher noticed an unusual looking fly that seemed to be following him around in his house and suspected it was a watcher. Using his magical Chalice, he was able to capture the watcher, deal with it and discover who was behind sending it. Here is the technique of capturing he used.

1. Waiting until the watcher was still, he was able to put his Chalice upside down over it, slide a thin piece of cardboard under the Chalice and turn it over so the Chalice would be upright.

2. He then taped the cardboard to the Chalice, packaged it for shipping, and had it sent on a slow boat to China.

3. Then he watched to see if it had any effect on the person he suspected had sent the watcher or on anyone else around him. If the sender had not disconnected from the watcher before it was captured in the Chalice, then whatever is done to the watcher would show up affecting the sender. The watcher in this case is the simulacrum.

4. He soon began to notice one of the people he suspected had created the watcher began to have nausea and turn green as if he was seasick over the period of several weeks.

Using the Chalice to capture the watcher allowed the teacher to discover the culprit harassing him and turn the tables on him. Needless to say the sender stopped harassing the teacher and sent no more watchers into his sacred space. This is just one simple example of using voodoo or simulacra magic for protection. It can also be used in a multitude of other ways such as for long distance healing, divination, communication, balancing energies and cutting psychic lines. If all this sounds like something you could use, then the How To Do Voodoo ebook is the one for you. Check it out!

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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

How Well is Your Magic Spell Working?

Are you ready to get into the magic of spellwork? If so, our Basic Magic Level 3 online course is for you. One of the things we stress in teaching students to create a magic spell, is how to use the precision science of magic to create and launch spells that will be safe and effective. Doing Tarot readings is one of the tools taught in this course that help with that.

How Tarot Readings Help in Spellwork
A spell is a formalized intention, an actual energy form that overcomes obstacles to achieve a stated aim. When designing a magic spell, one of the beginning steps we have our students do is a 12 card Tarot reading on the topic of the spell. For example, if the magic spell was to get a new job, the reading might use the 8 of Discs which is the career card, as a signifier. The information in the reading from upright and reverse flow lines helps in creating the spell as the reverse lines usually show the obstacles that the spell needs to overcome.

After doing this initial Tarot reading on the topic of the spell, we also do another 12 card reading to find out whether the magic spell will work. We use the same signifier as before and put the Magi card on top of and to the right of that signifier. This reading will give you information on whether a spell will be effective in improving the situation. Reversed cards in this reading relate the issues that need to be addressed in the spell or issues that the spell cannot handle and you will need to handle yourself.

These two readings also give you information needed to write the directors and limiters for a safe and effective spell. Once directors and limiters are written for the spell, it is also a good idea to do a 12 card Tarot reading specifically on them. Take a paper that you have written them on, key it, and put it on top of and to the right of the original signifier and the Magi card. Reversed lines in this reading show you the areas where the spell will find trouble or give you information on certain issues that you will need to deal with that are outside the parameters of the magic spell. For this reading, you may want to do progression readings to look further into the future as sometimes spells take time to gather the force needed to overcome obstacles. This reading will also give you information to see if you need to make adjustments to the directors and limiters that you have written. When you make changes to them, do another reading with the newly written version until you get a reading that has little or no reversed cards.

About 2 weeks after your spell has been launched is a good time to do another 12 card Tarot reading to check in with the spell's progress. Use the original topic signifier with the Magi on top and to the right of it. Reversed cards in this reading will indicate any interference the spell is coming up against. This interference could be from yourself or from outside sources. Look at the reverse flow lines in relation to your life and attitudes to see if something within you is causing the interference. This could be old beliefs, doubts, fears or any number of issues inside yourself. Do whatever you need to in order to stop those issues from interfering, wait a few days and do another reading. If you have dealt with those issues, you will see the reversed flow lines cleared up. If the interference is not within you, do a progression reading further into the future to see if the spell can overcome it successfully. As your spell is working, you can do a reading every couple of weeks to check on the progress and see if there are any obstacles that you need to deal with.

Don't worry if this sounds like a lot, it's all covered in the Basic Magic Level 3 course, from Tarot readings to spellwork of various types. Spellwork can be lots of fun and taking the time to do all the checkups will help make your spells safe and effective in getting the results you want. Even better, this week only you can get in on this course at 25% off the regular tuition cost. Just add the course to your shopping cart in our online store, go to checkout and enter the coupon code blogbm3 to register the 25% discount. Magic and savings!

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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Magic for When Someone is Being a Donkey's Butt

"Is there really magic for that?" you ask. Absolutely. And who doesn't run into the occasional person acting like the hind end of a donkey? If that's the case, we have magical help for you on our blog. Read this post. If you like what you read, dig deeper and read on. Or visit our articles library, online store, or get one of our magical Kindle ebooks. The possibilities are endless. And just think, you have the person acting like a donkey's butt to thanks for it!

You'll find plenty more magical techniques to use for protection, self-defense and dealing with difficult or angry people. Here's a grounding exercise you can try out to protect yourself from a person who is angry and directing that anger towards you or using it to disrupt your space. Grounding pulls excess fire energy from another person or the environment, flows it through your body and pushes it into an electrical ground. Here's how:
•Find a source for the energy color you want to pull (anger is red-orange) to look at as a reference

•Locate an electrical ground like an outlet, light switch or a sink (uses water pipes running into earth). This is where you will flow the excess fire energy to for it to be safely grounded.

•Put your output hand (hand you point with) or your foot on the electrical ground if possible. If that is not possible, you can point your output hand toward the electrical ground, but make sure no living thing comes between you and the ground.

•Pull excess fire energies in through your input hand, through your body and out of your output hand into the electrical ground.

•Keep pulling until the anger is gone. This usually takes two minutes or less according to how angry the person is, thus how much excess fire energy they have.

You can use this technique discreetly and the person you are pulling the fire energy from need not be aware that you are doing it. All they know is that the anger subsides in them.

There you have two magic techniques to try out in dealing with difficult people. Want more? Check out the blog and you'll find more of these techniques and magic techniques on many other topics to try out for yourself. It's like having your own magic reference desk open 24/7. Enjoy!

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