Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Good Magic Tips for Safe Travel

Whether taking a trip to another country or state or just a trip to the local grocery store, there are good magic tips for safe travel to help you get there.

Good Magic Tips for Safe Travel #1 - Hire an Angel
I use this technique every time I get into a car. I simply say out loud, "I'd like to hire a travel angel to get me to _____ (wherever I am going) safely, serenely and securely." You can also add on to your request that you would like to have the road cleared of anything that would cause long delays or that you'd like a parking space waiting for you close to where you need to go. Be sure and thank your angel in advance in a heartfelt way for the work done on your behalf and thank them again when you arrive at your destination.

Good Magic Tips for Safe Travel #2 - Ask a Sylph
I used this technique while traveling around the Yellowstone area back in the 80's to stay clear of major fires happening at the time.

A sylph is a being made of pure air. They specialize in communication and knowledge. Sylphs can be very useful when you need information quickly on things like weather and road reports. It is best to communicate with them using mind as spoken words are too slow for their short attention span. Here's how to communicate with a sylph:

1. Sit quietly and close your eyes, if possible.

2. Think the words, "I request the help of a sylph for [state your reason]."

3. Wait a second and the sylph will be there, though you may not be able to see it.

4. Quickly communicate your request with a thought, such as, "I need a weather report on the next 50 miles of this road. Thank you in advance for your help." Appreciation in advance of the sylph's help is very important.

5. Wait a few more seconds. The sylph will return quickly with your answer. The answer will be a thought in your mind, possibly in your own voice. Don't dismiss it, trust it.

6. Thank the sylph again for its help.

Good Magic Tips for Safe Travel #3 – Work with Weather
If you are concerned about weather conditions on your trip you can work with the weather in advance. If you don't want to fly in stormy weather or drive through flood conditions, these can be taken care of magically in a variety of ways.

For whichever technique you use to work with the weather, first you need to think through what you want, just like in any magical procedure. You need to have specifics of what you are asking for. For example you wouldn't want to say "I don't want it to rain". That is way too general and could mean it will never rain again or just totally backfire on you. You want to specify a range of time and location and anything else specific that you can. Instead of stating what you don't want, state it in terms of what you do want. The Universe doesn't respond to negatives as well as it does to positives. Instead of saying "I don't want it to rain", try saying what kind of weather you do want.

Next, it is a good idea to ask for help from weather beings and to check in with higher powers. There may be a reason for a particular type of weather that you are not aware of, but that higher powers are. Different disciplines and traditions call theses beings by various names. We find the Winds of each direction, Sky Father, weather angels, storm spirits, sylphs and of course Grandmother (spirit of the Earth) appropriate beings to consult. Asking these beings for help creates a safer way to get your desired results since these beings exist on a higher level than we do and have access to higher levels of information. They see things on a larger scale and will know how to help us get what we want without interfering in a bigger plan or inconveniencing another.

If you now have defined specifically what you want, have the help and the go ahead from higher beings, it is time to focus your intention and see a picture in your mind of the weather scene you want. Lay this picture over what you see actually happening outside. Put enough energy into the picture that you can feel it coming alive. Be sure you are not flowing negative energies such as anxiousness, fear or nervousness into your picture. You need some emotional energy flowing into your picture, but strong negative emotion can negate the results.

If the outside picture is completely different than the picture you are creating, you may need to start with smaller steps. Start by looking for one thing you could change that would lead to other changes. For example if it is snowing and the roads are snow packed and it is dreary and cold, you could start by moving the dark clouds away. This would lead to first the snow stopping, then the sun being able to shine through which then leads to the snow melting off the roads and it being warmer. See how that works?

It's a good idea to do some practice on this weather working technique before you actually are taking a trip that you need to change the weather for. Performing it while in panic mode will probably not bring you the desired results. If you are new to weather working you can get some beginning tips by sending a blank email to clouds@shamanschool.com.

Good Magic Tips for Safe Travel #4 – Omnil
Putting an omnil around your car is another way to magically insure safe travel. An omnil is a type of circular magical shield that you can put around people or objects, including your house or car, for protection. This technique does require a higher ability of magical skills, but let me give you an example of how useful it can be.

One of our students put an electric blue fire omnil around her car before taking a short day trip of about 80 miles round trip. She was driving at 50 mph when a deer jumped out right in front of the car, no way to stop in time to avoid a hit. The student saw the deer fall in front of the car and looked right into the deer's eyes as it fell backwards psychically sending the message of `don't worry you will be fine`. Everyone around pulled over sure there was an accident and a dead deer to deal with, but as our student got out of the car, the deer stood up and ran on across the road, jumped a fence and then a young deer jumped out, crossed the road and followed its mom. No damage to the car and no damage to the deer. Our student got back in her car and drove away leaving several people standing in the road scratching their heads wondering what just happened.

If you want to find out more about putting up ominils and other types of protective shields, check out our Magical Self Defense homestudy course.

Practice these magic tips and enjoy safe travel!

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