Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Finding Financial Freedom with Flower Essences

Financial Freedom is the status of having enough income or wealth sufficient to pay one's living expenses for the rest of one's life without having to be employed or dependent on others. That sounds like something we all want right? If not, here are the benefits that being financially independent can bring you.

Why is Financial Freedom Important?

  1. More Security / Less Stress.
  2. Control Over Your Time.
  3. Choose to Pursue Other Passions.
  4. Your Actions Can be More Aligned With Your Values.
  5. Take More Risks.

If being Financial Free sounds appealing to you, make sure to check out our Money Magic eBook. But today we will also share some flower essences that can be beneficial to you in gaining answers toward obtaining Financial Freedom.

Financially Free Flower Essences

  • Angelica: This flower essence puts you in touch with Spirit helpers, especially when you feel the need for spiritual guidance or protection. This essence is wonderful if you feel shut down or out of touch with the spiritual world.

  • Lotus: The reason that the Lotus flower is so prominent in many religions (especially Eastern religions) is because this flower opens the seventh chakra. This chakra, once opened, allows spiritual energy to enter the physical and energetic body. The awakening of the seventh chakra is often associated with enlightenment in many cultures. For those who wish for enlightened information through dreams, Lotus is a perfect solution.

  • Potato: Sometimes it can be difficult to be both dreamer and pragmatist. Or, more specifically, it can be difficult to translate the information you receive in your dreams into practical action steps that will help you achieve your goals. Potato is an excellent flower essence to help you keep one foot in each world—the dream world and the waking everyday world. Potato is one of the best flower essences for “bridging” the two worlds.

  • Star Tulip: This flower essence is sometimes called Cat’s Ear and can be useful if you typically dream of mundane events (running errands, daily tasks, and events from recent days). Star Tulip helps you become more sensitive to messages from Spirit and other helpers, raising the level of dream vibrations so you that you receive enlightened and useful higher-level guidance.

  • Wormwood: If you know that you dream but have a difficult time remembering enough dream fragments to record in your dream diary, Wormwood can help. This flower essence can help you extend the state of twilight consciousness so you gather and record more dream fragments.

Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Dress for High Energy with Fire Colors

A fun way to give yourself some energy is by being careful with the colors in how you dress. The colors of the clothes that you wear can have an impact on how you feel throughout the day due to the magickal properties of colors. If you want to give yourself a good boost of energy, it is important to dress in the Fire Colors. Along with learning to how to give yourself a boost of energy with how you dress, you can learn a lot more about energy by reading our Java Magick book!

The Fire Colors and their Meanings:

  • Sun Yellow – Affects spirit's vitality and alertness. If feeling spiritually groggy, take on more sun yellow. Sun yellow can give you an energy boost or lift up your mood. If you feel too excited then dump sun yellow. You can give sun yellow to anyone at any time safely and it is the one color that you don't have to have their permission to give because it does not negatively affect the person's ability to make choices. If someone is losing life force, sun yellow is a great color to give them or if you just need a physical energy boost, use sun yellow.
  • Yellow Orange – Affects the spirit and physical neural system. This is the color of the energy of reaction. Using this color by either adding more or taking some away can speed up or slow down a person's level of reactivity. Too much yellow orange can make a person jittery, anxious, nervous, jumpy or cranky. Fear is generally a mental-neural phenomenon associated with yellow orange. Conditions resulting from too much yellow orange energy will not have fever or body flushing. That will fall in the category of Red Orange. Using small amounts of this orangey color can draw attention to you or make you the “life of the party”.
  • Red Orange – Affects the physical neural system and body metabolism. It is similar to Yellow Orange but more physical, more related to the body. Red orange is the color of pain, anger, or fever.
  • Bright Red – Affects the body's metabolism and temperature and is not related to the neural system at all. Bright red cannot make you angry or irritable. It can be used to raise body temperature to a high level without hurting it or damaging the nervous system. This can be done for a person who is drunk for example, to burn the alcohol out of their system. Increasing bright red is also a way to lose weight by getting rid of hard fats (with soft fats you also have to dump water energy).
  • Deep Red/Red Purple – Affects the circulatory and glandular systems and fluids, but not the body's metabolism or burning rate. It can be used to boost passion and sexual arousal. It is also a good choice to use with frostbite to safely raise the temperature of the blood without damaging body tissue.
  • Electric Blue – Has all the bands of color in it, much the same as what many refer to as "white light". It is the color at the bottom of every flame and is the driving force of the Universe. It can be used with a variety of techniques for things such as protection, blasting objects to unkey them and sweeping the body in healing work.

There you have the very detailed descriptions of the Fire colors. Be sure to incorporate them in strategic ways in order to give yourself a high boost of energy. If you enjoyed learning about the meanings behind Magickal Colors, be sure to check our Kitchen Table Magick Series out!