Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Manifest Faster by Doing Your Part

For those of us who have read "The Secret" or any number of books on manifestation via meditation, magick, and other traditions, the idea that the Universe never fails to manifest our wishes is not a new or novel idea. The Universe always delivers without fail. 

So the question inevitably comes to mind: "Then where's my stuff?" If the Universe always delivers, why didn't you win the PowerBall Lotto or marry your soul mate on Valentine's Day?

Good question. The answer is pretty simple, although not particularly easy to do.

Getting Out of the Way
When you ask the Universe for anything, from a job promotion to the resolution of a chronic health problem, the Universe immediately goes to work and begins pulling the necessary pieces together to manifest your desire. Then depending on the nature of your request (and the complications involved), the Universe will take a variable amount of time to deliver your wish.

In the meantime, what are you supposed to do? There are two options. If you are one of those rare people who can request help from the Universe and then sit back quietly and patiently to wait for the manifestation, then go ahead and just chill. Wait patiently for the Universe, perhaps using meditation as a way to stay calm and quiet.

And then there are the rest of us who also practice various forms of meditation, but may end up doing something mentioned by folk singer Chuck Pyle called Tantrum Yoga (a form of tantric yoga gone astray). In this form of yoga you just hold your breath until the Universe gives you your way. Sounds perfect for those of us who are prone to tantrums anyway, right?

Well, in case neither of the above forms of staying out of the way while the Universe works, consider this third option, which proves to be more effective for more people (excluding those who can hold their breath for hours!).

A Fun Basic Spell While You Wait for the Universe
This basic spell combines items from a number of different tribal traditions, including a verbal litany candle magick, and a magickal talisman. For this spell, you will need the following items:
  • a bright yellow candle with no orange or reddish undertones (this is also called a Sun Candle)
  • a plate for fire safety with the candle or use a candle enclosed in glass
  • wooden or paper matches
  • a talisman that symbolizes your request to the Universe (and is small enough to carry around all  day)
  • a pen and notebook to record your magickal work (also called a Book of Shadows)
  • a compass to find the exact location of the cardinal directions
Use the following instructions to create a magickal spell matrix that will allow you to help the Universe in manifesting your request, while at the same time keeping you out of the way as the Universe works. Factors such as doubt, skepticism, and actions that undermine the goal of the spell are to be avoided at all costs. This basic spell will help you stay focused and do your part in bringing your manifestation to life.

1.    Locate the four cardinal directions by using your compass outdoors. Compasses do not give accurate readings indoors as there is too much electro-magnetic interference. Once you have located all the directions, go back in your house and clear a small circular space.

2.    Bring all of your materials and sit in the South of the circle, placing your items in front of you.

3.    Place your Sun Candle in front of you (on the plate if necessary) and light the candle with a wooden or paper match. Do not use a lighter as lighter fluid has unwanted energies.

4.    Once the flame of the candle is burning tall and bright (called a working flame), cup your hands around the flame and say the following litany in a voice of command:

"Child of Wonder
Child of Flame
Nourish My Spirit
And Bring My Aim"

5.    Now hold your talisman in your dominant hand (the hand you use to point). As you hold the talisman, focus on the energy of having your manifestation. Focus on how you will feel each day when you wake up and your wish has manifested in your life. Flow all the positive and joyful energy you can access into the talisman. When the talisman feels charged, hot, energized, heavy or simply different, the talisman is keyed to your desired manifestation.

6.    Now place the talisman next to or around the candle (an example might be using a talisman that is a heart locket on a chain) and say the following verse in a voice of command:

"Child of Wonder
Child of Flame
Energize This Talisman
With Magick Untamed
Each Time I Touch This Talisman
The Energies of Mundane and Magickal Combine
My Energies Through the Talisman Aid
This Spell That Manifests My Desires So Fine."

7.    Leave the talisman near the burning Sun Candle (perhaps on a plate or in the sink for safety) for 30 minutes. Then blow out the candle and carry the talisman with you all day. Whenever you feel doubt about the Universe delivering on the manifestation, touch your talisman for a magickal boost. Similarly, when you feel positive and happy, flow that energy into the talisman to add energy to your spell matrix.

8.    You may repeat the charging of the talisman at any time, and many people like to repeat this process a few times to fully energize the spell matrix.

As with all magickal acts, enjoyment is key. Enjoy every moment from choosing your talisman to energizing it. This kind of magick is basic, simple, fun, and effective. 

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Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Blessed Be! What Blessings Do You Wish for Others for This Coming Year?


The holidays are a time for blessings and goodwill among humanity. Have you got a special blessing, prayer, mantra, or "pay it forward" treat you'd like to share with the rest of the planetary citizens out there? We invite you to do so on our Facebook page.  If you don't have any special blessings or prayers to share, then it's about time you got some in your life. Here is a blessing ritual we'll start the ball rolling with. 

Nighttime Blessing Ritual
This doesn't have to be saved for night, but many people, couples and families like ending the day with this ritual each night before bedtime. It is a great ritual to incorporate into ceremonies or ritual circles or anytime you want to share peace, goodwill and blessings with others. You will need a Chalice (magical Water element tool), sea salt and spring water. Here's how it's done. 

1. Holding the chalice with both hands in front of you flow water blue energy from one hand to the other, through the chalice. Continue until the chalice becomes warm or tingly. This "keys" the Chalice to the person holding it.

2. Pour spring water into the Chalice until it is halfway full and add a pinch of sea salt to it. Swirl the mixture in the Chalice in a clockwise direction.

3. Blow water blue energy into the chalice while swirling the water and salt mixture clockwise. In between each breath, say one line of the verse below:
"Water and earth where you are cast, 
Let no spell nor adverse purpose last. 
Bless these people and bless their space, 
Far from here send baneful trace."
At the end of the verses, blow water blue energy into the chalice and swirl the water one last time. The Chalice is now "charged."

4. Holding the chalice in your left hand, face the first person you will be blessing. Dip your right index finger into the water and draw a vertical line down the center of the person's forehead. The line should be 1 to 1.5 inches long.

5. Now dip your finger in the water again and draw a horizontal line of the same length from left to right through the center of the first line, forming a cross.

6. Then, starting at the right end of the horizontal line, draw a clockwise circle, touching both ends of both lines. As you draw the circle and say to the person, "For the peace of your mind."

7. Repeat the same procedure on the person's chest over their heart. As you draw the circle, say, "For the joy of your heart."

8. Ask the person to take a sip of water from the Chalice and as they sip, say, "And for the health of your body."

9. If there are two people participating in the ritual, reverse roles and repeat the process. If there are many people, one person can bless everyone, and then one person in the group blesses the first person. You can also do this blessing magic ritual on yourself or with your pets. 

I hope you have a blessed new year in store for you and a joyous winter holiday season in whatever traditions you practice. I hope you can use this blessing ritual to get off to a good start and would love to hear your experiences shared on our Facebook page

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