Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Manifest Faster by Doing Your Part

For those of us who have read "The Secret" or any number of books on manifestation via meditation, magick, and other traditions, the idea that the Universe never fails to manifest our wishes is not a new or novel idea. The Universe always delivers without fail. 

So the question inevitably comes to mind: "Then where's my stuff?" If the Universe always delivers, why didn't you win the PowerBall Lotto or marry your soul mate on Valentine's Day?

Good question. The answer is pretty simple, although not particularly easy to do.

Getting Out of the Way
When you ask the Universe for anything, from a job promotion to the resolution of a chronic health problem, the Universe immediately goes to work and begins pulling the necessary pieces together to manifest your desire. Then depending on the nature of your request (and the complications involved), the Universe will take a variable amount of time to deliver your wish.

In the meantime, what are you supposed to do? There are two options. If you are one of those rare people who can request help from the Universe and then sit back quietly and patiently to wait for the manifestation, then go ahead and just chill. Wait patiently for the Universe, perhaps using meditation as a way to stay calm and quiet.

And then there are the rest of us who also practice various forms of meditation, but may end up doing something mentioned by folk singer Chuck Pyle called Tantrum Yoga (a form of tantric yoga gone astray). In this form of yoga you just hold your breath until the Universe gives you your way. Sounds perfect for those of us who are prone to tantrums anyway, right?

Well, in case neither of the above forms of staying out of the way while the Universe works, consider this third option, which proves to be more effective for more people (excluding those who can hold their breath for hours!).

A Fun Basic Spell While You Wait for the Universe
This basic spell combines items from a number of different tribal traditions, including a verbal litany candle magick, and a magickal talisman. For this spell, you will need the following items:
  • a bright yellow candle with no orange or reddish undertones (this is also called a Sun Candle)
  • a plate for fire safety with the candle or use a candle enclosed in glass
  • wooden or paper matches
  • a talisman that symbolizes your request to the Universe (and is small enough to carry around all  day)
  • a pen and notebook to record your magickal work (also called a Book of Shadows)
  • a compass to find the exact location of the cardinal directions
Use the following instructions to create a magickal spell matrix that will allow you to help the Universe in manifesting your request, while at the same time keeping you out of the way as the Universe works. Factors such as doubt, skepticism, and actions that undermine the goal of the spell are to be avoided at all costs. This basic spell will help you stay focused and do your part in bringing your manifestation to life.

1.    Locate the four cardinal directions by using your compass outdoors. Compasses do not give accurate readings indoors as there is too much electro-magnetic interference. Once you have located all the directions, go back in your house and clear a small circular space.

2.    Bring all of your materials and sit in the South of the circle, placing your items in front of you.

3.    Place your Sun Candle in front of you (on the plate if necessary) and light the candle with a wooden or paper match. Do not use a lighter as lighter fluid has unwanted energies.

4.    Once the flame of the candle is burning tall and bright (called a working flame), cup your hands around the flame and say the following litany in a voice of command:

"Child of Wonder
Child of Flame
Nourish My Spirit
And Bring My Aim"

5.    Now hold your talisman in your dominant hand (the hand you use to point). As you hold the talisman, focus on the energy of having your manifestation. Focus on how you will feel each day when you wake up and your wish has manifested in your life. Flow all the positive and joyful energy you can access into the talisman. When the talisman feels charged, hot, energized, heavy or simply different, the talisman is keyed to your desired manifestation.

6.    Now place the talisman next to or around the candle (an example might be using a talisman that is a heart locket on a chain) and say the following verse in a voice of command:

"Child of Wonder
Child of Flame
Energize This Talisman
With Magick Untamed
Each Time I Touch This Talisman
The Energies of Mundane and Magickal Combine
My Energies Through the Talisman Aid
This Spell That Manifests My Desires So Fine."

7.    Leave the talisman near the burning Sun Candle (perhaps on a plate or in the sink for safety) for 30 minutes. Then blow out the candle and carry the talisman with you all day. Whenever you feel doubt about the Universe delivering on the manifestation, touch your talisman for a magickal boost. Similarly, when you feel positive and happy, flow that energy into the talisman to add energy to your spell matrix.

8.    You may repeat the charging of the talisman at any time, and many people like to repeat this process a few times to fully energize the spell matrix.

As with all magickal acts, enjoyment is key. Enjoy every moment from choosing your talisman to energizing it. This kind of magick is basic, simple, fun, and effective. 

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Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Blessed Be! What Blessings Do You Wish for Others for This Coming Year?


The holidays are a time for blessings and goodwill among humanity. Have you got a special blessing, prayer, mantra, or "pay it forward" treat you'd like to share with the rest of the planetary citizens out there? We invite you to do so on our Facebook page.  If you don't have any special blessings or prayers to share, then it's about time you got some in your life. Here is a blessing ritual we'll start the ball rolling with. 

Nighttime Blessing Ritual
This doesn't have to be saved for night, but many people, couples and families like ending the day with this ritual each night before bedtime. It is a great ritual to incorporate into ceremonies or ritual circles or anytime you want to share peace, goodwill and blessings with others. You will need a Chalice (magical Water element tool), sea salt and spring water. Here's how it's done. 

1. Holding the chalice with both hands in front of you flow water blue energy from one hand to the other, through the chalice. Continue until the chalice becomes warm or tingly. This "keys" the Chalice to the person holding it.

2. Pour spring water into the Chalice until it is halfway full and add a pinch of sea salt to it. Swirl the mixture in the Chalice in a clockwise direction.

3. Blow water blue energy into the chalice while swirling the water and salt mixture clockwise. In between each breath, say one line of the verse below:
"Water and earth where you are cast, 
Let no spell nor adverse purpose last. 
Bless these people and bless their space, 
Far from here send baneful trace."
At the end of the verses, blow water blue energy into the chalice and swirl the water one last time. The Chalice is now "charged."

4. Holding the chalice in your left hand, face the first person you will be blessing. Dip your right index finger into the water and draw a vertical line down the center of the person's forehead. The line should be 1 to 1.5 inches long.

5. Now dip your finger in the water again and draw a horizontal line of the same length from left to right through the center of the first line, forming a cross.

6. Then, starting at the right end of the horizontal line, draw a clockwise circle, touching both ends of both lines. As you draw the circle and say to the person, "For the peace of your mind."

7. Repeat the same procedure on the person's chest over their heart. As you draw the circle, say, "For the joy of your heart."

8. Ask the person to take a sip of water from the Chalice and as they sip, say, "And for the health of your body."

9. If there are two people participating in the ritual, reverse roles and repeat the process. If there are many people, one person can bless everyone, and then one person in the group blesses the first person. You can also do this blessing magic ritual on yourself or with your pets. 

I hope you have a blessed new year in store for you and a joyous winter holiday season in whatever traditions you practice. I hope you can use this blessing ritual to get off to a good start and would love to hear your experiences shared on our Facebook page

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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Say Goodbye to A Bad (Magical) Hair Day!

 Everyone has a "bad hair day" from time to time that has nothing to do with actual hair! A bad hair day is one of those days when nothing seems to go right, and everything that can go wrong, does! Luckily for you, right now you can sign up for our twice monthly newsletter and get our "10 Magical Quick Fixes" ebook at no cost. These 10 precious magical gems will help you smooth the wrinkles that pop up in everyday life. Here's just one example of what you'll find in the ebook... and remember this is a limited time offer so be sure to sign up soon!

3 Day Question
This is a good magical technique to use when faced with a big life decision that you just can't seem to make a decision about. It brings you guidance from your Spirit or Spirit guides to help you find the right answer for you. 

Here's how to do the 3 day question:

1. Decide on a very specific question to ask. For example, you might ask, "Do I take this job or not?" or "Do I move to this state or not?"

2. Find a quiet place to just sit with this question in your mind for about 3 minutes and then ask the question out loud. 

3. For the next 3 days, go about your business and put no more attention to the question or decision. If you find yourself starting to think about it, immediately move your attention to something else. 

4. At the end of the 3rd day, ask the question out loud. The very first answer you hear is the one for you to accept. You may hear this answer from within yourself like a voice inside your head or from an outside source such as a song on the radio or part of a conversation between others that you overhear. Whatever way the answer comes, go with the very first answer. 

The more precise and concise you are with your question, the better this magic technique works. Also, be sure not to obsess or think about your question during the three days as that will interfere with the technique. This magical quick fix is a great way to transform hard decisions into easy ones. Part of living a magical life is about making things easier, so jump on board and sign up for the newsletter and no cost ebook to get started bringing magic into your life. 

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Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Need Some Sacred Space? Wear This!

 The holiday season is quickly approaching and with it the usual crazed shoppers, family members (wanted or unwanted), work/life balance crises and more that can all interfere with your sacred space. But fear not! You, as a planetary citizen, are always entitled to your sacred space. To ward off those crazy holiday vibes, just key (personalize) and wear our specially designed seven-pointed faery star psychic shield. Watch those unwanted psychic energy bolts bounce off your now-shielded space. Moon shields for women, Sun shields for men. Both come with directions on how to key to your own energies. 

The Faery Star For Magical Protection
The Faery Star, also known as the Elven Star, is a seven point star made by combining a four point square with a three point triangle in a way that creates a constantly circulating shape or shield. This symbol is sacred to many Wiccan and tribal traditions because the number 7 is sacred as being related to the seven planets, seven notes of the diatonic scale, seven directions of North, South, East, West, above, below, and within, and the seven colors of the rainbow. This type of psychic shield once it is keyed becomes an eternally spinning shield. Whereas the pentagram which is a five point star always requires a "push" from outside to set in motion, once the Faery Star is keyed with electric blue energy it never stops rotating. 

A psychic shield is a great magical way to protect yourself from negative energies surrounding you. It will not only protect you from all the chaos and noise going on around you and create sacred space for yourself, but will also deflect the energy coming from another person thinking something negative about you. The energy from those types of thoughts from others can actually have a negative influence on you. When you key the shield, you are personalizing it to your own energies and programming it to defend against any kind or degree of psychic attack. An attack coming from behind you will cause the shield to channel the energy from it and pull it harmlessly through you. An attack coming from in front of you causes the shield to block the energy and scatter it. If you see your shield turning black or having burn or scorch marks on it, then you'll know it has been deflecting those negative energies for you. When this happens, just clean it up with silver polish and you may want to hold it over your firebowl with a mixture of pine resin and sage burning in it. Holding the shield over a column of smoke like this until the smoke begins to stick to it will help clear out negative energies too. 

Not only does the Faery Star shield protect you from unwanted energies, it also can help you control your magical gifts. Anytime you feel your energies spinning out of control, you can use the shield to ground your energies. 

Other Magical Protection

Besides using the shield, which is good because it is easy to take with you where ever you go, it is a good idea to cleanse your other spaces like home, office, and car. Use pine resin and sage or other cleansing herbs, burn a sun yellow candle or even better do a four element cleansing on these areas to clear out all the junky energy that may have accumulated. You can also use symbols or talismans of animal totems, deities or other higher spirit powers that are sacred to you to display in areas of your home for protection. You may also want to ward and bind the mirrors in your home. Silver and black mirrors can both be windows or doorways into other worlds. Silver mirrors access the level or plane that is reflected in them. Black mirrors, often called witch's mirrors, however can access any realm. Magicians and shamans create their own black mirrors for magical reasons such as traveling to other realms, but if you have any type of black reflective surface like on a microwave, dishwasher, computer screen, etc., other beings, magicians or shamans can penetrate your home shields and enter your sacred space. Spirits often use mirrors to take up residence too. Mirrors are also like psychic sponges that absorb all kinds of emotional energies so you never know what they may be accessing at various times. To prevent this, you can ward and bind your mirrors in this way:
  • Perform a 4 element cleansing on the mirror
  • Use your Athame in an edge on position to sweep the mirror from top to bottom with a sheet of electric blue which is one of the fire element colors
  • Ward the mirror by putting the Left Eye of Horus symbol in the lower right hand corner of a square or rectangle shaped mirror. Use a permanent marker or a permanent sticker with the symbol on it. DO NOT use the Right Eye of Horus as that is used to enhance spirit vision, divination, opens things, seeks and pulls which is the opposite of protection. The Left Eye is a natural mirror and glass protector from Egyptian practice. If your mirror is round or oval shaped, put the symbol in the bottom center. 
  • Bind the mirror by using your Athame with a beam of electric blue energy projected off the tip and draw an X with the first line drawn from top right to bottom left and the second line drawn from top left to lower right. Lock both beams into the frame or the back of the mirror at the corners.

Where ever you spend your holidays, whether staying at home or traveling, you can magically protect your sacred space and have a peaceful, joy filled time. Energetically and magically clear out your space if you are at home or use a psychic shield at home or away from home and keep the negative energies out of your space. Especially at this time of year, whatever traditions you observe, you have sacred spiritual ceremonies and rituals that you don't want negativity interfering with. Just a little magic can help!

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Tuesday, October 27, 2020

How Magic Can Help You Look and Feel Your Best Daily

How often do headaches, stress, tiredness, and other types of life issues cause you to look and feel less than your best? You can use magical healing techniques to really boost your energy and our Energy Healing For Self and Others ebook can open the way to learning how magic can help you heal. For example, in this ebook, you'll learn how to make your own flower essences. Did you know that pine can be used to regain energy, vitality and interest in life? Or that Vervain can be used to help with mental and physical exhaustion. Besides learning to use flower essences, herbs, and aromatherapy, here are a couple of the specific magical techniques you'll find in this ebook. 

Kundalini Yoga
Health, awareness, consciousness and evolution can all result from yoga. You may think that means twisting yourself into all sorts of difficult poses, but that is totally not necessary. Kundalini Yoga combines the practices of Prana Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Kriya Yoga, and Naad Yoga which can be summarized as: 

Prana Yoga – breath
Hatha Yoga – postures
Kriya Yoga – holding postures and doing a breath
Naad Yoga – uses sound currents

This form of yoga can help with change and bringing consciousness to your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical bodies. More specifically it can help with increasing circulation, reduce stress, rebalance body systems, improve mental concentration, and enhance self-confidence, self-awareness, and consciousness. It can help clear our minds so we are able to project positive emotions instead of negative ones. 

Our life force comes from light and energy of the sun. Since color is light, it can be used as a powerful and nourishing healing tool. We are constantly surrounded by color and it can have a big effect on us through the various vibrations each color emits. Color can have an impact on our auras as they continually change color according to our mood or emotional state. Color is used in many healing traditions such as feng shui, Pranamonics, magic and shamanism. By knowing which colors affect you in what ways you can surround yourself with the colors to help you heal. 

Magic can provide incredible healing physically, mentally and emotionally. There are a wide array of magical techniques in the magical realms that can contribute to healing and our Energy Healing for Self and Others ebook can get you started learning how to bring magical healing to your life. 

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Tuesday, October 13, 2020

What Magical Knowledge Do You Want to Know

We love to stay in touch with our readers, clients and those in our online magical communities. If you've got a magical or shamanic question, our Facebook page is a great place to post it and share the magic online. Not only will you get the answer to your magic question, but other people get the benefit as well! If you haven't got a magical practice going, you may wonder why you would even want to have any magical knowledge and if you can really get magic online. The answer to the second part is yes. Magical resources we offer include our member's area with a free ebook and magical library of articles, blog, ecourses, ebooks, Kindle books, online store of ritual supplies, newsletter and more! Here are a few answers to the first part as to what magical knowledge and developing a magical practice can do for you. 

Move to Consciousness
Most people go through their lives in a mechanical state. In other words, they go through life reacting to the stimulus around them instead of choosing their thoughts and actions. Their thoughts and actions revolve around the things on their To Do list, family worries, social engagements and so on. We're not saying this is a bad thing, but it doesn't lend itself to raising your consciousness or the level of your being. Since the level of your being attracts the level of your life according to Universal law, living in this way doesn't nourish Spirit and doesn't allow you to attract anything higher. When you have a magical practice, the way you think changes and you have pauses built into your day that allow you to be conscious, aware of who you are and make connections with higher powers and beings. It also allows us to remember what we really want in life and moves us from living in a mechanical reactionary state to one that allows us to consciously respond to situations and people. 

Develop A Spirit Connection
Part of a magical practice is connecting with the Universe and higher powers and beings to co-create and manifest the things you want in life. Doing spells and rituals that quiet the mind or put us in touch with physical sensation bring us into contact with Spirit. Having contact with Spirit allows us to take time out from noise and hectic schedules to listen to our inner guidance. That is where the truth lies and the part of us that always knows what is right for us. When making decisions, most people spend a lot of time weighing pros and cons, gathering advice from others and worrying if they are making the right decision when all they really need to do is consult Spirit.

Create Spirit Networks
If you were raised hearing things like "you have to keep your nose to the grindstone to succeed" and other hard work sayings, you may find getting what you want in life is hard work. It doesn't have to be that way however if you live with magic in your life. Part of that means having the help of higher powers and beings like angels, totems, and guides to aid you in manifesting those things you want in your life. A magical practice allows you to develop those relationships with higher beings and learn how to co-create with them. 

Align with Universal Principles
In a magical practice we quickly learn that doing spells and rituals designed in accordance with Universal principles is way more effective and safe than those that are not. Following the Rules of the Road that govern magical practice and principles such as "as above, so below" and four element principles make for a sound practice. Having this type of magic knowledge will enhance your aim. For example, if you are looking to gain knowledge in a situation, you'll want to work with the principles of the magical element Air whereas if you are in a situation that calls for action, you'll want to employ the principles of the magical element Fire. 

Now that you have a better idea what magical knowledge can do for you consider joining our tribe on Facebook and share the magic online. You can let us know there what magical topics you'd like to know about. If you're not on Facebook, shoot us an email and we can post your question and our answer for you.

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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Magically Directing Your Destiny


Do you throw salt over your shoulder, knock on wood, avoid walking under ladders, or cover your mouth when you yawn? Do you believe in luck or fate? Or do you believe in your own ability to direct your own destiny?

In today's society, when most of us are driven by our bosses, our families, our cell phones, or our responsibilities, most of us want to feel more powerful and more in control of our fate or destiny. Some of us work harder, others turn to superstition, and still others of us just sit back and hope for something better. So what is the key to directing our destiny?

Believing in your ability to direct your own destiny rather than fate or luck. When you believe in fate or luck, it keeps you on the level of the Law of Accident, in which random things happen to you just because you happen to be at the right place at the right time (or the wrong place at the wrong time). If, however, you begin to focus on your ability to direct and create your own life, then it moves you up to the Law of Attraction, where your attention begins to attract people and events into your life. Whatever you put your attention on begins to come to you.

But how can you move up to the level of the Law of Attraction if you've never been there? In a sense, you have to develop a relationship with the future, or with events that haven't occurred yet, but which you are drawing to you by your attention.

One of the best ways to get started developing this relationship with the future is with divination. Magically, divination is a method for accessing information (especially information of the future) that is not available to the five senses. Methods of divination include dowsing with pendulums, and using tarot decks, rune stones, palmistry, and scrying in chalices. Divination allows us to discover the influences, energies and probability lines that are active in our lives, and how they will probably manifest in our futures. It's one way to check whether we're "on track" with what we are attracting. Once we know this information, we can then take steps to more accurately and knowingly exert control in our own lives. Before you dive into divination, though, there are two things you must know and agree to:

  • The Future is Not Set or Pre-Destined. If you believe in pre-destiny or a previously set future (from past lives or original sin, for instance), then divination won't help you. If you don't believe you can change the future, then having more knowledge won't help.
  • Divinations of the Future Are Only Probabilities. Anything you read about the future is based on probabilities drawn from the present. If anything changes in the present, the future will also change. This is where you have you have the power to change the future - in the present.

Whichever method of divination you choose to use, knowing what is possibly awaiting you in the future puts you in the driver's seat of your own destiny. Don't like what you see as a possible future? Simply make a small change in the present to create a bigger change in the future. Just one of the ways divination magic can help you create what you want in your life.

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Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Magically Clear The Air

 I was watching the news one day as CNN ran a story about the EPA cracking down on yet another environmental polluter. Protesters had lined up by the scores to voice their disgust while company officials spouted carefully scripted lines for the cameras. In other words, it was a whole lot of hoopla.

I’m glad that as a nation we have become more aware of the devastating effects of waste products on the environment. I’m also constantly surprised that so little attention is paid to the effects of psychic or energetic pollution. 

As energetic beings we’re constantly throwing off all kinds of different energy. We beam joyful energy when we’re happy and we shoot out little bolts of lightning when we’re angry. We can’t see that energy but we can sure feel it. Have you ever noticed the energetic difference between a jolly coffee shop and a hospital emergency room? How about between a stable family home and the house of a couple about to be divorced?

If you’re like most of us then you spend most of your time in three places: your office, your house, and your car. Since it’s almost impossible to totally avoid negative energy or disagreements from occurring in those places, it’s important to periodically clear the air with regular energetic cleansings. 

How do you psychically clear the air? Here are three ways:

Burn Broadleaf Sage: Known as the “King of Sages” broadleaf sage is prized by many native tribes for its powerful cleansing and healing properties. Light the sage and blow the smoke on the walls walking around the room in a clockwise direction.

Light a Sun Candle: The sun symbol and the color sun yellow both nourish the spirit and cleanse the air. Properly charged, a sun candle can clean any room or car within 30 minutes. 

Use Hematite: Placing specular hematite stones in the four directions will absorb negative energies as quickly as they appear. Just remember to cleanse the stones regularly (at least once a month) with broadleaf sage by holding the stones in the smoke for a minute or two.

Taking steps to reduce your carbon footprint and keep the air we breathe clean is important, but don’t forget that clearing your energetic air or space is also important. Magically clearing the air around you helps you maintain your sacred space and create an environment to live a magical life.

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Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Want Money? Try This Magic Spell

Looking for how to attract money into your reality? Magic spells, like a simple candle spell, with directors and limiters are a good start. There are magic spells that can get very complicated and involved that require an experienced magical practitioner to create and perform. But a simple candle spell can be done by experienced or beginning practitioners. It's one of the simple magical techniques you'll find in our Witchcraft Spell Book: The Complete Guide of Witchcraft Rituals & Spells for Beginners.

About Candle Spells 
A magic spell is a formalized intention put into an energy form to break through obstacles to achieve a particular goal. A candle spell like any magic spell starts with a purpose or goal. In a candle spell the candle is programmed to act in a certain way towards that purpose. It also energizes, activates and feeds the spell. Since magic is a precision science, any good magic spell will have directors and limiters built into it. The candle in a candle spell translates those directors and limiters into an energy matrix that has force in the world. 

Directors and Limiters
Are you familiar with directors and limiters used in magic spells? These are very important as they are the way we tell the Universe exactly what we want and what we don't want to happen as a result of the spell. For example, if you are asking for money and you don't specify certain criteria, you may find a penny on the ground. Not exactly the amount of money you were hoping for probably, but the Universe did deliver you money. Or if you don't specify certain ways that you don't want the money to come to you then you may find you are the beneficiary of a life insurance policy. In that case you get the money you are seeking but at the expense of a family member's death. Also not what you wanted to happen. By using directors and limiters in your magic spells you can avoid these types of occurrences and define exactly what you want. 

Directors tell what you want your spell to accomplish. Limiters tell what you do NOT want to have happen as a result of your spell. You should include how, what, and when factors when writing directors and limiters. Generally they need to have the spell's purpose, how certain elements and energies will be used, safeguards for the spell and when the spell will start and when it will stop. Writing good directors and limiters takes much thought and some experience. Take your time and really think it through. You need to be very specific about certain things such as how much money you want and what time period you need it by when writing directors. Then when you start writing limiters, think a bit like a lawyer writing a contract. Anything you leave to chance will follow the path of least resistance and may achieve your goal, but in a way that you didn't want. Include things in your limiters such as "no harm or untimely death will occur to self or others or their property as a result of this spell" or that "money will only be obtained through legal means". Be sure also that your spell does not bind another person in any way or cause them to do something against their will as that goes against the laws that govern magical practice. You also have to give a lot of thought to how you word your directors and limiters. We had a student once who specified that the Universe not bring him more business than he could handle emotionally. He broke up a long term relationship shortly after launching the spell and was an emotional wreck. The Universe acting on his instructions sent no business his way. 

Leave Some Wiggle Room
Now that we've made a case for how and why to be specific with your directors and limiters, we have to look at the other side of the coin. You also don't want to be so specific that you are not reasonable or are so restrictive that the Universe doesn't have any room to work within. For example, asking that you get one million dollars immediately is not reasonable. This is real magic at work, not fantasy magic that has a genie appear to immediately grant you any wish. Remember that a spell is an energy matrix that has to gather force and overcome barriers over time. Asking for something that is impossible will just make the spell null and void. So for example, when specifying numbers in your directors and limiters, use ranges instead of exact numbers for ages, salary, sizes, amounts, dates and so on. This gives the spell more freedom to achieve its goal. For beginners, it's a good idea to start creating spells that will have small effects until you gain some experience. As you get more experience, you can then move on to bigger things. You can see samples of good directors and limiters in the Witchcraft Spell Book: The Complete Guide of Witchcraft Rituals & Spells for Beginners book if you need help getting started. 

Launching a Candle Spell 
After deciding on good directors and limiters for your candle spell, you are ready to design and launch the spell. This simple candle spell only has 3 steps to follow. 

1. Write 
Write your directors and limiters down on paper once you have established them. Make sure they are written clearly and concisely and do not violate the Rules of the Road, but that they allow for plenty of space and time for the spell to work. 

2. Light – 
Put the paper with your directors and limiters written on it on top of a plate and under a Sun Yellow candle. Fold the paper if you need to for it to fit under the candle on the plate. Then charge the Sun Candle with this verse:
"Child of Wonder, 
Child of Flame, 
Nourish My Spirit, 
And bring my aim!"
Repeat this verse between 3 and 7 times if you'd like to and leave the candle burning for 30 minutes to an hour at a time. At the end of the time blow the candle out. Be sure to blow and not snuff the candle as blowing sends the request and snuffing smothers it. Repeat this step every single day for up to 40 days. 

3. Be Bright – 
You have launched your spell and are continuing to feed energy into it by repeating step 2 daily, but the Universe is already working on delivering your request. The only other thing you have to do is to keep an open mind and heart. Look for signs that your request is coming to you, show appreciation for what you have and gratitude for what you know is coming, stay in a place of peace and joy and avoid letting mind drag you into doubt and skepticism. Be confident that the Universe will deliver your request. Allowing yourself to have negative emotions and doubts can set up a block that will not allow your desire to flow to you. The Universe will do its part to deliver, but you have to also be in a place from which you are able to receive. 

That's it. A simple candle spell that allows you to co-create with the Universe is a good way to start learning how to create and perform magic spells. The more experience you have, the easier it will become and the more magical your life can be. 

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Tuesday, August 25, 2020

The Magical Secret to Living Life on Your Own Terms


Ought, should, must, need ... ick! All those words define our lives in terms of the things we have to do. There's not a whole lot of choice in those words, right? And how much of our unhappiness with our lives stems from a feeling of limitation or lack of freedom? We have to get up at a certain time in the morning to make it to work on time. We have to do as our boss says. We have to pick up the kids after school by a certain time. We have to maintain appearances. We have to pay bills.

There are so many things in our lives that we can't control it can sometimes feel as though we are living in a box. So what can we do magically to bring more freedom into our lives? How can we live life on our own terms rather than on life's terms?

Living Life on Your Own Terms, Magically
Simple. Make a practice of doing something everyday that life doesn't make you do. Pick something, anything, that you don't have to do and do it everyday. It can be anything. Learn three words in a foreign language every day. Get up 20 minutes earlier everyday and do absolutely nothing. Read two pages in a novel. Learn yoga. Take up underwater basket-weaving. Whatever! The point is to everyday exercise a level of freedom that is outside the "oughts" and "shoulds" of life. It is an exercise in personal choice and personal freedom.

Now why is this important? It's important because it exercises your freedom muscle. This exercise teaches you, over time and day by day, that you are not totally limited by the demands of life, that you do have choice in your life. As time goes on, if you are truly dedicated and consistent in this exercise, you will find that your beliefs about life will change.

The Freedom Exercise
You might think at this point in time that you have to work hard to succeed in life. Practice the freedom exercise for a while and see what happens to that belief. Over time you may come to find that you don't want to work hard to succeed in life, and that you don't have to either.

We live the lives that we believe we have to live. If your beliefs change so will your life, and this little exercise is designed to peck away at those beliefs, to melt them away over time, until you can live your life on your own terms. You didn't come to planet Earth to play life by someone else's rules. You came to make up your own rules. So start today by making your own game of life. Just do one thing every day that life doesn't make you do and revel in the freedom of it, even if it means making an extra effort at first. The freedom that results will be well worth the initial price you pay. Try it, you'll see!

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Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Want to Be a Psychic Seer? Start With This Simple Game


We all have psychic abilities, but most people don't practice using them in their everyday lives and aren't aware that they have this ability. Being able to get psychic or energetic information from others and the world around us can be a great magical tool. If you aren't naturally gifted in this area, all you have to do is commit to a little practice and skill development to wake up the psychic abilities you naturally possess. Our Psychic Development ebook can help you do this. Here's a simple game that you'll find in this ebook to get you started in practicing how to be psychic. 

The Perimeter Game
This simple, basic game lets you practice shutting off one of your five physical senses so that you can concentrate on receiving information energetically. In this game you will be shutting off your access to visual data to focus on reading the psychic information around you. You can later turn off others of your 5 basic senses, but this one starts with tuning out visually. Here's how to play. 

1. A minimum of once a day at a time you are able to sit and focus only on the game, choose a space for an energetic perimeter around yourself of about 10 – 20 feet. It is best to do this in a public place where you will have access to lots of other people – ie. – a mall, park, or amusement center. 

2. During this game you want to make sure you are able to focus only on the game because you will be closing your eyes. So you don't want to be responsible for supervising children or driving or any other activity while you are engaged in this activity. 

3. Close your eyes and in your "mind's eye" see a circle of energy surrounding you. 

4. Focus on becoming aware of when someone enters your perimeter area. 

5. When you sense that someone has entered your area, open your eyes to confirm it. 

6. Once you play this psychic game enough that you are getting accurate at sensing someone entering your area, you can increase the diameter of your circle or take another sense out of the equation. For example you might pick a noisy area so that you don't have your sense of hearing. 

When you begin playing the Perimeter Game, let go of results and don't get discouraged if your results are not accurate. The reason for playing the game is to practice and wake up your psychic abilities. If you were spot on every time with the results then you wouldn't need this type of practice. For some people accuracy will come quickly and for others it will take longer, so hang in there. Just like anything else in life, the more you practice, the better you will be at it. Just relax and have fun with the game knowing that it is all part of a process and a journey for you. 

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Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Find Yourself in a Spiderweb Situation? Cut Those Lines Magically!

When you find yourself in a sticky situation that you want to let go of or unattach from, the athame is the perfect magick tool to use. You can cut psychic "lines" attached to yourself or others with the athame which is the magick tool to conduct Fire energies. The athame has a wide variety of magick uses that you can learn about in our Athame: Fire Tool ebook. The technique of using a fire energy beam for cutting lines is a way to release unhealthy relationships and situations by severing the psychic attachment they have to you. Cutting lines on a person will not affect healthy relationships or situations, only unhealthy ones. Some of the ways to tell if these psychic lines exist on a person are:
  • sore spots on the back, neck or shoulder blades
  • bad dreams
  • being sick several days or longer without reason
  • brooding over a broken relationship

Cutting Lines with the Athame
When cutting lines with an athame, be sure to hold the athame tightly with both hands so that it does not bounce off a tough line. Make sure as you make the various cuts that you overlap them so you get all the lines on every side. Don't cut directly in front of a person as they have a lot of shielding in the front of the body. Some people notice that they are a bit dizzy or feel tired after this procedure has been done. They may need to sit for a while or rest and you may want to sweep them with a flare of Sun Yellow energy off the athame from head to feet to add back energy

Here are steps to follow to cut psychic lines on another person:

1. Stand in the south facing north and have the person you are cutting lines on stand to the north of you facing away from you.

2. Have the person close their eyes and ask them to relax.

3. Load your athame with the fire energy color of electric blue from a candle flame or color chip and project a beam of electric blue off your athame 3 to 5 feet beyond the person. This beam will be used to cut through the lines.

4. Standing at a right angle to the person, make the first cut directly behind them by starting with aiming the beam at a level above their head and making a forceful downward cut. The beam should be about a foot away from the person's back.

5. The 2nd cut is made to the right and slightly behind the person in the same way as the first.

6. The 3rd cut is made to the person's right again, but closer to the front of their body (remember to not make the cut directly in front of them).

7. The next two cuts are made on the left side of the person's body, reflecting the two positions of the cuts you made on the right side.

8. Finally, make a horizontal cut above the person's head from right to left, and below the person's feet (you can extend your beam into the floor to make this cut). The blade edge of the athame faces left as you make these two cuts.

The diagram at the top of this article will give you a visual representation of the lines and the order in which to cut them.

So the next time you find yourself in a spiderweb situation with lots of psychic lines sticking to you, just have a magical friend whip out their athame and cut those lines right away. More quick, fun and easy magick that you can learn to do.

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Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Fascinated by Tarot? How to Make the Tarot Personalized to Your Life

The tarot is indeed a fascinating study that can be used in a variety of magical ways. Tarot spreads can be thrown for divination purposes to address just about any situation or question you have. You can also pick a card each day as a daily ritual to learn tarot card meanings, "wear" the card for the day to take on the characteristics it represents or as a way of getting messages from the Universe by studying the tarot card meanings you select daily. Tarot can also be used in creating Tarot spells to bring about changes and co-creations in your life.

Personalized Divination
Using the Tarot for divination gives you a direct method of obtaining information not available to the physical five senses by psychic or magical means. Magical divination is mainly used to direct our fates. By throwing tarot spreads for various situations in your life and interpreting tarot card meanings, you can discover the influences, energies and probability lines active in your life that pertain to the specific situation the tarot spreads are about. Having this information allows you to see what influences are affecting your situation and know where you can make changes to affect the outcomes in your future lines if you so desire. This is why the Tarot is such a valuable tool. Since the future is not pre-destined, you can change the future any time before it happens and using tarot spreads gives you the information you need to decide if and what you want to change.

Personalized Signifier
Many people using the Tarot today do not use signifiers. In our classes, we teach throwing Tarot spreads using a signifier. We feel this makes the reading more precise as well as more personalized to a particular person. The signifier card is a card selected to represent a person or a specific issue, question or situation. Signifiers are keyed to the person the tarot spread reading is for or to the situation or issue. This serves to make it even more personalized in addition to picking a signifier card for people based on chronological age and sun sign. Below are some guidelines for picking a signifier for a person, but you can't always pick a signifier based on the chronological age of the person. Also take into consideration how they act or behave. If you are doing a tarot reading for a child for instance who is particularly mature for his or her age, then you might want to use the knight instead of the page. We use the Waite Rider deck in our classes, but for those who use a Crowley deck, instead of using the page card, you can break it down further into sex by using the prince or princess. That deck also uses the knight as the adult male because according to Crowley there are no adult males as males never reach maturity.

Sun Sign Signifier Selection Guidelines:
Air (Wands):

Fire (Swords):

Water (Cups):

Earth (Discs):

Age Signifier Selection Guidelines:
Page – Conception to teenager
Knight – Teenager
Queen – Adult female
King – Adult male

So for example, if you are a Taurus who is an adult female, you're signifier might be the Queen of Discs and if you are a teenager whose sun sign is Leo then the Knight of Swords might be a good signifier for you.

Personalizing Your Tarot Deck
Another thing that makes the Tarot personalized to you and your life is taking the time to key each of the cards and the other magical tools you use to key the cards and in doing tarot spreads. Keying your own Tarot deck attunes it to your own personal energies. To key the cards in your deck you need a keyed Plate and to key the plate you need a keyed Chalice. That's a lot of keying admittedly, but taking the extra time to do these magical steps will make your Tarot experiences much more personal and create a connection between you and the cards. Using a keyed plate to key the cards sets up a magical shield for each one to protect tarot spreads from any outside interference including any doubt or negative factors you might have about a particular reading.

If you find you are fascinated with the Tarot and its many uses, you can learn more about it in our Tarot homestudy course or as a part of our Basic Magic class. Divination can empower you to take control of the direction your life is taking and give you the information you need to make decisions about where you want your life path to lead and what you want to attract to your life. And after all isn't that one of the many great reasons we choose to have magic in our lives?

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Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Stuck in a Rut?

Do you feel stuck in a rut, trapped by your routine and unable to make a break? If you are so practical and responsible that you are unable to make progress on things like items on your bucket list, then chances are you are an Earth element personality type. People with Earth types of personalities tend to have birth visions like be, build, or improve.

On the plus side, Earth types of personality are practical and down to Earth type people. They have strength, are able to endure and are patient. They also tend to value structure, boundaries, loyalty and permanence. Those with Earth personality characteristics are great manifesters and anchors of the world who are often very serene people. But these types of personalities can also easily get stuck in ruts as the tendency towards permanence and stability can make them stubborn and inflexible. If you are an Earth element personality type facing this type of challenge, here are a couple of tips that can help.

  • The flower essence Walnut is great if you want to make a big voluntary change in your life. It can help you develop an overall sense of well-being and be able to face new conditions. Walnut helps with stabilizing, establishing good boundaries, transition, and protection and is excellent for all kinds of life transitions, clearing out old habit patterns, and helping  you find your direction free from the influence of others.
  • Walking in the rain by running water is another way to help get you out of a rut. Water was often used as a cleansing source in tribal times to release the old and bring in the new. Old ideas and beliefs were carried away by the running water and fresh new ideas were brought in from above through the rain. You can do this exact same thing out in nature or you can turn to your shower for fresh water from above and running water below.  Either of these ways can help with letting go of preconceived notions, judgments, and old beliefs that no longer serve so you are able to accept new ideas and beliefs.
  • You can also wash away your stuck energy and shift yourself out of your rut by using the shower litany.

Whichever of these techniques work for you to break up stubbornness and clear out the old that no longer serves, learning more about your predominant element that has such an effect on your personality will also be helpful. You can gain an in-depth understanding of the Earth element in our Magical Element Earth homestudy course. Learning all you can about your predominant element will help you with the struggles it brings, help you find areas that you will naturally be more successful in and teach you how to keep your energy balanced.

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Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Pendulum Divination Part I: How to Make Your Own Pendulum

Pendulum divination is a great magical technique for accessing information from the Universe and unlocking your own native wisdom. A pendulum is a magical tool that consists of a lightweight object suspended from a string or chain. It becomes a natural extension of yourself and as long as you know the right questions to ask, you can get any and all information that exists in the Universe. Pendulum divination can be used for dowsing as well as to answer your questions

Making a Pendulum
You can certainly buy a pendulum from a new age store or many sources on the internet, but you can also make your own just as easily. First you need a lightweight object. A paper clip, earring, pendant or talisman can all work for this. You can also use a small crystal. The best crystal to use is an amethyst crystal. Just be sure to store any crystal you use in a pewter box. This will protect it from taking on negative energy. Do not use Aurora crystals treated with petroleum as these do not work well.

Next you need something to hang the pendulum on that will allow it to swing. This could be a chain, a string of natural fiber like cotton or silk or leather. If you use a metal chain, silver is the best as it is the most magically stable metal.

In the next article in this series, we'll talk about how to train your pendulum, so stay tuned. If you can't wait, check out our Kindle Book on Amazon.com entitled Learn How To Do Witchcraft Rituals and Spells With Magical Tools. You'll find all this information and more about pendulums there.

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Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Getting Mad? 3 Magical Rituals to Avoid Flaming Out

The mortgage payment is due, the kids have gone nuts, and the dishwasher just leaked water all over the floor.

Feeling mad or upset yet?

These days there seem to be endless reasons for us to lose our tempers, everything from small annoyances (like the cell phone battery dying in the middle of a good chat) to the really big stuff (like job loss).

But wait, don't flame out! There are simple magical rituals and solutions to help you avoid getting mad or, if you are already mad, to keep you from staying mad.

3 Magic Rituals to Keep You from Flaming Out!

There are actually many magic rituals that help deal with the "fire energy" of anger, and here are three of my favorites: the ground out, the Apache tear, and the big burn. Fun stuff ... and useful, too!

#1: Ground Out Your Anger Magically
This magical ritual involves large appliances, like your refrigerator or your stove. Whenever you are angry, run over to your refrigerator, smack both palms on it, and just flow that "mad energy" right into the fridge. It will chill you out, quickly.

Now why does this work? This magic ritual works because anger, volatile as it is, is nothing more than one of the four elemental energies of the Universe: fire energy. The Universe is comprised of air, fire, water, and earth energies. Anger is just fire energy. The reason anger doesn't feel good is because when we are angry we have an excess of fire energy. It literally blows our circuits, which doesn't feel so great.

So when you flow all of that energy into a large appliance, like your fridge, you are magically dumping that excess fire energy into a safe, grounded source that can handle fire energy. Once the excess fire energy has left your body, you feel more balanced, and you will no longer feel angry. This also works with other grounded electrical sources such as light switches and electrical outlets, but don't try this on sensitive electronics like computers or radios. You will fry them in an instant! This is a fun magic ritual so give it a try the next time you are flaming mad!

#2: Send Your Anger to the Half Worlds with the Apache Tear

The Apache Tear, also called Grandmother's Tear, is the black obsidian stone, also called volcanic glass. Magically, the Apache Tear is known as a doorway to the half-worlds, a place from which you can move anywhere in time and space. While you can't get into the half-worlds with the Apache Tear (you need a black mirror for that), you can send any unwanted energies, like anger, into the half-world through this stone.

All you have to do is hold the stone in your dominant hand (the hand with which you point) and flow all of your anger into the stone. With this magic ritual, the stone will send the fire energy of your energy into the half-worlds, where it will be recycled again. Remember, anger energy isn't a bad thing, it is just an excess of fire energy. Fire energy can and is easily re-used in the half-worlds.

The beauty of the Apache Tear is that it is a doorway, not a storage receptacle. That means you can flow energy into this stone over and over without being afraid that it will store up your anger and, at some point, overflow. Pretty nifty, right? With other stones used in magical rituals, like hematite or quartz crystals, energy gets stored in the stone, and the stone has the be magically cleansed periodically. You don't have that kind of problem with the Apache Tear.

#3: The Big Burn Magic Ritual
I love this one because it matches the energy of anger so well: it burns! Plus, it's really simple to do, not to mention highly satisfying. All you need for this magic ritual is a pen, some paper, some matches, and a safe place to burn stuff (sometimes a giant metal cauldron works great!).

When you are mad, sit down and write everything that is making you mad. Pour it all out on paper, as fast and furious as you can. Write as many pages as necessary, and feel free to repeat yourself as many times as you want. There's no limit. Write until you literally run out of steam.

Now for the good part of this magic ritual--the big burn! Grab your papers and matches and move to the spot where you can (safely) burn the papers. Before you light up, take a moment to do whatever you need to move the anger out of you. Ask for help from angels, ask for guidance, or just have a moment of silence. And then, light up the papers and watch your anger go up in smoke. You can light each sheet individually (that's what I like best), or wad up the whole mess of papers and light the entire thing.

Whatever you do with this magic ritual, enjoy the heck out of it. Be safe about your burning, and then enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! It's not often that we have permission to do somewhat destructive acts like this, so go ahead and milk it for all it's worth!

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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Relationship Issues? Could Elemental Differences Be Causing Problems?

If you are having relationship issues, the problem could be that you and the other person (or people) are not a good elemental match. One of the basic tenets of magical studies is that everything in this Universe is made up of some combination of the 4 elements: Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Having an understanding and knowing how to work with the 4 elements allows you to understand (and create) anything you desire. This includes an understanding of relationships that will be compatible with us. Our personalities reflect the characteristics of the element or elements that are dominant in each of us. If our elemental balance is not compatible with another person's then communication problems and other relationship problems can exist.

Understanding the 4 Elements
The first lesson in understanding how the 4 elements might have a role in your relationship issues is to have a basic understanding of the characteristics of the 4 elements themselves. As you read through the following descriptions try to see which fits the type of personality traits you exhibit and other people that you know.

Air Element – corresponds to seeing, breathing, speaking, hearing, planning, thinking, believing, memorizing, communicating, learning, teaching, information, ideas, wisdom, understanding, worry, sensation, awareness, opinions, data, memory, mind.

Fire Element – corresponds to energy, power, will, desire, anger, pain, motivation, radiance, passion, initiative, aggression, limitation, endeavor, activity, creative, willingness, urge, inspired, excitable, courage, bravado, compulsion, fanaticism, frustration, resentment, rage, freedom.

Water Element - corresponds to emotions, feelings, intuition, compassion, empathy, sympathy, knowing, devotion, quest, aspiration, intention, appreciation, integrity, harmony, beauty, balance, serenity, fluidity, grief, apathy, joy, love.

Earth Element – corresponds to strength, money, foundation, endurance, structure, mundane world, serenity of beingness, solidity, boundaries, permanence, land, commerce, products, confidence, loyalty, persistence, stubbornness, fortress, security, anchor, barter, substance, body, base, possessions.

How the 4 Elements Relate to Relationship Issues
Now think about how each of these elements react to each other. For example, you know that you can blow out a candle so too much Air can smother Fire. Let's say you as a predominantly Fire Element person are in a relationship with a predominantly Air Element person. You can see how applying the 4 element characteristics can predict that relationship issues are bound to occur. Another example of a pairing that could be difficult would be in the case of a predominantly Water element personality matched with a predominantly Air Element person or predominantly Fire Element person. Water cannot accept air alone or fire alone easily. Water accepts air that is carrying fire. This case demonstrates how a Water Element person would probably have less relationship issues with a person who is an Air/Fire mix rather than predominantly Air or Fire.

How to Determine Your Elemental Make-up
The elements that dominate your personality play a key role in determining how you deal with life issues. That includes how you deal with relationship issues. Knowing your elemental make-up can help you determine the type of people you want to establish relationships with and help you know when to take on more of or dump excess types of elemental energy when you have to deal with someone who is not a good elemental match for you.

So how do you know what your elemental make-up is? As mentioned above, first look over the characteristics above. Are you a planner, a worrier, or a person who spends a lot of time engaged in mental processing or thinking about things? If so then you probably are predominantly Air. Do you anger easily or are you a very passionate person? Then you more than likely are a Fire person. Look at each of the elemental correspondences above and see which fit you the best.

A way to get a more exact answer as to which of the 4 elements you are most dominant in is to take our 4 Element Personality Test and to study the 4 elements more in-depth. You can learn more about the 4 elements in our Basic Magic Course or our Four Element Short Courses. The Four Element Courses are now available with a free offer. Just email info@shamanschool.com and ask for details. You can also take our 4 Element Personality test for free by clicking HERE.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2020

7 Protection Magic Rituals You Should Practice

When it comes to defending yourself against a variety of forms of attack, protection magic is very effective. However, magicians must be careful when using protection magic because we have considerable power and force. The inappropriate use of that power and force can cause Universal backlash. We therefore must be careful to control our tempers and not use magical protection from attackers in a reactive manner. When it comes to protection magic a good rule of thumb to remember is that you have the right to exist and follow your own path and by extension, your right to defend yourself against those who might seek to prevent you from walking your path.

Protection Magic: 7 Techniques
There are basically 7 protection magic techniques that can be used either separately or in combination. They are:
1. Rooting and Grounding – used with excess noise, aggression, anger or general fire energies in your space.

2. Hand Lightning – used to stop someone invading your space or preventing an attack.

3. Lightning Rod – used to send back an attacker's energy or to boost your own energy.

4. Fireballs – used for self defense from attack and to warm a cold room.

5. Fireball Messages – used for sending extremely severe messages to an adversary.

6. Fire Half Shields – used as energy shield to protect yourself from attack.

7. Sonic Self Defense – used to stop attackers in their tracks with the use of your voice.

Protection Magic: Grounding Exercise
Here's an exercise you can try out on Grounding for magical protection from a person who is angry and directing that anger towards you or using it to disrupt your space.

With Grounding you pull excess fire energy from another person or the environment, flowing it through your body and pushing it into an electrical ground.

  • Find a source of the energy color you want to pull (anger is red-orange) to look at as a reference
  • Locate an electrical ground like an outlet, light switch or a sink (uses water pipes running into earth). This is where you will flow the excess fire energy to for it to be safely grounded.
  • Put your output hand (hand you point with) or your foot on the electrical ground if possible. If that is not possible, you can point your output hand toward the electrical ground, but make sure no living thing comes between you and the ground.
  • Pull excess fire energies in through your input hand, through your body and out of your output hand into the electrical ground.
  • Keep pulling until the anger is gone. This usually takes two minutes or less according to how angry the person is, thus how much excess fire energy they have.

You can use this technique discreetly and the person you are pulling the fire energy from need not be aware that you are doing it. All they know is that the anger subsides in them. To develop your own magical self-defense arsenal using magical protection and self defense techniques, check out our homestudy Magical Self Defense course.

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Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Magic That Works: What to Do If Magic Has Failed You Before

People often confuse magic that works or real magic with fantasy or fictional magic and then wonder why their magical acts have failed. There have been many books, movies and TV shows lately that involve magic and witchcraft as the main themes. The Harry Potter books, Practical Magic, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, and Charmed are a few of the more popular ones. These fictional offerings have been really good at getting more people interested in magic and witchcraft, but the practices these fictional characters employ are not all factual. For example, Harry Potter and his friends and foes use their Wands as multi-purpose tools to conduct all four magical elements – Air, Fire, Water and Earth. In reality, to make magic that works, the Wand is only useful with the element Air. The element Air is associated with messages, communication, thinking, or planning. A wand on the other hand is not good for conducting fire energies mainly because it is made of wood and wood burns.

What is Real Magic?
Magic that works consists of practical, proven, and effective spells and rituals that follow Universal Laws and is very real. Magic and witchcraft have been around for thousands of years and are a precise science. These practices used to be taught and were considered as important as math, science or the arts, but sadly this is no longer true. Everyone has the abilities, but they are not nurtured as in the past nor are we instructed on magical techniques. The practices are still the birthright of every planetary citizen and the information is still available to those who seek it. In our new Kindle book series, our mission is to make this ancient wisdom available to all those that wish to claim their birthright and use magic that works in their lives.

What Will Real Magic Do For Me?
Those who already have a magical practice in their lives can attest to the amazing changes magic and witchcraft can make in their lives. Magic as a precision science allows for deliberate creation, effective prayer, manifesting Higher Will on energetic and material planes, heightened awareness, selective perception, dynamic harmonious relationships and the study of intention. Aleister Crowley, one of the greatest magical practitioners of all time, was a master of using intention and through his work we learn that every intentional act is an act of magic. Magic and witchcraft are the study of intention and a creation system, not coercion. A misunderstanding of this is where some people believe magic has failed them. If your goal is not in alignment with the Universe or you are performing a technique based on fictional principles rather than real principles, it may seem to you that magic has failed you. Through the study of magic you can come to understand the actual workings of the Universe through direct experience thus gaining the ability do things like communicate with beings on all levels, begin on a path of spiritual growth, balance your energies for healing and manifestations, change old beliefs, defend yourself against physical and psychic attack, heal yourself and others, find hidden information and see possible futures, psychically communicate with other beings, create sacred space, find lost objects and people, and manifest what you want and need in life.

Hopefully you now see the difference between fictional or fantasy magic and the real thing and understand what a real magical practice can add to your life. If you're ready to get started learning about witchcraft and magic, a good place to start (that won't break your budget) is our new Kindle book series. The first book in the series is Learn How to Do Witchcraft Rituals and Spells with Your Bare Hands and available now HERE. So check it out and let the magic begin!!

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