Saturday, February 24, 2024

Letting the Universe Lead Your Heart

Some people find it difficult to just sit back and trust that the Universe will deliver that which they have asked for. This doubt factor in your life can interfere with your openness to love. When you live in doubt, you hinder the Universe's ability to deliver. Imagine the Universe trying to deliver a package to you, but you’re not home to sign for the package when your doorbell rings. This recipe on making Conscious Choices offers you another magickal operation to engage your attention so that you feel as if you are “doing something.” This exercise will also help you further establish your faith and trust in the Universe. With this exercise you turn one or more small decisions over to the Universe, then follow the Universe's answers without question. Doing this exercise for at least 40 days in a row will increase your faith in the Universe's ability to guide you toward your desired goals. If you found this recipe to be helpful or interesting, be sure to check out our L is for Love Magick eBook


  • Willingness to experiment with trusting the Universe’s guidance
  • An alarm clock or the timer on your smart phone

Recipe Directions

  1. Quiet your inner self by taking a few deep breaths.
  2. Say to yourself, either aloud or silently, "I will now make a conscious choice."
  3. Ask yourself a choice question, such as, "Do I choose to xxx or not?" or “Do I choose to do this or that?” (i.e. – Do I choose to go for a run or watch a movie? Do I choose to have cereal or eggs for breakfast? Do I choose to eat lunch at the diner or not? ....). Start with questions of little consequence that won’t be life altering until you become comfortable with the process and establish a firm connection of trust and communication with the Universe.
  4. The first answer you "hear" internally (or sometimes externally from a passing person) is what you must follow. Don’t sit and think about an answer, just take the first one that pops into your head. You may not, in this recipe, avoid doing the option you have consciously chosen. That is one reason we say start with small things that won’t matter a lot as to which choice you hear.
  5. Repeat this exercise as many times per day as you like. The more frequently you ask the Universe for guidance, the more you will respect the power of the Universe to understand your desires and deliver them to you.

Friday, January 26, 2024

The Exit Ritual

This month's Book of the Month is A is for Answer Magick! We thought it would be fun to share part of the Navajo beauty way, which usually consists of 3 parts: Exit Ritual, Day Greetings and Day Endings and the Walking Litany. Today we are going to be going over the Exit Ritual, one of the ways to establish an ongoing connection with higher beings. If this interested you, make sure to check out our Answer Magick eBook!


  • A desire to overcome any embarrassment factor or self-consciousness when doing this ritual in public
  • A spirit of being open to communications in whatever form they may come

Recipe Directions

  1. Anytime you go outside or leave an enclosed area such as a building or your car, take a few moments to pause.
  2. As you pause, put your focus up into the sky and say aloud, "Sky Above" or “Sky Father.” (To start you can mouth the words and say them in your mind if you are self-conscious in public).
  3. Keep your awareness up above, while at the same time extending your focus into the earth and say aloud, "And Earth Below" or “And Earth Mother.”
  4. Last, keep your awareness both above and below, say aloud, "I Greet You”.
  5. Continue pausing to see what happens. You may have a message from within such as a new realization, a change in attitude or belief or a new awareness or there may be a change in the environment around you such as a sudden breeze or an animal appearing or you could get a particular message you “hear” from Sky Father or Earth Mother giving you guidance or answering a question you have.

How to Use the Results of Your Recipe 

You may notice results in just that moment or it may happen throughout the day. It may change the quality of your day, your awareness, or guidance that appears in unexpected ways. If you feel comfortable doing so, you can also use hand gestures along with this ritual. When addressing Sky Father, raise your arms in an upward facing V and when addressing Earth Mother move your arms down in a downward facing V.”