Thursday, August 29, 2019

When the Magic Doesn't Work Look in the Mirror

You have set a magical goal, decided on a procedure to use and performed the necessary steps, wait a while and decide the magic doesn't work. Does this sound familiar? Do you know anyone with this complaint? Magic, when followed according to Rules of the Road and specified procedure, does work. The Universe cannot and does not violate its own laws.

Why Sometimes Magic Doesn't Work
But why does magic sometimes not work? One of the Universal Laws is free will. Thus we can countermand our own magical work with our intention. This may include:
  • hidden belief that the magic won't work
  • too much attachment to the outcome (pushing a spell along)
  • a hidden part of self that does not want the magic to work (especially in the case of relationship disconnects)
  • throwing everything but the kitchen sink at the problem (spells or rituals interfering with each other)
  • asking for too many things at once
  • haven't waited long enough time
If you've decided your magic doesn't work, then take a hard, honest look and see if anything on this list could apply. I bet you'll find it does. If you truly have no clue why it didn't work, you may need to do some divination to discover what happened. If you find you have put in too much or done something incorrectly you can take spells down and start over or re-do procedures. If you performed a spell, you may need to look at your directors and limiters and do a revision. You may need to re-think the goal or thoroughly re-think through the procedure. All magical procedures need to be thoroughly thought through because altered procedures produce altered results.

Solution When Magic Doesn't Work
Solution? Do the magic right and thoroughly, then let it go. Pick specific points at which you will check progress and make additional adjustments then, otherwise ignore it!

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Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Goosey, Goosey, Gander - A Magic Spell, Not Just a Nursery Rhyme

Nursery Rhymes as Magic Spells

When our magic students have difficulty writing verses for litanies, chants, or spells, we often tell them to read through children's nursery rhymes. For one thing, nursery rhymes have good meter and rhythm. They also rhyme, which can be important for giving spell verses the proper force.

Another reason we have students refer to nursery rhymes is that many of these rhymes were actually the verses for spells, way back when. No kidding. For instance, nursery rhymes, such as "Jack and Jill" or "London Bridge," were actually spell verses designed for very specific purposes.

Goosey, Goosey, Gander
Here's one that always amazes me. Did you know that the "Goosey, Goosey, Gander" rhyme was originally written to program an energy matrix that looked like a goose to follow certain people around the castle? In other words, the spell created an apparition that looked like a goose that would follow people around. In magical terminology, the goose was a "watcher."

It takes a lot of energy to program a watcher as large and complex as goose, but it can be done. Most of the time, magical practitioners program much smaller versions, such as flies or bugs. Flies are small and unobtrusive, which makes them the perfect watchers. Most people don't pay much attention to them.

What To Do With Watchers
How do you know if you have a spell matrix watcher following you around your house? If the watcher takes the form of a fly, it may look like a fly but it won't act like one. Flies buzz around randomly, with unpredictable flight paths. A watcher fly, in contrast, will fly in straight lines, and will "follow" you in a way that a fly won't. A real fly will buzz around and bother you, but it won't track you in a directed way. A watcher will.

What do you do if you find a watcher? Smack it, just like you would a regular fly. No worries!

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Thursday, August 22, 2019

Magical Element Air: The Beginning of Manifestation

One of the basic principles that any apprentice magician or shaman learns is that almost everything in this Universe is made up of some combination of the four magical elements: Air, Fire, Water and Earth. The premise is that if you can understand the four elements directly, then you can understand anything in the Universe.
The apprentice also learns that everything that is physical and manifest started out as a mere thought in someone’s mind—or, in this case, as the element Air. Air is at the beginning of all creation, so if you want to create anything, you have to start with Air. Air is associated with the East and also with elemental beings called sylphs. The element Air governs:

…seeing, breathing, speaking, hearing, planning, thinking, believing, memorizing, communicating, learning, teaching, information, ideas, wisdom, understanding, worry, sensation, awareness, opinions, data, memory, mind…

What does this mean to you? It means that if you want to affect any of these areas in your life, you need to work with the element Air. Air is the perfect place for a beginning magician to start learning. As an element, Air is powerful, but not dangerous. There are three colors associated with Air:

Clear: breathing, physical reactions, physical sensations, seeing
White: mental processes, thinking, planning, communicating
Sky Blue: spiritual enlightenment, wisdom, understanding

So how can you use Air to affect and improve your daily life? Here’s a simple way to begin. Through experience and observation, we know that the color White affects the mental processes. If you have either too little or too much White in your elemental balance, you won’t be able to think, learn or recall well. If you have difficulty in any of these areas (or if you really need to cram for a test and can’t seem to study), check how much White is in your environment and in your clothing. If you see a lot of White, change your clothes or change your location. Move to an area with more Sky Blue. If you are surrounded by very little White, put on some White clothes or move into a room that has White walls. Either way, you should notice a shift in the speed and clarity of your mental processes!

More About Sylphs
While it’s true that almost everything in this Universe is made up of the four elements, elemental beings such as sylphs are the exception. Elemental beings are wholly composed of a single element, so sylphs are wholly composed of Air. Sylphs are friendly beings, about 3 to 18 inches long that are twisty in shape. They love to play in cigarette smoke or in dust devils. You might sometimes feel a sylph as a light brush against your face. They are fun to be around and also make excellent messengers and sources of information. When we were traveling through Yellowstone during the fires, we used sylphs to help us find safe routes through the park.
To communicate with sylphs, just ask for one silently, in your mind. Sylphs have short attention spans so it’s best to communicate with your mind because the spoken word is too slow. Ask for what you need and then send them on their way (always thanking them in advance, of course). Don’t be surprised when the sylph returns in short order with the answer you need!

Want to Know More?
To learn how to directly handle the element air, try our Air Home Study Short Course available online. Or email us first at for details on our free offer for the Air Course and all the other elemental courses and to get the coupon code to use when ordering.

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Thursday, August 15, 2019

Spirit Guides: Totem Animals

What are totem animals? Many people are familiar with the term totem animals, but do you really understand what they are, how they can help you and how to find out what yours are?

What Are Totem Animals?
Most people associate totem animals with Native American traditions, but many cultures throughout time have accessed the power of totem animals. A totem is a symbol or representation. This could include a talisman, a totem pole, a figurine, a picture or some other physical object that represents an animal. Using animals as totems is a way for man to become one with nature, to become spiritually connected with all of nature, and to show honor and respect for nature. Totem animals can lend guidance and insight as we progress on our spiritual paths. (If you need an animal talisman, check out the school store in the Amulets/Talisman section).

How Do Animal Totems Work?
Many Native American traditions teach that everyone has nine animals that act as guides for them throughout their time on Earth. These animals are connected to the abilities and talents the person has come into this lifetime with. They also are ones that will be needed to face challenges that will come about in this lifetime. These totem animals come and go as needed according to what issues we are facing at any given time.

There is one animal for each of the seven directions that surround us – East, South, West, North, Above, Below and Within. The other two animals are the ones that walk on either side of us throughout our time on earth. Many traditions also believe there is one power animal that is with each person lending guidance throughout his or her life. This totem animal is the main guardian spirit for the person and the one that they can learn the most lessons from. Totem animals are symbols that represent qualities and characteristics of their species that we are seeking or lacking. By being aware of these animals and communicating with them we can learn to bring these characteristics into our own lives.

In working with animal totems, you will find that sometimes they appear to you to give you a message or lend guidance with an issue that you may or may not be aware of and sometimes you will call upon particular ones that you know you need help from. Many times you will become aware of a particular animal showing up a lot and that gives you an opportunity to study the characteristics of that animal and gain enlightenment into a situation that you are dealing with in your life.

How Can You Find Your Animal Totems?
The Medicine Cards and the accompanying book by Jamie Sams and David Carson can be a useful tool when setting out to discover your animal totems. You can use the book to learn how to do a formal reading or spread to discover your totem animals or use the cards less formally by flipping through them looking for qualities you want or spread the cards out and pick one that "calls" to you.

Another less formal way to discover your totem animals is to ask yourself questions such as:
  • What animals have you always been drawn to?
  • What animals do you dream about?
  • What animals appear consistently in your life?
  • What animals do you wonder about whether they are "real" on this planet?
  • What animals have you been fascinated with?
  • What animals are you afraid of? 
  • What animals have you been marked by or have been attacked by?
  • What animals are you drawn to figurines or paintings of?
Working With Totem Animals
Once you find one or more totem animals you wish to have as spirit guides or discover your main 9 totem animals, learning more about them and carrying talismans of your totem animals with you can help you make a connection with them. Remember when looking for totem animals, it doesn't have to be a physical appearance of the animal. It could be represented in other ways such as receiving cards and letters with the same animal pictured over and over, unexplainable dreams of a particular animal, watching television and seeing the same animal featured time and time again, or a variety of other ways. Also remember that totem animals are not restricted to mammals. Insects, reptiles, birds and even extinct or what some think of as "fantasy" animals, such as unicorns and dragons, can be totem animals.

When you have discovered your particular totem animals, really get to know them. Animals speak to us in many ways. Watch or research the ways they act in their work, play, interactions with other animals of the same and different species, and how they interact with their environment. You can also gain understanding on characteristics of totem animals from the Medicine Cards book or online sources. Studying the animal's characteristics helps you discover those attributes that you can apply to your own life and gives you a stronger connection to the spirit of the animal.

There are two basic ways to work with totem animals. One is to be aware of when they are talking to you or sending you messages and the other is for you to know which animal could be of help to you and asking them for assistance. Both ways require that you be familiar with what various animals have to offer so getting to know each ones' abilities and characteristics is the key.

If you do have a problem for which you need guidance and don't know which animal to call on, sometimes just asking the Universe can help. Numerous times I have asked the Universe to send me a totem animal spirit to help with a particular problem I am facing that I need help with. Then I watch for an animal to show up and look for the lesson that animal has for me that will apply to the problem I am facing. The results are always amazing and yes truly magical. 

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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Simple Protection Magic for the Average Joe

People ask us all the time how to protect themselves magically using self defense magic. Magical self defense is not difficult, but the procedures could boomerang if you are not sure you are in the clear according to self defense laws.

However, as long as you stick with the following magical rule of Self Defense, you should be in the clear:

"In cases of direct and violent personal harm you are entitled to defend yourself by any means available provided you did nothing to encourage or provoke the attack."
Here we define some of the terms in the self defense statement so that there is no confusion.

Means upon body, mind or Spirit. A direct threat in spiritual, magical and witchcraft definitions includes attempts by any outside force or influence to drain your energy or impose their will upon you.

Means anything that is damaging to your physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual well being. It does not matter what the attacker's intentions are, only the results.

Means creating or permitting unnecessary opportunities for a known hostile being to attack you.

Means being overly pushy when you know someone has a particularly sensitive area or is under a lot of stress, whether it is internal or external.

By Any Means Available
Means using any means that you choose to defend yourself when attacked. As long as all the other conditions of this rule are met the Universe does not judge whether your response is excessive.

Simple Protection Spell
Once you are clear that you are "in the clear" magically about self defense, you can use this simple protection spell to separate yourself from any negative power source--be that a person, place, thing, or even a negative statement or wish you made yourself!

1. Choose the person from whom you wish to disconnect.

2. Focus on that person with all your intention, and use a voice of command, out loud, to say the following ancient disconnect litany to the person. It does not matter that the person is not anywhere near you--the disconnect litany will disconnect you from that person, regardless of where they may be.

"I am neither your creature nor your get,
To be moved by your whim or your let;
I will go my own way,
By night or by day,
To serve my own purposes yet."

Pretty simple, pretty cool, right?

Want to Know More?
If you want to learn more basic magical and witchcraft rituals and spells, we invite you to check out our new Witchcraft Spell Books Series, now available in both Kindle and Amazon Print-on-Demand versions. The above is an excerpt from Book 1 of the series. Click the links below to find out more: (compilation of three books above)

Enjoy the Magic!

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Thursday, August 8, 2019

Three Magic Rituals to Start Your Day

If you are a true magical practitioner then magic is part of life, not something you do separate from your everyday life. Therefore magical rituals should be a part of life, which means that, for the most part, they need to be fairly simple, not requiring lots of tools, smoke, and mirrors.

If you want to have magic in your life, you have to practice magic all the time. Think that's too hard or that you don't have enough time to do that? Think again.

My Three Magic Rituals To Start the Day
I do at least three separate magic rituals every single day first thing, and it's no sweat, really. Want to know what they are? Simple.

1. Sit
Sitting, or meditating, is one of the best ways to invite magic into your life. I sit every single morning and surround myself with quiet. I tend to sit in lotus position, because it's a stable position and I like it, but you don't have to. Just sit (or lie down if sitting is too uncomfortable). It doesn't matter whether you sit for 5 minutes for 50 ... just as long as you are quiet for long enough that the magic can slip into your life, between your thoughts as it were. The magic happens in the space between thoughts.

2. Greet the Day
I go out and greet the day using the Navajo Beauty Way Day Greetings every single morning before doing anything else. It's my way of making contact with powers and beings, acknowledging their presence, making any special requests for help, and generally getting in touch with my magical allies.

3. Do a Reading
I'm usually reading some esoteric text or other, and I'll spend a few minutes in the morning immersing myself in some good spiritual material. I like readings from Gurdjieff, Abraham-Hicks, Carlos Castaneda, Edgar Cayce, and some more esoteric authors as well. A lot of people like to pull a card from the Medicine Cards or Sacred Path Cards, or flip open an angel book to get an "angel thought" for the day. Whatever floats your boat, pull some spiritual material from somewhere to get your day started on a magical footing. Abraham has an email Quote of the Day that you can subscribe to  and that can count too.

All three of these little rituals take about 30 minutes total. That's not a whole lot of time to dedicate to living a truly magical life, and that's about all the Universe requires to bring the magic into your life. Get started with bringing magic into your life by incorporating magic rituals into your life. Need help picking daily rituals? Check out our Daily Rituals for Attracting What You Want in Life ebook for ideas.

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Thursday, August 1, 2019

The Magic of Great Endings

In our society we tend to celebrate new beginnings and fresh starts. We are a self-improvement culture, and it seems like anytime is a great time for a New Year's resolution. What we don't seem to focus on, however, is creating a great ending before we start a fresh beginning.

There is an esoteric principle that states that every act of power has a chosen beginning, duration, and ending. Most of us are great at choosing a beginning and planning all the steps in the duration, but we never end our acts. And because we never end our acts, any new beginnings are inevitably mired down in previous unfinished acts. That's why we seem to get bogged down in our creations - they are hindered by all our other attempts to create!

What does a great ending look like? A great ending is the act of stepping back from the events in which you've been engaged and taking a long look at what you've done. Take a long view of what has been accomplished, feel the distance between the beginning of the endeavor and now. Feel the weight of what has been achieved. Appreciate all that has gone into creating the final product. Appreciate your own efforts, and those of others who have contributed. Then, let it go. Release your creation to have a life and independent will of its own. Only when we let go of something completely have we fully created anything.

For instance, suppose you've planned your daughter's wedding. Perhaps the creation started with the announcement of the engagement. Then, the duration of the endeavor was filled with planning, meetings with caterers, bakers, ministers and musicians. The big day arrives, along with hundreds of guests. The ceremony and celebration proceed according to plan (or not according to plan) and, finally, your daughter and her new husband depart on their honeymoon. You sit in the reception hall as the last people leave the party. Now, or the following morning, would be a good time to end this act of power. As the band gathers up its things, look back over the entire process. Feel how it felt at the beginning of the process, relive the events that happened in between from where you stand now. Look at what has been achieved, and appreciate all that has come to pass. Then, release your daughter and her husband to freedom, to their own free will and the development of their marriage as they see fit. Appreciate all that you have done and let it go. This is a great ending.

So if you want to begin anything in your life, magical or ordinary, make sure you have cleared a space for this new creation by taking the time to end all that has been. What if you haven't quite finished the previous event, but are no longer interested in it? For instance, say you started to get a degree in engineering, but now decide you want to go to Hollywood to be an actor? No problem. You don't have to finish something to end it. Simply appreciate all you have gained, all the effort you have put forth into the previous endeavor, and let it go. Let there be a gap of at least a day between your ending and a new beginning. Let that day be a sort of "limbo," a space of transition or transformation, a breath of air. Then, begin anew.

Before you make a fresh start, make sure you've made a great end. You must end before you can begin. Here's to great endings!

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