Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Want to REALLY Learn the Tarot? Wear the Cards Around

The word Tarot is a disguised word. Originally it was spelled "Rota" meaning wheel. This came about because the Tarot card deck represents all phenomenal experience, the wheel of life. The Tarot is used as a living form tied into the existing Universe which makes it like a simulacrum of the Universe.

The Modern Tarot
The underlying symbology and concepts in the Tarot go back thousands of years. The modern Tarot was revised by the Order of the Golden Dawn for the purpose of working more intimately with the Tree of Life and for spell work. The modern Tarot was created by people who were members of the Order of the Golden Dawn. They designed the Waite-Rider, Morgan-Greer and Thoth decks. The tarot cards that we use at the Esoteric School are the Waite-Rider deck. This deck was created by Arthur Edward Waite with the artwork by Pamela Smith. All three of these decks however were created by magicians for magic. They can be used for:
  • Straight divination
  • Spellwork
  • Working the Tree of Life (for doing a great work)
Other decks may serve one of these functions, but only these 3 decks were designed to do all three.

Minor and Major Arcana
The Tarot is made up of Minor Arcana cards in 4 suits and Major Arcana cards which are not in suits. The 4 suits of the Minor Arcana are Wands, Swords, Cups and Plates (or Discs). These match the 4 elemental tools. These cards are also numbered in each suit from Ace to 10 plus the court cards of Page, Knight, Queen and King. Major Arcana cards represent principles, concepts or ideals while Minor Arcana cards represent the many ways those principles manifest in the mundane world.

Wearing the Cards
Whatever you have learned about the Tarot from books and other sources may not be useful when working with the Tarot because the meanings are in the cards themselves. Don't try to memorize meanings of the cards. The Tarot originally was an oral tradition so the writing down of the meanings in some ways defies the tradition. Looking at written down meanings can be useful as a place to start, but you also need to strive to see the meaning of the cards as they pertain to specific readings. One way to practice this is to "wear" the cards. In other words take a card, possibly one per day, and really explore it and get in tune with it. Here's an exercise to get started:
  1. Pick a card out of the deck. Spend a few minutes really looking at the card. 
  2. Notice the symbols the card contains, the pictures in it and the number of each. Compare what you know about the 4 elements and what symbols show up in the card associated with a particular element. For example, if you see cups in the card, you know to associate that with the element of water and that water is the element dealing with emotions and feelings. 
  3. Really focus all your intention on the card. Listen for the card to "speak" to you. You may see or feel it "come to life", see movement in it, hear words in your mind associated with it or notice changes in the brightness of the colors.
  4. Absorb the energies of the card and carry this energy around with you for a day. 
  5. At the end of the day note your observations as to how it affected your thoughts, feelings, behaviors and interactions.
This simple exercise will give you a more personal experience of the cards and their meanings and help you establish a relationship with them. You will find that creating an understanding of the cards in this way will allow you to see far more and deeper meanings when you do a reading instead of being stuck with a memorized definition and trying to make it fit into the reading. With a little practice and experience in doing readings you will find the Tarot magically come alive for you and through you.

Ready to learn more about the magical uses of the Tarot? Check out our Tarot Homestudy Course.

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Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Got Questions for the Universe? With Real Magic It's Just as Easy to Ask Yourself

"Look inside yourself for the answers - you're the only one who knows what's best for you. Everybody else is only guessing."    -Charles de Lint

According to the esoteric perspective, we have created all the problems we experience so that we can discover the answers. Through the process of daily life we discover ourselves. Our interactions and experiences on a mundane level give us opportunities to self observe and to find those things that we are resistant to or themes of problems that hold life lessons for us. We each have the answers we need inside ourselves. The trick is to access that information. If you find yourself hitting the same roadblocks or having the same problems arise with different people and different situations then it is time to ask yourself what the lesson is you need to learn and what information are you missing. In learning magic, we study many ways of accessing information from higher powers and from the knowledge we have stored within ourselves. Here is one real magic technique you can try out.

Ask yourself one or more questions with your dominant hand and answer them with your other hand. For example, if you are seeking knowledge about what the lesson to learn is from a particular situation, write the question "What lesson am I to learn from [state situation]?" on a piece of paper using your dominant hand. Then switch to your other hand to write the answer. The important thing in this ritual is not to think about the answer. Just write. Whatever your hand feels moved to write, write it. You may be surprised at the answer.

At first your answer may not make sense to you and that is OK. Don't force trying to make sense of it. Just hold what you wrote in your consciousness for a few days and see what happens. Sometimes answers will come in pieces so that they are easier to comprehend. The answer you wrote may be only part of the picture and other events in your life may fill in the missing pieces.

Be patient and enjoy the process of watching the knowledge and understanding unfold. With this ritual we can demonstrate to ourselves the true pleasure in waiting for the knowledge we seek. In esoteric work, the key is to enjoy the journey, not necessarily arriving at the destination. We will always receive in accordance with our ability to process and use the information.

You can learn more rituals to help you achieve your magical goals in our Daily Rituals for Attracting What You Want in Life ebook.

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Tuesday, December 24, 2019

You Won't Believe the Simplicity of Making Your Own Real Magic Flower Essences

Flower essences truly are a wonderful addition to your real magic healing toolbox. Many people resist making their own flower essences thinking it will be difficult and time consuming. You may be surprised how simple it is to make your own flower essences.

What Are Flower Essences?
Flower essences use the natural healing properties of flowering plants to create healing effects primarily in the subtle or non-physical bodies. This can include the auric, mental and emotional bodies. Flower essences work well for emotional upheavals, spiritual disconnection, depression, recurring life issues, mental distress, chronic conditions and as first aid in an emergency situation.

Principles of Flower Essences
  • We were born as a part of nature and all parts of nature come together to form a whole.
  • The plants that are natural to our environment were given to us as companions and healers.
  • We are One together in nature, and our relationship is intended to be one of co-operation in the experiences we create and call "life"
  • Flower essences make available to us the vibrational frequencies and individual qualities of plants. The vibration associated with a plant is the personality of the plant or energy signature. Each plant has its own unique signature. 
  • Flower essences are subtle, making them especially suited for healing our subtle bodies (non-physical bodies that occupy the same space as our physical bodies). The subtle bodies are where many diseases begin.
  • Flower essences provide excellent emotional support for anything you want to achieve in life, especially personal goals and aims. They can help support and facilitate the shift in vibrational frequency needed to accomplish the changes you need to have happen to achieve your goal.
Making Flower Essences
The process of making flower essences itself can be both peaceful and refreshing and a way to reconnect yourself with the Nature around you. The items you use in making your flower essences should be reserved only for this purpose so as to avoid other energetic vibrations cluttering up your flower essences. You will need:
  • Tweezers
  • Distilled water
  • Clear glass bowl
  • Alcohol (80 proof vodka) or organic, unfiltered, apple cider vinegar
  • Quart size cobalt or brown jar
  • Several 1 or 2 ounce brown dropper bottles
Steps in Making Flower Essences
1. Communicate with the plant first by sitting quietly by the plant, breathing deeply and opening yourself and your heart. Be in silence and ask the plant Deva for permission to use the plant's blossoms for healing. Speak to the plant the same way you would to anyone, but even more gently. You can either speak out loud or project your thoughts toward the plant. Wait until you hear a response.

2. Say to the plant Deva, "Please infuse this water with your divine essence." You can also leave an offering at the base of the plant so that there is an even exchange of giving and receiving energy. Appropriate offerings can include beautiful rocks, consecrated tobacco or cornmeal or a strand of your own hair.

3. Pour the distilled water into the glass bowl.

4. Use the tweezers to gently remove each blossom at its base and respectfully place it in the water. Another method suggests bending the stem of the plant so that the blossom rests in the water, but not to remove the blossom itself. This method is thought to preserve the integrity of the plant. If you use the blossoms, follow your intuition as to how many and choose only those that are in their prime or just coming into their prime.

5. Place the bowl with water and blossoms or petals in the sun or leave it sitting at the base of the plant for 1-4 hours. Again use your intuition for the amount of time. Also pick the time of day to make the essence depending on the type of energy you want for your essence. For example, dawn energy is good for initiating or beginning energy.

6. Remember throughout the process to remain quietly peaceful, not in a hurry and don't allow your actions to become mechanical. This is a process of communing with nature.

7. Next add alcohol to the mixture to prevent external bacteria from contaminating your essence. The mixture should be 50% alcohol and 50% water. Add the water into the cobalt or brown glass jar, then add the alcohol. This mixture is the "mother tincture". The brown or cobalt glass protects the tincture against light which has its own vibration and can cause the tincture to decompose.

8. Store the mother tincture in a cool, dark place such as a dark closest, freezer, or root cellar.

9. When ready to make your actual flower essence, fill a small brown dropper bottle with distilled water and add one dropper full of the mother tincture to it. Succuss the water by striking the bottom of the bottle on the palm of your hand about 50 times. This mixes the mother tincture with the water and excites the molecules.

To learn more about flower essences, and how to make and use them, look for our Energy Healing for Self and Others ebook in the school store.

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Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Do You Have a Traveling Magickal Toolkit?

Have you ever wished that you could carry your magickal tools with you wherever you go? While that would be nice, most people feel that carrying around a large Athame (magickal knife) or even a long Wand to be a tad awkward. And if you are traveling by plane, airport security is certainly not going to allow you to bring a knife of any size on the plane. So what's a practitioner to do?

Easy... Make your own traveling magickal toolkit with ordinary objects. So long as the ordinary objects fit the requirements for the magickal tool, and are properly cleansed and keyed for your personal use, you won't ever have to go anywhere without your magickal toolkit.

For instance, the Athame, or magickal knife, simply needs to have a point, a blade-like shape, and a handle. The Athame also needs to be made of a single piece of metal. Any object that fits this criteria can be used as easily as a regular Athame. So what could you use? How about a flat pie spatula made of metal? The spatula has a tip (even if it is a rounded tip), a triangular blade-like shape (with no offensive cutting edge), and a handle. A flat spatula like this can be cleansed with the four-elements of the smoke from burning sage and pine resin in a Firebowl (Air and Fire cleansing), plus sea-salt and spring water from a Chalice (Water and Earth). Once cleansed with all four elements, and then keyed so that the energies are aligned in the correct direction (from handle to tip) and personalized to your own energy signature, your pie spatula Athame is ready to go!

The same type of adaptations can be made for any of the most common magickal tools. These include the Firebowl, Wand, Athame, Chalice, and Plate. When you think about how to adapt ordinary objects for use as magickal tools, consider the following characteristics:

  • common items found in any household
  • smaller in size than the same magickal tool used at home
  • only needs to be large enough to be an extension of your own body
  • no offensive points or blades that would prevent air travel
  • materials that are sturdy and difficult to break when traveling

When you think of the above characteristics, more than likely you will find items that are usable to create a magickal toolkit that looks like nothing more than a collection of ordinary items. Properly stored in cotton, separated with some protective packing, and stored in a common pouch such as a messenger bag, and voila! You have traveling magickal toolkit that no one will look at twice.

Thinking in this way, can you see how a small silver goblet, found in almost any thrift store, can become a traveling Chalice? Cleanse and key it, and then wrap it up a bandana or scarf made of cotton, and you are ready to go. A Wand does not need to be a giant branch. How about a small piece of ironwood or even polished coral? Neither of these is likely to break when traveling, while an ordinary twig made of ordinary wood will. Hopefully this will give you some ideas of how to make a wonderful magickal tool kit for traveling and everyday use. Some practitioners make up several of these traveling toolkits and keep one in the car, their purse, and even on the bedside table.

To find out more about magickal tools and how to properly create, cleanse, and key them, check out our Magickal Tool ebooks. And find out more about using magickal tools in our Learn How to Do Witchcraft Rituals and Spells with Magical Tools Kindle book.

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Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Give the Gift of Magic this Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is a time to count your blessings, of giving and of gratitude. If you have been developing a magical practice that has blessed your life, this is a good time of the year to spread the joy. Nothing makes a better Thanksgiving gift than a magical toolbox filled with useful magical tips and techniques that will make anyone's life easier and more fun. These techniques help anyone access universal helpers, understand how the universe works in magical terms, and how to use magical techniques to smooth the way over life's bumps. This series of books starts simple and moves on to more advanced techniques to handle more complex situations. Examples include...
  • contact rituals
  • working with angels, totems and other higher spirit beings
  • scrying and sending psychic messages
  • walking meditations
  • rooting
  • weather working with clouds
  • candle blessing and spells
  • relocating unwanted spirits in your home
  • getting answers from Spirit helpers and own Spirit
  • grounding out negative energies
  • preventing nightmares
  • clearing negative energies with the pendulum
  • sending psychic messages with a chalice
  • using the firebowl to get rid of the unwanted
  • healing with the wand through Touch Assist

Here is a sample of one of the techniques you'll find in this series of books.

Preventing Nightmares
This ritual uses standing water to magically clear negative energy and prevent nightmares. Since Water is the element connected with Spirit it is good for soaking up the Spirit's terrors. Using a magically programmed glass of water next to the bed before going to sleep will help many people avoid having nightmares by the water absorbing any negative spiritual energy throughout the night. For this ritual you will need a Sun Yellow candle, paper or wooden matches, a compass, a glass that is preferably a bright blue color, spring water and sea salt. After collecting these materials, you will need to program the glass of water each night. For this ritual follow these directions.

1. Locate the cardinal direction of West with the compass. (West is the direction of the Spirit).

2. After locating West, sit in that direction and face that direction.

3. Charge Sun candle (if you have not done this before see how HERE)

4. Wait until you have a tall working flame on your candle.

5. Fill your glass halfway with spring water.

6. Add a sprinkle of sea salt.

7. Cup both your hands around the glass and flow Water Blue (bright blue, not a light or sky blue which is Air energy) energy through the glass in a clockwise direction from left hand to right hand and through the glass.

8. Continue flowing Water Blue energy into the glass this way for about 30 seconds. Don't think about the process just do it.

9. Move the glass so that it swirls the water in it gently in a clockwise direction while you breathe Water Blue energy in to the water in the glass.

10. In a voice of command say the following verse aloud. You will blow Water Blue energy into the glass before you begin to say the verse, after each line of the verse and at the end of the verse. As you say the verse continue to swirl the water in the glass in a clockwise direction.

11. The verse to use that programs or "charges" the water to prevent nightmares is:
"Water and Earth where you stand,
Let no spell nor adverse purpose land,
Not in accord with me.
Keep nightmares far from this space,
Far from here send baneful trace.
Thus my will, so it be!"
12. Now place the glass of water on a table or nightstand next to the bed close to where the person's head will be.

13. Blow out the candle.

This water that is now "charged" will absorb thoughts and emotions that are released during the night and will block any nightmares coming from an outside source. When we sleep we are more spiritually open and this standing water is able to more easily absorb the negative energies that are responsible for nightmares. The next morning just pour the water out of the glass and down your sink drain. Do not drink it since it is now full of negative energy that you certainly don't want to absorb. People particularly troubled by nightmares may need to repeat this ritual for 40 nights in a row to make it a permanent solution.

If you suffer from nightmares, give this ritual a try and we hope it gives you one more thing to add to your gratitude list this Thanksgiving. If you know someone else that could benefit from this ritual, pass it along. If you want to really give a gift of magic this Thanksgiving, consider sending one of our magical Kindle books to friends or family and let them discover what magic can do to enhance their lives.

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