Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Magic of Silence

If you continually find yourself surrounded and bombared by the noisy, hustle and bustle of everyday life, maybe you need a little magic of silence in your life. To be effective at any magical practice and to be in a mode to receive information from Spirit helpers and the Universe you have to be able to listen and make a connection from Spirit. With all the noise and rushing around trying to get through our daily to-do lists, we often forget to listen and shut down our ability to hear our inner voices of guidance.

Practicing the Magic of Outer Silence
Practicing inner and outer silence can increase and develop your ability to hear the Universe and its messages. Outer silence is usually easier initially for people to achieve. You can do this through exercises such as picking a segment of your day, maybe 2 hours, that you choose to be silent; in other words a time when you choose to not talk at all. If being at work or school prohibits your being silent for that long a period, then pick a time on the weekend or a day off. Try to avoid surrounding yourself with too much noise from other sources during this time also. For example, don't have a radio or TV on. You can still go about doing chores or just sit quietly, meditate or read an uplifting book. Maintaining silence gives you more of a chance to actively listen or watch for messages from the Universe.

Practicing the Magic of Inner Silence
If you absolutely cannot work the practice of outer silence into your day, you can work on inner silence instead on that day. This means quieting the internal mind chatter that we have so much of the time. As you go through your day take notice of the type of thoughts that go through your mind triggered by what you see and hear and how many of those thoughts you have. As you notice one of these thoughts popping up, begin to quiet the stream of thought by putting your attention on your breathing or a physical sensation such as your feet striking the ground as you walk. Anytime a thought comes up mechanically, put your attention back on a physical sensation. Consistent practice of this exercise will allow you to begin taking control of quieting your internal chatter quickly which opens space for you to listen to your inner voice of guidance. 

As you practice inner and outer silence, you will begin to notice that these two forms of silence influence each other. The more silent you become on the outside, the more silent you'll become on the inside and vice versa. When you let the magic of silence into your life, you allow Spirit to guide your life and open yourself to partnering with the Universe to bring all sorts of magic into your life. Find out other ways to bring more magic into your life with our free ebook 10 Magic Quick Fixes for Your Life.

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Relationship Blues? Magical Elements Could be the Solution!

We all know that our personalities play a major role in how we deal with other people and how we handle life situations. You may have even taken one or more personality tests to better your personality type.

Did you know that there is a magical personality test as well? You can get the test by clicking the link BELOW.

Magical Elements Personality Test

This test tells which of the four magical elements--Air, Fire, Water, and Earth--dominate your personality. But here's the real kicker. Depending on your magical elemental personality and that of another person close to you, you may be destined to constantly have relationship problems unless you take the time to understand the specific needs communication styles of each type.

We will delve into each type later. For now, download test, score yourself, and enjoy! Many people end up with two magical elements being equally dominant, which is perfectly normal! Once you have found out about yourself, ask that special someone in your life (who gives you such relationship trouble) to take the test, too. Or take it for them if you like! Read future blogs to find out why you do or don't get along!

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Double Booked Yourself? A Quick Way to Unwind Little Life Problems

If life is getting a bit crazy for you, a simple pendulum technique can help you clear life problems and even your own bothersome repetitive thoughts. This technique is one of the many presented as magic that works to help you in your daily life in our Psychic Development ebook. If you have never used a pendulum before or don't even have a pendulum, then don't add that to your list of life worries. Instead take a look at this article that gives you directions for making your own simple pendulum and this article that gives you some other information for beginning pendulum users.

Once you have a pendulum that you have either made yourself or obtained a pendulum and have cleaned it and done some training with it to insure you get accurate answers, you are ready to use it to help clear out the problem you are dealing with. Here's how:

1. Hold your pendulum in your dominant hand, letting it dangle while you visualize the problem you want to clear.

2. Ask your pendulum, "Can I, May I, Should I, clear this situation?" If you get a yes answer from your pendulum, then move forward. You can use an indicator plate with a circle that has yes on one side and no on the other to get this answer.

3. Begin swinging your pendulum in a counter clockwise direction, asking it to clear the situation. As you do this, "see" the situation resolving in your mind. Be very specific with your request and what you envision as to the situation being resolved.

4. Continue to focus on clearing the situation until your pendulum stops spinning in the counter clockwise direction. It will then either start moving along a vertical or horizontal axis, stop or start spinning clockwise. When it stops swinging on its own then the problem has been cleared.

Once a problem has been cleared you can of course always choose to bring it back if you really want to, but instead try trusting the power of your pendulum and your intent and release the problem from your consciousness. If you find it creeping back into your consciousness throughout the day, change your focus to something else.

You can use this same pendulum exercise to clear repetitive thoughts that you find yourself having. This is especially helpful in the case of negative thoughts which you want to clear out to avoid attracting those negative situations to you. Instead of visualizing a situation you want resolved just hold the repetitive thought in your mind and ask your pendulum to clear the thought from your life. After the process, you may still find the thought popping up in your mind occasionally, but it should appear far less frequently than before and eventually will disappear. Give both of these a try and see if you agree this is truly magic that works.

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Healing Spells: Keying a Sun Crystal for Life and Death Emergencies

A sun crystal can be used for healing spells or in protection magic and can literally save your life. If you are going to have surgery or are traveling, keying a sun crystal beforehand allows you to draw energy safely from the Sun in case you are in an accident, have surgery complications or any life and death type situation. This is one of the many magic that works lessons you will find in our How To Do Voodoo ebook.

About the Sun Crystal
This magical tool is called a Sun Crystal because it is made of lead crystal and acts as a transformer for the Sun's energy. The voltage of the Sun's energy is too strong to use directly in a safe way for magic that works. Using this crystal ball allows you to gather the Sun's energy and draw on it when you are in times of stress, trauma or danger. When choosing a Sun Crystal, look for a 2 ½ inch size ball made of German or Austrian lead crystal with a stand. Be sure that you don't get a ball made of acrylic or quartz. Quartz balls can be dangerous and explode or can pull everything towards its center. When your Sun Crystal is not in use you can store it by wrapping it in a cloth of natural fiber and put it in a drawer or it can be left on the stand and put on your Plate (magical Earth tool) on your altar.

Keying a Sun Crystal
After you get your Sun Crystal, you will need to key it to yourself or a particular person. Here's how:
  1. Cleanse the sun crystal as you do with other tools with your Firebowl and Chalice.
  2. Use your Athame (Fire tool) to sweep the crystal with electric blue.
  3. Place the crystal on its stand and light a Sun Candle.
  4. To key the crystal for your own use, get down level with the sun crystal until you can see the flame from the Sun Candle through it (the flame will look upside down).
  5. Use your intention to pull the flame into the ball until the flame completely fills the ball (this may happen suddenly as a sunburst). Your sun crystal is now keyed to yourself. 
  6. To key the sun crystal to another person, position the person so that they put their face opposite yours, with the sun crystal in between you. When you see his or her face in the crystal, push energy through the crystal at them, and have them pull energy towards themselves. The sun crystal then becomes keyed to them. If the person is not present, simply picture the person's face and see it in the sun crystal with your intention.

Using the Sun Crystal
Once the Sun Crystal is keyed, it is ready to be used for protection magic or healing spells. If you find yourself in a life threatening situation where you feel your life force draining, you can pull Sun energy safely from the crystal to renew your energy loss. When you feel your energy has been replaced, simply stop pulling energy from the crystal. You do not have to have the Sun Crystal physically with you to use it. You can picture the crystal and pull energy from it anytime you need to replenish your life force energy. If you have keyed the crystal to someone else, tell them to picture a glass ball filled with sunshine and to pull that sunshine towards them. In a real emergency situation you can tell the other person that if they are afraid or feel they are dying, to see the glass ball glowing and pull that energy towards themselves. Even if the person is unconscious, you can give them these directions three times in a voice of command and their Spirit will hear you. When someone is pulling energy from the Sun Crystal, it will begin to actually glow. The Sun Crystal is an especially good magic that works technique to use in these life threatening type situations, but really it can be used any time you feel that you need some extra energy.

Extra Tips on the Sun Crystal
A few more things to know about the Sun Crystal are: 
  1. Do not ever push or pull electric blue energy into the Sun Crystal as it can cause it to explode.
  2. Never leave your Sun Crystal out in direct sunlight as this can also cause it to explode.
  3. If you need to unkey a Sun Crystal from a particular person, you can cut lines on it like you do when cutting psychic lines on a person and use your Athame to give it a blast of electric blue energy. When you do this, it is still a Sun Crystal, it just is no longer keyed to any particular person.
  4. To totally unkey a Sun Crystal and make it just a normal glass ball again, bury it in the Earth for a moon cycle.
You now have a new magic that works technique that you can use for healing spells or protection magic to add to your magical toolbox. This one is literally a life-saver, but needs to be in place before it is needed. If there is a chance that you will find yourself (or someone you know) in a life threatening situation, now is the time to get your Sun Crystal and key it. Even if you don't end up in a dangerous situation, it is always good to have a keyed Sun Crystal around to give yourself some extra Sun energy when you are dragging. 

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Elemental Magic as Protection Magic: The Use of Sonics

Elemental magic is using the 4 elements to intentionally create a change or effect. Sonics is a type of elemental magic that uses sound and can be used as protection magic. You can actually stop an attacker in his tracks just by using your voice with this type of protection magic. You can also use this type of elemental magic as protection magic to protect your sacred space, your relationships, communications and in many other instances. The use of Sonics is covered much more in depth in our Self Defense homestudy course, but here we will give you some tips to get you started exploring this fascinating field of magic.

The first thing to familiarize yourself with when beginning to use Sonics is the type of sounds associated with each of the 4 elements and the affect those sounds can have. The elemental magic sounds can then be paired with one of the 8 voices of command to produce varying effects. The sounds and effects associated with each of the four elements include:

Air element sounds are very soft, light, breathy sounds. They are fairly high-pitched and do not carry well over distance. These sounds produce very little or no vibratory effects and require careful attention to be noticed. Air sounds can be used to space someone out or confuse them. An example of how to use Air sounds is to quiet a room of screaming children (Fire) with whispering. Air sounds affect the skin and ears first, then the mind and on a spiritual level affects the mind and its thought processes.

Fire element sounds are shrill, cutting or clear/bright sounds that are fairly high-pitched. They carry well over distance and cut through other sounds. Fire sounds affect the neural system and are attention grabbing. On a spiritual level, they affect will, power, life force and temper. This type of sound would be useful when facing an attacker.

Water element sounds are soft, caressing, rolling, flowing or stroking sounds that are a mid-range pitch. They carry moderately well over distance and are easily heard. The caressing effect may cause them to go unnoticed. They do not generally stimulate the neural system and affect soft tissues such as entrails and glands with a vibratory effect that is noticeable. Spiritually Water sounds affect emotions and feelings. Water sounds could be used in a case such as wanting to communicate with an unreceptive person on an emotional level.

Earth element sounds are heavy drumming, thudding or vibrating sounds that are low-pitched. They often are too low to hear and do not carry well over distance. These type of sounds are hard to physically hear with the ears and difficult to find the direction or source. They affect the bones, skeletal structure and solid body parts through a noticeable vibration. Spiritually they affect one's sense of certainty, stability and certainty of beingness. Earth sounds would be a good choice to use with someone who is being dramatic or hyper by giving them some solidity or an anchor.

Sonics is a very useful study that requires no tools. You can start practicing elemental magic and protection magic and seeing what effect using the various elemental sounds produces. As with any magical technique, think it through and practice to get proficient at the skill so you'll be ready to employ it when you need it. Also remember to follow the Rules of the Road to stay on the right side of the Universe and have fun seeing all the magical things you can do with just your voice.

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