Thursday, October 30, 2014

Esoteric School Discovery Guide to Magic – Part VI

Use the Walking Litany as a Protective Shield

Moving forward in the series of our discovery guide to magic, we are now going to explore another aspect of the Navajo Beauty Way – the Walking Litany. A litany is a type of chant that is in effect a continuous walking spell that is used to create an effect on the person saying it. When you do the Walking Litany it puts a temporary three-dimensional energetic whirling protective magical shield up around you that can separate you from time, space and events and can be programmed to deflect certain types of energies and experiences by how it is keyed. Doing this litany can actually change the level of your being and by Universal law changing the level of your being changes the level of your life. This makes the Walking Litany a great magical tool.

How to Do the Walking Litany
Before starting in on the Walking Litany it is good to prepare yourself for this litany by taking a few moments to check in on your current condition. How are you feeling now physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually? After doing the litany, check in with yourself on these levels again as you will generally find your state has changed. The litany needs to be said out loud in rhythm with your footsteps as you walk for at least the length of two city blocks. Repeat the litany verses over and over until you stop walking. The basic verse for this litany is:

"With power around me, I walk in the world. With power within me, I walk in the world. This one carries power. This one walks in power."

You can make changes in the verse according to what you want to accomplish. For example if you want to create a state of invisibility for yourself change the word "power" to invisibility. The Walking Litany is good for using anytime you feel a need to regain personal power or create a more positive state for yourself, or create sacred space.

Having this litany as part of your magical toolbox gives you a powerful magic operation that can make remarkable changes in your life. As you start doing the Walking Litany and taking note of the changes it brings to your life, we invite you to join our magical community on Facebook and share your results.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Esoteric School Discovery Guide to Magic – Part V

More on The Beauty of the Beauty Way Exit Ritual

As we continue in our discovery guide to magic series, we can't move on without saying a little more about the Beauty Way Exit Ritual since this is such a great magical daily ritual to use in establishing a relationship with the Universe.

Benefits of the Beauty Way
By nature, deep inside ourselves is always a peaceful, happy and serene place. We often just get sidetracked by life and don't remember how to access that part of ourselves. The Exit Ritual, which we described in detail in Part IV of this series, is a contact type of daily ritual that can help us get to that place. Several forms of the Beauty Way have been used by the Navajos helping them stay connected with their cultural identity as they were moved to reservation life. While this ritual has gone by other names and dates even further back in tribal use by other ancient peoples, the Navajos are among the most recent to utilize this type of contact ritual. This is a non-denominational spiritual ritual that can help one restore personal power, establish a working relationship with higher powers and beings, bring safety and protection and help people or groups of people maintain spiritual integrity through stressful or changing times. There is also an added health benefit to doing this daily ritual. By having us extend our energies up and down, this ritual helps to realign our life force or chi which restores a healthy balance to our energies that are affected by the electromagnetic fields that we are surrounded by from TVs, radios, microwaves, computer, cell phones and so on.

Consistency is Key
When you first begin doing the Exit Ritual, it is quite common to go outside and go on about everyday tasks and then suddenly realize you didn't do the ritual. While the ritual itself is pretty simple, the hard part is remembering to do it consistently. We all do this in the beginning so don't be too hard on yourself if you notice this happening. Benjamin Franklin said it takes at least 21 days to form a new habit and many spiritual disciplines believe it takes 40 days for a new practice to really become part of your experience consistently. Establishing a relationship with magical beings however does require consistency just like any relationship does. You know that if you neglect a friendship or relationship and only sporadically have contact with that person, it weakens the bond. The same is true here so don't beat yourself up about it, but do strive for consistently doing the ritual every time you leave an enclosed space such as a building or car. If you need a little help remembering, post a sticky note on the dash of your car or by the door you normally go out to remind yourself. It's also never too late to do the ritual, so if you are driving along and realize you forgot when you left home before getting in the car, you can pull over to a safe place, get out of your car and do the ritual then. That in itself may help you remember in the future after having to pull over a few times.

What's In It For You
As you establish your relationship with Sky and Earth you are enlisting them as allies for any future situations that you could use a higher source of help. Once the relationship is established, you can begin asking for guidance and help from these higher powers. Maybe you need a new job, more money coming in, help finding the perfect mate for you or just need your peace of mind restored. After greeting them with the ritual you can ask for any type of specific answers or guidance that you need. Being at a higher level of existence, these beings have a perspective that we can't see at our level of life and can offer guidance in handling issues that is much easier than anything we could do by ourselves. It may be tempting if you are in a hurry to skip the ritual, but once you consider the long term benefits of taking the short time it takes to perform it consistently, you'll see it is well worth the investment of time. Once you start seeing that this is a relationship you are forming with live beings who can and want to help you with your daily life, the ritual will become as important, if not more so, as interactions you have with friends and family. 

Is It Working?
At some point you may question whether doing this daily ritual is actually having an effect on your life. When these doubts start creeping in stop doing the Exit Ritual for seven days and really pay attention to what your life is like. Then start it up again for the next seven days on a very consistent basis and observe the difference. Takes notes each morning and evening instead of trusting memory and compare your life experiences with and without doing the ritual daily. Don't worry that you will offend these beings by stopping the ritual. As higher beings they don't take that perspective. They simply patiently wait, observing your personal growth and development and are there, ready and willing, for when you are ready to ask for their help. They always leave the door open for you to approach them. Work on the consistency to strengthen the relationship and don't stop just because you get frustrated by forgetting a lot. However much you choose to use this ritual, just know that it is one of the magical tools available to you. When you are ready for more daily rituals, consider our Daily Rituals For Attracting What You Want in Life ebook. You'll find in in the ebooks section of our online store at

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Esoteric School Discovery Guide to Magic – Part IV

The Beauty of the Beauty Way Exit Ritual

In this magical discovery guide series, we have focused on how to bring the higher into your life and establish a relationship with the Universe and its higher powers and beings. This allows you to explore all the magical possibilities open to you in your life and determine for yourself how magic can work in your life. A large part of making these connections and relationships is with daily rituals. This installment of the series, presents to you a contact ritual that is one of the three forms of the Navajo Beauty Way. This ritual is called The Exit Ritual and is used to contact and greet powers and beings. Whether you call your powers and beings Universe, God, Higher Power, Angels, Totem Spirits or so forth doesn't matter. This ritual simply lets you acknowledge that there are higher beings that exist and are available to help you. It also gives you a way to take a break during the day from all the noise, chaos and electromagnetic fields that surround us in our daily lives. The Exit Ritual can help realign your chi or life force and bring you a sense of peace and serenity.

The Exit Ritual
Here's how this powerful ritual is done. Each time you leave an enclosed space such as a building or car:
1. Extend your focus upward into the sky to establish contact and say aloud, "Sky Above."

2. Keep your awareness focused above you and also extend your focus into the Earth saying aloud, "And Earth Below."

3. Maintain your awareness above and below and say aloud, "I Greet You."

4. Wait for a moment and be aware of anything that happens. Watch for any type of acknowledgement or response.

5. If you are not too self-conscious doing the Exit Ritual in a public place, you can also use arm gestures. For "Sky Above" raise your arms in an upward facing V and for "Earth Below" lower your arms with the V facing downwards.

Response to the Ritual
Responses to the Exit Ritual can vary from person to person and from each time you do it. You may notice a change within yourself such as a sudden realization or insight, an attitude change or a new awareness. There might be a change in the space around you such as a breeze, change in sky color or a bird or animal nearby becoming very noticeable to you. You might hear a voice in your head providing you an answer to a question you have or guidance on a problem or issue you face. The response may just be something that happens at the moment you complete the Exit Ritual or it could be something that stays with you the rest of the day. Not only can it change the day you are having, but by making this a daily ritual, you establish a connection with the Universe and invite wonderful and magical changes into your whole life.

You've nothing to lose by giving it a try and see what happens for you. Then if you're ready to let more magic into your life, check out our Witchcraft Spell Books series on Amazon. The first three books provide you with magical offerings using your bare hands, magical tools and household ingredients. The 4th book is a compilation of those three. Start with the Exit Ritual and begin establishing your relationship with higher powers and beings and you'll be well on your way to preparing yourself for a magical lifestyle.

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Esoteric School Discovery Guide to Magic – Part II

You may be familiar with the esoteric principle that a small change in the present can create a larger change in the future, but it's also true in magical principles that a small change in the present makes a larger change in the present. Small changes can have a great impact and by changing some small habit you have, you pave the way for larger changes in your future and your present life can change. In other words, magic happens in baby steps. It's like the idea that a butterfly can flap it wings in one area of the world, and create massive effects in a place on the other half of the world.

Magical Baby Steps
Making tiny changes can have a large impact because they change your habitual thought patterns enough to allow you to access a whole new scope of ideas and inspirations and since they are small changes you are not as likely to run into the resistance that often comes with change. Why is it important from a magical perspective to be able to change your habitual thought patterns? Abraham-Hicks ( explains this well by saying that your ability to access certain thoughts and feelings depends on the thoughts and feelings you have now. In other words, the happier you are, the more happy thoughts you are able to access. The more depressed you are, the more depressed, sad and blue type thoughts you have. Adjusting your stance just a bit gives you access to a whole new scope of thoughts and feelings. Making any small change in your habits shifts you to this new stance and what you are able to think and feel.

Reduce Resistance Factor
Making these small changes also reduces the chance of resistance to change that we can encounter. Large changes tend to make us uncomfortable and doubt ourselves. We become self-conscious wondering how the change will make us appear to others and if they will accept the change or not. For example, how would you feel if you went to work one day not in the conservative type suits you normally wear, but in some on the edge, brightly colored fashion design totally out of character with your usual style of dress? Compare that to a less noticeable change of maybe moving your pinky ring from your right hand to your left hand. The smaller change would probably cause you less concern, less resistance and be more comfortable for you. This smaller change is probably something that no one else will even notice. But you will notice it. You will notice the feel of it on your finger, the sound it makes tapping on your desk, that it is there when you pick up the phone and so on. The fact that you have made a small change that you are comfortable with and that is noticeable to you will shift the place you're standing inside yourself. Give some thought to the small changes you can make that will accomplish this shift for you. A few examples to get you started include:
  • use a different hand to do an activity than you normally would (ie. – open door, brush teeth, eating)
  • wear socks wrong side out
  • sit in a different seat at the dinner table
  • get up on opposite side of the bed

You get the idea, right? So pick some small changes and get started on your way to changing your habitual thought patterns to open the way for magical changes in your life. After all a small change in the present not only makes changes in the present but also in your future. It's never too late and nothing is pre-determined. Making any small change now can drastically change what you experience in the future and now. 

For a deeper look into the discovery of magic check out our Kindle book series - Witchcraft Spell Books.

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Esoteric School Discovery Guide to Magic – Part I

There is no problem that cannot be solved magically. At the level of life, we sometimes paint ourselves into a corner, get that feeling that there is "no way out." Say goodbye to the feeling of hopelessness. Magic is all about reaching up to a higher level of life, and higher beings, for whom miracles are everyday occurrences. As Einstein said, the solution to any problem never exists on the same level. The solution exists on the next level up.

Here are three basic rituals that you can try out for yourself to connect with the higher and reach up for a higher level of life.

Today – Begin working with the Universe as a co-creator. Take the first step by making contact and ask the Universe to manifest something today, from cherries to the word NASA. For more on how to do this see the blog article here.

This Week - Ask Owl about a loophole or blind spot in your current solution. Not sure how to work with the Spirit of Owl? Check out this article.

This Month – Do a come-along with a Sun Candle reinforced by a talisman and a mantra you create. Add the talisman and mantra onto the come along when you burn the Sun Candle for 30 minutes each day. Haven't done a come-along before? See the directions in this article.

By starting to use these simple daily rituals and work them into your life, you will begin establishing a magical relationship with the Universe and higher level beings. You will soon find that by making these a part of your everyday life the level of your own being will increase. And magically speaking you know that the level of your being attracts the level of your life. That's a well-known magical principle. So the higher your being, the higher the level of life you will attract. That's how magic works!

For more daily rituals get our Daily Rituals for Attracting What you Want in Life ebook. 36 more simple daily rituals offered in it will help keep you on the path of magical discovery.

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