Thursday, January 11, 2018

Protection Magic: How to Create Fireballs

No doubt you have seen fantasy magic shows with witches or wizards using fireballs as protection magic and obliterating the enemy. Well when it comes to protection magic, fireballs are real, but they don't quite work that exact way. In our Magical Self Defense Homestudy course, we do cover 3 methods of constructing fireballs, how to properly and safely dispose of them, and how they can be used. In this article we will give you directions to use one of these methods to practice yourself. Before using any self-defense technique for protection magic, you want to make sure you are following the laws that govern their use. If you are not familiar with these laws then you can find them in this article.

What is a Fireball?
Fireballs are self-cohesive energy forms that can actually be made from any of the 4 elements, not just the Fire element. According to what you are building a fireball for will determine which element you may want to use in constructing it. Energy made into a ball form has a high energy punch and will exist indefinitely if not used or properly disposed of. This is one reason you want to be careful with these forms and not just leave them lying around for someone to get hurt with. This is a perfect form for protection magic and for sending messages that can protect you. You can throw the ball at someone who is physically attacking you to stun them, back them off or even cause more permanent damage. If you use a fireball in this way, be sure you are within your rights according the laws that govern magical practice and magical self-defense or there can be ramifications for you. How the attacker is affected will depend on what element you have used to build the fireball and what part of the body you throw it at. For example, if you construct a fireball of white air energy and throw it at the head, you will cause the person to become disoriented or spacey which may give you time to run away. If you throw any of the fire colors made into a fireball at the head you can cause seizures or damage to the brain.

Snowball Method
This is one of the three methods of building a fireball that we present in our Magical Self Defense Online Course. Be sure before you begin that you read all the directions and follow them exactly as altered procedures create altered results. Also read the section on properly disposing of the fireball so when you finish building one for practice, you will know how to safely get rid of it.

  1. Decide on the type of energy you want to have in your fireball. You will need to pick which element and which elemental color you will use, then find a source for that particular energy. An object of the appropriate color will work.
  2. Stand so that the source is placed to where you can pull the energy in through your shoulders from behind you.
  3. Hold your hands in front of you 5 to 6 inches apart, with the palms facing each other and fingers slightly curled, thumbs touching each other (as if you were holding a small ball)
  4. Pull the energy from the source you selected in through your shoulders from behind, and down each arm.
  5. Push the energy from your left arm out through your left palm, into the center of the ball shape. 
  6. Push the energy from your right arm out through your right thumb, into your left thumb, then out of your left palm. Directing the energy this way sets up a clockwise spin in the ball, which is what makes the ball self-sustaining. 
  7. Keep flowing the energy until you feel a springy pressure or sensation against your palms.
  8. You now have a self-contained ball.

How to Dispose of Fireballs
The proper and safe way to dispose of a fireball is to throw the ball at the appropriate ground for the element you are using. This means for Fire energy into an electrical ground like an outlet, large electrical appliance such as a refrigerator or if you are outside then into a powerline tower. For a fireball made of Air, Water or Earth you can throw it into the earth.

Fireball messages
Sending messages using a fireball can also be a good technique in protection magic. You can convince an attacker to leave you alone or get them to walk away using fireball messages. You can also send messages that help protect you in cases where there is no attack. For example, if someone owes you money and has not paid it back for quite a long time, a fireball message can help you collect. Here are some examples of colors and elements you might use in particular situations to make your fireball messages most effective.

Sky Blue Air – send to someone who is mentally busy and likely to ignore messages

Water Blue – these affect the subliminal or subconscious mind

Deep Blue Water – be careful if using these by making sure you are in accordance with magical self-defense laws as these create compulsive messages. These could be used to get back a stolen item from someone or collect long due debt

White Air – affects the conscious mind and may have to be repeated several times before recipient takes action

Consider the time of day when you are sending the message also. Pick a time of day that you think is not so busy, noisy or hectic for the person you are sending the message to so they will be more likely to hear it. Once you decide the element and the color to use, construct the fireball as per above instructions, then:
  1. See the person's face or their name if you don't know what they look like in the ball
  2. Add your message in the ball by speaking it or seeing it in electric white neon letters. Keep your message short and to the point.
  3. Throw the ball and it will go to the person it has been programmed to seek out.

Fireballs are a great technique to use for protection magic of all kinds including sending messages. As with all magical techniques, the constructing of fireballs needs to be practiced for you to become proficient at it. You have the instructions now, and if this is an area of interest to you, go ahead and get started trying out fireballs for yourself. If you find you want to learn more, check out the homestudy course.

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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Ritual Magic: A Daily Ritual of Fire Magic to Release the Unwanted

If the New Year has brought about awareness of something you would like to release from your life (something that's been bothering you or something no longer needed), a simple daily ritual of fire magic can help.

Ritual Magic: Finding a Firebowl
First you will need a firebowl and firebowl ingredients. When choosing a firebowl, look for one that is made of brass, cast-iron, ceramic or a hard hardwood. It should be 4-6 inches in diameter and 4-5 inches deep. It should also be a shape that is easily held with one or both hands and light enough to carry in one hand if necessary. Make sure your firebowl is of a shape that will be stable when placed on a flat surface. The shape of the bowl should also be curved-in and flared back out at the top rim to promote "columning" of incense or smoke.

Ritual Magic: Firebowl Ingredients
Fire Clay
To use your firebowl you will need to fill it with ground fire clay or clean, fine sand. Non-scented cat litter (which is ground clay) works well as long as it does not have chemicals or deodorants in it. Put 1-2 inches in the bottom of your firebowl as an insulator to protect the firebowl itself, your hands and any surfaces from the heat.

Charcoal Disks
You will also need some self-starting charcoal disks. These can be purchased from religious supply stores or online (we have them in our school store too). Round charcoals with bowl-shaped depressions in the middle are the best to use. There is a kind with pie shaped depressions, but we find these do not work as well.

You will need wooden or paper matches to light your charcoal. The scent and energetic side-bands associated with butane and other petroleum products change the fire-band you are working with so don't use lighters to light the charcoal disk.

Other Ingredients
You will need to collect or purchase pine resin to burn on the charcoal disk as well as finely ground or rubbed sage. If you collect sage, you can grind it in a blender or coffee grinder. You also need to collect some finely chopped or shaved wood chips or tree bark. This is used to insulate the charcoal from the pine resin or incense that you burn in the firebowl and to facilitate the burning of the materials you use in your firebowl. You will sprinkle the shavings on the charcoal and then put the pine resin and sage on top of it. The last thing you will need for this exercise is a Sun Yellow utility candle. Make sure it is pure sun yellow  colored without any orange tones to it. An unscented candle is best to use.

Ritual Magic: Charging the Firebowl
Charging your firebowl programs it for a specific purpose. Since magic is a precision science, charging your firebowl for certain operations makes it more effective by stating the intended purpose and programming that into the tool. Charging is not an invocation or prayer to spirit-beings or deities, just a program. Here is how to charge your firebowl.

1. Stand or sit in the South facing North with your firebowl and materials in front of you.

2. Light your Sun Yellow utility candle with a wooden or paper match.

3. Light another wooden or paper match from your candle flame and use this to light the charcoal disk. The disk will begin to spark within seconds. If the charcoal is old or damp, you may need to use metal tongs to hold it over the flame for several minutes or light the top of it in the center of the bowl-shaped depression. Most of you will realize that once the disk is lit, you don't touch it with your hands, but for beginners who have never used one before we like to add this word of caution – It is hot, just like a charcoal on a BBQ grill.

4. Once the charcoal sitting in your firebowl is lit, pull Sun Yellow energy from your utility candle into yourself and blow it out onto the disk.

5. Add the wood shavings onto the charcoal, then the pine resin and finally the sage.

6. Wait for it to produce a good column of smoke and add more sage or resin if needed.

7. A voice of command should be used when saying the charge verse. The verse will vary according to what you are programming the firebowl for. Here is a basic firebowl charge verse (used for a house cleansing) and then some substitutions you may want to use in creating a verse specifically for this exercise depending on what you are releasing from your life.
"Fire and Air where you are cast,
Let no spell nor adverse purpose last,
Not in accord with me!
Cleanse these walls and cleanse this space,
Far from here send baneful trace!
Thus my will, so it be!"
This charge verse is obviously for doing a cleansing of a room, house, ritual magic circle or some other space. Some substitutions you can make to suit your purpose include:
  • Cleanse these tools and cleanse their space (instead of Cleanse these walls...)
  • Cleanse these people and cleanse their space (when clearing negative energy from yourself or others)
  • In place of "spell" or "adverse" or "baneful" you can substitute anger, grief, trauma or any other applicable term. For example lines could be changed to "Let no fear nor sickness last" or "Far from here send cancerous trace". Just be sure when applying substitutions of words that you do not disturb the rhythm of the original verse.
Ritual Magic: Fire Magic Daily Ritual
Now that you have your firebowl and know how to charge it, you are ready to begin the fire magic daily ritual to release what it is that is bothering you or that you find no longer serves you. Everyday write on a small piece of paper what you want to release. Charge the firebowl, and then burn the paper in the firebowl. This works because "Thoughts are things and words have wings." In other words, writing things down makes them more material, more real. Burning the paper changes the unwanted item into simple fire magic, fire energy, with no negative charge. Sometimes you may have to repeat this ritual for 3, 7, or 11 days before you see change. Be sure to record results in your Book of Shadows to ensure you notice any changes. Magic often happens but we sometimes fail to see the changes.

The firebowl is just one of the magical tools that can help you bring ritual magic into your life for a variety of purposes. You can learn more about using magical tools in our online Basic Magic Class or specifically more uses for the firebowl in our Firebowl - Cleansing Tool Ebook.

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Thursday, January 4, 2018

Throw Your Troubles Away Magically

Throw Your Troubles Away Magically

At a seminar on healing we once heard a woman tell of an exercise that relieved her of her troubles. She said she walked around a large park with a canvas sack. For every problem in her life, she picked up a big rock, associated it with the problem, and put the rock in her sack. She said that by the time she had finished putting all the rocks in her sack, she could hardly carry or drag it around--that's how many problems she had been carrying around with her.

When she was done, she dragged her sack over to a lake in the park. She then took each rock out of the sack one by one and, saying goodbye, heaved each rock as far as she could into the lake. At the end of the entire process, she left the park with an empty sack and a very light heart.

Does Her Method Have a Magical Basis?

Her story was so inspiring and wonderful that we began thinking about the magical basis for her method--and discovered that it was actually valid and useful. Her method falls under the category of simulacra magic, in which physical objects are used to represent person, place, or thing in life. It's also known as voodoo or Vodun magic. Once you correlate the physical object to the person, place, or thing in life, what you do to the object you also do to the person, place, or thing.

What the woman did with her rocks was to create a correlation or psychic connection between a rock and a problem in her life. When she threw each rock into the lake, she severed her physical connection to the rock and, by the laws of simulacra magic, also her connection to her problem.

Taking Care with Simulacra Magic

Now you obviously want to be careful with this approach because it's powerful. You don't want to associate a person with a rock, and then throw the rock into the lake--you would drown the person (and be subject to quite a bit of negative Universal feedback according to Rules of the Road). What you can do is connect your resentments, fears, angers, and other negative emotions to rocks and then throw them into the lake. You can also bury the rocks and allow Mother Earth to cleanse them for you (leave them buried for at least one moon cycle). It's a great way to unload! What's fascinating is that if you look at almost any tradition or method like this, you can find the magical operational laws at work in the process!

You can also channel unwanted thoughts and emotions into specular hematite stones, which can absorb a lot of them. These stones can move those emotions out of you and into a safe place. Many magical practitioners carry these stones around in their pockets for just this purpose. They cleanse them every month or so by smudging them with sage and pine resin to keep them clean.

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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Why Ditching New Year's Resolutions is Magickal!

Everywhere around the globe, during the last part of the year people make New Year's resolutions of what they are going to do (or not going to do) in the coming year. Whether the resolution is to lose weight, stop smoking, be kinder, or spend more time with the family, most people make resolutions. Sadly, most people also fail to achieve those resolutions by February 1 of the new year (82% of people fail according to some research).

Since New Year's resolutions don't seem to work for most people, why bother? If you want your life to change, you will probably find that you gain better results with a magickal yearly aim. While a magickal yearly aim sounds very much like a New Year's resolution, a yearly aim is actually quite different. While a New Year's resolution is about "things" and "doing" or "not doing," a magickal yearly aim is about improving everything in your life by raising the level of your Being through the use of magick. Why would you want to raise the level of your Being? According to Gurdjieff and other metaphysical teachers:

"The level of your Being attracts the level of your life."

Thus the fastest way to change your life is to raise your level of Being. The higher your level of Being, the higher will be the things you attract into your life: a higher salary, a higher caliber of people around you, a better level of health, a higher feeling of satisfaction with your life. Instead of just trying to change one thing in your life with a New Year's resolution, wouldn't it be so much more fun to play with a magickal yearly aim that requires less work and produces better results in every area of your life?

What's a Magickal Yearly Aim?
A magickal yearly aim is a magickal exercise of your choosing that you practice all year long. The goal of this magickal yearly aim is to identify and dissolve the resistance in your Being that causes you to think, act, and do in ways that detract from your life. For instance, suppose you find that the people around you at work are not as kind, giving, warm, and caring as you might like. In fact, suppose that you find these people downright mean or overly competitive. This kind of cutthroat behavior may just be part of the company culture. That culture existed before you were hired, and has never changed since you've been an employee. What if you could use a teeny-tiny magkical yearly aim to change the way people around you behave?

An Example of a Magickal Yearly Aim
One of our students made that very change with a magickal yearly aim that was so simple as to be absurd. His aim was to remind himself daily of this fact: "Gratitude is free." Then he would find some way to express his gratitude or caring, no matter how tiny that expression. Since he was uncomfortable, at first, with changing his behavior at work, fearing that people would find his behavior odd and suspicious, he began with something less obvious. Each day, he would remind himself that gratitude was free, and then he would do a kind act for a stranger. More importantly, he would tell no one of his kind act. Some of his kind acts included:
  • helping someone load groceries into their car 
  • smiling at a person sitting on a bus bench and telling them to have a great day
  • paying for a taco for the person behind him at the taco truck
  • allowing a car into traffic in a crowded intersection
  • placing an extra roll of toilet paper near the toilet before the current roll ran out

As you can see, these acts ran from the obvious to the "pay it forward variety." All these acts centered around the fact that he was grateful for all he had in life (though he still wished for more, such as a caring work environment), and he wished to share it with his fellow humans. After our student practiced his free gratitude on strangers for a few months, he was able to gradually practice his yearly magickal aim at work. Again, his gratitude was expressed simply. He would:
  • model happiness whenever possible with a happy demeanor
  • thank people whenever possible for their efforts, even if those efforts were part of the job
  • bring an extra cup of coffee from the coffee cart to a random fellow employee once a week
  • thank his boss when he could for any praise
  • praise his boss whenever he could

As he began modeling gratitude, slowly he began to feel happier regardless of how the people around him acted. Even in the face of overly-competitive behavior, he offered gratitude. This gratitude in no way reduced his level of performance or his steps towards his goals at work, but all of his work was done with a smile and a feeling of warmth. Eventually, over a period of nine months or so, his co-workers began to change. A little at a time, the people around him smiled more. He sometimes was the recipient of a free cup of coffee. His workload became easier to bear, and his yearly reviews were much less of a trial. His promotion also came sooner than he had thought possible.

Gratitude is a Higher Level of Being
Some scientists have studied the various parts of our physical body, such as blood pressure and heart rate, and found that people who are happier are also healthier. Studies also show that emotions such as gratitude, love, caring, and faith have a higher vibrational frequency than emotions such as sadness, depression, hatred, and fear. While this may seem self-evident, many of us don't make use of this knowledge. But since we know that New Year's resolutions quickly fail for most people, wouldn't it be so much easier to use a simple exercise that helps us practice a magickal yearly aim? If you could raise every aspect of your life just by doing one kind act for a stranger each day, wouldn't it be worth it?

As with our student, you can identify a part of your Being or your life that has a great deal of resistance. Then create a simple magickal exercise as part of your yearly aim to address that resistance. The exercise should be small, simple, and easy to remember. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Sounds simple enough, right? This year, why not ditch the New Year's resolutions and try a magickal yearly aim? Need help? Ask us on our Facebook page... or post your magickal yearly aim and inspire others!

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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Need a Crystal Ball? Why a Deck of Cards is Much More Reliable

There are many ways to get signs and communications from the Universe and although the crystal ball is what many people think of for this type of magical procedure, it is not the safest one. The structure of a crystal ball can draw your spirit in and trap you. In fact, this has been done before as a magical act of malice, which of course goes against the Rules of the Road. There are many techniques that don't need a crystal ball. You can find several in our Daily Rituals for Attracting What You Want in Life ebook, including this one called "Theme for the Day".

A fun and safe way to start your day is to draw a theme for the day from a deck of cards. The Universe is always working to send us messages, help and guidance. One way of communicating with the Universe is to use a deck of cards. This would include using a tarot deck, angel cards, horoscopes, numerology, runes or medicine cards. Some people make their own cards with words on them like love, peace, joy, gratitude, or forgiveness. A book can work too. Just an ordinary book or magazine can be opened to any page, then look at the first word, first phrase or picture on the page and use that as your theme for the day.

Some people for example start their day by drawing a card from the Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams and David Carson. These cards have totem animals on them and come with a book explaining the meaning of each one. You simply spread the cards out, spend a minute quietly observing them or hold your output hand over them and take the one that calls your attention or that you feel energy radiating from. Then read the corresponding meaning from the book that goes with the card you picked. The message from the meaning becomes your theme for the day. For example if you draw the Wolf, your theme for the day would be teaching and new ideas.

The Universe is very good at communicating exactly what we need to hear. I have been amazed and grateful time and time again at messages coming from drawing a Medicine Card that gave me guidance on just the situation I was dealing with at the time. Be open to whatever message you get. Even if it appears to be a negative message at first. There is always something to learn and to be gained from the messages the Universe sends.

As you proceed through the day, remain conscious of your message and theme for the day. Watch how you interact with others, look at your internal patterns and thoughts and the situations and events that occur. See how your theme fits in with these. Having a theme for the day often adds a whole new perspective and meaning to your day. It can give you inspiration and take you out of mechanical living, giving you a more magical and insightful focus. Doing this ritual daily can create both subtle and obvious changes in the way you interact with people and events. It can add a touch of magic to your life by making higher powers and beings a part of your daily life and it's fun. So enjoy the process.

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