Tuesday, October 27, 2020

How Magic Can Help You Look and Feel Your Best Daily

How often do headaches, stress, tiredness, and other types of life issues cause you to look and feel less than your best? You can use magical healing techniques to really boost your energy and our Energy Healing For Self and Others ebook can open the way to learning how magic can help you heal. For example, in this ebook, you'll learn how to make your own flower essences. Did you know that pine can be used to regain energy, vitality and interest in life? Or that Vervain can be used to help with mental and physical exhaustion. Besides learning to use flower essences, herbs, and aromatherapy, here are a couple of the specific magical techniques you'll find in this ebook. 

Kundalini Yoga
Health, awareness, consciousness and evolution can all result from yoga. You may think that means twisting yourself into all sorts of difficult poses, but that is totally not necessary. Kundalini Yoga combines the practices of Prana Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Kriya Yoga, and Naad Yoga which can be summarized as: 

Prana Yoga – breath
Hatha Yoga – postures
Kriya Yoga – holding postures and doing a breath
Naad Yoga – uses sound currents

This form of yoga can help with change and bringing consciousness to your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical bodies. More specifically it can help with increasing circulation, reduce stress, rebalance body systems, improve mental concentration, and enhance self-confidence, self-awareness, and consciousness. It can help clear our minds so we are able to project positive emotions instead of negative ones. 

Our life force comes from light and energy of the sun. Since color is light, it can be used as a powerful and nourishing healing tool. We are constantly surrounded by color and it can have a big effect on us through the various vibrations each color emits. Color can have an impact on our auras as they continually change color according to our mood or emotional state. Color is used in many healing traditions such as feng shui, Pranamonics, magic and shamanism. By knowing which colors affect you in what ways you can surround yourself with the colors to help you heal. 

Magic can provide incredible healing physically, mentally and emotionally. There are a wide array of magical techniques in the magical realms that can contribute to healing and our Energy Healing for Self and Others ebook can get you started learning how to bring magical healing to your life. 

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Tuesday, October 13, 2020

What Magical Knowledge Do You Want to Know

We love to stay in touch with our readers, clients and those in our online magical communities. If you've got a magical or shamanic question, our Facebook page is a great place to post it and share the magic online. Not only will you get the answer to your magic question, but other people get the benefit as well! If you haven't got a magical practice going, you may wonder why you would even want to have any magical knowledge and if you can really get magic online. The answer to the second part is yes. Magical resources we offer include our member's area with a free ebook and magical library of articles, blog, ecourses, ebooks, Kindle books, online store of ritual supplies, newsletter and more! Here are a few answers to the first part as to what magical knowledge and developing a magical practice can do for you. 

Move to Consciousness
Most people go through their lives in a mechanical state. In other words, they go through life reacting to the stimulus around them instead of choosing their thoughts and actions. Their thoughts and actions revolve around the things on their To Do list, family worries, social engagements and so on. We're not saying this is a bad thing, but it doesn't lend itself to raising your consciousness or the level of your being. Since the level of your being attracts the level of your life according to Universal law, living in this way doesn't nourish Spirit and doesn't allow you to attract anything higher. When you have a magical practice, the way you think changes and you have pauses built into your day that allow you to be conscious, aware of who you are and make connections with higher powers and beings. It also allows us to remember what we really want in life and moves us from living in a mechanical reactionary state to one that allows us to consciously respond to situations and people. 

Develop A Spirit Connection
Part of a magical practice is connecting with the Universe and higher powers and beings to co-create and manifest the things you want in life. Doing spells and rituals that quiet the mind or put us in touch with physical sensation bring us into contact with Spirit. Having contact with Spirit allows us to take time out from noise and hectic schedules to listen to our inner guidance. That is where the truth lies and the part of us that always knows what is right for us. When making decisions, most people spend a lot of time weighing pros and cons, gathering advice from others and worrying if they are making the right decision when all they really need to do is consult Spirit.

Create Spirit Networks
If you were raised hearing things like "you have to keep your nose to the grindstone to succeed" and other hard work sayings, you may find getting what you want in life is hard work. It doesn't have to be that way however if you live with magic in your life. Part of that means having the help of higher powers and beings like angels, totems, and guides to aid you in manifesting those things you want in your life. A magical practice allows you to develop those relationships with higher beings and learn how to co-create with them. 

Align with Universal Principles
In a magical practice we quickly learn that doing spells and rituals designed in accordance with Universal principles is way more effective and safe than those that are not. Following the Rules of the Road that govern magical practice and principles such as "as above, so below" and four element principles make for a sound practice. Having this type of magic knowledge will enhance your aim. For example, if you are looking to gain knowledge in a situation, you'll want to work with the principles of the magical element Air whereas if you are in a situation that calls for action, you'll want to employ the principles of the magical element Fire. 

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