Thursday, February 28, 2019

Can I Buy Your Magic Bus?

"I don't want to cause no fuss (Whoa, the Magic Bus)
But can I buy your Magic Bus? (Whoa, the Magic Bus)
Nooooooooo!" --The Who

Members of the rock band The Who apparently couldn't buy the magic bus "that takes me to you," even though they dedicated a whole song to it.

I've never bought a magic bus, either, but the last two decades of teaching magic and shamanism have been a heck of a magical ride. These days, a lot of people are looking for that ticket to ride the magic bus.

Well guess what? Here's your ticket to ride. Yup, the top 10 things you can do today to catch a ride on the magic bus. Click on each link to get the directions you need to work some magical mojo!

10. Hire an angel

9. Light and bless a sun candle

8. Meditate with your cat, dog, fish, lizard …

7. Throw your troubles away

6. Make space for sacred space

5. Get psychic with water

4. Know thyself with some self-tests

3. Trade in your negative vibes and get happy

2. Find your Spirit guide

1. Not For Muggles or Wimps: Hop a ride on the ultimate Magic Bus with Basic Magic


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Tuesday, February 26, 2019

How To Control People Without Controlling People

If you've bumped up against the facts of life a few times, you've probably discovered that you can't really control people, places, or things. You may have even discovered that there is a spiritual principle that says you can't control other people. This can be irritating since other people are unpredictable, messy, and certainly don't act the way you want them to, right?

If you're frustrated by the fact that you can't control other people, you'll be pleased to discover that there is a spiritual loophole to that principle. The loophole is that while we can't necessarily control other people, we can control how they show up in our lives.

We can't reach out and create in anyone's life, but we can control many aspects of what appears in our lives. Consider this: everything that comes in contact with you (including other people) is part of your sacred space, and as a Spirit you have the right to control what happens in your sacred space.

The key, then, is to intentionally direct what appears in your sacred space. One of the easiest ways to use your intention is create "future memories." To create future memories, imagine yourself in the future encountering a particular person, especially a person you dread seeing. Now imagine the encounter exactly as you want it to happen.

The more detailed your imagining, the more effect it will have on the actual encounter. How will the person react? What will she say? What will you do? How will you feel? Color your future memory with as much feeling and specific details as possible. If at first your mind wants to imagine the encounter negatively, keep replaying the encounter over and over until you can create the scenario you want.

Then, wait to be surprised at what happens in your next encounter with this person. It might not be exactly as you imagined, but the tone and outcome are likely to match very closely. It's amazingly pleasing when that happens!

So control freaks, start your engines. This is one place you can control people without breaking any universal laws!

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Thursday, February 21, 2019

How to Train Your Body to Behave

Did you know that you are not your body? You are a Spirit and you "have" or "own" your body. It's yours. It's one of your tools. It is not you.

Have you ever noticed how your body doesn't always seem to obey your wishes? It's often tired or hungry or in pain just when you want to do something really exciting. It sometimes falls asleep during business meetings or after lunch. It often has a hard time waking up. It likes to eat more than is good for your waistline.

Talk to Your Body
But once you realize that you are not your body, you can start to train your body to behave in a way that works for you. All you have to do is talk to your body as if you were talking to another person.

For instance, suppose you're on a long distance driving trip and you notice that your body is starting to fall asleep. No problem. Just say, either out loud or in your mind, "Body wake up!" Say it forcefully. You're telling your body to stay alert, not asking it. You'll notice that you're body will immediately come to attention. You may have to repeat your command a few times to remind body to stay awake.

You can also teach body to develop stamina. Let's say you exercise on a treadmill. To train your body to develop stamina, just tell it what you want at the beginning of the workout. You might tell your body, "Run in a relaxed manner at the pace of the treadmill until I tell you to stop. Breathe easily." Your body will then run easily until you tell it to stop. If, however, you start thinking with your mind about how tired you feel or how much you hate the treadmill, your body will get tired. As long as you keep your mind neutral, your body will easily run for as long as you want.

Program Your Body
If you're interested in losing or gaining weight you can program your body to use food in a specific way. To lose weight, tell body when you want it to get hungry and how much you want it to eat. You can tell your body, "You will not be hungry until noon today." Before you start your meal, you can also tell your body, "Use this food for energy and stamina only. Release all excess calories after this meal and do not store them," or some similar statement.

The point is that your body can be programmed any number of ways to suit your desires and lifestyle. Don't get wrapped up in what your body does or doesn't do now. Focus your attention on training your body to do what you want it to do. As a Spirit with a mind and a body, you are in charge. So take charge and start giving orders!

More Great Tips
Want more help working with the Spirit-Mind-Body connection? Check out the Daily Rituals Ebook, which is filled with wonderful tips and rituals for developing the proper relationship between your Spirit, Mind, and Body plus great hints on how to create what you want in life.

Daily Rituals Ebooks

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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Get Magical Answers with a Question Circle

In these uncertain times people are actively seeking answers to problems ranging from job loss to foreclosure. If you need some magical guidance from powers and beings, a question circle may be just the ticket for you.

A question circle is a magical ritual where you ask for help and guidance from the winds of the four directions. It's a simple ritual and you only need a few tools which you can pick up at your local supermarket.

Here's what you'll need: a sun yellow candle on a plate or in glass, paper or wooden matches, pen, and paper. You may also need a compass to help you figure out the cardinal directions of east, south, west, and north.

How to Do a Magical Question Circle
Once you've gathered your materials and have located the cardinal directions, light your yellow candle with your matches. Then, follow the steps below.

1) Bring your candle, pen, and paper to the east quarter of your circle. Sit facing the outside of the circle (facing east). Ask the Winds of Knowledge what you need to know about your situation, and get quite inside as you wait for the answer. Be prepared to write down everything that comes to you. Don't think about it, just write. Keep writing until you no longer receive information. Thank the Winds of Knowledge and move to the next step.

2) Move to the south, and sit facing south. Ask the Winds of Power to show you what actions you need to take for your situation. Again, write any answers that come to you. Thank the Winds of Power.

3) Move to the next quarter, in the west, and sit facing west. Ask the Winds of Feeling what emotional shifts you need to make regarding your situation. In addition, you may want to ask for spiritual enlightenment. Thank the Winds of Feeling, and then move to the next quarter.

4) Move to the north, and sit facing north. Ask the Winds of Strength how you can build a foundation for the future you want. Ask for practical guidance about your situation. Thank the Winds of Strength.

5) Finally, move back to the center of your circle and sit facing east. Read through the answers that have come to you from each direction. Slowly digest the information. You may want to repeat the question circle several times, at different times, until you get clarity on your situation.


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Thursday, February 7, 2019

Does Law of Attraction Really Work? An Experiment for You

They say the Universe is infinitely fair and always delivers, and that we are the ones who get in the way of manifesting everything we want.

Here's a question for you:

How's that working out for you?

Some people will say, "Great!" These people are born manifesters and seem to be able to conjure up manifestations on command. They've got the Midas touch, so to speak. Then there are others who struggle with the Law of Attraction but never seem to manifest quite what they want.

These are the people who write with questions like this: "I know I'm getting in my own way when it comes to manifesting what I want, but I don't know how to get out of my own way. Help!"

So what can you do if you keep getting in your own way when it comes to manifesting what you want in your life? You can try this magical experiment.

A Magical Way to Get Out of Your Own Way
So how do we get in our own way when it comes to creating what we want with Law of Attraction? Usually by being too active and "busy." Law of Attraction says that to manifest, we simply put our attention on what we want and feel good about it. As long as we keep feeling good about what we want, the Universe inevitably delivers.

That's all good and well, but most of us get pretty impatient when it comes to what we want. So instead of waiting for the Universe to deliver the manifestation, we start taking action on our own, hoping to "make it happen." That's when we get in our own way and prevent Law of Attraction from really working.

So here's a magical experiment for you to try if you are one of these people who gets in their own way:

Choose a single area of your life where you want to manifest something and commit to physically changing nothing for six months to a year.

The goal of this experiment is to take no action steps with regard to what you want to manifest. Literally sit on your hands if you have to. Magically, this gives the Universe some room to work, so that it can deliver that which you want. It's the magical equivalent of "hands off!"

A Magical Example
One woman, Anne, wanted to attract her soul mate. She had tried online dating sites, speed dating, blind dates, and even singles events. Nada. She had made a list of qualities that her perfect mate would have, and she had tried every action step imaginable to bring him into her life. No results.

Finally, tired of struggling, she agreed to try this experiment. She committed to taking no physical action steps to bring her dream partner into her life. Instead, she decided she would focus her attention elsewhere in her life. She signed up for a membership at her local recreation center and started taking a Tae Kwan Do class. She also put more of her focus on her career and her art work, which she had abandoned a while ago.

Not three months later, Anne crunched her bumper in a mild fender-bender. Did she crunch bumpers with her dream mate? Nope. But she did meet her soul mate because of the car accident. He turned out to be the insurance adjuster who came out to inspect her car for damage. She never expected him to show up as an insurance adjuster, but then again she had stopped expecting anything.

By putting her attention elsewhere and not "pushing the issue" Anne literally bumped into her soul mate. She gave the Universe room to work the Law of Attraction, and was pleasantly surprised when it happened halfway through her period of committed inaction.

So, what do you think? If you are feeling frustrated that something isn't manifesting in your life would you be willing to try this exercise for three, six, or even nine months? Think it might save some wear and tear on your soul?

Looking for more magickal ways to attract love into your life? Check out our L Is For Love Magick Kindle book.

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