Thursday, August 30, 2018

Magical Ways to Stop Compulsive Thoughts

If you find yourself getting stuck in compulsive thoughts, you are probably an Air Element personality. This means that the element of Air is the most dominant in your personality and plays a key role in determining how you deal with life issues. It is very common for an Air type of personality to have compulsive thoughts, go round and round in their heads, and get distracted by the new and the novel. They also tend to have birth visions that are mentally-oriented – know, guide or see. On the plus side it also makes you a good communicator, planner, speaker and thinker who is able to think fast on your feet and come up with ideas, solutions and inspirations quickly. If this sounds like you, start being aware of how many times you start a sentence with "I see." That is often one of the personality characteristics of an Air dominant personality.

Even though Air personalities have all these great characteristics that can be very useful in everyday life, they often struggle with having the compulsive thoughts, being distracted by all their ideas, completing tasks and projects and changing their opinions and beliefs quite frequently. Here are a couple of magical solutions for dealing with this type of personality characteristics.

  • White Chestnut Flower Essence - This flower essence can help release worry and clear your mind of unwanted thoughts. It can help you develop trust, clear thinking and problem solving. Take whenever repetitive thoughts or worry keep bugging you
  • Come Back to the Present - Worry and fear are about the past or the future, never in present time. To free yourself of those type thoughts, come back to present time by feeling sensation in your body. You can only have sensation in present time. One good way to do this is to wear a rubberband around your wrist and snap it. The feeling of the rubberband hitting your wrist will bring you back to present time, so just snap the rubberband anytime you are bothered by those kinds of thoughts.

There are lots of advantages to being an Air type of personality. Learning how to cope with the struggles you face can give you even more of an advantage. For an indepth study of the Air Element, check out our Magical Element Air homestudy course. This is a good place for any aspiring student of magic to begin, but for those of you who are Air personalities it is even more important to fully understand this element that dominates your life in so many ways.

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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Mixing Up Magic with a Pinch of This and a Dab of That? Not Hardly!

I know magical practitioners who approach the craft with the attitude of, "All it takes is a pinch of this and a dab of that." And certainly if you watch movies like "Harry Potter" or TV shows like "Charmed" you might get the idea that magic works like your grandmother's cooking: no recipe needed, just follow your instincts. Not hardly!

Magic is a Precision Science
From experience I have discovered that magic is a precision science. Using the right words, ingredients, symbols, and tools is very important. For instance, we often teach our students to use invocations to address magical powers and beings. In one, we address "Sky Father" and "Earth Mother." I am always amazed at how many students casually switch the order of these words when doing the invocation, and end up addressing "Father Sky" and "Mother Earth," thinking that they are addressing the same beings as "Sky Father" and "Earth Mother."

Not so at all. Magic is a precision science, and "Sky Father" is an entirely different being than "Father Sky." If you think that the distinction is unimportant, consider your own name. Suppose your name is Adam Johnson. Would it make a difference to you whether I called you Adam or Johnson? Sure it would. In many cultures, addressing a person by their last name can be either a sign of respect or a sign of denigration. It can make a huge difference.

Do Magic as a Precision Science
My teacher and mentor in magic, Reverend George Dew, had a favorite saying about magic: "Take your time, think it through, do it right." That's a great motto to use anytime you want to practice magic. After all, in the case of invoking powers and beings to help you, you want to get the right being. Getting the wrong being can send you down a rabbit hole or through the looking glass!

People often wonder why our magic courses, like Basic Magic, take so long to complete. It's because magic is a precision science, and a person doing magic rituals or practices without understanding the reasons behind them is risking harm. If you want to learn more about practicing the art of magic as a precision science, here are some guidelines to help you.

1. Learn Rules of the Road, the universal laws that we have found true in governing magical practice.

2. If you don't know the reason behind a magical practice or ritual, do some research until you understand, or don't do the ritual at all.

3. Take your time and learn one magical item at a time. When you get in a hurry and want to win the lottery with a spell immediately, you might as well toss your wand in the trash. Fast magic loaded with anxiety won't produce results, ever!

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Thursday, August 23, 2018

Make A Magic Ritual Part of Your Morning

Magic is part of life, not something you do separate from your everyday life. If you want to have magic in your life, you have to practice magic all the time. Doing a magic ritual first thing in the morning can get your day off to a good start and become part of your morning routine. I know you are probably busy in the morning and think you don't have time, but even the busiest of people can work in the 3 magic rituals listed here.

My Three Magic Rituals Before Breakfast
I do at least three separate magic rituals every single day before breakfast, and it's no sweat, really. Want to know what they are? Simple.

Magic Ritual 1: Sit
Sitting, or meditating, is one of the best ways to invite magic into your life. I sit every single morning and surround myself with quiet. Burning a sun yellow candle in my sitting area helps clear out junky energies and make it a more peaceful space. I tend to sit in lotus position, because it's a stable position and I like it, but you don't have to. Just sit (or lie down if sitting is too uncomfortable). It doesn't matter whether you sit for 5 minutes for 50 ... just as long as you are quiet for long enough that the magic can slip into your life, between your thoughts as it were. The magic happens in the space between thoughts.

Magic Ritual 2:. Greet the Day
I go out and greet the day using the Navajo Beauty Way Day Greetings every single morning before breakfast. It's my way of making contact with powers and beings, acknowledging their presence, making any special requests for help, and generally getting in touch with my magical allies.

Magic Ritual 3:. Do a Reading
I'm usually reading some esoteric text or other, and I'll spend a few minutes in the morning immersing myself in some good spiritual material. I like readings from Gurdjieff, Abraham-Hicks, Carlos Castaneda, Edgar Cayce, and some more esoteric authors as well. A lot of people like to pull a card from the Medicine Cards or Sacred Path Cards, or flip open an angel book to get an "angel thought" for the day. Whatever floats your boat, pull some spiritual material from somewhere to get your day started on a magical footing.

All three of these little rituals take about 30 minutes total. That's not a whole lot of time to dedicate to living a truly magical life, and that's about all the Universe requires to bring the magic into your life. Pretty simple, huh?

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Thursday, August 16, 2018

Why Magic Doesn't Have to Look Like Magic

We almost always offer magical rituals that allow you to practice rituals in public without feeling out of place. Example is the consistency exercise – you can choose anything, like checking your shoelaces and retying them at the same time every day, which prevents you from looking odd. Our Everyday Magic Email Course is full of magic that doesn't have to look like magic. This course gives you one lesson each week for 52 weeks with lots of magical knowledge and basics of how magic works. There are also exercises included that you can try out for yourself. One of the techniques you'll find in this course that lets you use magic right out in the open where no one will suspect is using colors. If you have an understanding of how colors relate to the four elements of Air, Fire, Water, and Earth then you can wear them, decorate with them and surround yourself with the appropriate colors for the purpose.

Elemental Colors
White - mental, thinking, planning, good for stimulating intellectual conversation, stimulating thinking.

Clear - physical air, seeing or breathing, hearing, also good for just "clearing the decks" in a situation.

Sky Blue - spiritual air, spiritual understanding, good for stimulating spiritual understanding or awareness.

Sun Yellow (pure yellow, make sure there is no orange) - spirit vitality, lifts one's spirits, increases a spirit's ability to choose life path and direction, enthusiasm.

True Red - pure body metabolism, pure body heat (wear true red to increase your metabolism but be careful that it doesn't introduce too much heat into certain areas of the body, especially in the trunk area). People with a lot of true red "eat like horses" or have redness in cheeks.

Yellow-Orange - Neural activity, for fast reaction time, increased synapse speed (wear this or red-orange to a party to attract attention!), good for improving athletic performance in terms of reaction time, good for waking up when feeling sleepy or apathetic.

Red-Orange - Pain, anger, fever, hyperactivity, can stimulate physical activity when feeling sluggish. If children are already very active, dress them in powder blue or any of the air bands rather than fire bands.

Deep Red or Red Purple - Liquid heat in the body, good for raising the temperature of body fluids such as blood in the case of frostbite.

Water Blue - emotions, feelings

Grass Green - living, dynamic earth, healing earth, good for causing things to grow, expand or heal.

Earth Brown - stabilizing earth, receptive earth, good for healing bones or stabilizing situations, good for grounding and solidity.

As you can see by knowing how colors translate you can magically accomplish a goal just by wearing a certain color. For example, if you are dragging, wear some sun yellow to perk up your energy level. Or if you are going through a period of healing, wear grass green. This is one of those times when magic doesn't have to look like magic, but the results will truly be magical.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Keep Getting Burned by the Same Problems?

If you are predominantly a fire element person then you have personality characteristics of being energetic, full of life, enthusiastic and achievement-oriented. More than likely you are a natural leader, creative and action oriented. Fire personalities tend to have birth visions such as do, achieve, or create. These are all great characteristics of a person, but they can also lead to quickly becoming impatient and irritated when frustrated by a lack of action. People with fire element personality characteristics also often act first and ask questions later which can lead to problems for them.

If the same problems involving impatience, frustration, the slow speed of life, and lack of passion tend to keep showing up and burning you time after time, then chances are high that you are a Fire element personality. If you find yourself in this situation, here are a couple of things that may help those of you dominant in the Fire element.

  • Impatiens Flower Essence - This flower essence can be used for emotional cleansing and bringing the body into harmony. It helps with nervousness and anxiety. It can help you relax, have sympathy for a situation or person, help calm you down, and allow you to be more diplomatic. Basically it helps you slow down and keeps you from being so impatient.
  • Big Burn Ritual – This ritual can help to soothe your Fire element personality characteristic's need for extremes by burning up your frustration or by sending a message to the Universe to speed things up. You can see generally how to do the Big Burn HERE. Specifically for you Fire element people, write on your paper those things that are causing you frustration. Write as fast as you can, everything that is leading to your impatience and making you irritable or angry. Then do the Big Burn. If your frustration is stemming from things moving just too slow for you, as an alternative, you can write on your paper a message to the Universe asking for help in accomplishing something quicker. Then when you do the Big Burn, use your intention by putting it into the smoke as it rises taking your request with it.

Being a Fire element personality can be challenging at times. Understanding the fire element characteristics can help you plan situations, projects, careers, and relationships that will work well for you and those that won't. Our Magical Element Fire homestudy course will give you an in-depth study of the Fire element. With this magical knowledge, Fire element personalities can learn how to be successful and avoid getting burned by the same type of problems over and over.

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Thursday, August 9, 2018

3 Magical Ways to Create a Magical Relationship with Money

Who doesn't want to know how to attract money into their lives! No one I know of. There are a variety of magical ways from using formal magic spells to using the principle of the Law of Attraction in which to bring more money into your reality. But there are a few simple tips you can employ to start forming a healthy relationship magically with money that will help pave the way for it to find its way to you.

How to Attract Money: Shift Your Focus
Focus on what money will do for you, not the money itself. Money has a lot negative vibrations, along with oughts, shoulds, and mixed messages from authority figures conflicting with your own desires. One way to short circuit all this is to focus on what you want money to do for you in your life. If you want to do something from your bucket list, for instance, focus on manifesting that instead of the money that will allow you to do so. The money will show up when it needs to.

How to Attract Money: Change Your Thoughts
Stop counting pennies and dollars in your thoughts. In fact, stop all thoughts about quantity as much as possible (i.e., food, calories, money, time). Instead, each time you start thinking that there isn't enough of something, say to yourself "That was then, this is now. There is abundance in my life now." While this seems like a very small change against a lifetime of measurement and feelings of "not enough," magically a small change in the present creates a larger change in the future. Just know that a small change--such as redirecting your thoughts with this mantra will create much larger and different changes/manifestations in the future.

How to Attract Money: Practice Abundance
Act everyday as if you already have what you want (i.e., if you want to go on a trip, start packing your bags regardless of what your bank account says). It's an internal feeling, unrelated to external facts (like how much is in your bank account). Practice feeling like you would at the successful end of your financial journey. Like the mantra, this is a small change that will produce a larger change in the future.

Whatever magical method you use for how to attract money to you, embracing these tips will help you prepare on a mental and spiritual level to be in a place of receiving. The Universe is ready to deliver those things we desire, but we are often our own worst enemies when it comes to actually getting those things. At little shift in focus and re-educating our thoughts will go a long way to getting us ready for what the Universe can help us manifest.

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Thursday, August 2, 2018

Touched By An Angel

I have been inspired lately by some of the magical stories submitted by my students to include a few of my own from the past. I teach several classes at the Esoteric School, have been a magical practitioner for about 30 years and am a co-founder of the Esoteric School. Over the years I have personally witnessed so many magical events that I am sure I could fill a very thick book or two with them. This experience though was a very personal one that I have never forgotten. I call it Touched By An Angel.

This story takes place back around 1985. At that time my life was undergoing a period with a lot of stress and emotional turmoil. Among other life stresses, there were problems with my newest relationship in terms of a controlling mother who disapproved and my girlfriend struggling with freeing herself from her mother's grasp. My situation became stressful enough that I felt the need to get away for a while. So I packed up myself and my dog and I began driving west across country to go stay a while with a friend.

I drove all night and finally stopped at a rest area in Nebraska just approaching dawn. The site was empty with no other people in sight. While my dog was exploring the picnic site, I sat down at a table and began meditating just as the sun was rising. I had my eyes shut, was totally relaxed for the first time in quite a while and began to feel like I was coming out of a void and back into life. I sent up a prayer asking for resolution of my stressful situation and suddenly out there totally alone I heard a voice. The voice was very clear and strong. The words I heard were, "Everything will be fine and work out".

At that point I had the most incredible physical sensation that felt like feathers of a huge wing brushing against my face and down the left side of my body. My first thought was that my dog was brushing up against me to offer comfort, but upon opening my eyes I saw the dog a good 12 feet away from me. The feeling that continued to stay with me was one of total peace and healing and I knew at that point I had indeed been touched by an angel.

If you have any magical stories or experiences you'd like to share, leave us a comment on Facebook or on our blog. We love hearing about how magic has enhanced the lives of others and sharing your experiences could have a huge impact of the life of another just as that angel impacted my life so many years ago.

In Magic,
Alan aka RavenWindStar

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