Thursday, April 21, 2011

What Else Can You Teach Me?

This is what we are often asked after people read our "Is Magic Real?" article and send for the cloud exercise. After experiencing for themselves the joy of magic through working with clouds they are eager for more. The answer to the question is – LOTS!!

First, for those of you just having a little fun with magic or those who are new to magic and not quite ready to take the full plunge, we have a rich library of articles in our Resources section. This is where you will find the article "Is Magic Real?" that includes how to send for the cloud exercise mentioned above. There are also articles covering a variety of magical topics including Spells, Divination, Healing and Health, Guidance and Help and several others. Check out the entire library.

There are many other offerings in our Resources section we hope you will explore. And they are all FREE! Over the years, we have conducted many free teleconferences and short email courses. These are archived as audio files or text in the Resource section. You can listen to audios of guest speakers on topics such as Dowsing, Animal Communication, and Feng Shui, to mention a few. And don't miss the archive of "Magic in Your Mailbox" that offers some good beginning magical exercises.

Are you ready to get more serious about magical studies? For you, we have 2 free audio files on our website that will let you get a taste of the classes and types of material in them. There is an audio file for Introduction to Basic Magic and one for the sample "Athame" class . We also have complete homestudy courses on multi-media cd for Basic Magic, Basic Shamanism, Magical Self Defense and Tarot.

If you are looking at taking your magical studies in smaller bites, we have Short Courses on each of the 4 Elements and on Four Element Balancing and a variety of ebooks.

Whatever level you are at, we hope you will join us at our blog and share your magical experiences with us as we share ours with you. Blessings to you on your magical journey.

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Magically Erase the Monday Morning Blues

I'm not sure why it's called the Monday Morning Blues, as really the blues can set in for any morning. The weekend is over or the relaxing evening before, we find ourselves not able to get going or rushing around, trying to get wherever we have to be that day, thinking ahead to all the things on our "To Do" list. We let the habitual morning routine take over and go through our tasks in a rote manner. But morning is the time to set the tone for your day. Part of that is moving out of rote behavior so that we move to a level of conscious choice. Magical practitioners have learned that there are techniques to avoid these "blues" that keep us stuck in lower levels. They avoid setting themselves up for a chaotic and stress filled day and raise their emotional level to a place where the day flows smoothly and they can operate from a position of power rather than things just happening to them. Here are some tips for quick and simple ways to start your Monday morning or any morning off magically.

1. Burn a Sun Yellow Candle – Sun Yellow is the color of the fire element that represents the spiritual level. Sun Yellow is the color of life force and nourishes spirit. Make sure it is pure sun yellow with no oranges mixed in. Certain fire energies, such as Sun Yellow, are useful for overcoming sluggish emotional states because some of the characteristics of fire energy are that it is non-mutable, a motivator and radiative. Sun Yellow is a very safe fire element color to use.

2. Morning Reading – pick a positive type reading everyday from whatever discipline you subscribe to or a variety of them. These readings can be as complex as pages from Gurdjieff Commentaries to the more simple such as a chapter from The Four Agreements or Deepak Chopra's 7 Spiritual Laws for Success. The reading you pick may just be a single line from the many inspirational or devotional books that are available. Whatever it is, take the message you have read and keep it with you throughout the day looking for ways you can apply it in your life or observing ways others are using it. Use the message to create an aim for yourself for that day. When things start to get routine, sluggish or stressful throughout the day, remember the message from your reading to remind yourself what your aim for the day is and anchor yourself again.

3. Morning Sit - Take at least 5 minutes (more if you have the time) – to sit quietly and just be with yourself. Reflect upon your morning reading or your day greeting or just be quiet and breathe deeply and slowly. Meditate on the daily aim you have set for yourself and invite higher beings and powers to guide you through your day.

4. Day Greeting – Starting off the day with a Day Greeting puts you in contact with Sky Father and Earth Mother (and winds of the 4 directions if you include them). It gives you access to the guidance of higher powers and beings. You can include asking these higher powers to be with you through out the day for help on a specific situation you know you will be facing or just to be with you in general for guidance and to share their wisdom. To do the Day Greeting you can do the simple version of facing to the east, raising your arms and hands to towards the sky and saying "Sky Father, I bid you good morning" then lowering your arms and hands towards the ground and saying "And Earth Mother, I bid you good morning". Or you can use the longer version and address all four of the directions too by holding your arms out towards the direction you are facing:
East – "Winds of Knowledge (or Winds of the East), I bid you good morning"
South – "Winds of Power (or Winds of the South), I bid you good morning"
West – "Winds of Feeling" (or Winds of the West), I bid you good morning"
North – "Winds of Strength" (or Winds of the North), I bid you good morning"
Then do as above with Sky Father and Earth Mother.

5. Pick a higher thought – Sometimes when we are stuck in negative patterns or really low we can break the negative cycle or feelings by picking the next higher thought. For example, you don't have enough money to go out to lunch with your colleagues at work today and have to brown bag it and it's got you down in the dumps with nothing to look forward to in the day. Your mind is cycling messages like, "There's never enough money", "I hate my job and will never make enough money at it", "Everyone else always seems to have more money than I do", "My life really stinks", etc.... Whoa! Are these the messages you want to be sending out to the Universe?? Only if these are the things you want to attract to yourself. It's hard to break this type of cycle once it has started and come up with something totally positive. But you can stop it by coming up with a statement that is just a little step higher towards positive. "Well at least I'll be having lunch and not going without even if it is just a ham sandwich", can lead to "And there is that leftover piece of cheesecake my friend made, I suppose I could take that too" which can lead to "I sure do have some good friends in my life", and then "Maybe I'll surprise my friend by baking her some brownies tonight, that will be fun", "I really am blessed with good friends and good things in my life". You get the idea.

6. Wear bright red – Bright red is the fire element color corresponding to the physical or mundane level. It represents metabolism and body temperature. Wearing something bright red can give your physical body a lift much like a brisk physical workout would do. If you find yourself really on edge, nervous about something coming up in your day or jittery, you might want to try wearing pink instead. The color pink is fire with a lot of air, which is a sedative and relaxing.

7. Do the Shower Litany – At the end of taking your morning shower, see all the tension and stress of hurrying to get ready to leave for work flowing down your body like the water is and down the drain as the water drains out. You can also flow out any aches and pains leftover from yard work or sports activities over the weekend. As you are doing this say out loud:
"All the tension, all the strain,
All the pain with excess flame,
Flow with water down the drain."

At this point you might be saying, I don't have time in the mornings to do these things. It's all I can do to get dressed, grab breakfast to go, get the kids ready and off to school and lots of other time related excuses. Give it a try though, even if just for one morning using just one of the above tips. I find that when I take the time to allow magic into my life, physical time is not an issue. Not only does the entire day go better, there is plenty of time to get everything done in the morning. It works just like, well.... Magic!

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