Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Finding Your Inner Peace

Whenever you are trying to get in touch with your Spirit Senses, it is first important to find inner silence so you can what the Universe is actually trying to tell you. This recipe will teach you how to meditate to find your inner peace. If you enjoyed this recipe or want to get more in touch with your Spirit Senses, be sure to check out our S is for Spirit Senses Magick eBook.

How to Find Inner Silence

Time Needed: 15 minutes a day


  • Comfortable place to sit
  • (Optional) candle, incense, or essential oils
  • At least 15 minutes of quiet, uninterrupted time

Recipe Directions

  1. For at least 15 minutes, sit in a comfortable position with closed eyes, hands in your lap with right hand cradled in the left.
  2. While you are aware of your thoughts, remain unattached from them. Be aware especially of your sensations.
  3. If you have trouble relaxing, try lighting a candle to center your concentration, burn soothing incense, diffuse essential oils, or sit near a running fountain.
  4. Now begin feeling your natural breathing as the breath moves in and out of your body. Don't force your breathing or change it any way, just feel and be aware of your body's own natural breaths.
  5. As you become aware of thoughts popping up in your mind, let them pass through without focusing your attention on them. Think of this as sitting on a shoreline watching boats pass by. If you find your attention drawn to one thought in particular or find yourself hopping on that boat to explore, get off and return to shore. Simply return your focus to your breathing and let the thought pass by.
  6. After at least 15 minutes of sitting in this manner you can get up and end your meditation time.

Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Exercising Choice

In every relationship, we are tasked with making tough decisions. This can cause us to become afraid of making choices in fear that we are making the wrong one. Here is when Relationship Magick comes in and helps us in Exercising Choice! Read more below to learn the magickal ritual of exercising choice.

Exercising Choice

Time Required: Ten Minutes Per Day


  • Desire to increase relationship with higher powers and beings
  • Willingness to do this exercise each day consistently
  • Way to keep track of the number of days in a row you have done the exercise

Recipe Directions:

  1. Either out loud or silently, say to yourself, "I will now make a conscious choice."
  2. Ask yourself a choice question now. "Do I choose to do this or that?” (i.e., relax and read a book or go for a walk.) The question might also be "What do I choose to do right now?"
  3. Take a moment to be silent and listen to your inner self. The first answer that comes to you is what you must do. Make sure if you are in a place or time where you cannot do certain things that you do not make those things part of the choice. For example, if you are at work and would get in trouble for sleeping on the job, don’t make one of the choices “go take a nap”.
  4. Do this exercise each day for 40 days. If you miss a day, and you most certainly will, start over at Day 1. Don’t beat yourself up for starting over. This is part of the journey and the primary goal is having the practice, not getting to the 40 day goal.

Be sure to keep practicing and reflect on how you are improving at making decisions! If you interested in more guidance in your relationships, be sure to check out our Relationship Magick eBook!