Thursday, July 28, 2016

Got Icky Yucky Stuff in Your Life? Clear Your Life with Magical Fire and the Firebowl

A magical Firebowl is a great tool for using the Fire element and the Air element to clear negative yucky stuff out of your life. The Firebowl can be used to cleanse an area or house with a two element cleansing, cleanse objects and people, or use in meditation to clear out your mind. So no matter where you feel the junky energies are: on you, around you, in your mind..., you can use the magical Firebowl to clear them out.

About the Magical Firebowl
The Firebowl does not need to be keyed like other magical tools do. It keys itself every time you light it. And not all procedures will need a charged Firebowl, but cleansings do. Charging the Firebowl programs it for a specific purpose by stating the intended purpose and programming it into the Firebowl tool. For instructions on making your own Firebowl and charging it click HERE. Or you can find this information and other uses for the Firebowl in our Magical Tool: Firebowl ebook. If you burn yellow and yellow-orange pine, sage, sweet grass, juniper, pinion, or copal in the Firebowl, they will act as natural cleansers when burned even if you don't charge them. These are good incense to burn periodically in your home just to keep junky energies cleared up on a regular basis.

Cleansing Objects With the Magical Firebowl
Besides cleansing an area or your house or apartment, you can use the magical Firebowl to cleanse objects or people. If you thrift shop, garage sale or buy antiques, you may acquire objects that have negative energies attached to them from other people. You also may collect negative energies directed at you in some types of jewelry that you are wearing at the time. You can easily clear these energies with the Firebowl. Just change the charge verse to use the phrase "cleanse these objects". Then hold the object in the smoke from the Firebowl until the smoke clings to the object.

Cleansing People With the Magical Firebowl
You can cleanse yourself or other people using the Firebowl. This is especially useful if someone has a lingering illness or condition that appears to come from mysterious origin or cause, but can be done anytime you feel like you have negative or junky energies weighing you down. Before attending a formal ritual or ceremony is another time to cleanse others and yourself. In cleansing people, use the phrase "Cleanse this person and cleanse his/her space" in the basic charge verse. When cleansing someone else, hold the Firebowl close to the person starting at their feet and let the smoke drift towards them. Some people also use a feather to fan the smoke towards another person or themselves. Begin moving the Firebowl around the other person in a clockwise direction (to the left) making an upward spiral as you circle around them and move up the body. Continue until you go up over the head. As you go past the face, the person can inhale the smoke which cleanses the lining of the throat and lungs which are a continuation of the outer skin.

To use the Firebowl to cleanse yourself:
Place the smoking Firebowl on the floor with enough incense burning to make a lot of smoke. Stand over the Firebowl with one foot on either side of it. Weave slightly back and forth in order for the smoke to go up the front and back of you.

Meditating with the Magical Firebowl
If you find yourself stressed or having a lot of negative thoughts or emotions, you may find meditating with the Firebowl in front of you helpful to clear out those junky thoughts and feelings. You don't need to charge the Firebowl for meditation and the incense you choose to burn will vary according to what you are dealing with. Here are some guidelines:
- Burn air incense for consciousness or mind-oriented meditations
- Burn water incense for emotion, Spirit, or intuition-based meditations
- Burn earth incense for meditations focused on the physical body, daily practicalities or mechanics

Click Here for some guidelines on telling what element an incense is.

That's it, you're all set now to make a Firebowl, choose an incense, charge the Firebowl and start getting all the yucky energies cleared out of your home, your space, yourself and your mind. To learn more about this great magical tool be sure to check out the ebook.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Is Your Magical Practice at Risk?

The most common reason that people lose their magical "mojo" is that they don't practice daily rituals. Daily rituals provide regular contact with spirit guides and the Universe, and a good working relationship with these beings does improve chances of getting assistance in magical acts. Also consistent practice of regular magical rituals helps boost your magical force--every successful daily ritual adds magical force until your magical bank account is overflowing; but failing to keep in touch with your magical practice can leave you magically bankrupt!

A good way to make sure you are keeping magic in your life daily is by signing up for our Everyday Magic Email course. This course gives you 52 magical lessons and inspirations, one each week, for daily magic practice. Here's a sample of what you'll find in this course.

As Above So Below
How much do you move your body? Many of us spend a great part of the day sitting and not moving. By the esoteric law of "As Above, So Below" each part of our being affects the other parts. So when you find yourself mentally stuck, moving your body helps get your mind moving. By this law, when we change one part of our being, every other part has to change to match it. So as you move your body, your mind and spirit move to match it. Understanding how this law works can help you transform every area of your life. 

Slow Movement
Now that you see how moving your body can help get your mind and spirit moving too, you can also use this principle to control your mind when it starts running away with you. That means times when you start obsessing about something that happened during the day or incessant worry or just mind chatter that interferes with your inner silence or trying to meditate. In these cases when you get up and move your body, move it slowly. Walk across the room taking slow deliberate steps or slowly do some Tai Chi or yoga moves. Whatever type of movement you do, do it consciously and slowly, feeling all the sensations of your body moving and your breathing. This slowing down of the body will help slow down your mind so you can have some inner silence to hear your guides, higher powers and beings and your own inner wisdom. Regularly practice with moving your body slowly will help your mind slow down and stay more focused and help you get better sleep at night. The next time you're feeling nervous or anxious, give this a try and magically help slow down your racing feelings and thoughts.

Give these techniques a try and add them to your magical toolbox. Then for lots more information on how magic works and techniques you can use to improve your life, check out the Everyday Magic Email course.

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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Magically Change Your Life With Future Memories

Ever become stuck when trying to change your life? Most of us have experienced trying to make a change of some sort that we just can’t seem to accomplish. Take for example, my friend who wants to incorporate more exercise into her daily routine. She started learning yoga and did it every day for about a month, then the desire to keep with it just faded away. Next she got an exercise video and set up 3 days and times to follow along which lasted about 3 weeks before it too just faded out. Her next plan revolved around thinking that several smaller time periods of exercise would be more doable, so she set alarms throughout the day to exercise for just 10 minutes at a time. Soon the alarms just got turned off and so did she on this daily ritual. Finally, she read an article saying that taking 2 fifteen minute walks a day would provide the extra exercise she needed and there she went off and running (or walking in this case). Now it may sound to you like my friend is just a flake with no willpower and a touch of laziness. But I can assure you this is very far from the truth. In most things she undertakes, she is able to set a goal and follow the steps to its completion. She just has this one area that time and time again she fails to accomplish her goal even though she really does want to achieve it.

Future Memories
Situations like this are where future memories can help magically change your life. This is one of the many useful techniques you can find in our Daily Rituals for Attracting What you Want in Life ebook. Usually we think of memories as being of the past. Future memories however are about what we will do, will say or will experience in the future. Future memories pave the way for us from the present to our desired future. When you create future memories, add specifics like emotions, thoughts, and actions to make them seem real. The more energy put into the creation of a future memory the more likely they will manifest for us.

Creating Future Memories
Here are steps to take in creating future memories:

1. Sit in a quiet space with body and mind relaxed

2. See in your mind a situation that would cause you to fail your goal

3. Stop yourself in this vision and remember your goal.

4. Let yourself experience and “really feel” how difficult it is to stop the distraction, the craving, or whatever it is that is preventing you from reaching your goal. Feel the emotion involved, recognize the thoughts you are thinking and bring the vision to life by adding as much “texture” to it as you can.

5. Then see yourself in the vision doing an alternate solution; one that will lead you to accomplishing your goal. Include as many of your senses as you can – the feel of objects, smells around you, sounds, etc…

Example of Creating a Future Memory
Here’s how this might work for my friend and her goal to exercise more:

She sits in a quiet place becoming relaxed. She sees a vision of herself in the morning in front of her desk with the list of things to do today on it. She recognizes how she would normally decide she better get started on that list and put off taking a walk until she is finished. In the vision, she notices the color of the paper the To Do List is written on, how smooth the paper feels as she picks it up. She notices the smell of coffee coming from the kitchen and the sound of the egg timer going off in the background. She pays attention to the thought of putting off walking until she gets at least some of the list done and feels the guilt and struggle inside herself caused by this. She then stops herself in the vision and sees herself calling up a friend that lives nearby. She feels the phone in her hand, sees herself punching each of the numbers on the phone, hears the phone ringing and the call being answered. She creates a conversation of asking if the friend would like to come walk with her and the friend agreeing that she’ll be right over. She lets herself experience the feeling of joy, pride and accomplishment of going for the walk. She is aware of the thought that taking a 10 minute walk is not going to affect whether her To Do List gets done or not and that it will more likely give her the energy to get more done.

Spending just 3 minutes a day for several days in a row creating future memories will help you not be as tempted by distractions that keep you from achieving your goal. Future memories become friendly reminders to your future self of how you can avoid pitfalls and of strategies to reach your goal. The more time and energy you put into creating your future memories, the more real they will be and the faster they will manifest into reality. Give some thought to what things keep you “stuck”? What in your life could creating future memories help you accomplish?

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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Amazingly Practical Uses for Magical Self Defense

When thinking about magical self defense, most people immediately think of using magic in a situation where they are being physically attacked. That is part of it, but really how often do most of us encounter a physical attack? There are many other situations that occur much more frequently where magical self-defense comes in handy. For example, if you are in a situation where a lot of negative criticism or advice is being thrown at you, you find yourself the target for someone else's anger or rage, or you are under psychic attack like someone thinking bad thoughts about you or wishing you harm. These are all situations that occur much more frequently and that we all have to deal with in families, work, social situations and relationships from time to time.

Clarissa Pinkola Estes said, "If you have beauty in your life, know that it will attract the dark as well as the light. Don't be surprised. BE PREPARED." That means if you engage in any type of magical practice you are open to attack from negative forces. And like she says, don't be surprised, just be prepared.

Our Magical Self Defense course is one way to get prepared. This course teaches when it is appropriate and when it is not to use magical self defense techniques, how to control any situation, how to protect your sacred space, how to neutralize physical and psychic attacks and how to deflect and diffuse anger and negativity. Here's the way one of our self defense students put it:

"The Magical Self Defense Course gives me the confidence to take care of myself in any situation, even a life threatening one. This course teaches me how to take care of weird neighbors, violent attackers, energy sucking "vampires" and other creatures of the 21st century. The best method of Self Defense is to live with your intention set on avoiding encounters with life's ugly little mutants, but it is also comforting to know that you have a little lightning up your sleeve if you need it."

Real Life Self Defense Magically
Here's a little magical self defense story one of our students shared with us that we'd like to share with you.

"My mother drives me crazy with her negativity and criticisms. Since I started studying magic, I have dealt with a lot of past issues around being raised in such a negative environment, being constantly reminded how my life choices have been a disappointment to my family, how I have not lived up to what they perceive is my potential, and that everything I say or do is either silly or wrong according to her. This was a huge source of stress for me because on the one hand I didn't want to completely be cut-off from my mother, after all she is my mother. But I couldn't stand the negativity anymore and being on the magical path I was pursuing was not an energetic match with this type of negative energy. Then I learned how to create and use protection shields. The first time I visited my mother with an omnil put up around me keyed to deflect negative energy and criticism, I was truly amazed at the results. I could almost see the criticisms being hurled at me and bouncing off the walls of my omnil. Being in this sacred space, I was able to see my part in the interactions with my mother over the years and the fuel that I added to feed this fire. Being in the omnil allowed me to maintain my sacred space and practice a different type of response and interaction. I can't say that it happened all at once or even within a few weeks. But as I maintained my positive stance and a more self-confident air, my mother's attitude towards me began to change. Instead of allowing her to guilt me or make me feel bad about myself, I can honestly turn to her and say calmly things like, "I'm sorry you feel that way about me" or "It must be really hard for you to feel so disappointed in your daughter". These type of statements would make her stop and think about the words she was using and how hurtful they came across. As my energy frequency in our interactions have changed, hers have changed to match them and she has become much less critical and negative towards me. Perhaps the reflection from my omnil has allowed her to view me and our relationship in a new light. Or perhaps it's just the magic principle that like attracts like and as my energy changed hers either had to change to match it or she'd have to move out of my space. It gives me hope to see hers changing and to know that she doesn't want to lose our relationship any more than I do."

We hope you enjoyed this story as much as we did and that you can find ways in your life that a little magical self defense can help. Learning self defense techniques is easy and fun and will help you be prepared the next time you encounter a situation that threatens you or your sacred space.

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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Best Household Self Defense Magic

One of the techniques to use for magical self defense or protection magic for your home is the warding and binding of the mirrors in your home environment. This is just one of the helpful techniques you will find in our How to Do Voodoo ebook. In protecting your home, you can put up omnils or various types of shields, but did you know that mirrors can be magical windows or doorways into other worlds and a way others can by-pass your shields and get into your space? Look around your home and I bet you will find many silver and/or black mirrors. Besides what we usually think of as a mirror, there are reflective surfaces such as computer screens, TV screens, and reflective glass of kitchen appliances such as microwaves. Really look around your house and see what types of reflective surfaces are there. Mirrors are like psychic sponges. They absorb all types of emotional energy as well as create access for other worlds. Unless you know how to program a mirror like a magician or shaman does to use it as a tool, then you don't know what the mirror is accessing at any given time. This can be a danger in that you never know who or what may enter your space through these magic portals.

Silver and Black Mirrors
Black mirrors are also sometimes referred to as witch's mirrors. Magicians and shamans make their own black mirrors as a tool for doing things such as traveling to other realms. They are trained in how to program the mirror and use it for divination and research. In a like manner a magician or shaman can use our own mirrors to enter our worlds and penetrate our shields. So even if you have an omnil or other protective shield around your home and then have a mirror that reflects a scene that is outside the shield, your space can be entered through this portal. Silver mirrors are only able to access the level or plane you see in the reflection. Black mirrors however can access any realm. Unwanted spirits can also be found residing in mirrors.

How to Ward and Bind Mirrors for Self Defense
Warding and binding your silver and black mirrors is an easy way to employ magical self defense to protect yourself from anyone who might mean you harm using these portals to invade your space including archetypes and for keeping unwanted spirits out of your house. Here's how you do it:

1. First do a 4 element cleansing on your mirror (or do all your mirrors at the same time) using your Firebowl and Chalice. If you are not familiar with how to do a 4 element cleansing see the directions HERE.

2. Load your Athame (Fire element tool) with the electric blue color of the Fire element, and sweep the mirror from top to bottom with a sheet of this energy.

3. Then ward the mirror by putting the Left Eye of Horus symbol in the lower right hand corner of the mirror. You can either draw it on with a permanent marker or get a permanent sticker to put on the mirror. See the picture below of the Left Eye and be sure you use that one and not the Right Eye of Horus. The Right Eye enhances spirit vision and divination. It is used for seeking, opening and pulling, all of which are the opposite of protection magic. The Left Eye is a natural mirror and glass protector. If your mirror is round or oval shaped, then put the Eye in the bottom center of the mirror.

4. Now bind the mirror by again loading your Athame with electric blue, extending a beam of this energy off the tip and drawing an X with it across the mirror. When drawing the first line of the X, go from top right to bottom left. For the second line of the X, draw the line from top left to lower right. When drawing each line lock the beams into the frame or back of the mirror at corners.

5. If you ever need to unbind your mirror, just use a beam of electric blue from your Athame and cut down the center of the X with a vertical or horizontal cut.

Left Eye of Horus

Use this simple protection magic technique to keep your sacred space clean of unwanted energies, archetypes, and spirits and as a self defense tactic against others that would invade your space to bring you harm. Whereas mirrors, especially black mirrors can be a useful tool when properly used, they can also be used against you. Warding and binding both your silver and black mirrors can give you peace of mind that your home is protected from any of these outside invaders.

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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Drowning in Your Woes

People with the personality characteristics associated with the Water element are full of empathy and compassion. They tend to feel the emotions of other people just as easily as they feel their own. These can be great personality characteristics and make Water element personalities people who devote themselves to caring for the planet and its beings. Water personalities tend to have birth visions like love, feel, or appreciate.

These types of personality also attract people seeking comfort, love and assurance. While all this can be a great thing, it can also sometimes be overwhelming for the Water types of personality people. It is not uncommon to find Water personalities experiencing problems of grief, sadness, or woe related to empathy, psychic vibrations, or compassion. They often fall into the trap of trying to fix the world and every stray that comes along losing sight of the fact that their appreciation, intention and joy are more beneficial to the planet than caretaking individual beings. They also often struggle with taking on negative energies from others. If these type of problems keep bothering you, then chances are you are a Water personality type and there are things you can do to guard yourself. Here are a couple to try:

•Flower essence combination for people who are susceptible to psychic vibrations from others: Love in the Mist, Yarrow, Rhododendron and Tourmaline.

•A Psychic shield for men or women is generally a silver pendant worn on a chain around the neck. They are programmed to defend against psychic attack of any kind or degree and are keyed to the energy frequency of the person wearing them. They are designed to shield from or block negative energies from affecting you. In the case of Water personality types, these type shields can protect you from taking on the psychic vibrations and woes of others.

Since the personality characteristics associated with Water personalities make them natural empaths, psychics and healers of the world that are flowing with empathy and compassion, they often need to protect themselves from being drowned in the grief, despair and woes of those they work with. Understanding the Water element will go a long way towards giving Water personalities the ability to stay balanced and in their natural state of loving, feeling, and appreciating the gifts and beauty in their lives. If you are this type of personality, check out our Magical Element Water homestudy course. This course will provide you an in-depth study of the Water element and help you learn how to stay balanced in your Water energies.

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