Thursday, September 19, 2019

Take a Magical Power Walk

I'm sure you've heard of, seen or do power walking to keep fit or lose weight. But have you heard of a magical power walk to keep spiritually fit? This is just one of the many exercises and tips you'll find in our first Kindle book in the Witchcraft Spell Book series called LEARN HOW TO DO WITCHCRAFT RITUALS AND SPELLS WITH YOUR BARE HANDS.

Litany Versus. Chant
This magical power walk is really a litany and is part of the Navajo Beauty Way. Many people confuse litanies and chants, but they are not the same. Basically a chant creates a magical effect in the environment. A litany is a type of chant that affects the person saying the litany. This Walking Litany creates a stable datum or anchor point for whoever is saying it.

How the Walking Litany Works
When you do the Walking Litany, you are using a continuous spell that affects yourself. It puts up a temporary shield or omnil around you. Magical effects from it can vary according to the words used. In our example for this article, we will be looking at the magical effect of gaining personal power and/or ridding yourself of negative energies that are draining. According to the Law of Attraction, when you are affected or changed, so is your life. In other words, "The level of your being attracts the level of your life". The Walking Litany can help you change the level of your being which in turn changes your life.

Doing the Walking Litany as Power Walk
1. Start by taking a look at your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual condition. This is necessary for you to compare results after performing the litany and note changes created by it.

2. Walk for at least 2 city blocks. You can walk a further distance, but not less than 2 city blocks. It doesn't matter where you walk as long as you walk enough distance. You could be in a city, your neighborhood, a park, wooded trail, or even just around your house. Many people find it enjoyable to walk in a nature type of environment, but it isn't necessary.

3. As you walk, say this litany out loud and in rhythm with your footsteps. Use a strong voice of command.

4. The litany is:
With power around me, I walk in the world.
With power within me, I walk in the world.
This one carries power.
This one walks in power.
5. Keep saying the litany over and over throughout your entire walk.

6. At the end of the walk, take time to again notice your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual state. Ask yourself:
  • What is different?
  • What has changed?
  • What is no longer present?
  • What is new?
The Walking Litany can be used as a daily ritual or just anytime you feel the need to recharge your personal power or climb out of a negative hole into a more positive state. Now that you know the way to walk yourself down the path towards a more magical life, give it a try and go take a walk.

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