Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Magic 2012 - Change Just One Itty-bitty Thing

Magic 2012 is very exciting because magic is literally "in the air"! In other words, a little bit of magic goes a long way during this planetary transition period ... and it happens fast!

Magic 2012 and Little Changes
One of the main principles of spell work is that "a small change in the present leads to a larger change in the future." This principle also applies to the Tarot. And this principle is very helpful in magic 2012.

What does this principle mean to you as a practitioner this year? It means that if you want to use magic to make major changes in your life, you don't have to go for the giant Tarot spell or the big-time magical act.
You just have to make a small change now. In magic 2012, that little change then leads to a much larger change in your near future. In your far future, that change becomes much bigger. In other words, a little magical change today turns into a magical snowball that rolls downhill, gathering speed and size. The magic just keeps getting bigger and faster.

Magic 2012 and Small Daily Changes
If one small magical change in the present makes such a big change in your future, what do you think happens when you make small magical changes every single day?

That means you fashion and set into motion a magical snowball every single day. Can you say "magical avalanche"?
So what are we really talking about here? We are talking about doing daily magical rituals to make the most of magic 2012.

Whether you do the Navajo Beauty Way Exit Ritual multiple times a day, or you choose to do a different magical ritual every day, the magic will happen more and more with each passing day.

You can also use the daily magical rituals to ask for different things each time, or you can simply re-affirm the coming of the same few things each time. That part is the fun creative magical decision that you get to make!

Need help with daily magical rituals?

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Magic 2012 - Temper Tantrums Allowed

Children are born magical and wise. How and why? Well, one of the things that babies and children do very well, especially early-on in life, is cry, fuss, and throw temper tantrums until they get what they want. When they are babies, they are the most successful at getting what they want, and they tend to lose this trait to "education and imitation" as they grow older.

Normally speaking, society doesn't consider the "temper tantrum" to be "good behavior" ... thus frowning on this tactic. It's no wonder that we, as adults, rarely throw temper tantrums, at least not publicly. However, in magic 2012 temper tantrums are not only allowed but can also be very helpful.

Magic 2012 and Temper Tantrums
The Universe, as you have probably figured out, is all-powerful and knows all. And the Universe, especially during this year, finds our antics amusing. Thus even temper tantrums are amusing to the Universe, not to mention occasionally quite useful.

You may be wondering why temper tantrums are called for in magic 2012. After all, if the Universe is all-knowing, why doesn't the Universe just deliver what we want and be done with it? The Universe DOES know what we want and DOES deliver when we ask. The temper tantrums are for us.

Going out and throwing a temper tantrum at the Winds of the four directions can actually be very helpful for us. Temper tantrums are clarifying. They help us ask and answer the question, "What do I REALLY want?" As adults, we have lost the clarity of desire that we had as children, not to mention the willingness to demand our desires.

Throwing a temper tantrum--a child-like form of behavior--returns us to a child-like state of clarity. Tantrums also help us blow off steam and clear repressed emotions. Clearing repressed emotions in magic 2012 is REALLY important, because they are the most likely culprits to sabotage our magical work. This year is all about being present to our emotions, especially since emotions are the language of Spirit, so don't "stuff 'em." Instead, throw a temper tantrum, demand what you want from the Universe, listen as the Universe laughs at and with you, and return yourself to a joyful, peaceful, child-like state. It's fun!

In throwing a temper tantrum and getting back into a happy place, we are also fulfilling our roles on this planet. As the Hopi say, our "job" is to "sound a joyous note to Creator's ear." So if a tantrum gets us back to a happy place, then by all means we should throw a tantrum right here, right now.

How do you throw a temper tantrum? That is completely up to you. Whether you scream and yell at the Universe in general, write a demanding note to your guides and burn it in your Firebowl, or just get down on the ground and pound your fists ... just do what come naturally. As a child you had it in you to do a really good tantrum. Just go for it and enjoy!

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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Magic 2012 - The Happy Group

A while back we wrote an article on magic 2012 and referred to three different types of people and how they would be affected during this pivotal year. We separated the population into three different groups:

--those who would simply leave the planet
--those who would feel completely nuts but survive
--those for whom nothing much would change

After we posted this article, we have been receiving a steady stream of emails from a very select group of people suggesting that we add a fourth group to this list: the group who are not only happy and thriving in 2012, but having a great time with magic. These people are having magical, mystical, miraculous, and wonderful events occur in their lives ... and they are not working their butts off, either. Nope, they are just having a lot of fun.

Magic 2012 and the Happy Folks
First off, we would like to thank the people who sent us emails about their experience with magic 2012. We knew these people existed on the planet and were having a good time, and we also knew that it would be a fairly rare experience on the planet. In addition, a lot of the beings who are having a good time with magic 2012 prefer to "stay under the radar" since their job is to hold and stabilize the energy on the planet, not make a big magical splash. So we haven't talked about them much.

At the same time, it seems that mention of this happy group is definitely necessary. We should also point out that you can transition into this group at any time. You simply have to make the decision to do so. You just decide. You just move over. You just stop feeding yourself on negative emotions, which, by the way, are very addictive and very popular. You just start looking for the magical and the mystical everywhere you go, under every rock, with every interaction with every stranger. And you move you into that group of happy folks just like that. It's simple, easy, and definitely do-able.

Does anything bad happen to the people in this group? Sure, the inconvenience factor is still at work on the planet, even for this group. They have flat tires, they lose stuff, the value of their stock drops from time to time (like everyone else's). The main difference is that these people KNOW, deep in their bones, that the magic still happens even after all the inconvenience is over and done. In fact, a lot of magic 2012 emerges from the ashes of a lot of inconvenience.

Hmmm ... that's a fun little secret to play with, isn't it?

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