Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Stuck in a Rut?

Do you feel stuck in a rut, trapped by your routine and unable to make a break? If you are so practical and responsible that you are unable to make progress on things like items on your bucket list, then chances are you are an Earth element personality type. People with Earth types of personalities tend to have birth visions like be, build, or improve.

On the plus side, Earth types of personality are practical and down to Earth type people. They have strength, are able to endure and are patient. They also tend to value structure, boundaries, loyalty and permanence. Those with Earth personality characteristics are great manifesters and anchors of the world who are often very serene people. But these types of personalities can also easily get stuck in ruts as the tendency towards permanence and stability can make them stubborn and inflexible. If you are an Earth element personality type facing this type of challenge, here are a couple of tips that can help.

  • The flower essence Walnut is great if you want to make a big voluntary change in your life. It can help you develop an overall sense of well-being and be able to face new conditions. Walnut helps with stabilizing, establishing good boundaries, transition, and protection and is excellent for all kinds of life transitions, clearing out old habit patterns, and helping  you find your direction free from the influence of others.
  • Walking in the rain by running water is another way to help get you out of a rut. Water was often used as a cleansing source in tribal times to release the old and bring in the new. Old ideas and beliefs were carried away by the running water and fresh new ideas were brought in from above through the rain. You can do this exact same thing out in nature or you can turn to your shower for fresh water from above and running water below.  Either of these ways can help with letting go of preconceived notions, judgments, and old beliefs that no longer serve so you are able to accept new ideas and beliefs.
  • You can also wash away your stuck energy and shift yourself out of your rut by using the shower litany.

Whichever of these techniques work for you to break up stubbornness and clear out the old that no longer serves, learning more about your predominant element that has such an effect on your personality will also be helpful. You can gain an in-depth understanding of the Earth element in our Magical Element Earth homestudy course. Learning all you can about your predominant element will help you with the struggles it brings, help you find areas that you will naturally be more successful in and teach you how to keep your energy balanced.

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Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Pendulum Divination Part I: How to Make Your Own Pendulum

Pendulum divination is a great magical technique for accessing information from the Universe and unlocking your own native wisdom. A pendulum is a magical tool that consists of a lightweight object suspended from a string or chain. It becomes a natural extension of yourself and as long as you know the right questions to ask, you can get any and all information that exists in the Universe. Pendulum divination can be used for dowsing as well as to answer your questions

Making a Pendulum
You can certainly buy a pendulum from a new age store or many sources on the internet, but you can also make your own just as easily. First you need a lightweight object. A paper clip, earring, pendant or talisman can all work for this. You can also use a small crystal. The best crystal to use is an amethyst crystal. Just be sure to store any crystal you use in a pewter box. This will protect it from taking on negative energy. Do not use Aurora crystals treated with petroleum as these do not work well.

Next you need something to hang the pendulum on that will allow it to swing. This could be a chain, a string of natural fiber like cotton or silk or leather. If you use a metal chain, silver is the best as it is the most magically stable metal.

In the next article in this series, we'll talk about how to train your pendulum, so stay tuned. If you can't wait, check out our Kindle Book on Amazon.com entitled Learn How To Do Witchcraft Rituals and Spells With Magical Tools. You'll find all this information and more about pendulums there.

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Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Getting Mad? 3 Magical Rituals to Avoid Flaming Out

The mortgage payment is due, the kids have gone nuts, and the dishwasher just leaked water all over the floor.

Feeling mad or upset yet?

These days there seem to be endless reasons for us to lose our tempers, everything from small annoyances (like the cell phone battery dying in the middle of a good chat) to the really big stuff (like job loss).

But wait, don't flame out! There are simple magical rituals and solutions to help you avoid getting mad or, if you are already mad, to keep you from staying mad.

3 Magic Rituals to Keep You from Flaming Out!

There are actually many magic rituals that help deal with the "fire energy" of anger, and here are three of my favorites: the ground out, the Apache tear, and the big burn. Fun stuff ... and useful, too!

#1: Ground Out Your Anger Magically
This magical ritual involves large appliances, like your refrigerator or your stove. Whenever you are angry, run over to your refrigerator, smack both palms on it, and just flow that "mad energy" right into the fridge. It will chill you out, quickly.

Now why does this work? This magic ritual works because anger, volatile as it is, is nothing more than one of the four elemental energies of the Universe: fire energy. The Universe is comprised of air, fire, water, and earth energies. Anger is just fire energy. The reason anger doesn't feel good is because when we are angry we have an excess of fire energy. It literally blows our circuits, which doesn't feel so great.

So when you flow all of that energy into a large appliance, like your fridge, you are magically dumping that excess fire energy into a safe, grounded source that can handle fire energy. Once the excess fire energy has left your body, you feel more balanced, and you will no longer feel angry. This also works with other grounded electrical sources such as light switches and electrical outlets, but don't try this on sensitive electronics like computers or radios. You will fry them in an instant! This is a fun magic ritual so give it a try the next time you are flaming mad!

#2: Send Your Anger to the Half Worlds with the Apache Tear

The Apache Tear, also called Grandmother's Tear, is the black obsidian stone, also called volcanic glass. Magically, the Apache Tear is known as a doorway to the half-worlds, a place from which you can move anywhere in time and space. While you can't get into the half-worlds with the Apache Tear (you need a black mirror for that), you can send any unwanted energies, like anger, into the half-world through this stone.

All you have to do is hold the stone in your dominant hand (the hand with which you point) and flow all of your anger into the stone. With this magic ritual, the stone will send the fire energy of your energy into the half-worlds, where it will be recycled again. Remember, anger energy isn't a bad thing, it is just an excess of fire energy. Fire energy can and is easily re-used in the half-worlds.

The beauty of the Apache Tear is that it is a doorway, not a storage receptacle. That means you can flow energy into this stone over and over without being afraid that it will store up your anger and, at some point, overflow. Pretty nifty, right? With other stones used in magical rituals, like hematite or quartz crystals, energy gets stored in the stone, and the stone has the be magically cleansed periodically. You don't have that kind of problem with the Apache Tear.

#3: The Big Burn Magic Ritual
I love this one because it matches the energy of anger so well: it burns! Plus, it's really simple to do, not to mention highly satisfying. All you need for this magic ritual is a pen, some paper, some matches, and a safe place to burn stuff (sometimes a giant metal cauldron works great!).

When you are mad, sit down and write everything that is making you mad. Pour it all out on paper, as fast and furious as you can. Write as many pages as necessary, and feel free to repeat yourself as many times as you want. There's no limit. Write until you literally run out of steam.

Now for the good part of this magic ritual--the big burn! Grab your papers and matches and move to the spot where you can (safely) burn the papers. Before you light up, take a moment to do whatever you need to move the anger out of you. Ask for help from angels, ask for guidance, or just have a moment of silence. And then, light up the papers and watch your anger go up in smoke. You can light each sheet individually (that's what I like best), or wad up the whole mess of papers and light the entire thing.

Whatever you do with this magic ritual, enjoy the heck out of it. Be safe about your burning, and then enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! It's not often that we have permission to do somewhat destructive acts like this, so go ahead and milk it for all it's worth!

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