Thursday, June 28, 2018

My Magic Spell Didn't Work -- Now What?

You did all the right things. You did divination before you launched your magic spell to see if it would produce the right results. You gathered the right symbols for the spell. You cleansed your space prior to the launch. Then you launched it ... and nothing's happening.

Now what?

Good question. There are quite a few reasons that magic spells don't work for people, and I've listed the three biggest reasons I see below. Check them out and see if they are true for your spell. If so, you might want to take down the existing one and start over.

1. You Are Trying to Accomplish Too Many Things
A lot of people believe that if they must go to the trouble to design, write, test, and launch a spell, they might as well put all their life's desire into the spell. Spellwork does take a lot of time and energy, so people don't want to waste it. Consequently, they pack it with everything they have ever wanted, from a dream trip to Europe to winning the lottery.

While I can certainly understand the motivation of not wanting to waste effort, I know that this is also the reason that a lot of spells don't work. A spell isn't like a menu, where you can pack in a bunch of different choices. The principle of a spell is more like the main principle followed by military snipers: "One shot. One kill." For a spell, the principle is "One spell. One aim."

If your spell didn't produce the intended results, look it over, especially your list of Directors and Limiters, and see if you packed your spell with too many demands. That might be the reason it isn't performing.

2. You Used Someone Else's Spell
There are a lot of books out there on spell work, and a lot of good spells that you can use to achieve some aim. If you just want to achieve something small, like a better mindset for studying or attracting a small chunk of money owed to you, using someone else's pre-written spell often works very well.

Where I see this approach fail is when people use a pre-written spell to try to create a major change in their lives. For instance, to transform yourself from a poor country mouse to an instant millionaire isn't going to happen if you use someone else's pre-written spell. It also probably won't work if you have someone else launch their pre-written spell for you. If you want to create this kind of change, plan on writing and designing your own spell.

3. You Haven't Waited Long Enough
This one is a biggie. We teach people to specify date ranges in their spells. This gives your spells some freedom in which to work. For instance, you might specify in your Directors and Limiters that you want to your magic spell to produce results between 3 and 6 months from the date of launch. This allows your spell to find that time of least resistance in which to create the desired change.

Having said that, I've seen big spells that don't work in the specified time period, but do eventually work. I launched a big one once to stop a bill from passing in Congress. The bill passed (which meant my spell didn't have the desired effect at that time) but was later over-ridden by another bill. Another example is a big spell my wife wrote to get a farm. She specified that the spell should produce a certain type of farm plus the needed income to buy the farm within one year. We didn't get the farm in one year. Instead, we ended up with a better farm three years later, with more income than was needed to buy the farm.

If you've launched a big spell, by which I mean a multiple-candle or Tarot-style spell, sometimes the results do not happen in the time period you specify, especially if the spell has to overcome a lot of resistance. Be patient. If you want to check whether you magic spell is still working, once your specified date range has passed, do Tarot readings to find out.

The Art and Craft of Spellwork
Spellwork is one of the high arts of magic, and it takes time, practice, and dedication to master, especially if you want to create change on a large scale. It does work. I've seen spells work over and over with good consistency.

Spellwork is also one of my favorite magical arts to teach because the people who are interested in this art are generally talented, interesting, and fabulous to work with. If this sounds like you, and if you are interested in learning the craft of spellwork, you may want to consider our online Basic Magic Course. Spellwork is covered in Level 3, but taking the first two levels gives you a solid magical foundation. If you are looking for a more simple solution to spellwork take a look at our Witchcraft Spell Book series on Kindle.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

How to Reboot Your Magical Practice

Is your magical practice feeling stale, or are you not finding the time to devote to it every day? You can reboot your practice and get back that feeling of excitement you had when you first started by using daily rituals with consistency. Daily rituals can be a simple and easy way to add some magic into your day and the key to their success is consistency. Spiritually speaking, doing a ritual the same time everyday can increase the level and quality of connecting with the higher. Some rituals are designed to be done in the morning and others in the evening and some can be done at any time and whenever needed. Daily rituals help open a doorway to the higher, refresh your connection to magic, and are simple to do so they work into your busy schedule easily. What ritual you do is not as important in achieving this as doing it daily. Consistency creates more force, so a simple ritual done daily brings you as much or more than doing a complex ritual or spell sporadically.

Just Do It

Now that you know how to reboot your magical practice, you just need to pick a daily ritual that is simple enough to fit into your day, make the commitment to do it every day and just do it. If you already have a simple magical daily ritual, then you are ahead of the game. Just get going. If you don't then our Daily Rituals for Attracting What You Want ebook can help you out with finding one or giving you guidance on how to make your own. One of the rituals you'll find in this ebook is the Day Greetings which are part of the Navajo Beauty Way.

Day Greetings

This form of the Navajo Beauty Way is a contact ritual that starts your day off with a little magic and helps you establish a relationship with the Four Winds, Sky Father and Earth Mother. By doing this simple daily ritual each morning you will develop trust in your inner wisdom that helps in restoring your personal power, gain a more creative flow in your life, connect with your environment and laws of nature more easily, develop a working relationship with these higher powers and beings, restore balance internally and externally of the feminine aspect of integration and oneness and the masculine aspect of separation and duality, and allow the guidance and support from these beings to start working in your life. That's a lot of benefit from one simple ritual that just takes a few minutes to start your day off magically.

If the Day Greetings don't peak your interest, then try some of these rituals from our blog or get the Daily Rituals ebook. Reboot and fall in love with magic again.

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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Not Enough Time for Work and Life? Try Magically Stretching Time

Are there times you wish you could magically stretch time? Does it seem like no matter how fast you run through life, you just don't have time to get it all done? Well, relax, stretching time is just one of the simple things a magician can do. There are actually many ways to magically play with time. One of these is using anticipation. Stretching time with anticipation works based on a couple of magical principles:
  1. When you achieve your desires quickly or strive actively or impatiently to bring your desires to you "now," you shorten or compress time.
  2.  When you anticipate your desires with patience and enjoyment in the present moment (without hurrying to bring the actual object of your desire into present time), you stretch time.
Compress Time
Universal law states when you want something, you set up a force between yourself and what you want to attract it. The more you desire it or the more impatient you are for it, the faster you will bring it to yourself. Think of it this way. You are standing in the present at this moment and the thing you desire is located somewhere in your future. Bringing yourself and the object that you desire together quickly, compresses the time between your present moment and the future moment where the object exists. By compressing time in this way, you actually shorten or bend the amount of time in your life.

Stretch Time
Now if you are standing in your present moment and instead of being impatient you just enjoy the experience of that object that you desire, you stretch the time out between your present moment and the future moment where your object exists. You still have created a force to bring that object to yourself, but by staying in the present, you expand your perception of "now". You are able to experience your present moment to include what is actually happening in that moment combined with your enjoyment of a future moment. Putting together more perceptions and enjoyment in your present moment gives you more time in that present moment than usual.

Magically Playing with Time: Example
To stretch time in your life just anticipate that which you desire in the future with lots of enjoyment and great patience. Enjoy the present and future experiences at the same time. For example, you have planned a vacation coming up soon. Spend a lot of time daydreaming about your vacation and have as much fun in your daydreams as you will on the actual vacation. Don't get impatient about it getting here if you want to stretch time, just enjoy what is happening for you now and in your daydreams about your vacation.

If in the case of your vacation you want to speed up or bend time, just focus all your attention on the future moment and very little attention on the present moment. Holding the future vacation in mind and making it your main focus, you can pull it to you. As you focus on it, feel it speeding toward you and you speeding towards it.

Whether you want to compress or stretch time, it's all possible magically. Patient anticipation to expand, achievement of desires to compress. Give these a try and have some magical fun playing with time. Then check out our Kindle book, The Complete Guide of Witchcraft Rituals & Spells for Beginners, to learn more simple magic magician's can do. 

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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Is Magic Real? Yup, Read Why Here

Is Magic real? Yes, it certainly is and has been around for thousands of years. Everyone is born with the abilities to do magic, but our society doesn't place the importance on it that it once did. This causes people today to wonder... is magic real? We see movies, read books, and watch TV shows today showing wonderful magical feats and want to know if that is what real magic is like. The answer to that is Yes and no. The media gives you an idea of what magic can do, but it's not really accurate. For example, Harry Potter and friends use their wands for all sorts of procedures when in reality a wand is the tool for Air energies and only useful for techniques using air energies. 
What can you do with real magic then? Lots! Here are just a few things that can be accomplished with real magic.
  • Manifest what you want in life
  • Use magical self defense techniques to protect yourself and your sacred space
  • Use divination to see what the future may hold
  • Communicate with higher powers and beings
  • Create spells and rituals
  • Use magical healing techniques
One of the principles we teach by is that students' of magic and shamanism need to experience things for themselves rather than taking anyone's word. With this in mind we'd love you to check out our article "Is Magic Real". There you'll find more topics of what you can do with real magic, some explanations of how magic works and a free magical exercise you can try out for yourself. You can also look at all the other magical articles on our website and our blog to see other things magic can do for you. Consider signing up for our email list and be among the first to receive the latest magical articles. Try out the exercises we give and then it's up to you to decide for yourself – Is Magic Real?

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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Psychic Games to Improve Your Psychic Abilities

Using your psychic abilities allows you to communicate with and receive help from numerous types of beings. In our Psychic Development ebook, we cover specifically how to communicate with such beings as Sylphs, angels, animal totems and specific animal Spirits. A fun way to practice developing your psychic powers is playing psychic games. If you are not one of the naturally gifted in using your psychic powers then practicing using your psychic abilities will help you develop these skills. By playing psychic games you take the pressure to perform off yourself and have a little fun at the same time. Here's one you'll find in the ebook that's particularly easy and fun to do when traveling.

Talk to a Sylph
First, what is a Sylph? A Sylph is the elemental being associated with the element Air. It is a living being that is made of pure air. Sylphs are around 3-18 inches long, twisty shaped and they move in spirals. Sylphs move quickly and while they like to communicate, they have short attention spans. You often see them in dust devils or swirling smoke such as from a cigarette or around shiny or bright objects like tinsel on a Christmas tree. Sylphs are curious and like to be around people and you may sometimes feel them as a light brush on your face. Since Sylphs do have short attention spans you have to be in their state to communicate with them. Here's a travel game to play to practice talking to sylphs and improving your psychic abilities:

1. You can request a Sylph to come to you either aloud or in your mind. In your mind works better sometimes because the spoken word is too slow. Then state your request. For example, you might say, "I request a Sylph to appear to tell me what the road conditions are like on this road for the next 15 miles."

2. Wait for a response which might be a quick, light breeze against your cheek or you may just feel a presence.

3. Once you sense a Sylph has presented itself to you, make your request quickly since these beings do not have a long concentration period. You might say something like, "Sylph, thank you for appearing to me. I would like to know if any road conditions exist in the next 15 miles on this road that would slow my travel. Thank you in advance for your help and I await your report."

4. You will not have to wait long for your answer as Sylphs move quickly and exchange information among themselves. Answers will be short and to the point. For example, you may "hear" with your psychic abilities, "road construction 8 miles ahead."

5. Be sure to once again thank the Sylph for the information. Then keep engaging with your Sylph by asking for more information until the Sylph loses interest and moves on.

6. Once that Sylph moves on, request help from a new Sylph and keep practicing. Think of other questions you can ask about your trip (ie. – "Is there anything at my destination that would cause me to have trouble finding parking?" or "Is anything causing a delay in travel for the people I am meeting?" or "What are the weather conditions like over the next 15 miles on this road?")

Sylphs are just one of the many beings that can gather information for you and by using your psychic abilities to communicate with them, you can extend your reach past what you can observe with your five senses. So the next time you are on a trip, instead of playing the License Plate game, give talking to Sylphs a try. You may be amazed at what you can learn from these air elemental beings and amazed at how your own natural psychic powers improve the more you play with them.

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Thursday, June 7, 2018

A Simple Magic Ritual to Help a Suffering Friend

This is one of the great magical rituals we cover in our Everyday Magic Email Course. It is a good magic ritual for when you need to help a friend with magical means. Most of us have experienced times when we see a family member or friend engaging in some type of behavior that is damaging to themselves or others. Talking, begging, persuading, threatening or other similar types of intervention can't deter them from their course and we often find that the more we do to try and steer them from this path the less effective we are. Those of us on a magical path at that point usually look through our magic bag of "tricks" to see if there is something we can do magically to help a friend.

We often encounter the problem in doing this of going against the Rules of the Road (magical rules that govern magical practice). These rules say that unless the person is doing harm to us, we are not allowed to do most kinds of magic on them. We must have their permission to intervene and in most cases such as this we are not going to get that permission. So how do we magically help a friend in a case like this?

These are instances where we can use the Law of Resonance. Here's a simple magic ritual you can do using this Universal Law that will allow you to help a friend and not go against the Rules of the Road.

1. Think about the person, their circumstances and what they are doing that is harmful.
2. Look back through your memory and find a similar action or experience that you have experienced.
3. Hold the memory in present time for a few moments.
4. Let the memory go.

This simple magic ritual allows for a doorway to open that the other person can use to step through the experience without doing additional harm to themselves or others. The memory that you come up with doesn't have to be exactly the same; it just needs to have the same overall effect. For example, let's say your friend is overreacting to being chewed out by his or her boss and has decided to quit his or her job. You've tried reasoning with him or her and are just not getting through. Use your memory to find a time that you overreacted to a situation. Remember the way you felt, the angry words you expressed and how others tried to reason with or talk you out of the action you wanted to take. As you hold the memory in present time for a few moments and then let it go, by the Law of Resonance, your friend will benefit from your experience and may not have to suffer all the damage associated with it.

The next time you want to help a friend in trouble, try this magic ritual and see for yourself if your friend can hear you through Spirit when they can't hear you with their ears.

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