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3 MORE Magical Ways to Create a Magical Relationship with Money

In our last blog post we talked about creating a magical relationship with money as a way of how to attract money into your life. Whether you decide to do formal magic spells, rituals or other magical means to attract money, it is always a good idea to first do some work to pre-pave the way to receive what you want. In addition to the three ways we gave you in that blog post of shifting your focus, changing your thoughts and practicing abundance, here are three more tips you can use to get out of your own way and let the Universe send money your way.

Rooting as an Anchor
Get anchored by practicing rooting daily. Rooting is one of the magical techniques we teach in our Magical Element Earth homestudy course. This works as a way for how to attract money based on the principle that the least anchored object comes undone first. If you are the most anchored, what you want will come to you. Rooting is a technique in which you flow earth energies deep into the Earth, releasing excess energies of any kind and pull Earth energies into you. This would be a good way to expel any doubts or insecurities you have about receiving money and give yourself the extra Earth energies to help anchor yourself. To do rooting follow these directions:
  • Sit comfortably with your feet on the ground.
  • In your mind's eye, see and feel yourself extending roots out of your feet, through your shoes, through the flooring, into the sub-floor and down into the Earth
  • Once your roots reach down deep into the Earth past topsoil and into bedrock, lock them into the bedrock layer.
  • Now sit for a while and breathe. Each time you exhale, send fire energies such as tension, anger, frustration and anxiety or stuck water energies such as depression down your roots and into the bedrock. Earth is a very receptive element and will take these energies very easily so you don't have to push real hard.
  • Each time you inhale a breath, pull in the minerals, fluids and other energies from the Earth to nourish and balance yourself.
  • Do this with your breathing until you feel relaxed and nourished.
  • When you feel you are done, start pulling your roots back up starting with unlocking them from the bedrock, then pulling them back up through the topsoil, flooring and your shoes, if you are wearing any.

Be sure you are doing this during a time you won't be interrupted or have any reason to get up until you are finished. Moving before pulling your "roots" back in can cause you to be sore for a few days.

Journal Your Negativity Away
Dump all your negativity once a day for 5 minutes into your journal. Doing this gets it out of you and anchors it onto paper, so it can't jump back into you. The written word is more anchored than thoughts, so they will tend to stay on paper rather than re-manifest as thoughts. This will improve your thoughts as you practice this day after day. Don't sit and think about what to write or the format to use, just get started writing any words, groups of words or sentences that come to you in relation to what negative thoughts you have that could block money coming to you in magical ways. For example your journal for one period might look like this:
"Anger, boss, my boss hates me and won't ever let me get ahead. He is sooooo stupid and I hate having to take orders from him. I should really have his job and he should work under me. I hope this magic stuff works because I am scared that I won't have enough money to pay for the vacation I already promised my kids. Doubt. Scared. Anger. Never enough. Seems like no matter how much money I make there is never enough. Plumbing. Yes we had a plumbing leak AGAIN and of course it cost a fortune. Always something comes up. I never get a break..."
All these negative thoughts and emotions will set up a block and when the Universe tries to send money your way, you will not be in a position to receive it, so get rid of it.

Burn Away Your Negativity
The Big Burn technique is one we have talked about before on our blog and you can see how to do it HERE. It is also one of the techniques we teach in Book 3 of our Witchcraft Spell Books series, Learn How To Do Witchcraft Rituals And Spells With Magical Tools. We mention it again here in relation to how to attract money because it is a perfect way to burn away your negative thoughts and feelings that prevent money from coming to you or a great way to send a strong message to the Universe of what you want.

Using any of these magical spells or rituals will help get you on your way to being ready to attract money or anything else you desire to manifest in your life. No matter what else you do, preparing yourself to receive is an important first step. Between these two articles, we've given you 6 ways that can help you get into the proper energetic state and in the right state of mind to allow your desires to flow to you magically.

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Thursday, August 7, 2014

You Are Psychic--Yes, You!

Not only can everyone learn magic, everyone is also psychic. Yes, that means you too! We all have these abilities in us. Some people are just better at using these abilities naturally than others. Just like some people are better cooks than others or better athletes than others, some people are more naturally clairvoyant or use their psychic abilities better than others. All that means is that you need some instruction and practice to wake up those hidden abilities and to learn how to develop psychic abilities that you can use. That is why we created our Psychic Development ebook. This book will give you exercises specifically to practice using and develop psychic abilities to their fullest. Don't believe it? Here's one of the exercises from the ebook to try out for yourself.

How To Develop Psychic Abilities Exercise
There are people who are naturally more tuned-in to psychic wavelengths than others, but there are also many other psychics who simply practice, refine, and verify their abilities with regular exercises. Everyone has these abilities, sometimes they are just weakened from non-use. Here's a simple exercise to start waking up those abilities. Don't be concerned about your results in the beginning. The goal here is to start giving your psychic abilities a little exercise to wake them up, energize them and get them going.

You can start by practicing this exercise in accessing information that you can't possibly know from your five physical body senses. Begin by becoming aware of your environment and asking yourself questions about the places you go and the people you see. For example, if you are going into a workshop or conference presentation, ask yourself, "How many people will be in this workshop?". Ask yourself this question before you walk into the room where the presentation is taking place. Then stop and take the time to listen for an answer. Take the first answer that comes to you, don't stop and think about it or try to figure it out, just see what number comes to you. Then thank yourself for the answer.

Now here's the hard part. Don't walk into the room and start counting people to see if you were "right". Instead, walk into the room and go to your seat acting as if you never asked yourself the question at all. This is important because first we are just beginning to exercise these psychic abilities and if you don't get the exactly right answer the first time, your mind will start interfering with the process by introducing the doubt factor. You know what I mean, the "see I got it wrong, I'm not psychic", "boy did I mess up, won't try that again" type messages. Adding this kind of uncertainty into the mix in the early stages will not help you develop psychic abilities.

Why Can't I Verify My Answers?
At some point, you will ask questions that it will be hard to avoid seeing the answer to. For example, if you are shopping and ask yourself what the highest discount being offered in a particular store is today. If you go into that store, it will be hard not to see what the actual percent-off sale is. Or if you ask if you will meet someone you know in the store, that would be hard not to see the answer. In the beginning though, try to avoid verifying your answers. This will allow you to be more open to what your psychic abilities tell you without your mind chatter shutting you down. Practice this a little every day and soon you will start noticing that your "answers" are accurate most of the time. How long before this happens? That totally depends on the individual. Just like some people can learn to cook quickly and others take more time, the same is true when you set out to learn how to develop psychic abilities. Selective perception is one of the basic principles in magic and in developing your psychic abilities. You are trying to access information in another realm and therefore have to learn to focus your attention in that realm. Putting your attention only on the asking and receiving is the key to success.

So remember these steps in this exercise when you start out learning how to develop psychic abilities.
1. Ask yourself a question you couldn't know with your 5 senses
2. Listen for the first answer you get
3. Thank yourself for the answer
4. Avoid verifying your answers

Now give the exercise a try for yourself, don't get discouraged, have fun with it and you'll be on your way to beefing up your psychic abilities.

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