Thursday, August 15, 2019

Spirit Guides: Totem Animals

What are totem animals? Many people are familiar with the term totem animals, but do you really understand what they are, how they can help you and how to find out what yours are?

What Are Totem Animals?
Most people associate totem animals with Native American traditions, but many cultures throughout time have accessed the power of totem animals. A totem is a symbol or representation. This could include a talisman, a totem pole, a figurine, a picture or some other physical object that represents an animal. Using animals as totems is a way for man to become one with nature, to become spiritually connected with all of nature, and to show honor and respect for nature. Totem animals can lend guidance and insight as we progress on our spiritual paths. (If you need an animal talisman, check out the school store in the Amulets/Talisman section).

How Do Animal Totems Work?
Many Native American traditions teach that everyone has nine animals that act as guides for them throughout their time on Earth. These animals are connected to the abilities and talents the person has come into this lifetime with. They also are ones that will be needed to face challenges that will come about in this lifetime. These totem animals come and go as needed according to what issues we are facing at any given time.

There is one animal for each of the seven directions that surround us – East, South, West, North, Above, Below and Within. The other two animals are the ones that walk on either side of us throughout our time on earth. Many traditions also believe there is one power animal that is with each person lending guidance throughout his or her life. This totem animal is the main guardian spirit for the person and the one that they can learn the most lessons from. Totem animals are symbols that represent qualities and characteristics of their species that we are seeking or lacking. By being aware of these animals and communicating with them we can learn to bring these characteristics into our own lives.

In working with animal totems, you will find that sometimes they appear to you to give you a message or lend guidance with an issue that you may or may not be aware of and sometimes you will call upon particular ones that you know you need help from. Many times you will become aware of a particular animal showing up a lot and that gives you an opportunity to study the characteristics of that animal and gain enlightenment into a situation that you are dealing with in your life.

How Can You Find Your Animal Totems?
The Medicine Cards and the accompanying book by Jamie Sams and David Carson can be a useful tool when setting out to discover your animal totems. You can use the book to learn how to do a formal reading or spread to discover your totem animals or use the cards less formally by flipping through them looking for qualities you want or spread the cards out and pick one that "calls" to you.

Another less formal way to discover your totem animals is to ask yourself questions such as:
  • What animals have you always been drawn to?
  • What animals do you dream about?
  • What animals appear consistently in your life?
  • What animals do you wonder about whether they are "real" on this planet?
  • What animals have you been fascinated with?
  • What animals are you afraid of? 
  • What animals have you been marked by or have been attacked by?
  • What animals are you drawn to figurines or paintings of?
Working With Totem Animals
Once you find one or more totem animals you wish to have as spirit guides or discover your main 9 totem animals, learning more about them and carrying talismans of your totem animals with you can help you make a connection with them. Remember when looking for totem animals, it doesn't have to be a physical appearance of the animal. It could be represented in other ways such as receiving cards and letters with the same animal pictured over and over, unexplainable dreams of a particular animal, watching television and seeing the same animal featured time and time again, or a variety of other ways. Also remember that totem animals are not restricted to mammals. Insects, reptiles, birds and even extinct or what some think of as "fantasy" animals, such as unicorns and dragons, can be totem animals.

When you have discovered your particular totem animals, really get to know them. Animals speak to us in many ways. Watch or research the ways they act in their work, play, interactions with other animals of the same and different species, and how they interact with their environment. You can also gain understanding on characteristics of totem animals from the Medicine Cards book or online sources. Studying the animal's characteristics helps you discover those attributes that you can apply to your own life and gives you a stronger connection to the spirit of the animal.

There are two basic ways to work with totem animals. One is to be aware of when they are talking to you or sending you messages and the other is for you to know which animal could be of help to you and asking them for assistance. Both ways require that you be familiar with what various animals have to offer so getting to know each ones' abilities and characteristics is the key.

If you do have a problem for which you need guidance and don't know which animal to call on, sometimes just asking the Universe can help. Numerous times I have asked the Universe to send me a totem animal spirit to help with a particular problem I am facing that I need help with. Then I watch for an animal to show up and look for the lesson that animal has for me that will apply to the problem I am facing. The results are always amazing and yes truly magical. 

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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Simple Protection Magic for the Average Joe

People ask us all the time how to protect themselves magically using self defense magic. Magical self defense is not difficult, but the procedures could boomerang if you are not sure you are in the clear according to self defense laws.

However, as long as you stick with the following magical rule of Self Defense, you should be in the clear:

"In cases of direct and violent personal harm you are entitled to defend yourself by any means available provided you did nothing to encourage or provoke the attack."
Here we define some of the terms in the self defense statement so that there is no confusion.

Means upon body, mind or Spirit. A direct threat in spiritual, magical and witchcraft definitions includes attempts by any outside force or influence to drain your energy or impose their will upon you.

Means anything that is damaging to your physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual well being. It does not matter what the attacker's intentions are, only the results.

Means creating or permitting unnecessary opportunities for a known hostile being to attack you.

Means being overly pushy when you know someone has a particularly sensitive area or is under a lot of stress, whether it is internal or external.

By Any Means Available
Means using any means that you choose to defend yourself when attacked. As long as all the other conditions of this rule are met the Universe does not judge whether your response is excessive.

Simple Protection Spell
Once you are clear that you are "in the clear" magically about self defense, you can use this simple protection spell to separate yourself from any negative power source--be that a person, place, thing, or even a negative statement or wish you made yourself!

1. Choose the person from whom you wish to disconnect.

2. Focus on that person with all your intention, and use a voice of command, out loud, to say the following ancient disconnect litany to the person. It does not matter that the person is not anywhere near you--the disconnect litany will disconnect you from that person, regardless of where they may be.

"I am neither your creature nor your get,
To be moved by your whim or your let;
I will go my own way,
By night or by day,
To serve my own purposes yet."

Pretty simple, pretty cool, right?

Want to Know More?
If you want to learn more basic magical and witchcraft rituals and spells, we invite you to check out our new Witchcraft Spell Books Series, now available in both Kindle and Amazon Print-on-Demand versions. The above is an excerpt from Book 1 of the series. Click the links below to find out more: (compilation of three books above)

Enjoy the Magic!

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Thursday, August 8, 2019

Three Magic Rituals to Start Your Day

If you are a true magical practitioner then magic is part of life, not something you do separate from your everyday life. Therefore magical rituals should be a part of life, which means that, for the most part, they need to be fairly simple, not requiring lots of tools, smoke, and mirrors.

If you want to have magic in your life, you have to practice magic all the time. Think that's too hard or that you don't have enough time to do that? Think again.

My Three Magic Rituals To Start the Day
I do at least three separate magic rituals every single day first thing, and it's no sweat, really. Want to know what they are? Simple.

1. Sit
Sitting, or meditating, is one of the best ways to invite magic into your life. I sit every single morning and surround myself with quiet. I tend to sit in lotus position, because it's a stable position and I like it, but you don't have to. Just sit (or lie down if sitting is too uncomfortable). It doesn't matter whether you sit for 5 minutes for 50 ... just as long as you are quiet for long enough that the magic can slip into your life, between your thoughts as it were. The magic happens in the space between thoughts.

2. Greet the Day
I go out and greet the day using the Navajo Beauty Way Day Greetings every single morning before doing anything else. It's my way of making contact with powers and beings, acknowledging their presence, making any special requests for help, and generally getting in touch with my magical allies.

3. Do a Reading
I'm usually reading some esoteric text or other, and I'll spend a few minutes in the morning immersing myself in some good spiritual material. I like readings from Gurdjieff, Abraham-Hicks, Carlos Castaneda, Edgar Cayce, and some more esoteric authors as well. A lot of people like to pull a card from the Medicine Cards or Sacred Path Cards, or flip open an angel book to get an "angel thought" for the day. Whatever floats your boat, pull some spiritual material from somewhere to get your day started on a magical footing. Abraham has an email Quote of the Day that you can subscribe to  and that can count too.

All three of these little rituals take about 30 minutes total. That's not a whole lot of time to dedicate to living a truly magical life, and that's about all the Universe requires to bring the magic into your life. Get started with bringing magic into your life by incorporating magic rituals into your life. Need help picking daily rituals? Check out our Daily Rituals for Attracting What You Want in Life ebook for ideas.

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Thursday, August 1, 2019

The Magic of Great Endings

In our society we tend to celebrate new beginnings and fresh starts. We are a self-improvement culture, and it seems like anytime is a great time for a New Year's resolution. What we don't seem to focus on, however, is creating a great ending before we start a fresh beginning.

There is an esoteric principle that states that every act of power has a chosen beginning, duration, and ending. Most of us are great at choosing a beginning and planning all the steps in the duration, but we never end our acts. And because we never end our acts, any new beginnings are inevitably mired down in previous unfinished acts. That's why we seem to get bogged down in our creations - they are hindered by all our other attempts to create!

What does a great ending look like? A great ending is the act of stepping back from the events in which you've been engaged and taking a long look at what you've done. Take a long view of what has been accomplished, feel the distance between the beginning of the endeavor and now. Feel the weight of what has been achieved. Appreciate all that has gone into creating the final product. Appreciate your own efforts, and those of others who have contributed. Then, let it go. Release your creation to have a life and independent will of its own. Only when we let go of something completely have we fully created anything.

For instance, suppose you've planned your daughter's wedding. Perhaps the creation started with the announcement of the engagement. Then, the duration of the endeavor was filled with planning, meetings with caterers, bakers, ministers and musicians. The big day arrives, along with hundreds of guests. The ceremony and celebration proceed according to plan (or not according to plan) and, finally, your daughter and her new husband depart on their honeymoon. You sit in the reception hall as the last people leave the party. Now, or the following morning, would be a good time to end this act of power. As the band gathers up its things, look back over the entire process. Feel how it felt at the beginning of the process, relive the events that happened in between from where you stand now. Look at what has been achieved, and appreciate all that has come to pass. Then, release your daughter and her husband to freedom, to their own free will and the development of their marriage as they see fit. Appreciate all that you have done and let it go. This is a great ending.

So if you want to begin anything in your life, magical or ordinary, make sure you have cleared a space for this new creation by taking the time to end all that has been. What if you haven't quite finished the previous event, but are no longer interested in it? For instance, say you started to get a degree in engineering, but now decide you want to go to Hollywood to be an actor? No problem. You don't have to finish something to end it. Simply appreciate all you have gained, all the effort you have put forth into the previous endeavor, and let it go. Let there be a gap of at least a day between your ending and a new beginning. Let that day be a sort of "limbo," a space of transition or transformation, a breath of air. Then, begin anew.

Before you make a fresh start, make sure you've made a great end. You must end before you can begin. Here's to great endings!

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Tuesday, July 30, 2019

5 Magical Methods to Prevent Nightmares

If you suffer from nightmares and can't sleep at night because of them, you may need someone to wave a magic wand! Actually, you might just need to do a little shopping for some magical supplies. Here are five simple and wonderful magical methods to help you prevent nightmares. They are a big part of many tribal traditions and have worked for many suffering sleepless nights because of nightmares.

1. Sun Candle
Light a sun yellow candle (bright yellow with no orange or red overtones) with a paper or wooden match when you are ready to go to bed. A sun yellow candle encased in glass and set on a plate is your safest option. Let the candle burn all night, if necessary. Sun yellow nourishes your Spirit and keeps your energetic vibrations high and light while you sleep.

2. Essential Oils
Before bed, add a drop of soothing essential oils to your pillowcase or sheets, or rub them (mixed with a carrier oil, like almond oil) on the bottoms of your feet, on your neck, or on your forehead. If you have a partner, trade essential oil foot rubs before bed. Calming and soothing essential oils that will help prevent nightmares include lavender, orange, rose, sandalwood, and frankincense.

3. Dreamcatchers
Native Americans have long used dreamcatchers to prevent nightmares from intruding during the night. Made of leather and sinew, and often decorated with feathers, shells, stones, and symbols, dreamcatchers should be hung at the head of your bed or over your bed. They will "catch" nightmares, stopping them before they reach you.

4. Flower Essences
Mix up some flower essences to take during the day and before bed to prevent nightmares. Rock Rose is excellent for terrors, such as those that often appear in nightmares. Aspen helps young children who suffer from nightmares. Mugwort helps keep dreams from interrupting your sleep, while White Chestnut works well for repetitive dreams that haunt. Star of Bethlehem is a great overall flower essence to ease fears and terrors.

5. Glass of Water
Water is the element of the Spirit, and works well to soak up the terrors of the Spirit as well. A simple remedy for nightmares is simply to place a full glass of water on your nightstand before bed. The water will absorb any negative spiritual energy during the night, and helps prevent nightmares for some people. In the morning, be sure to dump the water down the drain. You don't want to take in negative energy by drinking the water!

Need more fabulous magical tips to make life easier and, well, more magical? Consider diving into the juicy magical tips in two of our magic ebooks.

- Energy Healing for Self and Others
- Daily Rituals for Attracting What You Want in Life

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Thursday, July 25, 2019

Online Magic Tip #28: When Action Helps Your Intention, and When It Does Not!

If you watch videos like "The Secret" you may walk away with the idea that you can and should set your intention daily, and then put your head in the sand like an ostrich for the rest of the day. Do that for long enough and, "Poof!" ... the magic happens and all is well!

When Intention Works Alone
This online magic tip is all about whether intention, by itself, works well, and when it doesn't.

So can intention, used alone, actually magically bring about the results you desire? Well, the answer, as you may have guessed, is "It depends!"

The success of your intention really depends on who you are--and how you are. If you are the type who enjoys setting your intention and then "going with the flow," then using intention by itself will probably work well for you. Go with the methods mentioned in "The Secret" and wait to amaze yourself.

On the other hand, if you are more of the type who, as a child, persistently asked, "Are we there yet?" while in the car, then intention alone probably won't work for you... at all! If you are the "go get 'em" type who is more into action than meditation, then read the next section in this online magic tip to see how you can help your intention along without getting in your own way.

When Intention Does Not Work Well Alone
Based on our personal experience (and the volumes of email we get), we suspect that the majority of the world falls into this second camp--the camp of folks whose motto is "I can't wait!"

When it comes to magic, the problem with intention is that having an "I can't wait" attitude tends to interfere with your intention, slowing down the arrival of that which you desire. Bummer.

But here's the good news--and the real nugget of information at the heart of this online magic tip: you can take action steps that will assist rather than interfere with your intention.

Good Action Steps for Impatient People
The key to helpful action steps for impatient people is, wait for it... intention! Yeah, we know, intention is kind of the problem for impatient people. However, intention is also the solution.

If you already know that you are an impatient person, then you can take preparatory intentional steps prior to setting you "main goal intention" that will help you stay calm afterward. What we mean is that you can plan a sequence of action steps to take after you have cast your major intention.

What are these action steps? These steps are magical rituals done on a daily basis that will assist your main intention as well as keep you occupied (so you don't interfere with that main intention). Examples include: (search for these on this blog if not familiar with how to do them)
  • Navajo Beauty Way
  • Sun Candle Blessing
  • Walking Meditation
  • Water Bowl Meditation
  • Rooting
  • Question Circle
  • Talking to Spirit of Owl
  • Hiring Angels
We could literally include hundreds of daily magical rituals in the list, but you get the idea. You can even use a combination of these rituals to ensure that you don't get bored while you are waiting for your intention to manifest. The key is to plan the use of these magical rituals ahead of time. You need to set your intention around these rituals by defining:
  • which rituals you will use
  • how long you will do each ritual
  • in which order you will do the rituals (if you are using more than one)
  • when you will use the ritual(s) during the day
  • whether you will use the ritual(s) more than once daily (if needed) and under which circumstances (i.e., you might choose to hire an angel to help you stay calm when you start to feel impatient)
  • when you will stop doing the ritual(s) and check the progress of your manifestation (a question circle would prove useful for checking progress)
If you plan to use these types of rituals for 21, 40, or your own chosen number of days, you will find yourself much less twitchy and apt to get in the way of your main intention. In fact, you may find that you enjoy the daily rituals so much that you often forget to think of your main intention, which is just fine because the Universe doesn't need your help to deliver the goods. The Universe mainly needs you to stay out of the way and "sound a joyous note to Creator's ear." That joyous note is exactly the main goal of these daily magical rituals.

Get it? Got it? Good!

Need More Help?
Get a bunch of rituals in these books and ebooks:

Daily Rituals for Attracting What You Want in Life Ebook

Learn How to Do Witchcraft Rituals and Spells with Your Bare Hands

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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Forgive and Forget

You've probably heard the saying "forgive and forget", but that is often easier said than done. Anyone who has been on a magical or spiritual path for any amount of time understands the logic behind how holding onto anger, desiring revenge and other negative emotions like that end up hurting us. By Law of Attraction, if we put out negative vibes we will only get more negative back at us. Knowing all this still doesn't make it easy sometimes to forgive and forget when we feel we have been wronged or betrayed.

I have had many opportunities presented to me in practicing this when dealing with my family of origin and have learned some things about forgetting and forgiving in the process. To forgive is to give a gift to oneself and to others. You have to forgive so that you can get to forgetting. Forgetting is the gift of forgiving. It's kind of like a circle process. In other words, if you can find a way to forgive, then you can forget, so forgetting is the gift you get from forgiving. Going through this process frees us up inside so that we are not carrying burdens such as guilt, blame, anger, etc... It serves the same purpose as doing a magical disconnect.

When you are able to go through the process of forgiving and forgetting you not only heal yourself, but you also broadcast this healing energy, much like in a spell matrix. Broadcasting this energy affects others in their subliminal mind and you will notice a difference in those around you. Of course, since we all have free will, this does not mean the situation will always be settled the way you would want it to be. Sometimes it means accepting that you are not on the same path or wave length as another person and coming to peace with breaking away from that person. After all, maintaining your inner peace is the important thing. Remember the level of your being attracts the level of your life. To attract good things to your life, you have to have your inner state working in a positive vein. This cannot be accomplished if you are holding on to past negative emotions.

Ask yourself, what negative emotions are you holding onto? Then give yourself the gift of forgive and forget so you can open the door to unlimited possibilities and move on to manifesting that which you desire.

In Magic,
Alan aka RavenWindStar

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Thursday, July 18, 2019

Spirit Guides: Need Help? Read This

We all have spirit guides whether we know it or not or whether we are in contact with them or not. They are there and available to help us just for the asking. Spirit Guides may take on many forms, including angels, animal totems, loved ones from our past or past lives, and forms not recognized on this planet. Spirit guides can help with just about anything you need help with. They can help with manifestations, help make life easier by solving problems or offer guidance when you are not sure what to do. They have a wealth of knowledge from a broader perspective than we have just waiting for us to tap into.

Working With Spirit Guides
You do have to remember when asking for help from spirit guides that Universal Laws still apply. So for example if you ask for something and then are not in a mode to receive it you won't get the desired results. It's like asking for a particular gift and when it is being presented to you, you turn it down. The Universe delivers that which you put your attention towards or in other words what you are thinking and feeling. If you have doubts that your guides can help you or express negative thoughts or emotions about your situation then the answers, solutions and help you seek cannot be delivered. Just remember to relax, and be in a mood of joy and gratitude, letting the assistance you seek flow to you. In other words, get out of the way and let your guides do their work. Be open to allowing the assistance to come in whatever way they choose to send it. If you set too many parameters around how, when and where you think the solution should arrive then you are limiting the magical possibilities. And after all if you already had the solution and things were working out doing it your way, then you probably wouldn't be asking for help, right?

Communication Tips
If you have not been communicating with your spirit guides and communication with other beings is new to you, then you may need to have some practice before you get to a point of desperately needing help with a situation. Go ahead and start practicing with small things. For example, ask for help with reserving a parking space close to the door at the mall. Practice with small requests and how you word them. Be sure to always thank your spirit guides in advance after making a request and again after the results are achieved. This practice time gives you the opportunity to hone your communication skills to get the optimal results and practice in finding the various ways communications come to you from various spirit guides. Your guides may communicate to you through signs that you need to be observant enough to catch. Some people hear the answers "in their head". Other times it might be that the right person or resource appears at just the right time and that's your answer. Become accustomed to the types of communications that come from your various guides.

 Letting Go
Remember the story of the man trapped on his house in a flood? He asks God for help. People come by with boats and even a helicopter and he sends them away saying he is waiting for help from God. Finally when he asks God why he didn't help him, God says I sent you a boat and even a helicopter, what else did you want? Help is always available from our spirit guides, we just have to remember to let go of the control of what that help looks like and be open to receiving the answers in whatever form it appears. Magical help is also available on our website in the free members area that has a variety of magical articles. If you still have questions, post on our Facebook page where help and guidance is available from a whole magical community.

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Thursday, July 11, 2019

Is Magick Real? I'm Here to Testify!

Is Magick Real? You betcha, and I'm here to testify with a recent experience. I am in the advanced magic class at the Esoteric School and have been actively practicing magic for 12 years now. When I moved to my family farm a couple of years ago, one of the first things I did was put an omnil (3 dimensional protection energy shield) up around the property. Boy, did that pay off this last week.

I had to be out of town for a few days and where we live has been really dry and HOT! I got a call from a neighbor on my cell phone and through the bad connection all I could hear was fire, farm, near barn. I couldn't believe it. I knew my omnil should have protected the property from something like that. Could it have failed, could I have done the procedure incorrectly or keyed it wrong? No, I decided that there must be more to the story and chose not to panic until I could get to a place with better phone reception. Once back in the land of cellphone service I started getting calls from other neighbors with the news that yes there was a fire and the fire department had put it out. But to their amazement the fire went down the road about 2 miles and stopped right at our property line. Pictures sent to me over the magic of the Smart Phone verified that. I could see a distinct line where the blackened, charred remains of grass stopped in all directions not touching our property.

Magic has served me well many times over the years and this is just one more example for me that the answer to the question, Is Magic Real?, is a resounding YES!

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Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Daily Magic Rituals: Check Your Magical Forecast

Most of us begin our mornings with a cup of coffee or tea, and a quick look at the weather forecast. The weather forecast helps us know how to dress and plan our day.

Since we check the weather forecast on a daily basis, doesn't it make sense to also check our magical forecast for the day as part of our daily magic rituals? Isn't it just as important to know whether the day will be filled with magical assistance as it is to know whether it will rain? For instance, if you know ahead of time that communications will be strained during the day, you can take magical action. You can wear white (the color of communication), hire communication angels, or use your pendulum to "clear the air."

There are many different ways to check your daily magical forecast, so choose one or two with which you are most comfortable. Some of our favorites include:

1. Medicine Cards - pull a card each day and read the meaning and significance in the accompanying book.

2. Runes - select a rune from the bag each day and look up its meaning.

3. Pick a Word - flip a book or magazine open to a random page and point to a word without looking at the page. This word is a single-word forecast for your day.

There are so many different daily magical rituals you could use to forecast your day, in a magical sense. Check out our online store for runes, cards,  and other forms of divinatory tools.

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Thursday, July 4, 2019

Can You do Magic in a Roadside Cafe? Of Course!

You can pretty much perform magic anywhere that you are comfortable doing it. I have found that sometimes it is a great way to kill time when traveling and stuck somewhere due to delays of one kind or another. Have you ever found yourself stuck in a roadside café due to road closures? Me too. Instead of getting upset at the delay, I try to see it as an opportunity for some time to engage in magic communications I've been too busy to get to. And no I don't have to dig all my magical tools out of the car and set up an altar. All I have to do is grab a corner booth and a cup of coffee.

Using the Chalice to Communicate
The chalice is the magical tool for the element Water. Water is the element of emotions and thus the language of Spirit. The chalice is therefore the magical tool that is perfect for Spirit to Spirit communication. Let's say you are on your way home from a business trip, stop off in this café because the road ahead is closed temporarily and know you are going back to work in a day or two with a boss that you are having problems with. This is a great time to get a cup of coffee and turn it into a magic chalice for communicating on a Spirit level with your boss.

Quick Keying the Chalice
First you need to key your cup to align the energies and personalize it to yourself. There is a more permanent way to key your own personal Chalice that you normally use for magical procedures and you'll find the directions for how to do that in our Chalice: Water Tool ebook. But for now you can just use this quick key method on your coffee cup. Here's how:
1. Find a color source that is Water Blue in color.

2. Hold your hands around both sides of the cup and drawing from the color source start circling Water Blue energy from your output hand, through the cup, into your input hand, up your input arm, across your shoulders, down your output arm and out your output hand again.

3. Keep circling the Water Blue energy in this way for about 3 minutes.

4. Pull the Water energy back into your body.

Your cup is now temporarily keyed and ready to use as a magic Chalice. Let's move on now to how to do the Spirit to Spirit communication.

Communicating With the Chalice
The chalice can be used to send psychic messages or as a means of having a two-way conversation with someone on a Spirit level. Be aware that Water messages can be compulsive so be careful what types of messages you send as you want to stay on the right side of Rules of the Road to avoid karmic backlash. Here's how to use the chalice for communicating:
1. Fill the chalice with a dark flat liquid, in this case coffee, leaving ½ to ¾ inches headspace at the top of the cup.

2. Sit in the South facing North.

3. Place your cup in front of you and block out all distractions.

4. Move the cup so that you are looking at the liquid's surface at a 45 degree angle.

5. Visualize the face of the person you want to communicate with just under the surface of the coffee to establish a direct psycho-spiritual link with them.

6. Start talking to them just as you would as if they were physically present. Make sure your attention is focused on that person, your message and any responses that come and not on any other thoughts or anything that distracts your attention. Become very emotionally interested and curious about the communication as that can help carry the message across more strongly.

7. If you notice the surface of the coffee becomes steamy or cloudy or you start to get a headache or achy eyes, you are pushing too hard. Relax, breathe and try to continue talking to the person just like you would in person. Some people find closing their eyes works better for them.

If you are just sending a message to your boss's spirit then you are done. If you are having a true conversation, then you'll need to wait for a response. Since this is a communication from Spirit, the answer may be in a different form than the person would usually give from their everyday personality. Be aware of what messages you hear in your head or that come to you from your surroundings. You may also need to do this communication more than once to increase its effectiveness.

Anytime is magic time. Look for opportunities to practice your magical skills instead of sitting around getting angry over what you perceive as wasted time. You can learn more about using the magic element of Water in our Magical Element Water homestudy course and then get the Chalice ebook to learn all sorts of magical things you can do with the Water tool.

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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

How to Do Voodoo: Moving Someone Away from You

We've all had the experience of people being in our vicinity who are less than pleasant, be it a bothersome neighbor or a criminal on the loose in the neighborhood.

With lousy neighbors, if you have tried traditional approaches--such as discussing problems with them or even bringing in law enforcement--to no avail, you still have magical options. The same is true of potentially dangerous people you cannot pinpoint, like burglars committing crimes in your neighborhood. You have no idea as to the identity of the burglars, so what can you do other than beefing up security on your property?

Magically, you do have recourse. You can learn how to do voodoo.

What can voodoo do for you in this case, you ask? Voodoo, or simulacra magic (as we like to call it), can help you move the person out of your sacred space. In fact, simulacra magic can move the person across the country if you so wish. We call this procedure "map moving."

How to Do Voodoo: Map Moving
In principle, map moving is nothing more than a set of simple steps in simulacra magic done in sequence. In case you don't know how to do voodoo (or simulacra magic), all we mean when we say simulacra magic is that we take an object that is a likeness of a person or thing, and we magically connect the object to the person or thing. Once thus magically connected, whatever is done to the object is likewise done to the person or thing.

For instance, you can key a figurine (a voodoo doll, in other words) or a picture to a person. Or you can key a map to a geographic location. To do the map moving magical procedure, you would need to key both. In principle, here is how you would achieve a successful map moving magical act:

1. Key a figurine to the person you wish to move. You can do this by simply holding the figurine in your dominant hand and flowing energy into it while you think thoughts or imagine images of the person. When the figurine feels tingly or hot, it has been keyed. Set the figurine carefully aside.
2. Key two maps to their geographic location. One map would contain the person's current location (be sure the map is large enough that you can mark the person's house). The other map would represent the location to which you will be moving the person.
3. Using a keyed plate (a magical plate that is personalized to your energies), put the person on the map on his or her current location (in a safe place). Leave the tools set up for a week. This associates a person with his or her current location.
4. Next, put the plate between the person and the map. This disassociates the person from his or her current location in preparation for moving. Leave this setup in place for a week.
5. Now replace the map under the plate with the second map, which contains the location of where you want to move the person (in one instance, we placed a map containing the location of the police station in preparation for moving a burglar to the station). Leave this setup in place for a week.
6. Finally, put the map on the plate, and the person on the exact location where you want him or her to be moved. In the case of the burglar, we put the simulacra (otherwise known as the voodoo doll) on the new desired location. With the burglar, we put the simulacra right on top of the police station. The person eventually turned himself in to the police without any further direct physical action on anyone else's part.

Learning how to do voodoo can be pretty neat, huh? You can learn specifically how to do this and other voodoo procedures in our "How To Do Voodoo" ebook.

How to Do Voodoo: Caveats
With magic, as with everything else, there are of course caveats. If you want to do a procedure like map moving, you have to be sure that you are "in the right," so to speak. That means you need to know and ensure that you are operating within the magical laws of:

1. Self Defense
2. Rules of the Road

If that be so, then you are all clear to do all kinds of simulacra magic for protection, attraction, manifestation, invisibility, and much more! All of this is covered in the Voodoo ebook.

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Thursday, June 20, 2019

Boost Your Psychic Powers with One Tiny Change

We all have the ability to use psychic powers, some of us just haven't exercised these abilities and learned how to use them. For some people, this ability comes very naturally and for others the development of psychic powers and psychic abilities must be developed through practice. For those people making a change in just one small life habit can make way for large magical changes in the future. This is due to the Universal Law that says "A small change in the present will create a larger change in the future". Making this one small change now helps in changing your habitual thought patterns enough to open your mind to new ideas which you will need to be able to do as you develop your psychic powers. Using something small insures that you don't run up against resistance.

One Small Change
The way you feel or think now determines what thoughts and feelings you will be able to access. Think about it this way, if you are happy right now isn't it easier to access more happy thoughts? If you are angry, negative or down in the dumps, isn't it easier to take on more of those feelings than to try to switch to happy ones? By making just one small change in your stance you can change that dynamic and shift the path your thoughts and feelings are taking. Using a small change is effective because it causes less resistance in us. Doing something that makes us uncomfortable or doubt ourselves can cause resistance to new ways or ideas. For example, let's say you are a clean cut, conservative dresser at work and one day you show up with dreadlocks and torn, tattered bright colored clothes. More than likely you know people are going to notice the change and our reaction to that could be anything from being uncomfortable with the extra attention to be downright fearful of a confrontation with someone. If however, you make just a small change, for example moving your watch from your left wrist to your right one, hardly anyone will notice except for you. Just making that small change that only you notice can shift your attitude, thoughts and feelings.

Other examples of a small change in a life habit would be using a different hand for as many life tasks as possible. Eating, brushing teeth, brushing hair, opening doors, holding the phone, zipping your pants and tons of other tasks can be done with the opposite hand from that which you normally do these activities. You could also wear your socks inside out, sit in a different chair from your usual one, walk the dog starting in the opposite direction from that which you normally take and so on. You get the idea, right, and will be able to come up with a list of your own small changes that will work in your life. Pick one change to start making and use it. ]

The Consistency Exercise
This exercise is another way to help in changing your habitual thought patterns and create consistency in your life to give you a boost in using your psychic powers. Here's how it's done:

1. Choose a very simple activity. It doesn't matter what the activity is as long as it is very simple, and I mean VERY simple like making a mark on a piece of paper or snapping your fingers.

2. Pick a time that you will do this activity every day. Give this a little thought as to your normal schedule and make it a time that you think you will be able to remember every day.

3. When your chosen time comes, do the simple activity. Do this every day at the same time for 40 days in a row.

4. Now here's the catch, if you miss even one day during your 40 days (and you most certainly will) you must begin your 40 days over at day 1. Even if you are at day 39 and miss the next day, you start over at 1. Remember when this happens that it is the doing of the exercise that is important, not the accomplishment of getting your 40 days in. So all you goal oriented achievers, don't beat yourself up when you have to start over, it's the journey, not the destination that is most important.

You might find yourself very surprised at the powerful impact this simple exercise can have on your life. You will find that the longer and more consistently you practice these type of exercises the broader your horizons become and that is needed in developing your psychic powers. When we live life purposefully instead of mechanically, we gather "force" that allows us to see, perceive and recall more accurately and deeply than normal. It also enhances our communication abilities, inspires us to see opportunities we might otherwise miss, and increases our senses and spirit abilities.

Learning to use your psychic powers and psychic abilities will come much easier if you have prepared yourself to be open minded and expanded your physical and spirit senses. After practicing these exercises you will be much more successful in exercising your psychic powers. For more information, exercises and tips on developing your psychic powers, take a look at our ebook, Psychic Development in our school store.

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Thursday, June 13, 2019

How Magic Speaks to Us in the Most Unexpected Ways

One of the things I love most about magic is the many and varied ways it shows up in our lives. Many times when I ask for magical help from powers and beings, I am surprised at the ways it shows up in my life.

I also realize that many people miss the signs of magic in their lives because they don't know what to look for. In other words, magic is constantly sending messages to us, but we often overlook these signs and symbols.

To remind myself of these signs and symbols, as well as to help other who are looking for help from magic, I've compiled a list of the various ways magic has come into my life over the years.

This is just a short excerpt, and I hope this helps to open your senses to the many ways magic is speaking to you.

Some of the Ways Magic Speaks to Me
  1. A sentence in a book that I opened to a random page
  2. A check in the mail
  3. A conversation I overheard between two strangers
  4. A raven flying overhead, squawking a message to me
  5. The moral of a movie coinciding with a request for magical help
  6. A business phone call from a stranger, who turns out to be reading the same spiritual book as me
  7. Life-threatening surgery that forever changed my perspective on life
  8. Watching the amazing transformation in a child's behavior in 10 days
  9. A long-time friend leaving my life, opening a new space for ...?
  10. A dream just before awakening
  11. Runes cast at just the right time, showing me the way
  12. Meeting a group of magical practitioners at a mountain-side rest stop, who are meditating in the "cone of silence"
  13. Seeking and finding the Gurdjieff Work
  14. Taking one dose of a flower remedy made from the magical datura plant
  15. Feeling the brush of angel wings while at a rest stop after an extremely long drive
  16. The reincarnation of my dog, Tether, who lived two lifetimes with me
  17. A nasty note from an anonymous person saying, "Learn how to park, idiot!"
  18. The planting and cultivation of my garden each year
  19. A call out of the blue from a long-lost friend
  20. Finding exactly what I want in a thrift store
  21. Getting what I want
  22. Not getting what I want
  23. Realizing that a negative influence in my life was gone ... and that I hadn't even noticed its absence for months
  24. Rain arriving on a parched summer day
  25. A fender-bender that led to a successful business relationship
  26. Sitting with a wish for the longing to cease ... and having it cease
  27. Feeling the joy of not expressing dislike
  28. A misdirected email in my inbox, telling me just what I need to know
  29. Feeling lonely and realizing I asked for sacred space
  30. Having a conversation in which no one understood a word I said
  31. A magical ride on a huge white mule named H.B. (short for HoneyBun) through enchanting Zion National Park [check out the pic of me and H.B. in this post]

Many of these magical messages have meaning only for me and probably don't make sense to you. That's the whole point of this list. Magic always speaks to us in very personal ways -- ways that only make sense to us and have no meaning for anyone else.

As this list also demonstrates, magic sometimes speaks to us through contrast -- through events that we would normally perceive as negative. Our job, as magicians, is to question events that appear negative on the surface, and see whether the event answers some request we have made for magical help. One question to ask is, "What did I get from this event? What did I give up or give away?"

A Magical Challenge
I challenge you to make your own list of events through which magic speaks to you. You may have to dig a little to find these events, but trust me, the process will definitely be educational. Look through past events and see whether you can uncover magical messages or answers to prayer requests.

In the coming days, become more aware of your environment. If a raven passes overhead and squawks, look up the magical message that the raven carries in the Medicine Cards. If you are standing behind an exceptionally rude person at the grocery story checkout, see how the event might relate to the magic you are doing in your life. If nothing is happening in your life, ask yourself the magical meaning of such silence. Most of all, enjoy. That's what magic is for!

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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Ask Alan – Help With Cloud Magic and Weatherworking

Dear Alan,

About two years ago I had this compulsion to move a cloud, out of nowhere. I practiced and moved them with great ease, to my surprise. I began moving wind in whatever direction I chose as well, and during this past storm, it seemed as though the heavy or lightness of the rain was responding to my thoughts and emotions. I never wanted to lose the ability to move the clouds, but a part of me was alarmed at this power and I think the responsibility was taken away from me. I can still affect the wind (and I think the clouds too just not intentionally), and apparently now the rain. I guess my question is, can I ask for the power back? And are there any risks involved? I've been a wicca enthusiast for most of my life now but I'm still afraid to work spells (I can do innocuous blessings) because I'm afraid they'll turn out badly or reverse themselves. I'm also afraid to think certain things for fear of bringing them about in my life. Please help.
-- A Disciplined Mind

Dear Disciplined Mind,

What a great series of questions about weatherworking and cloud magic. I truly understand your concerns and want to reassure you about your situation.

First I want to clear up a particular point. You said that you became alarmed at your weatherworking powers and that the "responsibility" was taken away from you. Don't worry. This is not possible. Anyone who wishes can work with clouds and weather and no one can take that ability away from you.

Having said that, there are two factors that can improve your ability to work with weather:

1. practice
2. good relationships with the beings that control weather, including the Winds of the four directions, Sky Father, Earth Mother, and storm spirits

As with any magical art, practice makes perfect. If you want and need practice, clouds make great practice targets for your intention. It sounds like you have quite a bit of natural talent when it comes to moving clouds.

If you want to develop your weatherworking skills beyond working with clouds, the next step would be to develop relationships with the beings that control the weather. As mentioned above, these include the Winds, Sky Father, and Earth Mother. To begin developing a relationship with these beings, go outside and bid them good morning at the start of each day and bid them good night at the end of each day. Greet each of them individually by facing each different direction. Face east to great the Winds of the East, face south to greet the Winds of the South, and so forth. Start in the east and move clockwise until you are facing east again. Then greet Sky Father above you, and Earth Mother below you. In this way you introduce yourself to these beings and open a relationship with them.

Then, the next time you want to affect the weather, address the appropriate beings. For instance, if you know a storm is blowing in from the west and you want it to avoid your property, after greeting the winds, ask the Winds of the West to assist you in moving the storm around your property rather than over top of it. Thank the Winds of the West in advance for their help and then let the magic happen. Thank the Winds of the West again when your request has been fulfilled.

As you can see, we humans don't control the weather directly because weather is not directly in our domain. However, we can ask the beings that do control the weather for help and assistance. Since so few people actually ask for help, the Winds, Sky Father, and Earth Mother are usually quite happy to assist us.

There are exceptions, of course. One time, during the Yellowstone fires of 1988 I attempted to direct a storm toward the national park to douse the fires. Though I am usually able to get help from the Winds in these endeavors, I was told in no uncertain terms that the fires needed to burn in Yellowstone. The Winds did not fulfill my request in that instance for that reason.

I hope this helps to ease your concerns about your weatherworking abilities and encourages you to start building a relationship with powers and beings in the weatherworking department!

Want more information on working with clouds? Send a blank email to and you'll receive directions on how to get started with this beginning step in weatherworking.

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Thursday, June 6, 2019

Need a Good Read?

Sometimes we just need to read for the "brain candy" value of a paperback book. For those of us who do magic though, we need to take in reading material from "higher influences" on a regular basis. This helps us remember why we are here and what we chose to do on this planet.

A Sample Bookshelf
So what can you read to feed yourself on all levels? Well, a magical bookshelf might include but is definitely NOT limited to some of these items:

  • "Bringers of the Dawn" by Barbara Marciniak (written in 1992 but totally true today)
  • Abraham-Hicks' Daily Quote via email 
  • "Psychological Commentaries on the Teaching of Gurdjieff and Ouspensky" by Maurice Nicoll
  • "Medicine Cards" by Sams and Carson
  • Any number of magical ebooks and Kindle books from the Esoteric School 
  • "In Search of the Miraculous" by P. D. Ouspensky
  • "Magic in Theory and Practice" by Aleister Crowley (a classic)
  • "Fools Crow" by Thomas E. Mails
  • "Iron John" by Robert Bly
  • "A First-Rate Madness: Uncovering the Links Between Leadership and Mental Illness" by S. Nassir Ghaemi

What are you reading to take in spiritual food? We would love to hear from you! Please share with us on Facebook:

Thanks and enjoy!

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Thursday, May 30, 2019

Feeling Stressed? Magical Ways to Feel Fantastic Anyway

We all have stress in our lives, but we don't have to put up with feeling stressed when we have magical interventions. In our 1st Kindle book, Learn How to Do Witchcraft Rituals and Spells with Your Bare Hands, you'll find magical techniques to help you cope with stress such as doing the bathtub litany, rooting, walking meditation, and more. But don't take our word for it, try one of these out for yourself next time you are feeling stressed and experience firsthand how magical techniques can help you deal with stress.

Rooting to Let Mother Earth Soothe You
Rooting is a ritual that connects you with Mother Earth and lets you ground out negative energies into the Earth. Since the Earth is huge and able to absorb lots of negative emotions, this ritual is very grounding and can help you deal with stressful times and events. Basically, with this ritual you are flowing excess energies of any kind into the Earth and then pulling up grounding and nourishing Earth energies into your body. Here's how you do it.

1. Sit in a comfortable position making sure your heels are touching the ground. Some people find it useful to close their eyes for this ritual so if you find you have trouble "feeling" or sensing your "roots", try closing your eyes.

2. Feel yourself extending roots from your feet and imagine or "see" roots growing out of your heels into the Earth, through your shoes if you are wearing any, through the flooring, into the sub-flooring, and down into the Earth through the topsoil continuing down through all the layers until you reach bedrock.

3. Once your roots have reached bedrock burrow into it and lock them in.

4. Sit for several minutes breathing. Each time you exhale, push excess stress and tension or any other unwanted energies through the roots into the bedrock.

5. Each time you inhale, pull up minerals and energies from the Earth for stability and balance.

6. When you feel relaxed and nourished, pull the roots back up through each of the layers and going back up into your feet. Be sure not to stand up before pulling your roots back into your body or it can cause you to be sore for a few days.

You can use this ritual as much as you need to and don't need any special magical training to start using it right away. Next time you are feeling stressed out, try rooting and see what relief it provides you. Then check out our Kindle books and learn other magical techniques to help with stress and lots more.

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Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Learning Without Struggle

Schools, churches, authority figures, parents and friends influence us in ways we aren't even aware of! One of the main ways that they influence us is by teaching us the old adage, "no pain, no gain." With their help, we have all become quite accustomed to believing that we must experience struggle and pain to succeed or create in this world. This belief is so common that, for most of us, it is the lens through which we view our world – a lens of which we are hardly aware.

Luckily for those of us who are tired of struggling, this Earth School has very flexible rules. In fact, we make our own rules. What does that mean? It means that if you want to learn and create without struggle, you only have to inform the Universe of your decision. If you never want to learn another lesson through pain and struggle, just tell the Universe that you'd like to learn exclusively through pleasing experiences.

We have a friend who, whenever he asks the Universe for help or assistance, tells the Universe to bring him the results in pleasing ways that he can easily understand. And does he struggle? Not much! He lives the most peaceful life we have ever witnessed, and he does it all by choice.

So the next time you ask the Universe for some result or some lesson, add the caveat that you do not wish to struggle or experience pain. Then, get ready to have fun and experience some really wonderful times. Good luck!

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Thursday, May 23, 2019

Getting Your Mind On Board Magically

To shamans, each person is a spirit with a mind and body. The mind and body are like magical tools for spirit to use. Just like other magical tools need to be keyed (programmed) or trained, the mind must be trained in order to be a helpful magical tool. We constantly take in thoughts, behaviors and responses from the environment which are not always aligned with our goals and aims. The untrained mind can throw magical monkey wrenches in the mix to keep us from achieving our goals.

Training Mind
Think about all the great ideas you come up with and make resolutions to do: lose 10 pounds, get that promotion at work, quit smoking... and the list goes on. You get off to a running start and then forget those promises to yourself or get distracted by a new list of priorities. This is a sign of mind taking over and that it is not trained to help you as a magical tool. So how do you go about training your mind? One way is through practicing segment intending.

Segment Intending
Segment intending is an exercise from Abraham Hicks ( that helps train your mind as a magical tool. Here's how it's done:
1. Pick a length of time for your "segment." It can be any length of time, but no more than an hour. Thirty minutes or an hour works well.

2. Decide exactly what time the segment will start and end.

3. Choose an aim for that segment. It could be a list of tasks, a state of being, or both. For instance, you might decide that you will strive to have a pleasant demeanor while you spend the next 30 minutes returning phone calls.

4. Once the time you chose to start your segment arrives, start on your chosen aim with no second thoughts. Put your attention solely on the tasks for that segment and nothing else.

5. If you get interrupted during your segment, you need to decide whether the interruption is important enough for you to stop your segment (for instance, if your boss calls you to come to his office). If the interruption is not important enough or can be delayed, keep going on your segment. If the interruption is important, make a conscious decision to stop your current segment and start a new one (one centered around the interruption).

Practice doing segments such as this all during the day. Each one is a training period for your mind. These segments will train your mind to assist you as a magical tool rather than dictating to you. The more you practice segment intending the more responsive mind will be to your needs as a spirit.

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Thursday, May 16, 2019

Meditation Guide: Simple Steps for Beginners

No doubt you have heard by now of all the health benefits as well as spiritual benefits that can result from meditation. Students from a wide variety of spiritual traditions have been practicing meditation for centuries, mostly to create peace, joy, harmony, commune with Nature, receive messages from higher powers, clear the mind and create manifestations in their lives. Meditation is important in a magical practice in that it can also help in creating sacred space and invite in psychic abilities. In addition to all these spiritual benefits, researchers are finding that mediation can have health benefits by relieving stress which can wreak havoc on the mind and body as well as lower blood pressure and help strengthen the immune system. It gives us a way to find relief from the noise and hustle and bustle of our busy modern lives too. A regular meditation practice has been shown to increase serotonin levels in the body, which can help with depression, headaches, and insomnia associated with low serotonin levels. There are many different types of mediation and these physical benefits seem to be helped even more when the meditation is done while walking.

Awareness of the benefits of meditation has increased over the last few years as popular talk shows and magazines are full of references to the benefits of meditation. I hear from many people however that they have tried meditating and just can't "get it". The main complaint seems to be that they can't quiet their minds. Thoughts of to do lists, family responsibilities, what they "need" to get done next and so on creep in and take over. That leaves many feeling as if they have failed and "can't meditate". We say that anyone can meditate; it just takes more practice for some than others and meditation should not be judged by the results as much as by the effort. In other words, don't be so hard on yourself and give it time to develop. Below we offer this meditation guide to those who find themselves struggling with learning how to meditate.

One of the meditation exercises offered in our ebook, Daily Rituals for Attracting What You Want in Life, goes like this:
1. Find at least 15 minutes of time that you will not be disturbed and a place you can have quiet. This may mean turning off the phone or having your spouse take the kids out for a walk or getting up early before everyone else for some of you.

2. Find a comfortable position to sit in your quiet space. You do not have to do a lotus position or any other position that you find uncomfortable. You can sit on the ground or in a chair, whichever you will be more comfortable in.

3. Close your eyes and feel your breath moving in and out of your body. Don't force your breath or change it, just tune in to the natural rhythm of your breathing.

4. When thoughts come into your mind (and they will – especially when first learning how to meditate), don't fight them. Just let them come up, recognize they are there and let them pass through your mind. Don't chastise yourself or give up with a "see, told you I can't meditate" point of view as many do at this point. Try instead to use this metaphor:
Imagine you are on a river shore watching boats sail by. The boats are your thoughts that creep into your mind. At times you will become very fascinated with a particular boat and want to board it to look around and explore it more. This is what happens with your thoughts when they "carry you away" from clearing your mind. When you find yourself on one of these "boats", just leave and return to the shore and concentrate on your breathing again.
5. Sit for at least 15 minutes. You can sit longer if you wish and can have a quiet environment for longer.

More Meditation Tips
Another tip for those struggling with how to meditate is to use a lit candle, incense or a fountain to distract the mind from drifting away into thoughts. Leaving your eyes open and concentrating on an object such as a candle flame gives you a visual focus that can help quiet the mind. A running water fountain creates a sound that is irregular and hard for the mind to follow which also keeps it distracted.

Other Considerations
15 minutes is suggested as a length of time to strive for initially so as to give the mind time to quiet and open the way for inner quiet. The length of a meditation period is not as important however as how consistent you are with your practice. It is better to do a short meditation everyday than to do long meditations every once in a while. Try not to judge your meditation by criteria such as how peaceful it was or how many times your mind drifted off. It is the effort to reach a quiet place that matters more than the achievement of total quiet in the beginning.

As you continue meditating, you will see positive results in your day to day life. A new way of dealing with people and life events will emerge and you will find yourself being able to deal with situations from an inner quiet and peaceful place. Be sure to enjoy your meditation time as it is time you are investing in your inner development. The more your inner life flourishes and grows the more you will see the same reflected in your outer life. Meditation can help you achieve that and bring other magic to your life.

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Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Ritual Magic: Rules for Creating Your Own

We have given you lots of ritual magic that you can do on a daily basis in previous articles, newsletters, and our ebook Daily Rituals to Attract What You Want in Life, but you can also create your own ritual magic. If you know how to create your own ritual magic, you can make rituals that are more personalized and fit your own specific aims and goals. Here are a few key things to keep in mind as you create your own ritual magic.

- A ritual should break through the mechanical personalities that usually control our lives. It should allow us to take a break from daily life and connect with consciousness, being aware of spiritual aims and who and where we really are.

- A ritual should connect us with Spirit by quieting the mind or putting one in touch with physical sensation. Attracting what we really want in life is only possible through connection with Spirit.

- A ritual can help us access higher powers and beings which can help with attracting what we want.

- A ritual can help us go to a deeper level and remember what we truly want. As we go through our busy lives reacting in mechanical ways to everything around us we are cut off from accessing our spiritual desires. Rituals can take those spiritual aims and bring them into how we interact with and go about daily life.

- Design the ritual in accordance with Universal Laws, Rules of the Road and principles of the four elements. This not only makes the ritual safer, it can enhance it. So for example if the ritual you are creating has to do with gaining knowledge, then incorporating principles of the Air element will make the ritual more powerful.

There you have it. Taking these few simple guidelines into account when creating your rituals will help make your rituals safer, more powerful, and help you attract the things you personally want in your life. So be creative, have fun, and start designing your own ritual magic.

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