Tuesday, June 26, 2018

How to Reboot Your Magical Practice

Is your magical practice feeling stale, or are you not finding the time to devote to it every day? You can reboot your practice and get back that feeling of excitement you had when you first started by using daily rituals with consistency. Daily rituals can be a simple and easy way to add some magic into your day and the key to their success is consistency. Spiritually speaking, doing a ritual the same time everyday can increase the level and quality of connecting with the higher. Some rituals are designed to be done in the morning and others in the evening and some can be done at any time and whenever needed. Daily rituals help open a doorway to the higher, refresh your connection to magic, and are simple to do so they work into your busy schedule easily. What ritual you do is not as important in achieving this as doing it daily. Consistency creates more force, so a simple ritual done daily brings you as much or more than doing a complex ritual or spell sporadically.

Just Do It

Now that you know how to reboot your magical practice, you just need to pick a daily ritual that is simple enough to fit into your day, make the commitment to do it every day and just do it. If you already have a simple magical daily ritual, then you are ahead of the game. Just get going. If you don't then our Daily Rituals for Attracting What You Want ebook can help you out with finding one or giving you guidance on how to make your own. One of the rituals you'll find in this ebook is the Day Greetings which are part of the Navajo Beauty Way.

Day Greetings

This form of the Navajo Beauty Way is a contact ritual that starts your day off with a little magic and helps you establish a relationship with the Four Winds, Sky Father and Earth Mother. By doing this simple daily ritual each morning you will develop trust in your inner wisdom that helps in restoring your personal power, gain a more creative flow in your life, connect with your environment and laws of nature more easily, develop a working relationship with these higher powers and beings, restore balance internally and externally of the feminine aspect of integration and oneness and the masculine aspect of separation and duality, and allow the guidance and support from these beings to start working in your life. That's a lot of benefit from one simple ritual that just takes a few minutes to start your day off magically.

If the Day Greetings don't peak your interest, then try some of these rituals from our blog or get the Daily Rituals ebook. Reboot and fall in love with magic again.

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